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How are you getting around news paywalls? Comrade 04/09/2020 (Thu) 04:49:29 No. 860
I used to go in incognito, but now wapo, NYT, etc, aren't allowing that. How do you do it?
I don't read imperialist propaganda.
The newyork times has a paywal on their clearnet site, but, if you use the onion there is no pay wall. That's one way I get around their paywall bullshit. Also, having ublock helps; Some times pay walls get blocked by ad-blockers inadvertently. Some times you can even just stop the webpage download and it will load the text but not the wall. umatrix also helps as you can disable JS which is what most of that nonsense rruns off of anyways.
>>860 Sometimes if you set your useragent to googlebot they disable paywalls.
On anything Chromium based, click on the lock near the URL, then on the gear (site settings/permissions) then find Javascript entry in the list and select Block from the drop down menu. No need for any add-ons and such. In Firefox type about:config, search for Javascript, toggle javascript.enable false. Of course this will only leave you with textual information only. Any maps/videos will not be accessible. There are some tricky websites that won't show you any content if you disable JS tho. Accessing them through archive.is or whatever might help.
>>868 Bro just use Umatrix, LOL
>>860 https://github.com/iamadamdev/bypass-paywalls-firefox works for those you mentioned and many other, e. g. ft,...
>>894 This is what I use, works well. Just make sure you enable bypassing after you install it, by default all the sites are unchecked. For sites not supported by Bypass Paywalls I have a trick I use in firefox: press F9 to go into Reader View and you'll usually get the full article provided it was displayed before the paywall popup. I think this is a faster method to bypass JS vs. the proper way >>868 mentioned.
archive.is, generally.
>>861 This. I don't bother reading mass media, I am happier that way and honestly I feel more in touch with reality than most "informed" people.
(163.26 KB 816x500 hot.png)
>>866 Can you do that via manipulating the URL or html code?
>>1642 This. Works like a charm
>>860 Sometimes adding a full stop at the end of the URL works.
>>863 >Some times you can even just stop the webpage download and it will load the text but not the wall. On such sites you also use the "inspect element" tool of your browser to remove the paywall HTML nodes.


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