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(19.48 KB 493x620 RPi-Logo-Reg-SCREEN.png)
ARM Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 22:18:36 No. 312
I am looking to purchase an ARM processor. My instinct I to just cave and go with a raspberry-pi, but, I have heard there are plenty of, better, alternatives to the raspberry. Can anyone point me in a good direction of arm related processors and the like? Would be helpful as I, basically, don't really know where to start. Pi's are cool but I don't have to choose one of those. Anything really. As long as it ia secure and runs smoothly.
>>312 Why do you want an ARM processor? If you've got no idea a raspberry is really the best choice because of how well documented it is and how many example projects you can find.
>>313 I want ARM because intel and AMD have two notorious backdoors: E.G System Management Mode. They are insecure. ARM processors don't have this issue, theoretically. Unless raspberry is working with the feds.
>>314 https://www.openbsd.org/arm64.html "Supported hardware OpenBSD/arm64 runs on the following hardware: Allwinner A64/H5 Pine64 Pine 64/64+ Pine64 Pinebook NanoPi A64 Orange Pi PC2 AMD Opteron A1100 (Seattle) AMD Seattle Development Board SoftIron OverDrive 1000 SoftIron OverDrive 3000 Amlogic G12A/B Hardkernel ODROID-N2 Ampere eMAG Lenovo ThinkSystem HR330A Lenovo ThinkSystem HR350A Broadcom BCM2837 Raspberry Pi 3 Marvell ARMADA 7K/8K SolidRun/Marvell MACCHIATObin Rockchip RK3328/RK3399 Pine64 ROCK64 Pine64 ROCKPro64 Firefly-RK3399 FriendlyElec NanoPC-T4 Theobroma Systems RK3399-Q7 Socionext SC2A11 Socionext SynQuacer-E Developerbox In general, other boards/machines that use one of the SoCs listed above will work as well, as long as UEFI firmware (e.g. U-Boot or EDK II firmware) is available. Both device trees and ACPI are supported. An updated device tree may have to be supplied to make OpenBSD usable. "
I'm not a sick hardware wizard so I've stuck with Pi's throughout the years. Currently I have one running OSMC for the TV and one for prototyping (e-paper and LCDs at the moment, got them right before corona-chan hit). I desperately want to make a good, portable e-reader since there is literally nothing even decent on the market, but the more I look into it the more daunting it seems. I don't even care if it looks clunky I just want 64GB of garl marx, shaguesbeer, and neetchee in my backpack at all times with a 8' epaper display. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. I'm absolutely sure the Pi is far from ideal for this task.
>>337 >I'm absolutely sure the Pi is far from ideal for this task. It's fine, what'll be a lot of work is that the refresh rate of e-paper is slow and you're in control of the timing of the refreshes How far have you gotten with it so far?
(119.46 KB 1024x967 serveimage.jpeg)
>>338 I deliberately got a small, cheap e-paper with a slow refresh rate just to feel things out. I managed to get the company's demo running after fixing some of the code, it really gave me a rush! However, the same company also makes larger e-paper displays with <1s refresh rates! They are more expensive though, so I would like to flesh out the concept a bit more before I commit to one. I still need to research the battery, which I assume is not a trivial issue. The hardest thing by far I think is coming up with some kind of enclosure......... Holy shit I have it guys. I literally just thought of this idiotic idea while typing this post but it might just work. I'm going to use an empty cigar box. My father is cuban and an avid consoomer of cuban cigars. I'm sure it will require significant modification but my heart just my be set on it. Pic fucking related.
>>340 Remember to show us the end result :)
>>341 And maybe some of the construction I wouldn't mind making one myself
As a side note, this shit: https://github.com/joeycastillo/The-Open-Book looks insanely based. Gonna stick with the simplicity of running linux for now but I'll definitely keep an eye on this. >>341 If I ever manage to pull it off it will be my pleasure to share!
>>343 Holy shit that based.
>>343 That's a good example of how hardware might be developed under socialism. It may have more funding and be iterated quicker or it could be a niche thing built in the spare time of engineers but the open process makes a lot of sense in practice and makes projects fun.
(198.82 KB 1000x1000 e-paper.jpg)
>>337 >I desperately want to make a good, portable e-reader since there is literally nothing even decent on the market Are you me? I've been watching one consumer e-ink reader after another ship without true bistability for years, along with only a very thin trickle of underwhelming and recent flexible e-ink readers, meanwhile both technologies are vastly better represented in a number of OEM displays (especially much higher dot pitch) no retail device actually seems to ship with.
Someone should make an /eBook Reader General/
>>3997 This!
>>3997 Is there even a single e-book reader that respects user freedom? >general You mean cancer? How about just an ebook reader thread?
>>337 >I desperately want to make a good, portable e-reader since there is literally nothing even decent on the market Agree. Who came up with combining a touchscreen with e-ink? Touch is extremely irritating with anything below 30 frames per second. Either accept short battery life with a fast screen or don't have a touch interface with e-ink. I prefer the latter. (I guess it could also work to have a high-res and low refresh e-ink display with a low-res and high-refresh layer above it that is normally off and only temporarily activated by using a stylus.) >>3993 If you want to put a screen into your pocket that is bigger than it, wouldn't a clamshell design with two rigid screens also do the trick (as long as the gap between the two is very small)? >>3997 This thread has become the e-reader thread.
>>4019 An a5 chapbook sized e-ink reader with two rigid screens in a clamshell design would be GOAT
I don't want a slowly reacting touch menu for switching pages. Why not have a line of four buttons like this: ⏪ go back ten pages ◀ go back one page (small gap between the buttons appears here) ▶ go forward one page ⏩ go forward ten pages
Guys I just want e-ink eBook Reader with a microSD slot (no wireless, cuz paranoid). Is this doable? Could any of you recommend some brands for this in the last 5 years?
(75.17 KB 1024x576 earth final conflict global.jpg)
>>4019 >wouldn't a clamshell design with two rigid screens also do the trick My ideal would maybe be closest to something like the "globals" from the show E:FC, a rollable screen stored inside/around a rigid body, with telescoping/folding elements to prop it open at full expansion. That would mean I could carry something with a screen the size of a burgerstani pocket paperback ("sextodecimo") as a 4" long rod, or the size of a glossy magazine ("A4") as an 8.3" long rod. Really, setting that and dot pitch aside, I'm most annoyed of all at the lack of true bistability. That means I still have to deal with the hassle of turning it on/asleep/off, and wolfing down batteries. An eReader with a bistable display could be as convenient as an actual book.
>>337 Pocketbook has SD support and no DRM It's a bit clunky and slow when resizing PDF, but it's less than 100 yuros Just download everything off b-ok.cc
(71.81 KB 600x355 SOPINEA64_sideimg.jpg)
What about the SOPine clusterboard? https://www.pine64.org/sopine/ Somebody on Etsy still offers, I think, an 8-board cluster, for pocket sized beowulfing https://ameridroid.com/products/pine64-clusterboard


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