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XMPP Comrade 01/21/2020 (Tue) 18:00:40 No. 316
Comrades, I urge you to use and spread XMPP for messaging, wether it’s with your organisation or friends and family. There are many servers you can use at no cost, but installing und operating an own server is really easy for everyone with just a little bit of linux experience. What are the pros of using XMPP, especially when using your own server? •A couple of options for strong end2end encryption, to make sure neither the server operator nor the glowies can read your messages •It’s harder to gather metadata of your communication in a federated network •There are clients for most of the platforms, and even webclients. Most of them respect your privacy and freedom •When your server has the right extension modules, modern messaging features like sending files (including images and voice recordings), push messages, group chats (both anonymously or private), synchronization between your different clients/devices and much more are possible While really clandestine communication shouldn’t happen even in the near of a internet device like a smartphone, it is important to make it as hard as possible for the glowies to gather information about with who or at which times you communicate. The spreading of XMPP can be an important step in doing so.
Why use XMPP over Matrix or Tox?
>>317 Yeah at best I'll use XMPP for another month before replacing it completely with matrix.
>>317 Yeah at best I'll use XMPP for another month before replacing it completely with matrix.
<Fuck this connection <and cant delete cuz no browser cookies
>>319 Cause GUI sucks. Fight me.
>>321 There are different clients developed already, look up "matrix client Fractal" for example (GTK3).
>>322 CLI based?
>>317 Mainly because of bloat, but that is just a matter of taste. Luckily, there is no need to decide ultimately, both are good software and bridgeable: https://gitlab.com/uhoreg/matrix-appservice-prosody
>>323 There's matrixcli and weechat-matrix
>>325 Though I would advise usage of the 'Riot' client, as that is the most up-to-date as of now.


no cookies?