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(183.20 KB 1200x900 1200px-HTC_Dream_Orange_FR.jpeg)
Smartphones Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 01:36:02 No. 477
Yes, smartphones are cool gadgets: You can read theory, browse /leftypol/ and listen to music on the go! Let's talk about these awesome devices in this thread! What models are you using?
>>477 Cheapass Android one. Though I will be getting a Librem 5 in a few months.
(2.28 MB 5472x3648 zero phone.JPG)
Touchscreens are cancer and I'll continue using buttons for as long as I can. Looking forward to the Zero Phone when someone finally comes up with a shell for it.
(47.10 KB 368x368 consider the following.jpg)
>You can read theory, browse /leftypol/ and listen to music on the go! But do you need to?
I have an iPhone 6( bought from a flea market), had it since 2016 I believe and don't want to switch because of the audio jack
>>553 Yeah not all of us have constant access to and from libraries. Using it for anything other than studying, socializing, and CONSOOMING a little entertainment is pretty cringe though. >>477 I have an iphone 6 I got as a teenager. I limit my usage of it to studying and socializing only though. Everyone should imo I only CONSOOM for a few minutes at the end of the day as a reward for completing everything I wanted to do
>>552 You can't browse leftypol on it or read pdfs or watch rare videos on it
(86.48 KB 220x260 1586819419611.png)
Hey so on the Daschan extension, how come I can't use the name field?
>>1448 It's for your own good.
>>1450 Okay but let's say I'm using the extension to browse a completely different Lynxchan-based imageboard (which is exactly what I'm doing, I just changed the domain name) and it is a place where I tripfag and upload multiple images, neither of which I can do on any Dashchan extension for any Lynxchan board, what would I do then?
>>1451 Post from your desktop like us civilized people.
>>1454 I get sick of sitting in front of a computer all the time, man, I gotta move. Phoneposting is the future.
>>1448 Stop trying to namefag, greta
>>1457 Time spent away from your chair should be time spent doing something else. Learn to disconnect.
>>551 Why not the pinephone? It's cheaper and therefore will have better community support. The UB Ports community edition is supposedly coming out next month. I have no idea if anything works on it though. I need a replacement phone as my android is dying but I accept that it won't be a functional phone for a couple of years.
>>1537 sinful
Apparently Google and Apple are both rolling out unavoidable, new, even-more intrusive tracking measures onto their OSs for 'Coronavirus security.' Exploiting the real crisis for even more control. Video from this guy on it: https://youtu.be/WRalTWAFBY4 He seems to be a sort of Pirate-Party old Anon-knee-moose kind of guy, so not terrible as long as he stays in the scope of tech.
I have a Samsung s9+ with a cracked screen I got from my consoomer days, not sure if I should keep it or get a more comrade friendly phone. Thoughts?
If you insist on using a regular phone, Use an Android, and if you use Android use Lineage OS -- it's Android minus google spyware, though you can choose to install GApps if you're that cucked by capitalism-- it can be tricky but also rewarding, also makes a good resource to buy a cheap used phone. There are also some mainline Linux Variants that can be run on certain select phones -- see PostmarketOS and MaemoLeste You can also find a phone that already runs an open source OS There is the high End Librem 5, And the (soon to come) Pinephone https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
>>1537 cute
>>1553 replacing a phone less than two years old??? are you mental??? just fix your screen, have it done by a "specialist" if you can't do it yourself, and it'll be good for another two-three years at the very least
What do you think of Pinephone and Fairphone?
google phone running lineageOS, Looking out for a secondhand Nokia N900 so I can install postmarketOS onto it :)
Samsung Galaxy S3 with LineageOS. Surprisingly still usable. Looking to upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S5 again with LineageOS. No google garbage apps for me thank you.
Can someone explain what this video on "LoRa Mesh Communication without Infrastructure" is to the layman? I heard it would be used to communicate *somehow* if the cops shut down cellphone towers? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TY6m6fS8bxU
>>2745 It's a walkie-talkie for text messages. LoRa operates on frequencies which were used by paging companies in the past, and still used for radio keychains for cars/garage doors, they're colloquially called ISM band. I don't like presence of bluetooth and gps functions on this thing, the idea glows suspiciously,a s well as lack of publicised fdroid distribution. The board should connect to phone via USB to avoid insecure wireless Bluetooth link to something you carry on yourself already, drop the ridiculous battery, and since phones already have GPS, it shouldn't have another one either.
>>1537 coom
I'm running both a Oneplus 3T on lineageOS and a stock 7T pro McLaren 5G.


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