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(56.38 KB 752x500 snitchesgetstiches.jpeg)
Exploit Development 03/23/2020 (Mon) 06:03:19 No. 587
Are any other anons into exploit development or vulnerability hunting?
That's what the NSA and CIA do 24/7.
(140.06 KB 541x550 hackerssoviet.png)
>>591 No shit. i'm asking if anyone here does, or is at least interested in learning to do so. D you actually have a point? Based T-shirt from this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh8C2G3qHIw
(10.86 KB 300x300 hackbloc1.gif)
I used to do those hacker sites and some CTFs, but became bored with it. When I was a kid it was very counter culture and I first learned about anarchism from hackers but when I got to do it at a higher level in university it was full of suits and feds... I liked reverse-engineering the most.
>>597 Hackbloc, nice... I remember when that prject still existed. You old school HackThisSite Crew then? Free Jeremy/exec96/wooka
>>597 Suits and feds at uni? What did you study? What is your area of expertise when it comes to hacking?
>>632 as a guy who was a compsci major in college, can confirm. The NSA basically goes to the career fair and once they learn you're a compsci major they start cooming hard over you and begging you to give their fliers to all your friends in compsci as well.
>>632 compsci is FULL of military industrial complex and intelligence agencies. literally all my department's research funding comes from it. I hate this major.
I've been wanting to get into exploit development and stuff. Anyone know any good resources? I heard that CTFs are good ways to practice
(47.21 KB 576x432 pocketPossum.jpg)
>>654 Okay im fucking lazy, i just translated the second one and havent read thru it, so i know there's gonna be the occasional grammar problem, an uppercase where there shouldnt be, and problems with extra spacing around symbols (google translate likes to fuck paths) Anyways here u go, now you know what to look out for ;) http://ix.io/2g1w http://ix.io/2g1A http://ix.io/2g1C Tell me if the links dont work, btw, first time using ix.io but it seems good, idk if they expire or whatever
>>654 >>676 Forgot this https://pastebin.com/3Qtw6JQw Anyways i just collect this shit, i cant attest to its worth in teaching, but here ya go some links and info to kick you off
>>676 >>677 Thank you for these, they seem to be quite good.


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