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(16.55 KB 320x289 cringe.jpg)
Comrade 05/14/2020 (Thu) 16:00:02 No. 1741
Is ubuntu just cringe? Is there any reason to use it instead of pop!os or mint
(1.70 MB awful-post.webm)
> muuuuuh cringe
>>1741 Anything with Gnome is cringe.
(66.82 KB 1465x1007 linuxvsnormalos.png)
Is Linux just cringe? Is there any reason to use it instead of Mac OS X ?
(46.27 KB 1272x1152 2353964923432.png)
>That pic As if Debian would be in a high-rise. It's entirely run by volunteers, unlike RedHat and Ubuntu which are private businesses... >That post No, no -- def keep using Mac, people think you are really cool using the best software there is...
(59.45 KB 576x382 freetard car.jpg)
>>1753 Linux is Mac OS X for poorfags who are too dumb to pirate windows. You can't change my mind.
>>1754 >Linux is Mac OS X for poorfags who are too dumb to pirate windows. nice bait, fed. I've pirated windows my whole life and yet I choose to use Linux. Why? Because I don't have to delete/turn off spyware and bloat every time a new update comes along. Plus, windows 10 takes like 25gb of precious hard drive space while something like Debian would take less than a quarter of that. Mac OS X is okay if you want stability, but Hackintoshes have their own problems that make them unusable. So keep using your fedtop, faggot.
>>1741 Just use debian or mint. They work just fine and they're as easy to use as ubuntu. But if you choose to use ubuntu, that's okay to. Anything's better than windows.
(190.81 KB 1080x1020 freetardsoy176.jpg)
(142.34 KB 785x1000 freetard soy 213.jpeg)
(76.60 KB 600x536 lmao.jpg)
>>1767 Lmao, imagine being a weak soyboy who genuinely thinks useful features are "bloat"
>>1782 Useful features like Candy Crush, a shitty Sports app, Twitter, telemetry, Microsoft Store (which requires an outlook account to use), Microsoft News, Farmville 2, Fitbit Coach, Groove Music, the default Photos app (which run like shit), Paint 3D, MSN Weather, Microsoft Tips, etc. Kys, fed.
(86.40 KB 246x200 200 (1).gif)
>>1786 What about Win7 tho? I'm hesitating to get Linux on my 6yo laptop bc it's getting laggy, I only need to run DAWs and WoW.
>>2718 Windows 7 is fine enough. Just check installgentoo's guide to make it more secure and private. Otherwise, it's okay for your purposes.
(43.67 KB 510x657 based pepe.jpg)
>>2718 >>2719 Have fun with your unsupported OS pleb.
>>1749 >Is Linux just cringe? Yes. >Is there any reason to use it instead of Mac OS X ? Also yes.
>>1741 Ubuntu/Canonical is Windows/Microsoft of Linux. It's guided by corporate interests and contains malware in various forms. I'd recommend Linux Mint as an unfucked version of Ubuntu. They deliberately remove all cancer from Ubuntu, while maintaining the user-friendliness (IMO often improving on it).
>>2729 second this I've been using Mint for nearly a decade and it's nice
>>2729 cinnamon still fucking sucks
>>2739 1) you don't have to use cinnamon 2) nuh uh
>>2739 MATE sucks too. They're both garbage compared to Xfce.
>>2739 It's no KDE but it's alright imo, just some bugs here and there and few extensions. Cinnamon's file explorer is irredeemable garbage though.
>>2746 XFCE is several times more bloated than mate you faggot ricer pleb
>>1782 useful features like having two different apps for system settings?
>>2760 But that's wrong, you ignorant faggot. They both have a similar memory footprint while Xfce manages to have a ton more features and customizability than MATE. That's called an objectively superior piece of software. MATE really has no reason to exist now that Xfce has come so far, it's been a pointless and obsolete desktop environment since its start.


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