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Comrade 10/25/2019 (Fri) 21:54:17 No. 990
>me be
>fall for duel boot meme
>liveUSB fedora onto seperate partition
>wipe usb to move animuu from one partition to the other
>windows detects but wont open usb files
>no matter, probably something funky with the formating
>reformat usb
>reinstall all usb drivers
>still wont detect
>did i mention im poor and dont have another good sized usb?
>cant move to linux because of microsofts shitty os
>microsoft litterally holding all my files hostage to not move
Fuck you bill
You should check your BIOS settings tho
With mega.nz you get 50gb for free. Use that. It also encrypts your files.
>people can't afford USB drives
This is so fucking depressing

Anyway, I'm fairly certain all linux distros can mount windows partitions. You could always try booting into linux and mounting your windows partition somewhere, then move the files from windows to linux.
explain imma newbie
I will defiantly check this out
I know but for some reason when i was looking through my windows partition files the important programs were simply not there
why not just mount windows ntfs partition in fedora?
Windows does not support Linux filesystems, but Linux does support Windows filesystems. Format it as NTFS, then install ntfs-3g on Linux.


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