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Comrade 04/13/2020 (Mon) 19:31:41 No. 1059
Give me one reason that pos editor emacs is better than this bad boy right here? you can't
(44.41 KB 700x483 ao2wD6n_700b.jpg)
>>1147 I could tell from your Eglin Air Base IP. suck cocks in hell, glowfaggot.
(59.45 KB 576x382 freetard car.jpg)
>>1148 >YOU'RE LITERALLY CIA ok schizo
>>1149 Literally a glow faggot shilling for tesla on bunkerchan of all places. Is this ban worthy?
>>1151 it should be, but this bait is weak and so there's little harm or displeasure in dicking with this moron.
(38.64 KB 1200x816 csoy.png)
(57.20 KB 644x800 freetardsoy157.jpg)
(190.81 KB 1080x1020 freetardsoy176.jpg)
>>1151 >>1152 >being this mad over truth FREETARDS ON SUICIDE WATCH
>>1153 maybe if you continue on calling freetards you will surely win How is he glowing birther than a fucking quasar.
>>1155 how much you wanna bet he thinks that turning off telemetry is too much effort, and being spied on by Bill Gates is based and redpilled?
(28.89 KB 516x424 freetard soy 193.jpg)
(142.34 KB 785x1000 freetard soy 213.jpeg)
>>1154 >>1155 >>1156 >disabling telemetry I'm not a GNU/pedo, I have nothing to hide. Literally only pedos and other criminals worry about that, which one are you?
>>1155 Lmfao, VS runs telemetry?
>>1157 my point proven in the most perfect possible way. go back to whatever shithole website you crawled out of, you microcephalous mongoloid.
>>1160 >shilling proprietary software literally nothing wrong with that lmao. This post was made using proprietary browser on a proprietary OS.
>>1161 I use free and open source, m8. And, yes, there's a lot wrong with shilling out tesla on here and shit that spies on people. You know where you are and you know that most people aren't going to be tolerant of that. You are literally advertising spyware. At least present an actual argument. I am not of the understanding that allowing VS to literally spy on me an sell me to corporations is worth a slight convenience as far as not having to compile; as opposed to actually learning how these things work and getting involved in them and doing the work yourself. Frankly I think that is a better pay off than just being lazy and allowing yourslelf to literally get spied on because you are too lazy too type out gcc x.c -o x
>>1118 >>1120 >>1123 >>1126 >>1138 >>1147 >>1149 >>1153 >>1157 >>1161 >shilling corporate software this hard lmao fedcucks on suicide watch
>>1059 >control+f evil >0 results Vim is a vastly superior grammar and Emacs is the best editor out there. Use emacs with vim key bindings. If you're not a seasoned emacs user, use spacemacs, it is the best config out there by a large margin, super easy to set up. Of course, when it asks you to use Vim bindings, say yes. You can work out of it later. After you get the hang of it, learn some basic org mode stuff too, that shit is pretty cool. I don't know a single thing about latex, yet I produce very nicely formatted documents all the time. If you use emacs with emacs key bindings, start using evil mode. Vim is great and an excellent skill to have for ez pz remote editing. tl;dr use spacemacs, best of both worlds.
>>1158 It's made by Micro$oft, so it would be weird if it wasn't.
>>1167 I have literally never heard of spacemacs in my entire life.
>>1167 I'm a vim partisan myself, but curious and open to change that. can you sell me on emacs with vim keybindings? what would I be gaining from this change?
>>1176 The vim environment is utter shit. Neovim is a step up, but still utter and complete shit. Finding good plugins is nothing more than a bunch of macros, that work shoddily and are single featured at best. Emacs, as you might have heard, is done in a lisp dialect, which is irrelevant to me because I don't give a fuck. What it means though, is that it has a much much much better plugin system. There are so many programs for doing a bunch of shit. Like I was using emacs to take notes on a book I was reading. I had the PDF open on one side (in emacs) and on the other side I had notes that were being linked to the pages. I then exported my notes to a latex generated pdf. I don't know any emacs lisp, or know one bit of latex. I can't even consider myself a "beginner" emacs user, nor a vim user. I'm very much a novice because I don't care so much about this shit. I like haskell, and I like nice fonts. I had a couple of hickups, but it wasn't terribly hard to install hasklig, which is a nice font that makes ligatures, such as `=>` into a nice arrow. Better yet, it only activates with haskell files. Whenever I want to start developing in a new environment, I look up the spacemacs "layers". They are chock full of features, bindings, programs. I don't even know how this shit works, nor do I care. To install a "layer" you simply put whatever the layer name is in a config file, refresh the config, and spacemacs installs a bunch of shit to give you a pretty banging experience in whatever the layer is for. Just check out all the layers that are available, click one you are interested in and skim the features they come with: https://www.spacemacs.org/layers/LAYERS.html Let me clarify, I fucking hate emacs bindings. There are some occasional hickups with vim stuff, but overall it works pretty much the same (there are some convenient differences, like `sorround` check the docs). In summary, spacemacs is THE deving experience. It gives you a pretty great environment from the get-go, that you can then modify to your liking. It has a shit ton of already made "layers" that you can use and modify to your liking. The plugin system actually works, if that's your thing. Any new emacs user that is hellbent on using emacs bindings should still choose spacemacs. Any new vim user should hands down use spacemacs with evil mode.
