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Exploit Development 03/23/2020 (Mon) 06:03:19 No. 587
Are any other anons into exploit development or vulnerability hunting?
That's what the NSA and CIA do 24/7.
(140.06 KB 541x550 hackerssoviet.png)
>>591 No shit. i'm asking if anyone here does, or is at least interested in learning to do so. D you actually have a point? Based T-shirt from this vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh8C2G3qHIw
(10.86 KB 300x300 hackbloc1.gif)
I used to do those hacker sites and some CTFs, but became bored with it. When I was a kid it was very counter culture and I first learned about anarchism from hackers but when I got to do it at a higher level in university it was full of suits and feds... I liked reverse-engineering the most.
>>597 Hackbloc, nice... I remember when that prject still existed. You old school HackThisSite Crew then? Free Jeremy/exec96/wooka
>>597 Suits and feds at uni? What did you study? What is your area of expertise when it comes to hacking?
>>632 as a guy who was a compsci major in college, can confirm. The NSA basically goes to the career fair and once they learn you're a compsci major they start cooming hard over you and begging you to give their fliers to all your friends in compsci as well.
>>632 compsci is FULL of military industrial complex and intelligence agencies. literally all my department's research funding comes from it. I hate this major.
I've been wanting to get into exploit development and stuff. Anyone know any good resources? I heard that CTFs are good ways to practice
(47.21 KB 576x432 pocketPossum.jpg)
>>654 Okay im fucking lazy, i just translated the second one and havent read thru it, so i know there's gonna be the occasional grammar problem, an uppercase where there shouldnt be, and problems with extra spacing around symbols (google translate likes to fuck paths) Anyways here u go, now you know what to look out for ;) http://ix.io/2g1w http://ix.io/2g1A http://ix.io/2g1C Tell me if the links dont work, btw, first time using ix.io but it seems good, idk if they expire or whatever
>>654 >>676 Forgot this https://pastebin.com/3Qtw6JQw Anyways i just collect this shit, i cant attest to its worth in teaching, but here ya go some links and info to kick you off
>>676 >>677 Thank you for these, they seem to be quite good.
>>676 All the phinphisher stuff (three pieces) have been translated into english already, she's a duel english/spanish speaker. >>654 Red the shellcoders handbook, watch the dudes free lecture series on youtube, read the web-app hackers handbook **probably first, cusi t's easy and will give you some quick wins* and test on IOT devices. also, learn good recon. not ex-dev but recon is the most important part of any hack. If people want to learn together i'm down to IRC btw . >>682 They are VERY good. phinphisher is one of us and very skilled at writing hte anatomy of an attack and showing that it's doable by anuyone, especiallyi f we group up.. reemeber most of anonymous/lulzsec was onlty like 3-5 people.. <Before I realized that I could enter with shellshock, I was willing to spend happy whole months of life studying exploit development and writing a reliable exploit for one of the memory corruption vulnerabilities I had encountered. I just knew that Hacking Team needed to be exposed, and that it would take me as much time as necessary and learn what I had to learn to get it. To perform these hacks you don't need to be bright. You don't even need great technical knowledge. You just need dedication, and believe in yourself.
(68.65 KB 1024x1024 yuiEyes.jpg)
>>820 >no links
>>838 You could have just googled, in these circles it's kid of expected of people to be able to do there own research, especially of things so basic. but what links do you want exactly? i'll provide.
Why yes prole, I exploit every day!
>>856 >You could have just googled >googled Braindead, swine.
>>1913 Uploaded some hacking books/Zines too: https://anonfile.com/FdLcL827o0/leftyhax_zip >>820 IRC would be great, can't really host rn though bc between houses
>>1914 >>820 I’d also like to irc
This is a good thread with nice accessible and, amazingly to me at least, relatively simple to follow guides. I'm not a programmer, I just want to automate some of my job/hobbies, but I just love how cosy this place is for noobs like me reading this stuff. Thanks for making this shit comprehensible, I took one class once because I thought about doing Game Dev and I was confused to shit and no one would explain. They just expected you to sink or swim. The thick accents didn't help either.
>>600 >HTS Damn, that takes me back. I think the last I checked they are still running some oldschool phreaking challenges.
(31.37 KB 500x486 owie.jpg)
Where does anon get crackmes to play with? I used to use crackmes.de before it was shut down but none of its mirrors seem to be up anymore. Bonus if it's easy to look for different CPU architectures, I want to try my hands on some ARM.
>>587 Yep, I'm osce/oscp/oswp.... Among other exp I'm not going to mention. Ive found vulns and exploited them at places I've worked.


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