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(11.63 KB 265x314 Tux.png)
Linux Comrade 01/21/2020 (Tue) 16:28:10 No. 52
Why aren't you using Linux? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon. >Open source vs. Free Software https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.en.html >List of free as in freedom distros approved by the FSF https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html >A really good linux distro that doesn't have systemd, but a fast and simple init/service management system called runit https://voidlinux.org/ - Image credit: By [email protected] Larry Ewing and The GIMP, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80930
>>55 what about the lack of videogames tho?
(26.08 KB 500x375 1a5.jpg)
TECH COMRADES I NEED HELP I'm trying to install a linux distro (slackel) to be able to boot to a USB thumbstick right now. I'm computer literate, but I don't know anything about command lines and stuff. How do I install it to the thumbstick from Windows 10 (current OS)? I tried using the program 'rufus' that came with the ISO, but that didn't work. I don't know why. Please help and 'Don't laugh' (pls).
>>405 >I tried using the program 'rufus' that came with the ISO, but that didn't work. I don't know why. Screentshot us the settings you tried to use with rufus comrade
(15.30 KB 418x538 Ceeeeeeeeeeapture.PNG)
>>406 This is what it looks like but even when it says the operation is complete I still can't boot from the USB itself.
>>407 If you're computer is a newer one you might need to deliberately select the EFI option for Target System
>>408 I think i've got it working now, but what does 'MBR' and 'GPT' mean in the 'Partition Scheme' drop-down?
>>405 Same anon, back again. I got it working (I think) except for internet access. I've got an wired ethernet connection but I can't figure out how to connect to it. I don't know how to do command line stuff and I can't post images here (using Windows to access the internet). Any help is appreciated.
>>415 Wait, you can't figure out how to connect with a wired ethernet cable? It should just work with a wired connection. Is this your first linux distro? Bad choice for a first distro. You may need to update: Pull up the terminal and type: sudo apt-get update Let the package list update Then do sudo apt-get upgrade
>>415 >>422 They're using slackel http://www.slackel.gr/forum/about.htm Here lad this should get you started https://www.computerhope.com/unix/uifconfi.htm
> mfw installing Arch after just sticking with Ubuntu for years
(99.22 KB 1024x576 brainlet support group.jpeg)
>>526 Is this your face?
>>527 Pretty much
>>527 I am not ashamed to admit I am a brainlet. I tried to install arch after using Debain for years and years and just couldn't move that mountain.
>>529 It's pretty easy to install it if you read the manual and know what you're doing. The first times i tried i failed because i wasn't reading the manual very well, but now i can install it with a little help from the manual, although i don't use it anymore.
>>529 There are unofficial installers for it. I'm a fan of https://www.anarchylinux.org/
>>529 Don't worry, just like any communist grows out of ML-ism, eventually arch users grow up and return to Debian.
>>554 *Devuan
>>554 *Solus
Never use a distro that uses systemd as its init system. It's buggy and a security vulnerability, also it is completely controlled by a corporation.
>>554 what tendency hates ML and also hates people being allowed to pick their favorite distro
(54.38 KB 620x350 alpine.jpeg)
using Alpine Linux rn, set it up yesterday. very small and light, good for my shitty Intel Celeron from 2012 and four gigs of RAM. also apparently very secure. no systemd, it uses openrc which is tight as fuck. I also installed dwm, dmenu, and st (for that anal-retentive aesthetic). (buggy udhcpc though. pain in the ass setting up yesterday.)
>>593 anti-systemd people are so boring show me what part of the source makes systemdick have such security vulnerabilities
(3.99 MB 426x284 systemd.gif)
>>596 t. Lennart
>>599 kek
because i use BSD
>>596 the fact that it's ten times the size of any other init system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_surface
>>609 >Berkeley Succdem Distribution
(813.68 KB 1070x1600 bsd.jpg)
>>619 Move aside, prole. Berkeley Succubus Dominatrix
>>618 I know it violates unix philosophy and its size is regrettable but to actually move people from systemd to an alternative, you have to show what is wrong with it without uttering "muh bloat" which does not matter to regular people whatsoever
>>625 b-based
>>625 the best part about it is that the freebsd logo is an actual demon, so there's precedent
>>626 Linux users will make their choices based on considerations such as "is this bloated or not". Windows and Mac users maybe won't. That's the main reason why some people avoid systemd: the Linux community encourages people to give a shit about what they put in their boxes.
