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Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 10:12:47 No. 1337 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread. I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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>>1733 Oh and regarding Krita, I'll probably switch to it when they add some more features or once my trial expires, so thanks for the suggestion
>>1734 What's missing from Krita?
>>1736 Krita doesn't have the awesome halftone layer mask that Clip has (which instantly converts a layer to black halftone). More importantly, the text tools are really awkward, way worse than any other program i've used (it's hard to explain). Apart from that it is fantastic.
Is anyone else having problems with cankakucomplex or is it just me? I can only open it on Tor after going to advanced and giving permission to "take the risk" and open the site, however when I click on the images they give me a blank page and only opening the image html separately gives the image itself. Tor tells me my computer clock is set for July 3rd, yet my onscreen calendar is correctly giving me July 2nd so what the fuck is happening? https://chan.sankakucomplex.com/?tags=monster_strike%20neon_genesis_evangelion&page=2
>>1337 rock zircon. if you don't mind in-ears. in general, when I did research some time ago, conseus was not to go for brands If you are no audiophiliac. best headphones I ever had, beating my former Sennheiser easily. other Chinese low budget choices seem to be valid as well. have a question as well. what is your suggestion for an ebook reader? don't fancy kindle

Comrade 04/13/2020 (Mon) 17:48:06 No. 1045 [Reply] [Last]
It is generally understood that programmers don't fancy with worker unions, instead opting for muh individualism. I can't really comprehend it, is the field just filled with Elon Musk worshiping people who think they'll be the next big thing? Why is this? It happens in most countries, not just the USA. Do they not realize they'll get older, too? As a programmer myself, this is really frustrating. The tech workers union in my country is tiny and pointless.
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>>1049 >He says programs should just compile for you. how do you even live? if anything compiling on an IDE is 10x as much a pain in the ass to debug. I will never get this mentality. even if I'm using an IDE I just instance powershell or bash and just type out my compile command instead of letting the IDE do it for me, shifting through path settings and menus to do a simple compile makes me want to bang my head into the desk.
>>1067 North Korea ironically. Red Star OS
The gaming industry is notorious for being awful to its workers, maybe that's the place to start pushing unions?
>>1089 https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port%C3%A1til_Magalh%C3%A3es We had the same thing here in Portugal, but they were called Magalhães
Where I live there is high demand for programmers so the companies are competing with each other to be the best to work for, offering high pay, good work environments etc. If you don't like the place you're working you've probably got ten recruiters in your LinkedIn ready to get you an interview with half the city. Basically they feel secure in their jobs and happy that they'll be able to move to a new one if things go bad. This might point to a lack of foresight, as you said they'll get older too, but as it sits they dont have grievances that they cant solve by quickly moving to a new company so it's hard to unionise when they are either generally very happy or prepared to go somewhere else. And then Game dev is a passion job for a lot of people so they are willing to make sacrifices to work in it. Until they shatter from the overworking.

(88.36 KB 993x634 20200704_130520.jpg)
How does one screenshot a whole Web page? Comrade 07/04/2020 (Sat) 16:58:05 No. 3100 [Reply] [Last]
I have found a real-life glowpost on 4ch... But I ain't got the energy to crop 99 screen shots..
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>>3120 ungoogled-chromium exists, lad
>>3103 >add on firefox has it built in, no need for an add on. Just click the three dots in the url bar (...) then 'take screenshot' and then you can select full web page in the top right corner
>>3128 But it does not work on this site.
>>3129 It works for the first 2/3rds
>>3106 this

(53.05 KB 1200x937 1592054086317.jpg)
I got a chinaphone[Huawei] today and I can't get any Google apps to work Comrade 06/24/2020 (Wed) 21:39:52 No. 2931 [Reply] [Last]
Has anyone figured out a way round it?
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It's not a bug, it's a feature.
I hope HarmonyOS is good. I'd like to drop Android and make some apps for it.
As far as I remember on Android you can't even uninstall spyware like Facebook. You need to literally root the OS just to remove the spyware that keeps running in the background without you knowing. I guess with Huawei it's the other way around and you have to root the OS if you want to install spyware. Why would you do that though?
>>3087 There are developers now making apps that won't work on rooted android. Shit sucks. Next phone I get will be Huawei so I don't have to put up with all this shit.

