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Revolutionary Fab/ DIY/ Hardware shit Comrade 06/13/2020 (Sat) 01:29:55 No. 2764
Who's doing lefty tech shit that isn't computer wizardry? 3D printing, open source hardware, electronics, manufacturing, phys sec? Whatcha making? What are some projects you're into? I've been prototyping some mischief doodads - 3D printed throwaway handcuff "keys", slingshots and snips for offending valve-stems/zipties - not that 3D printing is all that useful for -the ppl- but after seeing every idiot with a printed hop on the covid ppe train I wonder if freely available low-cost diy projects might help radicalize the hardware folk. Also been doing actually useful shit like leveraging my access to industrial suppliers to get gloves, respirators and googles out to the secret antifa supersoldiers worldwide
>3D printed Absolutely disgusting CNC milling and laser cutting comrade
bb I know milling, plasma and laser are the true digital fab tools 4 the ppl but damn if there aren't a bunch of libs with 3d printers just waiting to be radicalized. (Also I lost my access to CNC mill/lathe so have mercy on my dork soul)
Some links that might be of interest https://www.notechmagazine.com/ - up to date - mostly like homesteading low-tech type stuff http://www.conceptlab.com/criticalmaking/# - critical making https://wiki.opensourceecology.org/wiki/LifeTrac - open source ecology like tractor plans and shit Prepper/tactical forums are also pretty into anti-gov/surveillance projects that are of dubious utility tinfoil faraday pouches, signal jammers, epoxy+fiberglass ballistic plate etc https://fosscad.org/fc/ - 3d printed guneronis
>>2765 >CNC milling and laser cutting comrade t. bourgie shithead that can afford multi-thousand dollar machines
>>2764 I built a 3D printer but haven't really made anything with it besides a dildo. Post ideas.
What would be super useful and liberating is self-production of electronics. As far as I can tell it's not practical yet.
>>2809 There is a reason we collectivize - individual manufacturing is a non-starter. A solid used VMC can be had for like 5-10k - 90s Fadal machines are totally repairable and robust for making actual usable things
>>2810 Dragon dildo
>>2809 3D Printers are meme shit, and far more bougie than CNC milling and laser cutting, because those latter things are actually useful tools in manufacturing that are already pretty standardized and used for good quality manufacturing. As >>2834 points out, it's not necessary that everyone owns one, but that their ownership is collective. Where does the whole 3D printer craze stand in all this? The ideology is that some day, everyone will own their own 3D printer, muh manufacturing of the future, as if they were on par with star trek replicators. They are not. All consumer grade 3D printers on the market are nothing more than rich kid's toys that are only useful for shitting out useless plastic doo-dads and phone cases. Extremely bourg/decadent, and a complete waste of resources and materials, items should be made of more durable substance than cheap plastic filament melted together, which is inevitably destined to get thrown in a landfill once the next, latest, more popular design to print comes out, or the item is simply gotten bored of.
>>2810 Would that melty plastic shit be safe to put inside your body?
>>2851 >collective CNC machines >in late capitalist socially atomized suburbanite burgerstan You have shown me the error of my ways. Making actual real things with 3D printers IS a far inferior hobby than simply IMAGINING being able to make things with CNC machines under socialism.
>>2934 If it is a hobby then it belongs in /hobby/ not in /tech/
>>2934 I mean machinery isn't that inaccessible - "makerspaces" frequently will have some CNC routers now and many metropolitan areas have shops or art collectives where welders, casting, lathes and digital fab tool etc can be accessed with a membership. Hell my local bicycle club has a CNC plasma cutter they built and another friend bought and refurbished a Kuka industrial robot for under a couple grand. Welding, casting and woodworking can all be individual level investments and you hardly need the anarcho-syndicalist revolution to go in on a a knee-mill with a couple friends. Other than like bicycle stuff or making idk parts for other machines I'm not 100% on what is helpful for ~the revolution~ I would love to hear ideas though - there is a CNC mill languishing in a friend's motorcycle shop and I haven't had the motivation to go try and get it running so I can use it.
>>2949 touche
>>2980 Makerspaces took over Hackerspaces and pushed capitalist ideology into what had a sort of revolutionary DIY spirit. I don't really know where I'm going with this in terms of substantial critique, it's just a feeling I've gotten. The same thing like how corporate "Open Source" co-opted and marginalized Free/Libre Software.
>>3047 Very cool and useful story >>2811 What kinds are you thinking because prototyping / low-vol production of PCB stuff is definitely doable. You'd still need to buy components from a conventional supplier (unless you go hard desoldering junk or something) - and most modern devices are all SMD stuff so anything you want to make with your human meat fingers will have to be a lot bulkier. Ideas for hardware things: radios are cool I've heard - making antennas and shit same with mesh networks- idk much about computers other than the one at my house my mom put a couple games on it but it seems like the internet is cool and important and idk yall dual power infrastructure? https://technical.ly/2015/04/06/12-communities-experimenting-mesh-networks/ kinda old article but I've heard of working projects in metro areas Maybe like air conditioning/ power generation? I know a lot of low income areas have poor access to this and it can be an actual health issue when combined with comorbid conditions of poverty


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