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Wifi Fun Comrade 05/31/2020 (Sun) 21:24:08 No. 1951
Does anyone have success with making wifi misbehave? An idea I just had was to rapidly switch the SSID of an AP, making sure to broadcast the change, and somehow flood a users wifi ap list with your own messages. Looking into it I realized that I use hostapd and the command to rebuild the configuration and restart the service runs quite slow on my system. Is there a programmatic approach? An embedded computer powered by a battery behind a dumpster somewhere public could be like a hidden billboard. <Post ITT if you have ever: > used aircrack to hack a neighbour's WEP access point > If your router runs linux > If your modem and router are two separate devices > If you like networking in general
You want to fuck with other wifi networks (that you're not connected to) with the help of your own router? If you cycle your SSID through a list of already existing SSIDs in the proximity then you might catch some device mistaking you for a bridged AP. They won't be able to connect to your own network, but if your script stops at an SSID that some device tried to connect to, then that device will potentially keep trying to connect to your AP, so you're essentially blocking that device from accessing the Internet. But some kind of flooding is probably the best bet for a wider attack, although I don't think that's possible via SSID switching because devices aren't scanning for APs constantly. Maybe flooding an AP itself with authentication requests could work on some routers, you could potentially fill the router's whole memory and slow down the whole network to a crawl. Search openwrt and dd-wrt forums for what wifi admins struggle with, then deliberately create such conditions.
if theyre still using WEP then they are fucking stupid, WEP has been outdated and crackable for YEARS


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