(56.38 KB 752x500 snitchesgetstiches.jpeg)
Exploit Development 03/23/2020 (Mon) 06:03:19 No. 587 [Reply] [Last]
Are any other anons into exploit development or vulnerability hunting?
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This is a good thread with nice accessible and, amazingly to me at least, relatively simple to follow guides. I'm not a programmer, I just want to automate some of my job/hobbies, but I just love how cosy this place is for noobs like me reading this stuff. Thanks for making this shit comprehensible, I took one class once because I thought about doing Game Dev and I was confused to shit and no one would explain. They just expected you to sink or swim. The thick accents didn't help either.
>>600 >HTS Damn, that takes me back. I think the last I checked they are still running some oldschool phreaking challenges.
(31.37 KB 500x486 owie.jpg)
Where does anon get crackmes to play with? I used to use crackmes.de before it was shut down but none of its mirrors seem to be up anymore. Bonus if it's easy to look for different CPU architectures, I want to try my hands on some ARM.
>>587 Yep, I'm osce/oscp/oswp.... Among other exp I'm not going to mention. Ive found vulns and exploited them at places I've worked.

(13.31 KB 600x600 systemd.png)
(74.21 KB 900x740 xorg.jpg)
(18.17 KB 226x209 Grill.jpg)
systemd? xorg? Comrade 07/02/2020 (Thu) 19:06:07 No. 3056 [Reply] [Last]
I'm no certified Linuggs Eggspert, but I've just continuously heard about systemd and how bad it is over the years from all manner of /g/entoomen, but I still really don't understand it like at all. I essentially "just wanna grill for god's sake" when it comes to using my computer, so I try to stick in the realm of Linux things that just werk. So my question is what's so bad about these things in general I guess? Both for nixlets like myself, as well as for the experts and the whole of Linux? General discussion thread as well for these things.
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>>3064 > doing one thing and doing it well t. system where every utility implements its own idiosyncratic way of handling command line arguments
>>3067 systemd is analogous to a well functioning ML One Party state, and is good
>>3056 >systemd Basically, Linux used to have a bunch of random programs made by random people that did random things that Linux users needed their computers to use. -need to synchronize network time? -need to get an IP address? -need to schedule a program to execute once a week? -need to write system logs somewhere? There are random programs written by random people to do all of that, and they were called by shell scripts that executed them in the original Linux init daemons. What systemd did is, it made a very excellent init daemon that used this trick with sockets that allowed it to start all services at once, making the computer boot really fast. If it had stopped at that, people would have loved it. But instead what it did, is, it started writing replacements for all of these random programs, and bundling them with systemd, and forcing you to use their own homebrewed replacements for all these random programs.

