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Comrade 10/11/2019 (Fri) 22:59:54 No. 2455
why arent you using Linux dumbass? You have zero excuses
this board should ban people with Windows user agents
trips. what distro are you using?
arch derivative
(6.33 MB gnyu+linyux.mp4)
I use CloverOS GNU/Linux
Ubuntu. Upgrading the same install since April 2008.
I'm planning on getting a new computer
How is Linux better than Windows?
Planning on changing to linux once I get a new SSD, since for what I heard linux got a lot better for muh vidya in these last years.
>not full of spy shit
>centrally managed app installation, like an app store full of free software
>more advanced schedulers than windows, meaning it runs faster
>more control over everything
>full disk encryption, no online accounts needed
>many desktop environments to choose from, pick the one you like most
>far more powerful for programming
>just werks

yeah linux is fine for vidya now
i want to play roblox

make sure to research all your parts compatible with linux
There are two types of people in this world.
Those who only buy Atheros/Lucent wifi, and those who cry that linux is shit, on a Mongolian horse trading forum.
> pop os

pop os is literally ubuntu spyware shit
Not that comrade, and not a fan of pop-os! or Ubuntu just do to personal preferences. Generally you shouldn't trust companies to make software for you, especially if they're not charging for it, but I believe what they're referring to is the whole Ubuntu Amazon debacle between 2012-2016 and pop-os! being a fork of Ubuntu. I don't really know anything about System76 but as far as I'm concerned Canonical has a pretty decent track record for someone in the business of gratis software, once again even though I would never use their products.
but I am
I know fuck all about computers and programming beyond what I need to operate one, so I don't see the benefit of linux outside of security and privacy.
Windows and Mac spy on you. Various versions of linux are very user friendly and can simulate Windows or Mac for programs that aren't compatible.
I heard linux is hit or miss when it comes to using software for windows/macs. I'll throw Ubuntu on my other shitty laptop one day, but I don't really see the benefits without being some programmer who can actually take advantage of what linux has to offer.
Linux gaming is decent now as far as compatibility and performance goes.
the thing is there's few really good games to play that won't rot your brain, like for example Zachtronics games: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o99hbZy8CuE
which does run on linux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VarD48-oAMw
or this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gOCeOwlB9A
I'm a musician and I need actual software to play and record music.
You can run quite a lot of windows software on Linux with a software compatibility layer, but there is dedicate Linux audio software too.
ardour, lmms, bitwig, renoise, reaper, mixbus
(395.45 KB 500x500 skel.gif)
Talked about getting a leftypol guide for tech illiterates to get into loonix.
We should get on that instead of just leaving anons to their own devices to drown and decide outright it isn't for them.
It's mostly just the learning curve with linux, really.
(1016.23 KB 500x375 1470521187297.gif)
Basically my contention is like; why should I use Linux and not Windows? I have no interest in programming and just want a PC that works easy and is compatible with everything.

>but you can run a partition for windows!

Ok, and how is that easier than just running windows?

>but windows is spyware with backdoors for the feds!

Lol, and you think Linux doesn't have backdoors? If the feds want to get to you they will.


So?? It's not like I paid for Windows anyways.
>but windows is spyware with backdoors for the feds!
The reason that this doesnt jive with me is that this really only helps DURING oppression and not before it happens, at least it shouldnt. if american hitler rose to power and ordered the execution of communists, they shouldnt HAVE to look through peoples computers for incrimidating evidence because commies should already be public and organizing. If your such a limp dick that the only evidence that you hold socialist beliefs is your search history they will deem you a non threat and probably not arrest you. HOWEVER having a secure tails/tor backup in case of emergency would be a good idea.
>implying they wouldn't kill/imprison people for the slightest suspected inclination towards communism
Just look at what happened in Indonesia when Suharto rose to power. Most of the people killed or attacked weren't even actually communists.
(11.37 MB interject.webm)
(708.67 KB 256x236 gmagik.gif)
If it's not your hobby, then I guess it won't mean much to you and you should just use whatever.
Wasted effort trying to proselytize to you.
I've installed gentoo but now I'm looking to try to get rid of linux and join the HURD. what distro should I use to have a sort of hybrid between a binary and a source based package managing system something like void but the source based package manager actually installed in the base system and not like some seperate add on where it's basically the same as grabbing the source on github, putting it in /src and then make config, but actually part of the system like gentoo has with a couple of config options, but alot more easier so I don't have to worry about crashing my system everytime I update?
That would be great.
To tell you my setup right now I have i3-gaps gave up on dwm, too confusing dmenu and st terminal along with qutebrowser. will this work on hurd?
(30.57 KB 435x322 5s465gz.jpg)
Linux has better backwards compatibility for old hardware, and is faster on old hardware. Basically you get more bang for your buck, because your computer will remain usable for longer. Linux has a lot less user-nagging. There's also a long term advantage, the open-source development model produces better technology, if you and the people like you switch to Linux computers will get better.

