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Protonmail Comrade 08/25/2019 (Sun) 02:18:18 No. 2163
hey what do you guys think of protonmail?

i use gmail right now

>founded at CERN, lol
(7.49 KB 318x159 download.jpg)
here is a video i'm watching on this subject

Is this guy seriously claiming that a web browser is less secure than a locked down piece of shit smartphone? Signal is inherently insecure due to the vulnerability of locked down proprietary OS whose maintainers have been demonstrated to collaborate with spooks on multiple occasions now?
it's fake, it spies on you. just use foreign email services like yandex or something.
(23.45 KB 488x488 glowinthedark.jpeg)
iOS is actually more secure than android, and tim cook is more resistant to the glowies than google any day of the week. Apple has no profit based incentive to data mine as they are a consumer devices company wheras google is a search engine and their entire business model is based on data mining you
Does there even exist a "safe" email service?

Riseup is good too
Riseup bans "authoritarians"
cow shit smells less than dog shit, its still shit
The Vault7 leaks had something like 8 different iPhone hacks. "More secure" maybe, but still inherently insecure.
I use riseup first protonmail second.
opinions on tutanota?
What about disroot?
Yes, it's called self hosting your own email server and using the right encryption
But in general, no internet service that's outside of your hands (on which you relay a lot of sensitive information) is safe
Yeah but even then you are still having an exchange between two parties.
Expecting everyone to commit to Encryption standards is silly in this day and age
Try dismail.de


no cookies?