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Getting my comrades to use some security in meetings and chat Comrade 05/08/2020 (Fri) 22:51:30 No. 1660 [Reply] [Last]
I am from a Communist Organization in the European Union and we need a secure chat software or site to communicate, this is because we are afraid of leaks or important information about comrades or organization plans getting out. What do you guys think a good and easy software to use? That everyone can easily learn ?
Matrix protocol - the new Riot IM client for "Desktop" (or laptop) has really good security. The update hasn't arrived for all mobile platfomrs yet, but it's estimated to be done by the end of this month. Have your logins stored safe, green flags next to user-profiles symbolize 'safe', never take part in unecrypted rooms or chats (it's now on by default). That's all the security opsec that's needed.
>>1661 >encryption's* now on by default
>>1661 Okay i am going to learn about that and hopefully use it in practice, do you know an email service that has the same type security ? thanks
(70.98 KB 533x900 sad black dude.jpg)
>nobody checks the damn catalog for my thread >>615 every time they clone one of these threads It's okay, it's not like I wanted to have an engaging discussion about this or anything.
>>1668 i am sorry my guy gonna read it

(39.06 KB 640x360 Fuck All Niggers.jpg)
Cyberwarfare Comrade 04/19/2020 (Sun) 13:48:34 No. 1251 [Reply] [Last]
How do I DDoS a website? Not a fed.
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(212.76 KB 750x1101 A_Lapis-Lazuli_Blue_Dream_10.jpg)
Lesbian Office Intern Cunnilingus
>>1251 get a group of people with fast internet, make them all use LOIC on your target and done
Post on weibo that there is free Sora Aoi AV downloads on the webstite. The Chinese human wave will overwhelm puny western intertube.
(3.10 MB 1230x1593 test.png)
spoiler thumbnail test

(260.95 KB 2000x1125 hwhoah.jpeg)
Encryption Comrade 04/29/2020 (Wed) 15:29:45 No. 1500 [Reply] [Last]
Got a new coreboot computer and I've been stumbling down the rabbit hole of encryption lately. This subject is way bigger and deeper than I expected it to be. File encryption, partition encryption, full-disk encryption, loop-AES, LUKS, VeraCrypt, hidden volumes, Blowfish vs Twofish, and on and on and on. It's all so confusing. What does anon think are some of the best practices for encryption?
>>1500 If you want full-disk encryption, do LVM on LUKS. It's the setup that is used when you choose "LVM with disk encryption" in the installer. If your distro doesn't have an installer, arch wiki has instructions for manually setting up LVM on LUKS. Don't even bother with anything else, unless you want only some partitions encrypted.
>>1502 >full-disk encryption I really hate the deceptive abuse of this phrase I see in most places. It's not full-disk encryption if you have to keep around an unencrypted EFI partition for your bootloader to reside on before you can decrypt and load everything else, which is what most distros have to do in order to encrypt all the other partitions. From what I understand, the only way to pull off full-disk encryption without hardware encryption (which is itself full of security problems, stick to software) is with coreboot/libreboot and a 1st-stage bootloader like SeaBIOS or GRUB as payload in order to decrypt the main bootloader and chain load everything else.

(183.20 KB 1200x900 1200px-HTC_Dream_Orange_FR.jpeg)
Smartphones Comrade 03/13/2020 (Fri) 01:36:02 No. 477 [Reply] [Last]
Yes, smartphones are cool gadgets: You can read theory, browse /leftypol/ and listen to music on the go! Let's talk about these awesome devices in this thread! What models are you using?
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Apparently Google and Apple are both rolling out unavoidable, new, even-more intrusive tracking measures onto their OSs for 'Coronavirus security.' Exploiting the real crisis for even more control. Video from this guy on it: https://youtu.be/WRalTWAFBY4 He seems to be a sort of Pirate-Party old Anon-knee-moose kind of guy, so not terrible as long as he stays in the scope of tech.
I have a Samsung s9+ with a cracked screen I got from my consoomer days, not sure if I should keep it or get a more comrade friendly phone. Thoughts?
If you insist on using a regular phone, Use an Android, and if you use Android use Lineage OS -- it's Android minus google spyware, though you can choose to install GApps if you're that cucked by capitalism-- it can be tricky but also rewarding, also makes a good resource to buy a cheap used phone. There are also some mainline Linux Variants that can be run on certain select phones -- see PostmarketOS and MaemoLeste You can also find a phone that already runs an open source OS There is the high End Librem 5, And the (soon to come) Pinephone https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/
>>1537 cute
>>1553 replacing a phone less than two years old??? are you mental??? just fix your screen, have it done by a "specialist" if you can't do it yourself, and it'll be good for another two-three years at the very least

