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Transhumanism Comrade 03/19/2020 (Thu) 22:18:24 No. 537
Born too early to explore the universe too late to explore earth. this literallty maks me Reeee, i'm not afraid of death as much as i'm bothered by the fact that i won't be able to see the galaxy and other planets anyone else feeling like me? how do we fix this?
you do live at a time where the internet's just been discovered. I know, not much compared to all the galactic adventures but I'm sure some people will be talking about how cool it was when the internet first came arround in the future(assuming we don't die from a mass extinction).
>>537 The modern Transhumanism is just another cult like so many before. They ignore hard physical boundaries (space exploration), unknown unknowns (consciousness, intelligence) with Ray Kurzweil on top, selling you vitamins so you can live long enough to see the singularity. Don't get me wrong, technical progress is desirable and our cultural evolution shaped human beings from the beginning but so did mental viruses like religion. Dont be Reeee over "nothing".
>>537 humanity will go extinct before they get to exploring other planets


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