>>1185 > is done in a lisp dialect, which is irrelevant to me because I don't give a fuck. You are missing out.
>>1185 Fucking Vim cowards. I want to see you trying out spacemacs a week from now.
(17.72 KB 251x300 vi_poster4-251x300.jpg)
Wow, this thead is like visiting /g/ all over again. Either way, vi is ok, vim is useless to invest time into. If you want to know how to edit files, anywhere (including over a bad network connection) quickly, knowing some vi is nice. 0 configuration, and it takes a day max to get used to the modal workflow. But if you start extending, consider Emacs. It's built from the start with the idea that users should be able to understand what is going on, and change it if they want to. But it's not necessary.
I prefer Emacs over Vim because it's basically an infinitely extensible playground. You can modify the behavior of the editor itself by evaluating a Emacs Lisp s-expression inside of it, while it's running, it's pretty crazy. There is no other editor with such a sheer amount of functionalities. Richard Stallman is a genius. Vi(m) is definitely worthwhile to learn too. Personally, I know enough of the basics to quickly edit a file, but I can't get into the modal mindset. I prefer keyboard chord sequences to edit text on the fly, it's faster for me. Once you have memorized the key sequences, it's very pleasant. Both are good to learn, both will still be relevant for a long ass time, just like C/Unix and Lisp will. They are well-designed boomer editors who stood the test of time.
I use geany
>>1078 >VSCode Just popped in to say, I'm calling it now, you're the idiot hotpocket in the /leftypol/ thread that keeps trying to make it about muh free software vegan lifestylism strawman rather than discussing the substantive points. Have a nice day. he does it for free
(43.67 KB 510x657 based pepe.jpg)
(38.64 KB 1200x816 csoy.png)
(49.96 KB 768x433 freetardsmad.jpg)
>>1415 fuck vegans fuck linux fuck free software fuck open source fuck gahnoo and most importantly... fuck jannies that's all
If you want to spam soyjaks, fuck off to /g/. Moreover, arguing against free software is anti-communist and against imageboard e
>>1416 Oh, how nice to see, it's the incelanon
>>1416 Imagine being that butthurt because you can't install GNU/Linux and because you can't program in C.
>>1435 >install GNU/Linux I'm not shitting up my gaming computer, thank you. Tbh I even if it was worse I still wouldn't shit it up with gahnoo/leenecks. >can't program in C only crngelords and trannies code in C. Ganhoonigs can't change my mind.
>>1416 You sound ever so slightly miffed. Also, your beloved ubermensch leader was a vegetarian and a failed liberal arts student.
(59.45 KB 576x382 freetard car.jpg)
>>1437 He is automatically based for making proprietary software, thus causing massive butthurt in gahnootards, which lasts till this day. It's impossible to be more based, you can't change my mind.
>>1438 >America is "based" because it has capitalism, which BTFOs muh communists who just can't STAND having to suffer injustices Kys, fag. Proprietary software is the product of predatory capitalism. Your "arguments" (if they can even be considered arguments) are bourgeois in that they promote sheer luxury over freedom. Not only that, they are shallow and weak in that you have no hands-on experience with any FOSS software or OSes (as you have so diligently detailed before). All in all, when you kiss your anime body pillow good night, think about how your life could've been if you weren't such a fucking disappointment
>>1437 what anime is this
>>1436 Why don't you go back to https://boards.4channel.org/g/ ? There are the """chads""" who love sucking corporate cock on daily basis.
>>1443 Coco
>>1452 Very cute picture.
This thread just demonstrates the undialectical thinking, and theoryletism of /tech/bros. VIM PLUS EMACS Spacemacs The contradiction was overcome. Welcome to the 21st fucking century.
(76.15 KB 1080x1331 mschad.jpg)
>>1442 >>1445 Oh yes, I do support predatory capitalism, how could you tell?
Pls stop replying to the local retard guys. Vim gang, it's the easiest way to just open and edit files I don't see any real reason to change it out for emacs
(76.60 KB 600x536 lmao.jpg)
>>1467 >he unironically uses open source software
>>1468 Bunkerchan uses lynxchan, which is open-source. Are you frightened yet?
(66.82 KB 1465x1007 linuxvsnormalos.png)
>>1470 I'm not using lynxchan, jannies are you fucking retard
I use micro cause it's easier to config and use than vim or emacs.
>>1471 I use arch, it doesn't break when you update lel
There was a period when i was learning vim, then i switched to geany and then emacs. Vim isn't good for editing latex, since i am not native english i must frequently switch languages and that made editing in vim a pain, geany is good, but i think if i learn emacs i can do more within less time.
>>1484 Why don't you think vim is good for editing latex? that's what I primarily use it for as a math fag,
>>1485 I can't use the shortcuts (ie. i, u etc) if my keyboard isn't in english and i can't save fast because i have to write in my native language on latex, switching the language every time to save the document is a pain(when i want to save i have to press escape and :w, so it has to be on english keyboard).
>>1486 You could remap shortcuts to translate them to your keyboard layout. Maybe there exists a vim plugin that automates this for you.
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