(3.36 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20200504_162028.jpg)
Patents and copyright Comrade 05/04/2020 (Mon) 14:24:32 No. 1570 [Reply] [Last]
Should they be abolished? If so, how it would affect technology/development.
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>>1606 probably both, depending on how you see it way less constant bullshit being pumped out as schemes to get rich/make more profits, so in a sense slowing down, but also could lead to a boom in hacking/hobbyist shit along with more competition driving profits down further.
>>1608 So instead of a general effect on techology progression, it will rather shifts balance of industry as a whole?
>>1610 We're talking Fully Automated Luxury GNU here. Think of all that talent being wasted to "update" daily software for either the purposes of keeping people buying pointless changes they don't need or integrating as much spying software as possible in order to commodify the user. Now imagine if it was put to use truly innovating computation.
This is a topic dear to me, as a mathematician I think it should all be done away with. Please tell me why, in a post scarcity world, (which we are aiming for as we are communists) would we have patents? Why would some arbitrary collection of thoughts 'belong' to one person? This is no different to a kulak hoarding grain, someone hoarding the means of which to accelerate/advance society. It is pretty much literally impossible to do this in mathematics, it is a field pioneered by love. The only reason we have any of the devices which are deserving of patents is because they came from tinkering nerds, just imagine what world we'd have today (in regards to computing) if there were no closed source code? The only reason these devices exist because mathematicians sat down one day and wondering how they could do maths faster. In another dimension, the concept of art being 'owned' is also fairly ridiculous, comparing it to software it takes time to create, but can be (essentially) infinitely redistributed now through jpgs and mp3s, to infinitesimal cost. At the end of the day why would you advocate for people's passions to be motivated by profit, rather than the love of the craft, the desire to create? The only reason it is an issue in our current time is because of the fact that if you steal some unknown persons good work, and turn a profit on it by switching it up a tiny bit, you can then create masses of profit for yourself, and this sits their accruing royalties while 99% of creators get nothing, again no different from a landlord.
>>1612 This. But I will go back to >>1571 . We need world aboshlishment of those laws because if abolished in one country like in USSR, it will create pressure of profit oriented foreign capital wich doesnt play by your rules.

(21.23 KB 474x474 foldathome.jpeg)
[email protected] and other Distributed Computing projects Comrade 05/06/2020 (Wed) 06:40:28 No. 1609 [Reply] [Last]
What are your thoughts about these programs/projects? [email protected], [email protected], BOINC, etc. Also general thread for discussing distributed computing I guess. For anyone who doesn't even know what this is, The concept is essentially downloading a program that communicates with a server to do computing tasks for a larger network, Essentially becoming a part of a supercomputer, only split up among many computers in many locations instead of in a central location. Intereste in distributed computing for biomedical research has spiked recently with the COVID-19 pandemic. Both [email protected] and [email protected] have projects dedicated to simulating the viral proteins in order to better understand them. [email protected] reportedly has surpassed the exaflop barrier, with the total system having more computing power than many of the top supercomputers combined. I have some specific thoughts and questions to start out with. My thoughts on this is that it is a great idea, and have several computers running the software. I don't like to politicize everything, but it seems like a natural extension of a leftist philosophy to contribute to a larger collective computer that is capable of performing research that could benefit all of humanity. But I have heard a more cynical opinion here and there, that it is effectively giving away your own computing power to a organization who you shouldn't necessarily trust. That private companies could use the data to create drugs or treatments of t heir own and never acknowledge the effort put in by volunteer's computers that provided the research they needed, even if the data is public. I don't agree with this opinion and it seems to be a minority one anywhere the topic is brought up, but if there is any place to be critical of tech from a lefty perspective, it is here. I think this line of thought is more a criticism of how science is used, than the science or technology itself. So what do you think. Good use of collective computing power to perform research, or a porky scam to get us to give up our machine's computing power to crunch numbers for them for free?
[email protected] and [email protected] are proprietary software so those are bad examples. Furthermore whatever findings these software find are given to US corporations and private businesses to make a profit. Who benefits from these profits? Not me or you (unless you own shares in these companies or are a CEO). So I am opposed to it and would rather see a GPL'd [email protected] or something.