Programming is literacy in the 21century. Much like in the 20th century, people that could not read/write were basically handicapped, because they couldn't talk to paper-organisations, like government bureaucracies or legal entities like businesses. Programming is how you talk to machines, and in the 21 century you will be handicapped if you cannot talk to machines.
Not if a meteor hits us and back to the the Paleolithic era we go
Debian can provide a good experience that has a windows look and feel.
Installed ubuntu, shit laptop runs a lot faster than it does with w10. Hope I don't run into anything that requires me to actually think.
I currently still use windows but am strongly considering swapping over. which distro should I consider?
>I currently still use windows but am strongly considering swapping over. which distro should I consider?
I think Debian is a sound first distribution, you might want something which gives you more control later on down the line, or has some other features, but it really is quite nice. It's simple to install/use while being quite stable and isn't run by a corporation like Red Hat, SUSE, and Canonical, nor is it a fork of a distribution run by a corporation. I'd suggest using one of their "live install images" https://www.debian.org/CD/live/ to make the process even easier so long as you have a large enough flash-drive.
Guys /computer illiterate/ here. I’m thinking of dual booting win10(used mostly for old games) and Linux, will this slow down my potato laptop?
As far as "flavors" go I'd suggest LXQt (not to be confused with LXDE, which while pleasant is no longer maintained), this is the lightest currently available desktop environment, and is very simple. So if you have a 64bit system (which you probably do) you would want to download a ISO named something like the following: debian-live-10.2.0-amd64-lxqt.iso
LXQt is good advice, also you can try out distros without installing if you burn the image on a bootable CD or bootable USB stick
>I’m thinking of dual booting win10(used mostly for old games) and Linux, will this slow down my potato laptop?
No this will reduce hard drive space available to your windows install but will not effect performance. If you must play games, I'd encourage you to see if they are available on https://lutris.net/games/ or https://www.playonlinux.com/en/supported_apps-1-0.html to see if it is available to run on your Linux install (even if they are windows only).
t. shit tactics
>I've installed gentoo but now I'm looking to try to get rid of linux and join the HURD
The only available hurd distro is debian ATM.

>what distro should I use to have a sort of hybrid between a binary and a source based package managing system something like void but the source based package manager actually installed in the base system and not like some seperate add on where it's basically the same as grabbing the source on github, putting it in /src and then make config, but actually part of the system like gentoo has with a couple of config options, but alot more easier so I don't have to worry about crashing my system everytime I update?
GuixSD allows you to choose between downloading a package and compiling it yourself. Also you can compile a package and compare the hash with the binary package if you don't trust it.
Also, why is the header on your post backwards
How have I not heard of this until now? I'm going to try it out.
Because nothing I do is worth tracking and I don't particularly care about encryption or other rubbish, just convenience. I already have a Windows 7 system with a mountain of off-the-shelf programs no longer available except off old software download disks that I use for work or my own projects, programs that would not work nearly as well in Linux. Also its just easier to modify Windows to personal preference the old-fashioned way (reprogram and change codes) than to use a completely unfamiliar system with no direct advantages other than "muh security" which I don't care for at the moment.

TL;DR: Feds aren't an issue, they can get you regardless. I have programs that require Windows to work and a windows partition is inconvenient. Windows is free and easy to modify and isolate, no need for more unless you want to go off the grid.
Trash hardware support.
Because i'm too lazy to figure out how to make a new partition to dual boot, anyways windows 7 is almost dead.
I've installed gentoo.
Même magic.
>windows 7 is almost dead.
Is it? I find it compatible with almost any program from 2012 or even 2015, which are quite easy to find online. Besides, at this point programs have gotten to the point where they are no longer becoming better but inferior to prior iterations, such as with Edius 7 vs Edius 6.5
Adobe is also no longer allowing permanent ownership of their programs, instead you have to pay monthly to a cloud service (and the new adobe programs are somehow worse than the old ones).
Windows 7 is having all support dropped by Microsoft next year which means no more security updates. That's why it is almost dead.

