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(32.05 KB 1400x788 1293865128916.jpg)
The G Question Comrade 09/06/2020 (Sun) 20:21:21 No. 4656
I want to stop using their services but literally EVERYTHING they make is too good. You just can't stop using it. Unparalleled search engine, mobile operating system, email services, video hosting, google drive, etc. Seriously, what is the fucking point of owning a smartphone if you literally stop using it's services and turn it into a dumb brick? Google revolutionized the modern computing and internet era, sure it is time to ditch them, but how exactly do you do it? It seems to me you are hurting yourself more by NOT using these services than you are to these corporations.
>Unparalleled search engine, DuckDuckGo or Startpage (google proxy) >mobile operating system, CalyxOS (based on Lineage-MicroG) until Debian Phosh becomes usable >email services, Tutanota, Protonmail >video hosting, True, but for communities such as this we should host our own PeerTube instance for archiving webms and mp4s honestly, and from there replicating the content onto a Youtube page. >google drive, Nextcloud
Literally the only thing keeping me in their ecosystem is youtube. The internet NEEDS a competitor to youtube for English speakers.
I just want a Google Documents alternative with more features than etherpad.
(15.34 KB 180x219 peertube.png)
>>4658 It's never going to happen without intervention from a powerful figure or a blue ocean competitor attacking a niche they never considered. Google's ability to provide bandwidth at a massive loss has allowed them to completely corner the market otherwise. Our only hope is decentralized, community-driven alternatives like PeerTube.
>>4657 But the other search engines are pretty much garbage in terms of quality.
>>4665 Duckduckgo is pretty solid, also Searx is great
>>4666 DDG and other alternative search engines went to shit in the last few years. They spit out very generic results that have nothing to do with what you're searching for. For example, you might be searching for a text by an author, or a conversation between two thinkers, and you specify all the names or titles in the query, you use double quotes where applicabale, etc. What you will get instead is generic pages about the author, like a wikipedia article or an obituary from MSM, or even pages about people with merely the same surname (even double-quoting the full name doesn't prevent this!). And it will be heavily biased towards mainstream sites, so the more specific and obscure pages you're looking for will be buried behind a million useless and generic pages. Most of my searches end with not finding anything and just giving up. It wasn't like that some years ago. I'm not sure anymore if Google is deliberately spending less computational power when queries come from these search proxies, or if Google itself went to shit by pushing MSM to the top. The latter possibility is very consistent with the general privileging of MSM across all social media to combat "fake news". It is very obvious that this is happening on Youtube for example. I think this homogenization of the Internet is a general trend that is going on since the beginning. It started very chaotic and amateur, but now just a few websites and corporations dominate almost the whole Internet. For me it's reaching a point where I find Internet almost entirely useless and redundant, it's not much different from TV, so I might as well just watch TV instead, where at least I don't have to spend so much effort to get to the content.
>>4656 I could delete my google account right now if it wasn't for Youtube DDG is generally fine for me unless I'm looking for something very obscure in which case I either spend five more minutes feeding it more info or just cuck out and !g Tutanota is also fine once you accept the only way to get anywhere near gmail quality is to pay the 12Euro, which to me was worth it, only thing my gmail does now is youtube
>>4668 You don't need a Google account to use Youtube.
>>4669 I know, but I've got thousands of favourites etc. from years and years and there's no good standalone front end on desktop I know I'm making excuses tbh, but I'm currently demicrosofting as well and I'm taking one thing at a time
>>4670 Use the RSS feed to manage subscriptions.
>>4669 You do if you want to comment (not to mention retain those videos you uploaded 14 years ago). And I have a strong need to correct stupid things in comment sections.
>>4656 Fuck the shitty front end software. I posted this accidentally to another thread. Copied the text, deleted the post, except that didn't work for no reason. I was going to switch to iOS, but apparently it is very hard to access files on it, for some retarded reason. So, how do I get free from Google and Samsung watching me watch hentai, but not have to get a shitty iOS device that can't even transfer files to the computer in a reasonable, not retarded way???
