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Pirating games on Linux Comrade 05/12/2020 (Tue) 14:46:18 No. 1703
How hard would it be to pirate games on Linux? There are lots of cracked versions of games for Windows.
You don't have to pirate SuperTuxKart, it's gratis.
>>1703 On some distros, somewhat harder, and on some straight up impossible. Not only getting a copy of the game is way harder, since all popular websites only post the windows version, but you also have to manually determine game's dependencies. It was called ldd I think, it showed .so files the game binary depends on, and then you have to find out which package on your distro provided these files and install it. On arch, I remember I had to install about 10 different dependencies to run FTL. If you're using a non-glibc distro(no popular distro does that btw), you won't be able to pirate games since they're like always targeted for glibc.
>>1703 You can pirate windows versions of games and use wine to emulate them. This is easier if you use Lutris as well and just add the games through it, as it lets you configure all manner of wine settings with a gui. Additionally you should always check if there are cracked versions of games with actual linux releases. For instance Paradox games like eu4 and hoi4 I've both pirated in their native linux versions. And even though way less people use linux, linux users are typically techheads and FRREEdom advocates, so anything with native linux support tends to get cracked and uploaded.
(136.25 KB 371x550 vomir.gif)
is it possible to install windows repacks through wine? i tried total war warhammer 2 through fitgirl and it either crashed my pc or got stuck at 27% if i used the 2GB ram limiter running solus atm but also tried on manjaro with the same effect
>>1743 Install windows
An option would be to install windows on a virtual machine and don't connect it to the internet, for the games you can't play on wine, although it's still Windows.
>>1746 no.
>>1747 Amazing shit, dude. Thanks.
Lots of Linux games on rutracker, new games appear regularly: https://rutracker.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=1992 Almost all of them just werk, but some require you to hunt down missing dependencies. Run ldd on the executables to find what libraries you're missing. Check the descriptions, some of them mention the required hardware. If unclear, check also store.steampowered.com. The stated requirements are not always reliable though, I've managed to get games working that officially require newer hardware. Some useful tricks: - run executables with the "-force-opengl" flag for better performance / working at all. AFAIK this works only for Unity-based games. - if you have old GPU that doesn't support newer OpenGL versions you can sometimes use (for example) MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.3COMPAT environment variable to get them working - LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 env variable will use software rather than hardware rendering. Sometimes makes a huge difference, but your CPU will quickly overheat. - lots of games leave logs somewhere. In my experience if the game doesn't work it's because the GPU is too old. For Unity games look at ~/.config/unity3d/
>>1855 BTW, some great games that work even on my 10-year old computer (OpenGL 2.1): - Mark of the Ninja - Celeste - Invisible Inc. - Darkest Dungeon - Eldritch - Gunpoint - Tis-100 - The Dark Mod (open-source Thief clone with fan-made missions: https://www.thedarkmod.com/main/)
>>1856 Skullgirls should work fine as well (even on linux)
>>1856 Where can I download the actual installer for that game instead of some shitty web stub?
>>1874 Which game you're talking about? Rutracker has either installers or compressed archives (.tar.xz) that you just extract. I can post torrent links if you just tell me the name of the game. As for The Dark Mod, you need to download their installer which will download the latest version of the game. https://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/ The installer will download just a few demo missions. Further missions have to be downloaded individually, either within the game or here: https://www.thedarkmod.com/missions/
>>1881 Thanks, I meant the Dark Mod. At least the downloaded game is portable.


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