(19.48 KB 493x620 RPi-Logo-Reg-SCREEN.png)
ARM Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 22:18:36 No. 312 [Reply] [Last]
I am looking to purchase an ARM processor. My instinct I to just cave and go with a raspberry-pi, but, I have heard there are plenty of, better, alternatives to the raspberry. Can anyone point me in a good direction of arm related processors and the like? Would be helpful as I, basically, don't really know where to start. Pi's are cool but I don't have to choose one of those. Anything really. As long as it ia secure and runs smoothly.
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>>340 Remember to show us the end result :)
>>341 And maybe some of the construction I wouldn't mind making one myself
As a side note, this shit: https://github.com/joeycastillo/The-Open-Book looks insanely based. Gonna stick with the simplicity of running linux for now but I'll definitely keep an eye on this. >>341 If I ever manage to pull it off it will be my pleasure to share!
>>343 Holy shit that based.
>>343 That's a good example of how hardware might be developed under socialism. It may have more funding and be iterated quicker or it could be a niche thing built in the spare time of engineers but the open process makes a lot of sense in practice and makes projects fun.

Imageboards and cataolgs Comrade 04/29/2020 (Wed) 11:31:27 No. 1491 [Reply] [Last]
Why the hell don't all imageboards just make the catalog page the only page when you open it. Why do they have the "non-catalog" view as the default view. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Because catalogues are fucking gay and don't allow a great enough preview for the thread in question. They're convenient for being every thread, as they were intended to be originally, not lurking the board.
You can fix this by adding this under the JS tab in settings - switch(window.location.href) { case "https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/": location.replace("https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/catalog.html"); break; case "https://bunkerchan.xyz/hobby/": location.replace("https://bunkerchan.xyz/hobby/catalog.html"); break; case "https://bunkerchan.xyz/tech/": location.replace("https://bunkerchan.xyz/tech/catalog.html"); break; case "https://bunkerchan.xyz/edu/": location.replace("https://bunkerchan.xyz/edu/catalog.html"); break; case "https://bunkerchan.xyz/GET/":

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>1520 I hate JS
this engine maniwani (or the frontend at least ) that runs /futatsu.org uses the catalog as the default board view https://github.com/DangerOnTheRanger/maniwani

Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 03:25:51 No. 560 [Reply] [Last]
I've just recently started to learn how to code, can google my way through basic shit in python, javascript, java How can I contribute to the world while locked up?
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>>566 thanks for the actually helpful response!! I'll look into all of that.
>can google my way through basic shit in python, *can search the web through basic shit in python Please avoid using G*gle to refer to web searching
(147.31 KB 1280x720 hold_sicp.jpg)
Read SICP!!
>>560 If you want to contribute then you'll have to learn how to read code as well as write it.
>>566 ok coomer

(17.57 KB 400x400 sPN7F0Dd_400x400.jpg)
/scratch/ Comrade 04/14/2020 (Tue) 06:54:23 No. 1106 [Reply] [Last]
What is the best way to program and why is it scratch?
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>>1109 Learn something new everyday.
It is absolutely scratch. Here is my scratch account: https://scratch.mit.edu/users/rory1301/
>>1132 I don't know if you're memeing but this is peak 2005's internet comedy: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/1886700/
on a side note, with computers being so capable these days, why don't we have visualizations for all scripting languages.
>>1551 Sorry sweaty, big boys don't bloat their code with cringe visualizations


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