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cwtch.im Comrade 06/12/2020 (Fri) 20:24:47 No. 2756
https://git.openprivacy.ca/cwtch.im Has anyone heard of cwtch.im ? it's made by the same people who made ricochet (which is now deprecated). it's still in the early stages but it looks like some sort of multicast version of ricochet. Possible replacement for IRC in the future? whitepaper pdf attached. Reading through it but its using some cryptography terms im not familiar with. written in go
Does IRC need a replacement?
>>2763 kindof, considering most irc servers are monitored/infiltrated by the glow in the darks (thats how they got anonymous/lulzsec)
>>2773 How is cwtch.im supposed to deal with snitches?
>>2774 they done got sabu because he forgot to use tor once when connecting to IRC. that implies that they compromised IRC and have a list of the IPs connecting to it.
>>2763 I mean, does it need a replacement? Yes. Will it get a replacement? no. Nothing really holds a spade the the ease of use that irc has. But, it is really really insecure. A default server will blast your IP address in the open.
>>2776 tbh it looks like riot.im is the replacement for IRC. even mozilla is ditching irc for riot
>>2938 Riot is just a client for the matrix protocol though.
>>2941 Well that's probably what anon means then. Matrix/Riot is already in the GNU/Linux position it seems in regards to people calling it by the name of the interface rather than the underlying system.
>>2943 if we're thinking about it this way, Riot is more like GNU than it is like Linux. GNU is what the user actually interacts while Linux does all the mediating with the hardware so that shit actually gets done. So it's more like Riot/Matrix.
>>2947 It's more like Riot/Electron (or Riot/Firefox). Matrix could be POSIX. Or you could say, Riot is not Matrix. But it doesn't matter, they are changing their name: https://blog.riot.im/the-world-is-changing/
>>2948 nice


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