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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 10:12:47 No. 1337
Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread. I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
Waste of a GET, you couldn't even include an opening picture.
How well do Wacom tablets and Clip Studio Paint work on Linux?
>>1337 Shiiit dude 100 euros is not much for some good headphones, in the UK at least. Do you want bluetooth? Over ear or on ear?
>>1625 For my own tablet (Wacom Bamboo) I have found it actually easier to use on my Linux distro (Mint). Which is to say, I didn't need to install any drivers like I did on Win 10 and they seem be work just as well as the official ones. The only downside is that I can't seem to turn off the finger-tracking, but that isn't a big deal. Also, Clip Studio Paint does not work on Linux. There is likely a way to emulate it through Wine, but I haven't tried it yet. If you need a comparable art program for Linux, i'd recommend 'Krita' which is a free, open-source and pretty much just like Clip but without the outline/halftone layer options and a slightly annoying text editor.
>>1634 I'm in the EU, don't care about bluetooth and on ear.
>>1645 In my experience, Sony deliver a pretty great audio-price-durability balance. I had some MDR-XB950B1 which delivered pretty great sound, but weren't too comfy since I wear glasses too. Used em for the gym every day for a year, worked fine so quite durable. Try get one with flexible bits that join the speakers to the band though since that's where most breaks will occur. For your price range I'd probably recommend the lower end over ear version though, MDR-XB650BT (I don't know what retard comes up with these names).
>>1650 Thanks, the names are indeed retarded.
>>1638 Thanks. I have an Intuos so I suppose it'll work just fine too. There is indeed a way to emulate CSP that I found: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=250223&p=1345470#p1345470 The problem is that I have a free 2 year trial of the full version and I don't know how that'll work out. Would I need to pirate it after all?
>>1733 Oh and regarding Krita, I'll probably switch to it when they add some more features or once my trial expires, so thanks for the suggestion
>>1734 What's missing from Krita?
>>1736 Krita doesn't have the awesome halftone layer mask that Clip has (which instantly converts a layer to black halftone). More importantly, the text tools are really awkward, way worse than any other program i've used (it's hard to explain). Apart from that it is fantastic.
Is anyone else having problems with cankakucomplex or is it just me? I can only open it on Tor after going to advanced and giving permission to "take the risk" and open the site, however when I click on the images they give me a blank page and only opening the image html separately gives the image itself. Tor tells me my computer clock is set for July 3rd, yet my onscreen calendar is correctly giving me July 2nd so what the fuck is happening? https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=monster_strike%20neon_genesis_evangelion&page=2
>>1337 rock zircon. if you don't mind in-ears. in general, when I did research some time ago, conseus was not to go for brands If you are no audiophiliac. best headphones I ever had, beating my former Sennheiser easily. other Chinese low budget choices seem to be valid as well. have a question as well. what is your suggestion for an ebook reader? don't fancy kindle
Is it possible to download copyright-blocked YouTube videos that aren't available in any country? Those YouTube Music bastards blocked this one version of a song that had millions of views that I can't find anywhere else, just for the benefit of the official and shorter upload. Could youtube-dl be enough to get it or is the video gone forever in cases like this?
>>3677 You'd have to have a VPN to a country that can watch it, otherwise it's gone.
>>3678 >You'd have to have a VPN to a country that can watch it Yeah, I think that's impossible. I just tried with ytdl and it says "Unable to extract video data". Strangely I can still see the thumbnail on invidio.us (but it's unplayable) I guess my only option is to reach out to the uploader and ask them to send me the song if they still have it.
Hi /tech/ This might be an odd question but I just had this idea Q: Is there some way to collectively keep track of 'plans' made up by the collective in a given chat group? Say we're three in a group-chat, we decide to do x thing on y date a month from now - is there some application that's designed for this scenario? Wouldn't it basically have to be part of the chat-program to not pose a security risk? Have you ever used a chat program that has this function?
>>4004 Have one person read chat and write down the plan.
feels > reels
>>4006 How about I bounce your head off the fucking table you worthless cunt and then we'll see how you feel about my reels? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ixZ63siO55g
>>1337 I have a pair of Thinksound in ears that are pretty good for the money, I think they were about £60, although in ears never really compare to over ears, they sound about as good as koss porta pros which are on ear headphones that cost like £20 I used £15 redmi airdots most of the time though, bluetooth meme is so convenient even the sound quality is pretty bad
if i want whonix or tails for i686 should i run tails 2.12, whonix 13, or accept that i am fucked
If I were to study web development, how broad is that field actually? I've always got the impression that it involves the standard http(s) website coding in HTML, CSS, JS, etc. but last night I laid wondering if other projects I'm somewhat interested in too, that also are very network-heavy in scope, would be included? For example something like RSS, instant messaging, P2P? I'm guessing the last one is a 'no' simply because it's not technically 'web', but then what is it? It's not standard software engineering since it involves very complicated networking as the bulk of what's being maintained? But does it then go under ICT? Does web development also go under ICT?
