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Is it worth using fake accounts to make use of free trials? Comrade 04/15/2020 (Wed) 17:21:49 No. 1140
Could I end up getting arrested if I kept making fake accounts using one of these 10min emails, to enjoy the free trial of ProtonVPN?
>using free trials >getting arrested how bad are the police in your country, anon, that you actually think this would happen?
nigga what are you even talking about? Free trials for what? Confused sage.
>>1150 can you not read
>>1171 Oh >proton Ignore me I am retarded.
>>1140 It's not like they haven't thought of this. Whatever loss they have through users exploiting free trials is probably made up by satisfied customers paying money for the service. You're using free trials, not stealing.
>>1178 So to this, have you ever seen someone actually get arrested for using free trials? The authorities, generally speaking, have bigger fish to fry. They don't know or probably even care about you.
>>1178 >>1179 it's not just using a free trial tho, it's using it in a way that allows me to have it for completely free permanently when I'm supposed to pay for it monthly.
I'm sure they will figure it out based on your IP address\usage patterns and just ban you.
>>1191 let's see how long I last then
ahh, they don't allow accounts with 10 min email domains anymore...
>>1181 I really expected something more like this: https://youtu.be/uSdXjppGFoI?t=31
I use free trials for my job, use them in a VM that gets reset to some previous snapshot whenever the free period is over. I've had no problems so far, nobody has blocked my IP or whatever. Do you need to create a Protonmail account for ProtonVPN? How long does the free trial last? Might try this if I ever need a VPN.


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