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The collapse of alternative ideology on the inner-surface net. Comatoast Board owner 06/29/2020 (Mon) 19:58:19 No. 2968
Here's the deal. Given the recent events on plebbit and the absolute shit storm that is coming through the line on the surface web. We are pushing the creation of a hidden service to a much higher priority. Leftist spaces are about to get hit hard on mainstream websites like youtube and facebook in a liberalistic attempt to "combat extremism" 8ch.net's falling was only the beginning of something much bigger and, imo, if we are to survive we must establish a presence on the tor network && possibly i2p as well as these are becoming the only places for anything that is not the most milquetoast and watered down discussions of politics on the internet. I am not an expert when it comes to servers and their maintenance and not many of us on the staff are actually super familiar with hosting an actual hidden service itself, so, I am starting a general discussion for the creation of a .onion service for bunkerchan and, hopefully, we can get a .i2p address set up, as well. I'm willing to help with server costs if we need to get a server or whatever and we can hopefully keep any hosting anonymous, as well. Just tell me what you think and i'll help however I can. You can also join the matrix if you need to talk to me directly. Let's get this off the ground.
Edited last time by comatoast on 06/29/2020 (Mon) 20:05:21.
The waves going through Silicon Valley right now are definitely not natural. Some guy on reddit leaked the sanitation in advance, there's definitely a meditated attempt to cleanse the internet right now.
I will do my research. >>2969 You got a link?
>>2970 https://community.torproject.org/onion-services/setup/ Tor has a tutorial on their website. The issue really is setting up the server for me. Never done it before. I figure it can't be to hard to route traffic from bunkerchan through the tor network to a hidden service acting as a mirror.
>>2970 https://old.reddit.com/r/WatchRedditDie/comments/hh1pjd/reddits_largest_ever_banwave_is_coming_monday/ It appears that the powers that be were waiting for an excuse to play this hand.
>>2973 That's enough reddit for today... Thanks for the links tho
>>2971 >>2972 so it looks like the setup is a simple as this >install tor on the server Bunkerchan is running >run the tor browser to generate configs >add the following lines to Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ HiddenServicePort 80 where the IP and port is whatever localhost and the http server port is for the Bunkerchan server >restart tor and then the generated hostname will be inside a textfile called "hostname" /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/ also make sure to create the /var/lib/tor/ directory because the tor browser won't automatically make the parents.
>>2976 *Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor sorry, meant Browser/TorBrowser/Data/Tor/torrc
If you already have a server running then setting up a hidden onion service is very easy. You just need to uncomment certain lines in the tor config file and it will automatically generate an onion address and make your server accessible via Tor network, at that address and port. There are also some scripts that can generate a more memorable address via trial-and-error, for example the way facebook's or protonmail's onion address starts with the letters "facebook"/"proton". With some patience you could generate an address that starts with "bunker".
(554.07 KB 700x408 alunyaspace.png)
thinking about it now we should move the booru to the tor too and something like libgen it'd be nice to not have to upload onto leftypol an image that's already on the booru. especially when 20 other people are also uploading that same image too just let me tag it in and you can save server space. that's a worthwhile aesthetic goal same with books, since i think cockshots pdf gets uploaded on the server 10 times a day
>>2989 >tag it in what's this mean
>>2989 We need new software for the booru and independence from booru.org gelbooru 0.1 is absolute shit by the standards of today Also are multiple uploads really a problem for the server? I have noticed that if I post a pdf or webm which is already present in another thread, I don't have to wait for it to upload and it posts instantly since it is already there on the server.
>>3001 what is the best booru software avaiable?
>>3002 Danbooru. https://github.com/danbooru/danbooru Gelbooru is a derivative of danbooru where every version since 2009 is proprietary.
tor is funded by the US Navy and is very dangerous to connect to on your personal internet connection. I don't think it's suitable in the mid-long term. a sneakernet/meshnet is a better idea.
>>3027 Tor being funded by the US Navy doesn't mean Tor is comprised as a network. That doesn't make any sense and this fear mongering over the history of Tor is glow
>>2968 1. host the website on your own hardware, make it only accessible through tor, and don't fuck up or: 1. host it on some bulletproof hosting site 2. only pay for the hosting through monero 3. only access and admin the VPS through TOR 4. put no identifying information on the server
>>3029 also have some mechanism to point to non-honeypot replacements if it gets taken down
>>3030 I would recommend looking into GPG as a tool for proving that statements are made by you and not a fed.
>>3031 Also, if you've done anything identifiable with this website, and are afraid of the authorities, you have to deal with the fun problem of avoiding plausible deniability while at the same time proving to this website's userbase that a replacement site was made by you. Honestly the best solution is some kind of distributed thing so you can say to the feds "I can't shut this thing down even if I tried".
>>3032 >Honestly the best solution is some kind of distributed thing so you can say to the feds "I can't shut this thing down even if I tried". See:Lavabit
It's not like this website is hosting illegal content. There's nothing that can be done to shut down bunkerchan right now. I wouldn't be too worried about this website disappearing, but it doesn't hurt to have backups on .onion and .i2p.
First we need to solve the frequent permabanning of Tor (on /leftypol/). Having an .onion address is useless if you can only lurk.
...The crisis really is in full swing...
>>3042 8chan technically had nothing illegal either (all cp + illicit shit was banned as fast as possible) it just had racists. but that was enough to get it yeeted off the internet forever
so op, how's the progress of this project?
>>3054 space can easily already allow TORposting through cloudflare


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