>>629 "Linux users" are not some homogenous hivemind. Nonetheless, the most popular distros use systemd so those who use them obviously don't give a shit.
>>630 I never claimed that all Linux users agree on this, and you didn't read my post.
I don't know why people hate systemd but have no problem with xorg. It's even more bloated and insecure but most of these "minimalist" fags have no problem using it with their window manger.
>>633 I think there are a lot of people who can tell you that Xorg is shit but haven't migrated out. Xorg being shit is common knowledge but there just hasn't been enough push to replace it with something. (is wayland good for that? or do you have a different recommendation)
>>634 >(is wayland good for that? or do you have a different recommendation) Wayland is usable now. Some applications have bugs but for the most part it works fine. It even works with video games. The only working implementations are Sway (which is a copy of i3) and Gnome. Sway works fine without systemd. https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Sway .
>>633 I used wayland with kde a month or so ago, it was pretty buggy, had to return to xorg.
Linux newfag here. I've been meaning to switch over from Windows for a while and thanks to being laid off because of the epidemic I have plenty of free time to fuck around now. I'm thinking about running Mint Cinnamon in a VM to get a feel for it and then trying a dual boot. Hope this sounds like an alright approach; I read that Mint is a good starter distro for Windowsfags.
>>657 Oh absolutely. In your first 'period' of switching just get comfy with the new set of free/open source tools at your disposal. There are a landslide of alternatives for your previous uses, but I'd recommend with sticking to GNOME/GTK vs KDE/Qt sets generally. One example is Gnome-MPV, a nice GNOME front-end for the very minimal MPV video player (the front-end gives the option for fast-forwarding videos, among other things). Don't be afraid of using command-line interface (CLI) and searching the web for guides / tips & tricks; literally anything can be done via CLI and the web has an answer for any trouble you run into. Recommended CLI tools: ffmpeg (for converting let's say an .mp4 to a .webm), youtube-dl (lets you download video and audio files from many websites, not only youtube.com) and torsocks (routes your CLI-www traffic through tor for anonymization of your legally dubious traffic of getting free albums from YouTube(tm)...in a video game). A practical example: sudo apt get install torsocks youtube-dl ffmpeg torsocks -i youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 https://youtu.be/p3G5IXn0K7A >torsocks sends it via tor (make sure the URL has https) >-i manually switches tor circuit >youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3, like you could've guessed, extracts the audio from the given video of which is often an .mp4, with the help of ffmpeg, and leaves you with an .mp3!
(3.57 MB ah ha ha.mp4)
Same poster as >>405 I gave up on that distro (couldn't figure out the network interface), but I still want to use a good Linux distro to get away from Windows spyware. I was considering installing Quebes OS since I want to have as much peace of mind as possible while using my PC. Considering i'm totally new to linux and have no experience with the command line, is this a good choice? If not, what is a quality distro for privacy-concerned anons like myself? Thanks in advance!
>>659 QubesOS isn't a beginners distro, you'll need to learn GNU+Linux before installing it. Try Mint. For anonymity and privacy check out Tails, although it's on a live usb.
>>662 Gnyu pwuss winux uwu
(107.91 KB 1280x720 satania.jpg)
Satan /GET/
>>666 That face
>>666 my heart goes out to you, satan
(Same anon as >>659 and >>405 I finally got Mint up and running after some trial and error! I must say, although it's my first time using it, I feel this is was better than Windows (10) with all the hassle that posed when I first started using that some 4 years ago (no copy protection bullshit, for one). Thanks for the motivation to take the leap, everyone!


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