>>4747 Buy a phone that supports Lineage OS and flash it on there without using Gapps, there are ways to get Play Store apps without it or a google account, though be warned some of them can be a bit tricky to get working, the only one I had difficulty with was PowerAmp music player through and you can probably find pirated APK's of most paid stuff if you really need them https://youtu.be/WSNGK9gmdpg Or get a Pixel Phone and flash Graphene OS https://youtu.be/xIXAzA555xk Personally running Lineage without Gapps on a Redmi Note 5 pro and having a great time, only google thing I have on here is Google Maps, which is sandboxed off with no access to anything when in use and sending fake info to google when in use, and a community port of GCAM, set up in the same way Both of those are barely used, I use OSMand+ for most of my navigation, Tutanota for email, and most of my apps come from the Fdroid store
Googles search engine is super bias and, literally, the worst search engine there is. Duckduckgo is much better and if you don';t like duckduckgo searx is even better. Duckduckgo is the only one of the two that has an .onion address, tho.
>>4657 How does CalyxOS compare to LineageOS? Is it better?
>>4760 Yes, it's basically Lineage: Security/Privacy edition. What's great is that they've also focused on making it user-friendly, so comrades don't need to be tech-pros to be able to get this / or for you to install it for them on a dedicated phone and subsequent usage being easy to keep up (it has everything pretty much pre-installed, even VPN and the F-Droid Google Play alternative Aurora Store, as well as Signal, etc. Here's a good video on it, · Through Invidious Snopyta onion: http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvgaaa3dyimmeojqbgpea3xqjoid.onion/watch?v=heVNcdq2MKA · Through Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heVNcdq2MKA
>>4761 Is it a problem that it's built for Google Pixel? Are Pixels backdoored or something?
>>4763 It's also for the Chinese Xiaomi (obviously that's what we would get). If it was only built for Google Pixel I wouldn't recommend it. Also the project is still quite young, I'd estimate that the number of supported devices will grow with time.
>>4765 Is Xiaomi any more reliable than Western phones? I'd imagine if anything their manufacturers are more intimately connected with the state than anything. I just don't want there to be some kind of low-level firmware that phones home information or anything like that. Are any of the Linux (non-Android) phones good?
>>4770 No, they're no more reliable, you're just choosing between western glowie and Chinese and Western glowie buying a google phone vs a chinese phone Just buy something with an unlocked bootloader and good lineage support, or buy a pixel and put graphene on it, there could be something secret hidden in the firmware but you can't really mitigate against that with anything mainstream, you'd need to go for the likes of a purism phone, kind of like IME on X86 Good sec practices and using privacy respecting software with proprietary spyware blobs removed is enough for most people, lineage or graphene will give you that if you are the sort of person that should be worried about embedded firmware spyware being used for specific targeting by alphabet soup agencies as a matter of practicality rather than principle you should be getting professional advice from an infosec expert not some randoms on an imageboard Don't forget to invest in a signal blocking pouch for your phone for when you need it, set your app permissions wisely, and leave the thing at home or in the car when having super sensitive conversations if you're doing that kind of thing
(146.59 KB 700x525 nsa-prism-case-notations.jpg)
(142.30 KB 700x525 nsa-prism-collection-dataflow.jpg)
(131.88 KB 398x205 nsa-prism-a-week-in-the-life.png)
>>4770 Are you a Chinese citizen? If not then it literally doesn't matter, they have no legal jurisdiction over you. Western phones on the other hand... Are channels straight into the hands of the adversary. It's very hard to evade their reach, so my logic is just do as best as you can, and picking Chinese over, say, South Korean (Samsung, 14 eyes partner) or American (list too large to count, and duh) is just one of those many obvious steps you take.