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>>3068 Based

(34.92 KB 1058x63 Untitled.png)
What laptop brand does /tech/ suggest? First time posting 07/03/2020 (Fri) 16:10:48 No. 3078 [Reply] [Last]
I'm honestly up for any brand, I live in Hong Kong (no I don't support the neolibs that is currently getting ) so I could get some mainland brands as well.
>>3078 I have a Lenovo T450s and its great, Thinkpads have been getting less good as time goes on though Really depends on how much you want to pay and what you want to run, I'm pretty much stuck on Thinkpads because I hate using trackpads and need the trackpoint but I've looked at Huawei and Xiaomi and some of the higher end Huawei devices are really nice with excellent 3:2 screens and good Linux support If you're planning to run Linux and spend a fair bit of money on a quality machine System76 do Linux dedicated laptops that are supposed to be pretty good and they come with Coreboot
>>3079 > If you're planning to run Linux and spend a fair bit of money on a quality machine System76 do Linux dedicated laptops that are supposed to be pretty good and they come with Coreboot The Serval WS looks sick. It's basically just a portable desktop.
You have to tell us what you want out of a laptop. Does it have to be powerful, durable, affordable, large, portable, etc... Laptops are pretty shit these days though, because they are produced more as a fashion accessory than as a tool that needs to be handy and ergonomic.
My intent is to have mostly desk work so a good monitor and RAM is nice. I don't plant to game on it so a dedicated GPU isn't my concern. Budget is <550USD
>>3104 T, W, E or P series thinkpad Check out /tpg/ on 4chan for specifics, T440p is current reigning thiccboi, socketed upgradeable processor, cheap for the machine you get, good expansion options T470 should also be doable with your budget but that generally has a 2c/4t ultrabook processor which is fine irl but isn't as nice as a proper quad core If you don't want a thinkpad a new line of Ryzen mobile processors just came out that are meant to be very good, you could probably get an entry level machine with 4th gen ryzen for that kind of budget, or pick up a higher spec machine 2nd hand

(17.71 KB 97x93 I3_window_manager_logo.png)
Tiling windows managers Comrade 04/10/2020 (Fri) 21:01:32 No. 902 [Reply] [Last]
I am having a discussion with my buddy right now about the pros and cons of tiling windows mangers; Why are they superior? Personally with my time spent using i3 I find it incredibly convenient to have all my windows placed and perfectly sized in a way that maximizes my screen real-estate. He says that he can already do that with a normal GUI interface. He also said the keybindings can be confusing, which, ok, I can understand that, but, practice makes perfect in my opinion. What says you /tech/? Are we Tiling master race here at bunkerchan or not?
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(83.13 KB 910x1170 1588787739077.png)
the less you have to click and drag shit, the faster you are. rule of thumb for computing.
>>2953 Some tests showed that l33t keyboard users are on average not faster than n00bs who use a mouse. Instead they perceive the speed-up because it is their mind that does more stuff in the same amount of time, since for every action they have to recall exactly which keys to press - whereas a mouse user barely has to think and instead spends the same amount of time just moving the mouse. The benefit of using the keyboard is more in reducing physical movement instead of being faster. But that depends on what you're trying to do. Some things are just way easier with a mouse, even if they take a few milliseconds more.
its been almost 2 months since i switched from kubuntu to arch+i3. I couldn't be happier. it took a couple of days to configure, then maybe a week to get used to it. Now, using a floating desktop paradigm seems extremely inefficient to me. don't get me wrong, i don't feel superior because i use a tiling wm, but after i got used to it, it just feels weird having to always reposition windows with the mouse and minimizing/maximizing them. They do look good, which i do like, but i use it because it's efficient, at least for me. When i tried it, i instantly fell in love with it. the manjaro i3 iso is a good way to get started
Using a floating window manager after a few months of using a tiling window manager is very frustrating. Tiling window managers with good keybinding and window placement are so much supperior but it is hard to explain why. Everyinth just "flows" better, especially with multiple monitors or high resolution display. I personally don't like i3wm much but it is pretty good if you're using the python autotiling script. If i only had one monitor i'd use awesomewm but with multiple monitors i prefer spectrwm, xmonad, and qtile.
I use dwm on Manjaro after switching from i3. I like the suckless philosophy and the way dwm arranges its tiles.

