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(527.42 KB 810x810 animeancomleftypol.png)
quantity vs quality 06/30/2020 (Tue) 01:23:59 No. 2985
3x shit 27" @ 1080p/75 IPS Freesync 85%-ish sRGB or 1x 27" 4k/60 LCD 100% sRGB Vega64 Win10 (NSA edition, work) Qubes (daily) Manjaro/Cinnamon (because I hate myself edition) don't game much, don't design for a living, but normally have a ton of windows open
(729.25 KB 810x810 animeleftypol.png)
>>2985 here, forgot to add... I do VMs and code
I would go with the single 4k monitor. 4k monitor is like 4 1080p monitors in terms of resolution
>>2988 vertically, sure. Also 100% text at 4k on a 27" is problematic
27" 4k would require about 125% scaling. And scaling atm is still shit. Especially fractional scaling like 125% (5/4). This goes for any OS. 27" 1080p is just shit tbh. What about buying two 21-23" 1440p monitors? I don't know how much vertical space you need, but this gives you 89% pixels of the single 4k monitor. And if you take into account you'd have to scale the 4k monitor by 125% anyway, you end up with 11% more effective screen space without all the scaling issues. Single 4k monitor would be comfy at 32-34". By "comfy" I mean using it the whole day without your eyes getting tired.
>>2985 85%RGB is fucking horrible color gamut > all
1080p at 27'' looks like shit I would go for 2 24'' 1080p freesync or maybe even 1 or 2 1440p high refresh screens instead of either of those options
Moved from Windows to Linux full time, noticed some interesting things with my second monitor, there's a bit of input lag for some reason that wasn't present in windows, and a lot of people online are saying Xorg doesn't like multiple monitors of different res/refresh rates I have a 1080p/144hz monitor and a 900p/60hz secondary Should I scrap the secondary entirely and get a larger 1440p/4k primary, or get a 1080p secondary, or what?
>>3578 what Distro/DE do you use?never had any issues with dual monitor in Kubuntu, Manjaro (KDE) or Arch+i3; all of them with Xorg. Maybe try Wayland? From what I understand it's almost usable these days
>>3589 I'm on mint cinnamon, only distro I've ever installed on my main computer, using Pop on laptop Not sure about wayland but I might give it a try


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