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(20.03 KB 720x673 FB_IMG_1558618234148.jpg)
Comrade 03/09/2020 (Mon) 12:16:13 No. 427 [Reply] [Last]
Hey so I installed mint on a laptop I got from Walmart after my old one exploded. (literally, buss error) So when I was installing I decided to wipe everything off the laptop in favor of an encrypted partition, well, after I rebooted I noticed something: I still have a working windows partition located on /Dev/sdb1 && yes, that is the actual file name it's located on. So what gives? Why the fuck do I still have a version of Windows installed and can I get the d of it with out breaking my computer?? Help /tech/
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>>450 man dd
>>450 just find and back up your configs if you dont want them lost. Or for some stuff like browser configs i just make a list of extentions, settings, etc. i want to keep
dont install mint lul
>>444 if you have another drive available, rsync -avxHAX /dir1 /dir2
>>443 actually, ignore him and just turn the ssd into a bcache cache drive. that way you won't have to move anything https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Bcache

(49.66 KB 1024x1024 324r234rf3.png)
Buttcoin Comrade 01/28/2020 (Tue) 00:15:14 No. 275 [Reply] [Last]
I know, you're asking yourself already, how the fuck are crypto's compatible with a leftwing communist image-board? Well, first of all, fuck you, we live under capitalism and as such must exchange and purchase under the current mode of production we find ourselves under. Second, I would like some one to help me understand, exactly, how to set up a bitcoin, monero, what have you; wallet. I tried to set this up on my laptop but syncing with the bitcoin network is a huge MASSIVE bitch and took me months and I never got fully synced. Also, it takes a shitload of resources to work properly on my computer. I can barley do anything else. So, my question is: What is the best way to get into bitcoin and use bitcoin and other cysto's like a boss? Am I doing something wrong? What are the best specs for btc and the like? As always, any help would be appreciated. Thank you /tech/!
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>>277 the edge
Really curious to see if the halving is actually going to lead to another peak like we've seen in the last years. >>275 Just set up a wallet over a trusted third party service, like Coinbase. Store your money on a hardware wallet and use said services for transactions only, not for the storage itself.
Might I mention Venezuelan petro coin
the reaction on /biz/ is hilarious
>>457 OP here. Some times it pays off to be poor.

(5.75 KB 256x256 t56756756.jpeg)
Let's talk VPNs Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 15:36:01 No. 119 [Reply] [Last]
I was using riseup.net as a VPN, but, now cloudflair (The upstream provider for the site) is blocking it. Furthermore, it's come to my attention that riseup boofed their canary after the FBI requested server logs. They are glowin the darks, for real, and confirmed. What VPN would you suggest anon? What VPN, if any, do you use. I was thinking of routing all my traffic over tor, but, currently the site still blocks tor traffic. Help me out guys, I feel naked, thanks.
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>>142 >He falled for the CA meme
>>141 I don't think anybody realistically uses that chart for VPNs. I prefer this page instead: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/
>>119 Bunkerchan isn't safe at all, no tor address, cloudflare shit at maximum security (so you have to fill Google captchas craps). I would bet there isn't even an ssl certificate server side. Just another low effort circlejerk shit hole to hide your autism from normie world. Why don't you go back to reddit to ask about "VPNs", like do you even know what it is or you've just seen some ads on your Facebook account?
>>129 just curious, what's wrong with it?

(503.48 KB 934x1000 daily_programming.png)
Daily Programming Thread Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 18:13:02 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
What are you working on, /roulette/?
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>>398 go back to /g/
>>396 I'm in a similar situation, degree in mathematics but I'm so tired of it, I don't want to fail but I find so little motivation to do any of the work I don't know what went wrong. Might be because you're done with the system, rather than done with programming. I can't wait to stop being forced to learn shit I don't care about at all, at least after work you can go home and forget about it. Currently working on some simulations of instruments, can't share any code cos would dox me, but thinking about rewriting it in C/C++ for speed when I have time this summer, would anyone be interested in that?
OpenCL drivers updated, pull latest source, recompile retune for GPU grumble
>>395 >Loose casing I didn't even know that was a thing. I wish I never knew, it's horrific!
>>428 Watcha making wif OpenCL?

/Gpx/ Comrade 03/04/2020 (Wed) 11:26:32 No. 350 [Reply] [Last]
Well, lads, we made it. Congrats. After the hard won victory of having tech placed back on the top bar I realized something though. We don't have any banners! In lieu of this, I am creating a thread for the creation of banners && Graphics manipulation in general. This thread, obviously, will revolve around general gimp/photoshop skills, memes and, of course, banners, what-have you. Enjoy!
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(58.78 KB 312x97 techcat.png)
>>362 background is a google office on fire
>>370 LOL,YES
>>370 perfection
>>370 Added
(18.50 KB 312x97 gdagdsgagasdgsagsa.jfif)
here's one