(6.32 KB 109x100 searx.png)
Searx Comrade 07/03/2020 (Fri) 11:53:59 No. 3073 [Reply] [Last]
I know that if I run my own instance of searx is the most private way to search things up. But what about public instances of searx like search.snopyta.org, are they any safer than just using pure duckduckgo? Because I am still trusting a 3 party with my data, the only other advantage that I see using a public instance of searx is that is completely open source. Are there any other positives?
>>3073 It's probably gonna be more useful that duckduckgo since duckduckgo's search results have become practically useless. I've been forced to use google for most shit because of how bad duckduckgo has become.
>>3074 Have you tried Startpage? I personally don't like their results but maybe it is just me, at least it is better than using google
>>3076 I have, but as it was bought out by an advertising company I stopped using it.
>>3073 I would never use my own "private" instance precisely because of privacy reasons. If all search requests from an instance are by you then you haven't really changed anything. Whereas if you use a public instance you're hidden in the crowd from the perspective of the search engines that the instance relies on. You should use it via Tor of course, like everything else that you want to keep anonymous. For similar reasons avoid using only one instance "provider" (like snopyta) for everything (invidious, nitter, bibliogram...), because that means snopyta has access to an aggregate of your browsing, similar to an ISP or a VPN. It's better to use official instances instead because they're usually isolated from each other. >I am still trusting a 3 party with my data You should never trust anybody in the first place, and instead technically reduce how much damage can potentially be done to you. Trust is unreliable. Use Tor and compartmentalize your browsing. >>3074 All of these search proxies have gone to shit in the past few years. I think the search engines feed them computationally "cheap" results in lieu of simply blocking them, which is what they did at first. It's probably a better strategy for Google to not block anything and instead make it shit. Won't cause controversy and people will still flock back to you.

(158.34 KB 517x528 Capture2.PNG)
Revolutionary Fab/ DIY/ Hardware shit Comrade 06/13/2020 (Sat) 01:29:55 No. 2764 [Reply] [Last]
Who's doing lefty tech shit that isn't computer wizardry? 3D printing, open source hardware, electronics, manufacturing, phys sec? Whatcha making? What are some projects you're into? I've been prototyping some mischief doodads - 3D printed throwaway handcuff "keys", slingshots and snips for offending valve-stems/zipties - not that 3D printing is all that useful for -the ppl- but after seeing every idiot with a printed hop on the covid ppe train I wonder if freely available low-cost diy projects might help radicalize the hardware folk. Also been doing actually useful shit like leveraging my access to industrial suppliers to get gloves, respirators and googles out to the secret antifa supersoldiers worldwide
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>>2934 If it is a hobby then it belongs in /hobby/ not in /tech/
>>2934 I mean machinery isn't that inaccessible - "makerspaces" frequently will have some CNC routers now and many metropolitan areas have shops or art collectives where welders, casting, lathes and digital fab tool etc can be accessed with a membership. Hell my local bicycle club has a CNC plasma cutter they built and another friend bought and refurbished a Kuka industrial robot for under a couple grand. Welding, casting and woodworking can all be individual level investments and you hardly need the anarcho-syndicalist revolution to go in on a a knee-mill with a couple friends. Other than like bicycle stuff or making idk parts for other machines I'm not 100% on what is helpful for ~the revolution~ I would love to hear ideas though - there is a CNC mill languishing in a friend's motorcycle shop and I haven't had the motivation to go try and get it running so I can use it.
>>2949 touche
>>2980 Makerspaces took over Hackerspaces and pushed capitalist ideology into what had a sort of revolutionary DIY spirit. I don't really know where I'm going with this in terms of substantial critique, it's just a feeling I've gotten. The same thing like how corporate "Open Source" co-opted and marginalized Free/Libre Software.
>>3047 Very cool and useful story >>2811 What kinds are you thinking because prototyping / low-vol production of PCB stuff is definitely doable. You'd still need to buy components from a conventional supplier (unless you go hard desoldering junk or something) - and most modern devices are all SMD stuff so anything you want to make with your human meat fingers will have to be a lot bulkier. Ideas for hardware things: radios are cool I've heard - making antennas and shit same with mesh networks- idk much about computers other than the one at my house my mom put a couple games on it but it seems like the internet is cool and important and idk yall dual power infrastructure? https://technical.ly/2015/04/06/12-communities-experimenting-mesh-networks/ kinda old article but I've heard of working projects in metro areas Maybe like air conditioning/ power generation? I know a lot of low income areas have poor access to this and it can be an actual health issue when combined with comorbid conditions of poverty


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