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(17.71 KB 97x93 I3_window_manager_logo.png)
Tiling windows managers Comrade 04/10/2020 (Fri) 21:01:32 No. 902
I am having a discussion with my buddy right now about the pros and cons of tiling windows mangers; Why are they superior? Personally with my time spent using i3 I find it incredibly convenient to have all my windows placed and perfectly sized in a way that maximizes my screen real-estate. He says that he can already do that with a normal GUI interface. He also said the keybindings can be confusing, which, ok, I can understand that, but, practice makes perfect in my opinion. What says you /tech/? Are we Tiling master race here at bunkerchan or not?
They are not superior and not inferior. Personally i tried to use a tiling wm many times but my screen is small and i can't memorize the keybindings. For me they're good for aesthetics and not much else.
>>902 i3 was my first wm i installed myself and it pissed me off more than anything, because its defaults and config are worse than icewm, so i looked no further than coming back to openbox. Later, i briefly used xmonad and it was crap too since i have a 4:3 monitor that needs no tiling. The idea is dumb too, it's not a ncurses window where things are easier when you avoid stacking, but on a display server where not everything works, respects ewmh hints or at least looks appealing enough when it is squashed on the screen (gaps or not). JWM master race
I used to use AwesomeWM, but these days I either have the browser or emacs maximized and no longer care.
>>902 i used to use osx, really liked being able to have multiple workspaces/desktops, and was used to all that wanted to move to linux, tried enlightenment and mate, enlightenment was pretty shit, and the default WM for mate was meh, so now im using some shitty i3 in mate, but its the best setup ive used to far i guess. As in, im happy with it and its what im using at the moment so im used to it. I think with this shit its just like, does it work for you? Are you comfortable with it and used to it? Thats about all, i dont think it has any workflow benefits over when i was comfortable with osx, just gotta be comfy to be fast and productive i3, tho, is very comfy i will say
I use i3 and have for a couple years now. I have never had problems with it. Obviously the default configs suck but you can just change them...
i3 is great if you take the time to configure it. It has an IPC interface so you can further automate things with your own scripts. Some programs/windows require individual configs, which can get annoying. I myself later switched to Mint+Cinnamon when I got bored of configuring my OS constantly, but I migrated some of the bindings and use patters from i3 to Cinnamon. IMO it's worth experimenting with various setups when you start using Linux just to learn the good aspects of different paradigms. Similar to how learning a functional programming language will make you write better functions in other languages.


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