I wish I could switch to Linux for my desktop OS. It's so much less of a hassle to use. My Windows 7 is pirated so I guess I will have to hope my collection of stolen Windows 7 keys will allow me to upgrade. I really don't want to buy Windows 10.
Windows 10 is not an option for me, 2spooky. I'm going to use windows 7 for as long as i can, untill i can get linux mint on my main PC or a new linux PC.
Why not just switch to linux 100%? Unless you need a very specific program for work or whatever there are plenty of decent free alternatives.
main problem with linux for the average consumer is game compatibility
only reason Im still on 7. I think about trying to set up a linux with GPU passthrough to be able to play on a windows VM with native perf, which would be ideal setup, but it seems like its a bitch to configure.
I am. Using Kubuntu on my work laptop. Probably gonna switch to Manjaro on my main PC, once I upgrade it.
>>2458 Gentoo was being an absolute turd about compiling qtwebengine on my new desk rig; ended up slinging Arch on it after 3 weeks of beating my head against a brick wall. It's a nice distro, very nippy, especially on my ideapad.
Debian is nice and stable and it is compatible with most games written for windows if you use WINE.
Now that W7 is dead Idk what to do now...
>>2517 Yes you do.
Nigger you don't actually use Pop! Do you?
Purely vidya, but every year fewer and fewer games compel me to stay I use linux on my laptop and like it, although I've fucked something up and it eventually crashes out and has to be rebooted every 12 days I tried to go full linux on desktop but a combination of somehow struggling to set up MySQL and there being no good N64 and PS2 emulators on Linux killed it for me
(644.72 KB 1000x1000 157860174975.png)
>>2520 What could you have possibly done to do something that pedantic?
>>2520 PCSX2 works flawlessly on linux, played and beat all shin megami tensei and super robot wars games last year. Mint cinnamon with nvidia drivers btw.
>>2461 Please don't tell me you actually use this autistic child porn trash wallpaper for real.
I'm studying Electrical Engineering and my professors need me to use proprietary Windows software for their classes. you computer nerds will never understand.
>>2699 Just use it on a vm with a metered connection. Use enterprise so that’ll you’ll be able to disable telemetry. Check out installgentoo’s page on making windows the most secure (as possible)
worried if I try to set it up on my microcucked laptop (a gift i am a poor) that the proprietary keyboard won't work. a common complaint from those who switch to surface linux I'm planning on getting a laptop that's literally 12 years old to avoid windows ME, is this stupid? Just doing web things
>>2461 I would PARODY anyone who ever revealed such a wallpaper to me.
>>2701 intel ME not microsoft ME you knowaddimsayin
No ableton or max/msp sadly
why do confrontation troll threads always receive the most replies
>>2456 You should be spoofing your user agent to Windows anyway. Tor Browser does this by default.
>>2707 >No ableton Bitwig, Ardour, LMMS, Reaper, Renoise, Mixbus doesn't do it for you? >max/msp sadly puredata?
(478.04 KB 680x510 orelsan.png)
>>2711 Reaper isn't fully supported by Linux. I don't really know the others but don't they need a lot of time to even get the basics? Puredata is terrible, it's nice for little experiments but the choice for objects is very limited compared to max/msp. I'm not the anon you are replying to but if you are a sound professional you still need Pro Tools, and this pile of shit isn't even optimized for the OS it's supposed to run on, so I can't imagine running it on Linux.
>>2701 Well I assume your going for max freedoms if you're trying to avoid intel ME, in which case plenty of freetards use absolutely ancient IBM Thinkpads with Linux. There's no guarantee any given laptop will have FOSS drivers for its hardware, but I'm pretty sure Thinkpads are a good bet because of the aforementioned detail. All of that being said, using old laptops for web stuff is actually harder than ever. Every single fucking webpage is bogged down with all manner of shit and JS and trackers and cookies, and none of it is optimized. And even if you get a browser to disable all those scripts, the websites probably just won't work then. Depending on what you actually want to do on the web, there are workarounds, and chans are of course nice and clean due to their shear barebonesedness.
very simple i have a piece of shit old laptop, i don't even know if it's compatible, and i'm too tech illiterate to look, in the manufacturer's website there only appears to be drivers for keyboard, mouse and screen, and the ubuntu compatibility website doesn't have it listed, so i have a great suspicion that it's not going to be able to connect to wifi, or some weird shit like that if i install linux
>>2725 What's the model/brand? I can help find compatibility with simple distros if you'd like.
>>2732 it's a dell inspiron 3442, i thank you very much anon
My audio card doesn't have linux drivers
(158.15 KB 1500x1173 81tzXmviGsL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
>>2743 get a pluggable usb audio adapter those are said to support linux https://plugable.com/products/usb-audio/


no cookies?