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Web Design That Pisses You Off Comrade 08/20/2020 (Thu) 18:07:56 No. 4280
Dear god stop doing this. A web page is not a bulletin board with a billion different flyers all arranged by different people, like this style seems to be imitating. A web page is designed by YOU, and YOU have a responsibility to arrange subjects in a coherent, logically-accessible fashion. I don't come to your website to play fucking Where's Waldo or solve a jigsaw puzzle in order to locate the most relevant page to my interests. Stop doing this.
(56.20 KB 902x611 modern-web-design.jpg)
>>4282 Who started this awful trend?
Just generally bloated ass JS and an overreliance on frameworks. Real web design on mainstream sites is dead as dust. I'm just happy alternatives to giants like Nitter, Startpage and Invidious (preemptive RIP) are popping up.
(59.92 KB 549x604 1476834464.jpg)
(108.87 KB 500x287 small.1527773532.png)
The modern web was a mistake http://suckless.org/sucks/web/ Web 2.0 is the culmination of mashing code into a document format and the js tower of babel. Does any one of you use gopher?
>>4304 poorfag cope
>>4299 Startpage was bought by an advertising company, please do not use Startpage for privacy.
>>4304 when i was doing web dev,integration and devOps for a living. the number of useless craps i deal with it are unimaginable, broken dependency shitty template design, Here some of my encounters : wordpress my hate for this framework is only fuel by woocomerce why fucking use a bloated framework for eCommerce when you have a 1million of items just that you can dropship the fucking website that took 14 sec to load. the template of the site was so overloaded with useless craps the fucking server was a fucking quadcpu with 24 cores each with 2 1to ssd, but wait there is more : <zero password policy <the database password was toor and ofc every conceivable ports were open <no whitelist because the owner can't connect his laptop <every users has root privileges imagine when i warned them about it they tell me i'm being paranoid and nobody will ever exploit it two fucking day later the database was clean all the access were revoked they had saves in the same server ofc the saves were also deleted Fun time PHP is a fuckcluster alone but when you add shitty api that are dependency bound like symphony the fuckcluster become a explosive dumpfire thake that and add NodeJs to the mix. was working on migrating a website it's was a website that connect a client via subscription to a lawyers it was PeerJs( it's like using webrtc but in the shitty way possible) it's need to communicated with the php via a token for payment via stripe the first time i lead my eyes to this unholy code i noticed that that same code that they use for a different website this time instead of laywers it's doctors, everything was a mess to port, for a explicable reason there were duplication of sources files everywhere like htt_old , htt_ ... this mess were all in use. the node server that run PeerJS was not generation a individual token for every connection but just a dummy token. they payment system was crash website every time somebody wanted to pay via RIB i swear i never see something so awful. and there was that time when i was working in as a IT manager for a online bookstore the website was running a outdated version of magento, the website design was awful but no change can be made because the wife of CEO like the design and don't want to change it. never ever.
Every time I see a website require a script from another domain like w3schools.com or fontawesome.com I want to strangle the designer.
(126.30 KB 836x1183 accessibility guidelines.png)
(33.75 KB 226x141 autism rates.jpg)
>>4379 >not wanting to solve a jigsaw puzzle to locate information means you have autism
>>4380 Yes; and exactly is that a bad thing libshit?
>>4381 It's a bad thing because it implies people who give a shit about logical and coherent web page navigation are all a small minority of the population and can be safely ignored while you flaunt your hideous web page as an art project.
>>4283 JS itself. I don't know what the fuck the point of JS was at the beginning, why was it even invented. Only good use I can think of is shit like live text chat, but that came much later than turning static pages into bloated dynamic ones. Although JS is still better than Flash, at least JS can be easily bypassed by scrapers. And loading data dynamically from a separate JSON source made scraping easier than parsing broken and convoluted HTML, even if it completely fucked up using browser without JS. It's really ironic that all these dynamic flashy pages only made visual browsing worse and made text scraping somewhat easier when you'd assume it's the opposite.


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