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What's the best way to download music off Youtube? Comrade 08/22/2020 (Sat) 17:26:04 No. 4337
There's various sites/programs that do this but I haven't really found a good one yet. Features I would like: - 320kbps - Capture of a still of the video as song art - Download whole playlists automatically - No daily limit or whatever As a bonus, are there any applications that automatically convert a folder full of mp3s into versions of those mp3s with levelled audio? IE, all the songs will become roughly the same volume. I know there might be better ways to organise your music but I like to do it like this. Thanks in advance people. Currently I use 4K Youtube to MP3 but it has a daily limit and no automatic playlist support (without a paid license).
The closest thing that comes to mind is youtube-dl, but you would need to convert the .mp4 to .mp3 yourself through vlc
>>4338 Hmm, okay, I'd rather have a one click tool if possible tho.
(34.35 KB 336x476 good people card.jpg)
>>4338 Sorry, I should have still said thanks. Thank you!
>>4338 >but you would need to convert the .mp4 to .mp3 yourself through vlc No you don't Strap in, I'm gonna blow you guises MOIND: torsocks -i youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 [YT URL]
>>4341 Huh, didn't even realize youtube-dl could do formatting. I always just pipe youtube-dl stuff to ffmpeg for further processing.
https://deemix.app/ not youtube but this lets you download FLACs or 320kbps mp3s off of Deezer, which would be the highest quality you could get plus they're already tagged properly
>>4341 And if put the following in your .bashrc file you only have to type youtube-mp3 [url] to get music pretty much at the click of a button from your terminal. alias youtube-mp3='torsocks -i youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3' There is also the possibility to make playlists on youtube and download the whole thing. Or to even download an entire channel. It's insanely powerful and useful!
(39.16 KB 504x370 Thunar-custom-actions.png)
>>4347 >type youtube-mp3 [url] Still too much effort, here's how the pros do it: alias youtube-mp3='torsocks -i youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 $(xsel -ob)' The "xsel -ob" bit grabs whatever string of text is stored in your clipboard. Alternatively, you can make a .sh file with the following: #! /bin/bash torsocks -i youtube-dl --extract-audio --audio-format mp3 $(xsel -ob) And simply set the script to a .desktop or keyboard shortcut, so you never even have to open a terminal. This will always download the file in your default Home directly. But if you're using a file manager for cool people like Thunar you can even set the script as a "custom action" available in context menus, so you can simply right click within a directory of your choice and download the file there.
Use open.spotify.com with a decent adblock to browse music. Then you can use this tool with song links or even whole albums. https://github.com/SwapnilSoni1999/spotify-dl It even downloads and merges all the Metadata (release, cover, etc.)
>>4341 youtube-dl has its own --proxy flag btw, you can use socks5:// proxies. I've tested it with a packet sniffer and it doesn't leak DNS requests or anything like that. I find torsocks to be kinda buggy, but I haven't tried in a while.
>>4343 youtube-dl itself just uses ffmpeg in the background.
>>4353 Never thought about this trick before, pretty neat. But I like to see clearly what I'm actually doing, you could have wrong (and sensitive) text in your clipboard for example. I do use xsel for a script that takes whatever text is in clipboard then makes substitutions with sed and puts it back into the clipboard. So I can for example copy a youtube/twitter/instagram URL and convert it into an invidio.us/nitter/bibliogram one with a single keyboard shortcut.
yt compress every audio, maybe the output format is 320 but in reality its much lower. I suggest the p2p network soulseek, or the browser addon 'spotify & deezer downloader', you dont have to subscribre to spotify or anything, only login with fb or whathever


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