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golang thread Comrade 04/12/2020 (Sun) 10:05:22 No. 968
Post any Go-related projects and questions!
Shame. For the two hours that i spent into learning the language i liked it, especially the strict syntax. Then i learned about that stuff and the reason that it was designed like that (to make the programmer expendable).
>>973 Damn, I was learning go to get back into programming. Should I go and learn rust instead? Or focus on getting back to learning python?
>>974 Do you already know a language? I tried learning rust but i didn't like the syntax, especially how you compare numbers, and i quit, i might come back to it eventually though. Python is a good starter choice.
WHY THE FUCK DIS BROKEN? Gomuks: I execute go build and: gomuks.go:25:2: cannot find package "maunium.net/go/gomuks/config" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.10/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/config (from $GOROOT) /home/dillon/go/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/config (from $GOPATH) gomuks.go:26:2: cannot find package "maunium.net/go/gomuks/debug" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.10/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/debug (from $GOROOT) /home/dillon/go/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/debug (from $GOPATH) gomuks.go:27:2: cannot find package "maunium.net/go/gomuks/interface" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.10/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/interface (from $GOROOT) /home/dillon/go/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/interface (from $GOPATH) gomuks.go:28:2: cannot find package "maunium.net/go/gomuks/matrix" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.10/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/matrix (from $GOROOT) /home/dillon/go/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/matrix (from $GOPATH) main.go:30:2: cannot find package "maunium.net/go/gomuks/ui" in any of: /usr/lib/go-1.10/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/ui (from $GOROOT) /home/dillon/go/src/maunium.net/go/gomuks/ui (from $GOPATH) The creator said it's out of date but I literally downloaded it straight from the webpage and literally the newest version.
>>975 I know python, but I've basically forgotten most of it. I used to use flask a lot, however it was so shit that I stopped
>>981 Start with python then, you'll remember it. Do lots of exercises. Then move to a compiled language, such as java or c/c++.
>>992 C++ was actually my first language and I learned it for like a year. I know the basics of most C-style languages. I just wanna make some emulators and websites.
>>993 Don't know a lot about emulators, but i think that you'll need to learn low level stuff. Architectures and such. For web devel go with javascript, html, php and python flask/django.
They really should change that fucking mascot.
>>1139 I agree, it looks hideous
Here's a go project that was fun working on, while I had the time: https://github.com/xatasan/kagami The idea was to have a universal backend for various Image- and Textboard engines, but I never finished it :k
If only they added generics to go. No inheritance or whatever though. I would be able to make result monads and handling errors would be so much less messy than it currently is.


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