Is there a way to access the audio for this song? http://pyongyang.news-site.net/myujic/mu/15/15-02.html
>>5300 Thank you! Could you do the same to this song about Songgang? http://pyongyang.news-site.net/myujic/mu/15/15-012.html
>>5304 A steel complex in North Hamgyong province, thank you for the quick replies!
All questions deserve their own thread. It's not like this board is active at all, either.
I want to build a cheap desktop for uni. It will be my first but I've got a mate willing to help with the build. I've seen pcpartpicker discussed but there is another that I stumbled upon that I can't find now that seemed more europoor friendly. Any suggestions? In exchange, I will share some good IT related bants.
Why should i pirate? It seems corrupt and greedy
(1.01 MB 1685x1969 77702767_p0.png)
Is there a Linux equivalent to Tinywall for Windows?
>>5308 You can get a secondhand (large sized) Dell optiplex which you can pimp pretty well.
>>5317 >scans files >netfilter bloat. Just use iptables for firewall. Nethogs for bandwidth per process. And if you want an anti-malware just use ClamAV
It's been about a decade since I really cared about the health of my computers. Is there a modern guide to cleaning up a windows system? This laptop has a 100gig ssd and a terabyte hdd D drive. I split the D drive to install ubuntu but because of school testing never really bothered learning it because their lockdown software was windows only. I know that the proper solution is probably just reinstall windows, but are there programs like CCleaner and stuff to help me determine what the fuck is up with my computer? How to make sure my drivers are up to date and how to find all the little leftover files that are taking up space from programs no longer installed? Figure out what is taking up most of my space on my ssd?
I've never actually understood how image filenames on 4chan and other imageboards are generated, but I've always been curious. For example, I notice that filenames in other, smaller IBs seem to match the ones in 4chan, and right now they all begin with 16. Why is that?
(332.14 KB 628x409 IMG_20201011_231256.png)
>>5339 Alright, so my cousin who lived in a major Australian city used to work in IT. He would put on fake accents. People calling for help would often ask for the Russian, who had a reputation for being very helpful. Whereas the Indian (another accent he did) would take too long, could be rude at times and would get sidetracked reminiscing about something. When people would call they heard the Indian accent and asked if anyone else was in the office. He would put them on hold for a minute then switch to another accent. Being Australia, a cultural melting pot, a big city, and a very big IT department people calling and other people in IT would assume that having lots of ethnicities in the office was normal. There were a handful of accents he did American, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, German and so on.
>>5412 sex since the epoch $ date '+%s' 16...
>>1337 Nice GET >>5413 lol >>5420 lol I don't think it's talked about enough how modern tech is absolute shit and getting worse somehow. Like you need a state of the art CPU + GPU to run some shitty website. Or there are tons of trackers everywhere, ATT selling your phonecalls and messages [0], advertising tech so good that it makes people think their thoughts are being read or their voices are being recorded, software getting harder and harder to pirate (before a simple drag and drop of the exe/binary might have sufficed), etc etc. Like yeah, some things might be getting better but it feels like tech made a deal with the devil and "progress" has a terrible catch. I guess the same could be said with capitalism and its development of the means of production. https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=24756042
>>5412 Unix timestamps to high precision or hashes?
>>5344 Tinywall not an independent firewall but a front-end for the Windows firewall, so what I'm looking for is a front-end for iptables, preferably not gufw.
>>1337 What pc book reading software would you recommend i just want it to look good so that it motivates me to read
how do you read epub books
>>5708 nov.el
>>5712 what would you use for reading on windows
This is not a question but a fucking vent rant that doesn't deserve its own thread. If you are one of the retards who doesn't punch enter after the first bracket in the code, you deserve a fucking bullet to the head. imARetard(bool myDick){ iShitMyself(); } Even with a single pair of brackets it looks dogshit. Add more and it becomes fucking illegible. Same goes to anyone who can't be bothered to use spacebar after arithmetic symbols as well. t(); { gang; }
>>5719 absolute shit taste
>>5718 did I stutter? >>5719 (imagine (depending on) (how (you indent)) brackets (to (write anything)))
(223.05 KB 338x338 oh.png)
>>5724 forgot pic
>>5724 what would you use on windows to read
Complete Tech noob here. How do I use Sci Hub? Is there any guides?
