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bunker performance issues Comrade 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:33:35 No. 461
As I'm sure most of you have noticed, bunkerchan has been having a lot of performance issues lately, with Nginx gives 500 internal errors while clicking on random threads or the catalog. When replying you occasionally get a 'connection lost' message. Image links are broken or disappear or don't expand when clicked. The site itself is much more sluggish and slow. The fact is the bunkerchan userbase has grown from 200ish people to about 750+ people and high amounts of engagement and posts per hour. This is good news but also brings the need for a higher level of technicality. What exactly is the problem? some possibilities: - Lynxchan is fundamentally unscalable. as many anons have pointed out this is actually the largest and most active lynxchan install ever created, so its possible that the code itself is shit at scaling having never been tested at that level before. - The server hardware is inadequate. It's possible the app server hardware is not adequate to the problem. The expensive solution, scale vertically by buying bigger, buffer servers. - Configuration. The fact that the errors are 500 seems to indicate not a problem with nginx, but the app on the backend that its reverse proxying (lynxchan). Maybe its possible to increase performance and scalability by using Nginx caching/microcaching of images/pages. This would allow present servers to be able to scale to many hundreds of more users, if done correctly, there are guides to this online but it requires mucking around in the dirty details of nginx config. Cloudflare itself already does alot of caching so the perf improvement from this might not be as great as a non-cloudflare site. any other ideas? (not a member of the technical staff of bunker).
>>461 If Space and the mods wants to set up a go fund me for upgrades I'll kick in some money. We defs need to upgrade, maybe set up a patreon or something to keep the bunker ad free and to upgrade the site as needed.
>>462 We could put some adds on the site? I mean, it would be shit, but at least it would fund the server a little?
>>462 patreons way better than ads, ads don't make money and they just make the experience worse
>>464 Yup, the worst thing about old leftypol was all the blinking hentai fuck pillows being advertised. It was embarrassing going to that site. Bunkerchan has the possibility of being something way better than 8chan or 4cuck ever was
>>465 >not using an adblocker bruh
>>466 >new users all use adblockers bruh
>>466 If we all use adblockers theres no points to the ads then.
This is not a money problem but more of an espace problem, if you catch my drift.
>>469 i don't, whats espace? like disk space?
>>470 Not of that kind, I mean the individual of the homo sapiens species.
>>461 The solution is to open up bunkerchan to community dev involvement. Have the deployment scripts public (for example use NixOS and maintain the .nix scripts on github) as well as the fork of lynxchan, if bunkerchan uses a modified version, that the mods can open issues on and volunteers can solve them. Also a contributor's guide with where to get the source, set up the environment and how to submit patches (probably just github).
>>481 code is only half the battle, the OPS/devops and hardware are still under responsibility of space_ and his team
Did this little poll to see what people think https://www.strawpoll.me/19541557
during the /crisis/ habbenings my messages get deleted like my replies just get dropped, anyone else have this problem?
also "connection failed" sometimes on occasion as well.
>>490 Bit scary to do it since the whole admin drama a week ago. The person we'd be giving money to has shown themselves to be unreliable and not exactly trustworthy when it comes to putting users first
>>503 whats your alternative
(69.67 KB 866x768 1579818286058.jpg)
>>506 I don't have one
(72.83 KB 650x507 gore.jpg)
>>506 >>519 I mean I voted yes in the poll but lets speak frankly. This was supposed to be a temporary space, then 8ch was obliterated and it seems like the new site owner isn't overly concerned for the users wants. If the only problem that could have ever happened due to that trait was with the rogue mod, we should be assured of that. Space_ himself wasn't very apologetic about it and was last seen saying he'd rather delete the whole site rather than do what the users wanted. So it'd be nice if when he asked for server money said something to the effect of "yeah that was fucked up, i cannot foresee this ever being a problem in the future however you should trust me :-)" the minimum gesture would go a long way. And if space_ doesn't want to do it, then the mod team of leftypol is going to have to once again step up and take the responsibility for what they're asking us to do. When this all possibly goes to hell and the people who donated feel robbed they need someone who will accept the blame for it.
(103.35 KB 562x574 idktho.jpg)
>>520 >>490 So the poll should really be: should we pay for a better server or should we start making plans to move to another site. And my answer in that case would depend on the future, if the tech guy who is supposed to be on break in a few weeks(maybe sooner now with the 'chink flu' as trump calls it) can fix all the little user-side annoyances and inconveniences in lynxchan then we should stay here. If the software is never going to get any better then i think maybe it is worth losing some users who get lost in the move and seeing if we can move to leftypol.org. I'm sure comsopolitonmongrel will give you the domain if you ask, he's said as much in discord when i met him. or another domain if that doesn't work out. Cause we're currently hampered by bad software and an absence of leadership. And we can survive one but not both. just my opinion.
>>621 I get these as well from time to time


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