(253.17 KB 650x528 xiaomi-mascot.png)
>>4771 >No, they're no more reliable, you're just choosing between western glowie and Chinese and Western glowie buying a google phone vs a chinese phone What a ridiculous reducio ad absurdum equivocation. Yeah bro there's like literally zero difference between fucking Google and something like Xiaomi. Don't think about it bro, keep buying the US products in terms of ever-present smartphones wherever you go! It's not like there's ample evidence to differenciate the options here or anything! Don't pay attention to leaks! Everything's literally the same! Even foreign economies at the opposite end of a fucking trade war with the US as we speak! >Google’s dark & disturbing links to Pentagon http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvgaaa3dyimmeojqbgpea3xqjoid.onion/watch?v=h4ORmGYdiKU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4ORmGYdiKU >Xiaomi MIUI Mr. MITU Movie 小米米兔先生 http://c7hqkpkpemu6e7emz5b4vyz7idjgdvgaaa3dyimmeojqbgpea3xqjoid.onion/watch?v=qwr9zdHZZ8c https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwr9zdHZZ8c
>>4773 >Buy a Xiaomi phone its better for you than buying a google phone >Google play services, software, OS, telemetry blobs baked into ROM exactly as they are in a western branded phone >Plus all the chinese shit and the spyware and excess bloatware Do you understand how computers work?
>> 4775 Do you understand how mitigation works for populations of casual computer users? Or, no, I'm sorry - we should be installing Gentoo on your N900 like you surely are doing, right? If not -- why are you replying? What is your point? Or are you willing to admit that you have none?
>>4773 We are all aware of Google's links to intelligence agencies, but does that mean that the phones themselves are fundamentally compromised, even after flashing the ROM?
>>4778 OK so you don't understand how computers work Literal retard thinks buying a chinese phone with American software on it that phones home to Google and also has Chinese software on it that phones home to China is somehow better than buying an American phone that only had one set of spyware on it How is buying a device with extra spyware on it and fucking ads in the stock rom better for the average computer user, how is that a mitigation exactly? By the way, if you had read the thread first instead of jumping in to suck Xiaomi off for no reason, you'd know I have a Xiaomi manufactured phone, rooted and running a clean ROM
>>4779 See my post here >>4771 assuming you are genuinely interested in the topic, its very difficult to impossible to guarantee clean firmware etc. Clean software is enough for the average person, practicing good infosec and keeping in mind that the only truly safe phone is the one that's not present will do for the average activist, if you are being actively targeted by glowies of any nation you need professional advice If you want totally clean hardware, you can get it, but its relatively expensive, Librem 5 from Purism is a linux phone, with clean firmware, as is the Pinephone, both devices have hardware kill switches but you give up a lot to switch to them
>>4780 Dude you are an emotionally unstable wreck. You're not even comprehending what I'm writing before you post a bunch of unsubstantiated claims. Are you okay? 1. Nobody is recommending using Xiaomi default OS (where the claims of data gathering are related to - they track the default browser a lot). 2. You don't seem to comprehend that CalyxOS is an improvement over Lineage-MicroG, of which you're using. 3. You're equivocating a company producing commercial products specifically tailored for ease-of-access by third parties (including the CIA) with a Chinese company of which, if you knew a thing or two about economics, it would be counter to their economic interests to comply with such levels of Pentagon collaboration. 4. You type like a middle-schooler whose mom just left the apartment.
>>4782 >Chinese company puts American software on their phones with telemetry kit that sends information directly to google >This is better than buying an American phone that does the same thing >Muh economic arguments I won't list that somehow refute the fact that the exact same spyware from google ships on the phones >I'm recommending this superior solution instead of your one, but I didn't actually link to that or say that in my post, I posted two onion links, which are scary hackerman things so you know I know what I'm talking about, and a cartoon, you're just going to have to take my word that despite my obvious lack of knowledge I'm not scrambling back up the thread to read what someone else wrote to try and prove you wrong <Using the muh average consumer argument to advocate buying software with twice the spyware, then turning around and suggesting they should boot CalyxOS to get rid of the spyware, something that no normie will ever do <Oh by the way CalyxOS is better than your solution because it includes DDG and a couple other apps by default, and instead of using Microg, a hacked together re-implementation of google services to let you use Google playstore apps, it uses Microg <Please also ignore the fact thta CalyxOS is officially supported only for Google Pixels, and one Xiaomi Phone, vs the retarded Lineage, which is supported on a paltry 100+ devices, and only like, a pathetic 10 or so Xiaomi phones Retard
>>4783 Oh, I get it. You're an Google Online Reputation Manager. >Shills Google Pixel real hard just as this is posted >>4772 >Feigns ignorance in not parsing that the onion links were invidious links (to avoid youtube!) just to hope the audience loses track of what's being argued >Claims Xiaomi default OS data-privacy concerns is a real big issue when Pixels have the same (but worse, since >>4772 ) https://www.propublica.org/article/google-has-quietly-dropped-ban-on-personally-identifiable-web-tracking >Glosses over the very subject of the thread (recommending alternatives for Google) >Conflates recommendation for CalyxOS (OS) and Xiaomi (hardware) with recommending MIUI (OS) and Xiaomi (hardware), recommends Google Pixel (hardware) instead >"it includes DDG and a couple other apps by default, and instead of using Microg, a hacked together re-implementation of google services to let you use Google playstore apps, it uses Microg" MicroG is opt-in, and you're again just factually incorrect as MicroG removes the Play Store telemetry and is open source. Pitiful.
