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(1.73 KB 316x316 webtorrent.png)
webtorrents to reduce serload ? Comrade 06/06/2020 (Sat) 16:47:43 No. 2122
Since the servers gets really slow when lots of people post lots of "large" (a few megabytes) files, are web torrents a possible avenue to ease the burden on the server ? https://webtorrent.io/
Microsoft and a number of other companies figured this one out. When you run Windows 10, you're seeding Windows updates and shit to other users. In communism, we could greatly cut down on server costs by turning everyone's desktops into seeders.
(3.63 KB 398x435 peertube.png)
what's the difference between web-torrent and peer-tube ? https://peertube.video/videos/watch/9c9de5e8-0a1e-484a-b099-e80766180a6d
>>2696 Is this on or off by default?
What this website would need is a CDN. There have been projects to build CDNs using WebRTC (which is the technology that WebTorrent uses.) The downside to a P2P CDN is that glowies could track visitors easier, since visitors leak their IPs to other visitors. >>2722 Coincidentally, before working on PeerTube, the creator or PeerTube built PeerCDN, which also used WebRTC. To break it down, PeerTube is an application that uses WebTorrent, and WebTorrent is an application that uses WebRTC. Fundamentally, what has made all of this possible is browsers shipping with WebRTC.
>>2903 PeerTube uses WebRTC? I've been using PeerTube over Palemoon for sometime and haven't experienced any problems. Palemoon doesn't use WebRTC and probably never will.
This would kill the Tor network though, way too many connections for relays to handle.
>>2909 PeerTube can function without WebRTC, it just doesn't use P2P to download movies. Also, administrators of PeerTube instances can turn on or off P2P sharing. So to use WebTorrent on PeerTube, you need to have WebRTC and use a PeerTube instance that has P2P sharing turned on. The instance will say whether it has P2P sharing on the About page. Like this one has it turned on. https://open.tube/about/instance
>>2912 Well that's very disappointing to learn that WebTorrent is based on the cancer of WebRTC. I've just lost a lot of enthusiasm I had for PeerTube, dangit.
>>2916 WebRTC is the only way to do P2P in a standard browser without extra software like you need for Tor, I2P, etc.


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