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Federated Imageboard Technology Comrade 07/29/2020 (Wed) 03:30:07 No. 3680
I've been thinking of Mastodon lately and the idea of federation. I've also been thinking of gochan and the efforts here on /tech/ to develop a new chan based on golang. One thing that is learn is that the chaniverse, the 'alt chan' community is declining. Instead of writing yet another chan, something new needs to happen: A common protocol or interface which defines server to server and frontend-to-server operates. This protocol would be defined as JSON endpoints, possibly extended off the already existing 4chan api which is read only. Normal federation is based off of following individual users (see activitypub protocol), whereas this would be based off following boards/topics. The frontend-to server api definition would be there so that mobile clients etc can be made that are standardized, allows SPAs and mobile clients to use it while also providing an optional server-side rendered version for browsers, in case people don't want the javascript of an SPA. Also it would allow everyone to write their own chan software while having it all interoperate with a wider universe of alt chans. The same restrictions of mastodon (ex: blocking certain other instances) could also apply. The only think I think would be needed was individual accounts/registrations so that individual users could follow boards on other sites and it wouldn't have to replicate more than necessary what does everyone think? I am i missing any details? is this a good idea?
wouldn’t this basically be a PC version of Dashchan? I don’t see where federation necessarily comes in nor do I see the need for an accounting system.
>>3682 on the frontend similar but its more general than that, its an api for people to build apps that are compatible. Also the server to server replication would allow different imageboards to ally
>>3680 I haven't kept up with any of this, but just wondering why golang? What is inadequate about the other languages in which imageboards are implemented and why would an implementation in golang improve on them? Sorry for the only very tangentially related question.
>>3688 golang is a compiled language so presumably performance will be better. most imageboards were historically written in php although obviously lynxchan was written in javascript In reality it's not that big of a difference imo
>>3680 Have you seen NNTPchan?
(23.49 KB 280x210 clown.jpg)
(23.49 KB 280x210 clown.jpg)
(23.49 KB 280x210 clown.jpg)
>>3753 nntpchan is based on the nntp protocol which was a usenet protocol from the 90s. Modern architectural practices should be used instead through standard (restful JSON endpoints) like every other web app made after 2010 and mastodon >inb4 "nntp is better than modern architecture" >inb4 "oh, so you want it to be less secure and less anon then?". This is the fucking problem with imageboard /tech/ and /g/ boards its full of fucking pseuds. Yes obviously JSON based microservices are bad which is why every multi billion dollar FAANG company and startup, what with their world level technology and advanced engineering degrees, are wrong, but you, some rando on /g/ who sells belts at the mall for a living knows that the REAL solution is NNTP protocol and scheme and whatever Richard Stallman thought was cool in the 90s. The problem with imageboards and the internet in general is it falsely equalizes pseuds to non pseuds from the perspective of bystanders who don't know enough to tell who's full of shit
>>3754 man what point is there in being this aggressive? this is such a bizarrely hotheaded reaction that I wonder if the creator of NNTPchan stole your girlfriend in high school or something. just chill dude, and quit making fun of my belt-selling business it has really picked up on aliexpress lately.


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