(19.48 KB 493x620 RPi-Logo-Reg-SCREEN.png)
ARM Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 22:18:36 No. 312 [Reply] [Last]
I am looking to purchase an ARM processor. My instinct I to just cave and go with a raspberry-pi, but, I have heard there are plenty of, better, alternatives to the raspberry. Can anyone point me in a good direction of arm related processors and the like? Would be helpful as I, basically, don't really know where to start. Pi's are cool but I don't have to choose one of those. Anything really. As long as it ia secure and runs smoothly.
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(119.46 KB 1024x967 serveimage.jpeg)
>>338 I deliberately got a small, cheap e-paper with a slow refresh rate just to feel things out. I managed to get the company's demo running after fixing some of the code, it really gave me a rush! However, the same company also makes larger e-paper displays with <1s refresh rates! They are more expensive though, so I would like to flesh out the concept a bit more before I commit to one. I still need to research the battery, which I assume is not a trivial issue. The hardest thing by far I think is coming up with some kind of enclosure......... Holy shit I have it guys. I literally just thought of this idiotic idea while typing this post but it might just work. I'm going to use an empty cigar box. My father is cuban and an avid consoomer of cuban cigars. I'm sure it will require significant modification but my heart just my be set on it. Pic fucking related.
>>340 Remember to show us the end result :)
>>341 And maybe some of the construction I wouldn't mind making one myself
As a side note, this shit: https://github.com/joeycastillo/The-Open-Book looks insanely based. Gonna stick with the simplicity of running linux for now but I'll definitely keep an eye on this. >>341 If I ever manage to pull it off it will be my pleasure to share!
>>343 Holy shit that based.

(246.32 KB 550x1115 1431983990735.jpg)
Comrade 03/03/2020 (Tue) 05:54:37 No. 333 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/gulag/3941 Our local code monkey has put together a development roadmap and RFC thread for bunkerchan The thread on /gulag/ is full of feature requests, so let's look at the code over here see if we can help Where is the gits for the front end? The backend is vanilla lynxchan IIRC https://directory.fsf.org/wiki/LynxChan but for local dev, changes to the front end are preferred, presumably to try and keep the backend on vanilla

(39.90 KB 600x375 PC-Troubleshooting.png)
Hardware Issues Comrade 02/04/2020 (Tue) 10:43:17 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
More just cause I don't wanna go to some place like r/techsupport ew So anyways I built a computer recently, it works perfectly fine except for one issue: it has difficulty starting up. It takes about 5 minutes after pressing the power button for it to turn on, nothing will speed it up. I found out that the issue with it is that the Motherboard came with a dead CROM battery, I replaced that and voila it starts up fine. And it has been fine for the past week, however the startup issue has returned, and just to be sure I replaced the CROM battery AGAIN but this time it didn't work. I know for a fact that it was just the dead battery that was the issue so why is it persisting?
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>>12 Walk in the door and punch them in the face.
Welp nobody wanted an update but here it is: NEVER FUCKING TRUST MSI. What a shit company holy shit, I've spent 3 weeks trying to pin them down for the warranty but they've shrugged me off each damn time. I'm just going for the damn refund at this point and just order a new one, I'm still gonna be down a good 50 pounds but holy shit I'm not giving MSI another damn penny even if the repair would cost only 5 P.
>>14 Thanks for the update comrade, keep us informed
>>15 Got a new Mobo, boot up is fine now so the Mobo was the issue, funnily enough the new Mobo is also broken in that its dual channelling is broken so I had to put the RAM sticks side by side. Fuck MSI, that's two Mobos that I've gotten broken on arrival, but honestly I'm just happy my PC works now.
>>16 >my PC works now. Congrats

(87.81 KB 979x1020 CrOXtK4.jpg)
Comrade 02/21/2020 (Fri) 12:17:52 No. 145 [Reply] [Last]
They are getting rid of the old youtube. I don't want to use the new mobile flat crap.
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>>151 Can you give soms RSS client recommendations and instructions on how to use it with YouTube and YouTube downloader.
>>145 Try this site, it's a good frontend that can use a different player to download videos in full like old YT rather than streaming it piece-by-piece: https://www.invidio.us
By the way, does anyone know a good way of uploading videos to YT without making a Google account? You can use a dummy email + phone number to make a throaway account, I guess.
>>158 For the last couple months I've been trying to figure out how to make a Google account without a phone number and it's been utterly hopeless. Those fuckers really want you to catalog you in their mass surveillance network.
>>159 It's just to filter spam, they really don't need your number, since they already own your phone.

(1.70 MB 1525x2455 damaged6s.jpg)
Just rolled into the shop Comrade 02/05/2020 (Wed) 22:18:22 No. 249 [Reply] [Last]
The white glass is broken and the screen has moisture, is the whole thing destroyed? Otherwise perfectly functional (!). Client is a friend, apparently this happened before he could replace his damaged case. It's a gift so he can't afford to service it. I feel like the parts for this will either be chinkshit or more expensive than a decent Android with a free, open operating system for once. Any advice would be huge.
(1.01 MB 2583x1544 dmg2.jpg)
It looks like to me you are gonna need a whole new screen ribbon cables and all. Shouldn't be much like you said.


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