(67.25 KB 1034x508 1. scientific articles.png)
(45.41 KB 1038x296 2. search.png)
(74.51 KB 1042x476 3. mirrors.png)
>>5732 First you should check if your paper is available on libgen. They archive papers accessed through scihub. 1. Go on your favourite libgen mirror. They change the domains from time to time but searching for "libgen" on DuckDuckGo should give you usable links. 2. Below the search bar, click "Scientific Articles". (See the first picture.) 3. On the scientific articles page, type in the title of the article or some other identifier and click search. (See second picture.) 4. Look at the results you are interested in and download them by choosing a mirror from the last column. (See third picture.)
(637.83 KB 1815x404 1. scihub search.png)
(34.74 KB 1127x484 2. wait.png)
(163.80 KB 1409x608 3. success.png)
>>5737 >>5737 If there are no results on Libgen, you will need to use Sci-Hub. 1. First, you should find the place from where you could legally download the paper you are interested in if you were an academic institution with too much money. You can usually do this by searching the paper's title. 2. Next, visit sci-hub. Again, DuckDuckGo for sci-hub if the domain you usually use suddenly goes dark. 3. Paste the URL you found in step 1 into the search bar and click "open". (First picture.) 4. You might need to fill in a captcha. 5. It will try to find a proxy from inside an university that can download it. Wait, this can be really-really slow. (Second picture.) 6. If it succeeds, you will get the PDF (Third picture). If it fails, it might show you the website that you pasted in and you will have to navigate to the place where you can download the article. In the bottom there will be a grey bar, pressing the button (like the play button on radios) will give you a new proxy.
(47.23 KB 216x269 thumb.png)
This tech channel "Luke Smith" (100k subscribers) just released a video with Stirner in his thumbnail: >Intellectual "Property" is a Spook (GNU Boomer Rants): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrE4Xc63uNQ I've not watched his channel before, it just popped up in "trending" on an Invidious front-page. Is anyone here more familiar with him? Is he ideologically adjacent to us or did he just happen to find some Stirner memes he liked? Having watched most of the vid he seems relatively reasonable (appears to have a basic understanding of imperialism, absolutely railing against intellectual property) -- he may be a left-libertarian or something? If some of you have youtube accounts it may be worth sending a message recommending egoist communist literature (For Ourselves) and like the Telekommunist Manifesto or something.
>>5883 >cont. His viewer-count seems to average in the tens of thousands, approaching hundred thousands.
>>5883 He's from /g/, mostly known for being the guy who made LARBS and popularizing suckless software. Afaik the guy sympathizes with leftism but he's more of a conservative neoluddite who hates capitalism. Think Unabomber but studied linguistics instead of math and knows the difference between liberalism and leftism.
>he may be a left-libertarian or something? https://www.stallman.org/glossary.html#anti '''Antisocialists: people who advocate a laissez-faire, laissez-mourir state which refuses to help non-rich people, such as by providing medical care or education, or protect them by regulating how businesses treat them. Antisocialists call such programs "socialism". Those people secondarily defend human rights, such as freedom of speech, and they like to call themselves "libertarians". However, polling them shows that a laissez-faire, laissez-mourir economy is their highest priority, and human rights come second for them. In effect, they try to use our support for human rights to manipulate us into advocating the laissez-mourir economy, by presenting that as a part of human rights. Using the term "libertarian" for them emphasizes the secondary aspect of their views and paints them as champions of liberty. I choose to emphasize their primary focus by calling them "antisocialists." Let's all call them that. The state's mission is enabling everyone to have a just, free and decent life, which includes both social programs and defense of human rights.'''
>>5883 > Pepe and Wojak thumbnails > uses "autistic" for "obsessed" > can't write a coherent sentence without including a meme I wouldn't waste my time on this imbecile.
>>5883 hes a meme, unironic arch fag, with admittedly a pretty good i3 + latex workflow
>>5883 He's a mixed bag. Not a complete retard like most reactionaries but has the occasional stupid take like opposing net neutrality.
Vanwa.net DDOS "protection" is now blocking all archive systems under the pretext of defending from DDoS. Anyone have solutions? Please help.


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