To re-iterate: Xiaomi hardware CalyxOS software Google hardware is the one thing that's actually retarded.
>>4789 >>4790 These are all hacks on Google's hardware, but is there anything inherent to the hardware itself? Any phone is hackable, but it's debatable as to which ones come with compromised firmware.
>>4871 Why does it matter when it's consensus that you don't use the stock ROM, flashing an actually good one onto the device instead?
I use the Yandex services in replacement to Google services. It is still botnet but it's Russian botnet that is unlikely to share your data with western intelligence. So if you live in the west it's better than using G services that send everything straight to the CIA glow níggers.
>>4917 I'd say use the DuckDuckGo onion service instead.
>>4920 For searching stuff, sure but do they have have email, cloud, maps and a translation service?
>>4921 Read the thread. There are far better alternatives for all those than a proprietary megacorp provider like Yandex. >email, Tutanota, Protonomail >cloud Nextcloud >maps openstreetmap >translation This is the only one I'll concede.
>>4924 Openstreemap seems lacking though. Does it have Globe view, street view, satellite image view (versus map)?
>>4926 Yeah, but, google translate is notoriously shit.
>>4924 >Nextcloud If I wanted to self-host content I would just set up a ftp or http server on my PC. When I think about cloud what comes to my mind is an online backup for my files.
>>4936 You can set it up on a VPS you imbecile
>>4937 Nice. Recommend me a cheap VPS that offers 1TB of space.
>>4667 >I'm not sure anymore if Google is deliberately spending less computational power when queries come from these search proxies, or if Google itself went to shit by pushing MSM to the top. The latter possibility is very consistent with the general privileging of MSM across all social media to combat "fake news". It is very obvious that this is happening on Youtube for example. Why wouldn't you just paste the search into google to see for yourself? I'll tell you though, the results are different. Google is better. I always start with duck duck go, but if it's not giving me good results, I switch to google.
>>4951 I hate their image search though. They destroyed it, by taking out the view image option that all the others have.
>>4950 >American Google :| >WOAH CHINESE GOOGLE :O
>>4955 What they gonna do, drone strike you?
>>4955 If there ever was a good alternative to google, it would be chinese/russian google
why the fuck is no one talking about cock.li for email? its the best email service and literally its better than gmail, it doesnt fucking hound u about adding identifying information every other time u sign in
>>5025 on the other hand it's unreachable at least half the time I try to connect
>>4656 I haven't used Google services in over a year and I'm still able to function properly in society. Sucks that my voice is recorded by other normies with smartphones that happen to be around me whenever I talk, though.
>>5025 You mean protonmail. Disposable email providers like cockli are blacklisted pretty much everywhere.
>>5027 >I haven't used Google services in over a year and I'm still able to function properly in society. Same, since early 2010s here. Rule of thumb is: there more than likely is an alternative to the app you think is one-of-a-kind because you were low-key viral marketed at via (proprietary) social network services.
>>5029 <Cont. One can start by checking out this comprehensive list: https://prism-break.org/en/


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