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Comrade 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:16:13 No. 427
Hey so I installed mint on a laptop I got from Walmart after my old one exploded. (literally, buss error) So when I was installing I decided to wipe everything off the laptop in favor of an encrypted partition, well, after I rebooted I noticed something: I still have a working windows partition located on /Dev/sdb1 && yes, that is the actual file name it's located on. So what gives? Why the fuck do I still have a version of Windows installed and can I get the d of it with out breaking my computer?? Help /tech/
If the partition is small like a couple of hundred meg it might be the boot partition
>>429 It's about 5 gigs. If I got the right path. I don't want to restart my computer to find out right now. It has a full gui desktop available and the pin I put in as my password for my login in is still that pin. I don't get it.
>>427 There's an additional drive in the laptop and you wiped only one of them. Just format the other disk and you're fine
>>431 Ah, fuck, that must be the SSD that it's partitioned on. Fuck, fuck fuck fuck god damnit. Now I have a wasted SSD in my laptop
>>433 lol. how is it that big of an issue? just backup and reinstall system, don't mess up drives/partitions this time.
>>443 uh.......I have a shit load of important shit and may, or may not, be a linux noob. How do I back up with out deleting all my shit when I reinstall?
>>444 Your case might be more complex than I imagine, but let's assume it's simple. If you have the system running and an external drive (or a usb drive, or just google "drive" cloud) save your stuff to it. If not sure, then just dump everything to it. Make sure the stuff is stored and accessible on whatever storage you used. You can never be safe enough. Make sure the backup has all the things. Then just wipe drives and install mint again, with drives/partitions as you need them. btw, having both windows and mint installed is not necessarily a bad thing, if you can boot both.
>>446 Can I just back up my entire partition? Like, I have a bunch of shit like configs for tor, privoxy and weechat that I really do not want to build back up from the ground again. Is, kinda what I was getting at.
>>450 man dd
>>450 just find and back up your configs if you dont want them lost. Or for some stuff like browser configs i just make a list of extentions, settings, etc. i want to keep
dont install mint lul
>>444 if you have another drive available, rsync -avxHAX /dir1 /dir2
>>443 actually, ignore him and just turn the ssd into a bcache cache drive. that way you won't have to move anything https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bcache


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