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(80.97 KB 961x1024 46456456g.png)
Piracy General. Comrade 01/28/2020 (Tue) 12:32:25 No. 190 [Reply] [Last]
General for all things piracy related: Share Torrents, Private Trackers, information about how to obtain a particular commodity for free on the internet; Requests. piratebayztemzmv.onion Current onion for the piratebay^ Pirate the planet.
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Anyone here ever been through a redacted.ch interview?
>>476 >Limewire Are you out of your fucking mind man?
(391.65 KB 674x768 serveimage.png)
rutracker.org russians commies destroys western Civilization® as always
Any resources on how to get into Warez? I want to crack for freedom
>>624 rutracker is really good tbh, way easier to use than TPB now too since TPB is dns banned in so many countries

(78.65 KB 717x536 ETufCvrWAAEgX0j(1).jfif)
Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 19:56:31 No. 573 [Reply] [Last]
What's wrong with jfif /tech/bros?
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>>584 >everything feels bad and wrong and ugly, in my opinion. how do you fix it and make it better? https://www.reddit.com/r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns/
>>584 >$com Do you perhaps use php?
(104.91 KB 500x403 1571869676590.png)
>>589 wow that sub makes me sick
>>589 >>604 shut up ya pretensions twats >le epic religious m*n with violent threats pic
>>645 either way the sub is extremely weird. the trans movement will not survive this way.

(5.37 KB 100x100 XMPP.png)
Secure audio communication Comrade 03/24/2020 (Tue) 21:37:35 No. 615 [Reply] [Last]
Tech nerds will not comprise the entirety of the revolution. We know this. It's going to include a lot of normies, who can't exactly communicate and coordinate everything through text messaging. As we also know, we live in a world of mass surveillance. We have to give normies options for communicating that can protect themselves from the corporate surveillance state. This thread is for evaluating those options. I am currently looking at phone conferencing options and can't make up my mind on these: -some Matrix protocol tool -some XMPP protocol tool -Jitsi -Jami What I really want is something supporting phone call-ins, for stupid old people who cannot into computers. Phone OS support may also be important. Some options are more suited to these things than others. Maybe even better ones than I've listed. Discuss, please.
<Re-posting: As someone who've followed the matrix/riot developments for the past couple of years - the main thing to keep your eye on is this: >Declaring End-to-end Encryption stable and turning it on by default for private rooms. (12/14 tasks completed): https://github.com/vector-im/riot-web/issues/6779 The last statement (March 18) from the devs reads: >We're roughly a few weeks away from releasing this to the stable channel, but that may change if we uncover new areas of the project that we feel must be fixed before release. >The team is working hard on this, and we're excited to share it with everyone when it's ready. When it's done I'd say matrix is the clear winner. Jami still has some bugs but will eventually be very good as well. Jitsi is the more stable one out of the three that's just a bit more messy to set up (that's why it's not recommended that often, similarly to XMPP).
I came from this thread >>>/leftypol/398552. This thread is good and we should work to keep it active and reach a valuable conclusion.

bunker performance issues Comrade 03/12/2020 (Thu) 22:33:35 No. 461 [Reply] [Last]
As I'm sure most of you have noticed, bunkerchan has been having a lot of performance issues lately, with Nginx gives 500 internal errors while clicking on random threads or the catalog. When replying you occasionally get a 'connection lost' message. Image links are broken or disappear or don't expand when clicked. The site itself is much more sluggish and slow. The fact is the bunkerchan userbase has grown from 200ish people to about 750+ people and high amounts of engagement and posts per hour. This is good news but also brings the need for a higher level of technicality. What exactly is the problem? some possibilities: - Lynxchan is fundamentally unscalable. as many anons have pointed out this is actually the largest and most active lynxchan install ever created, so its possible that the code itself is shit at scaling having never been tested at that level before. - The server hardware is inadequate. It's possible the app server hardware is not adequate to the problem. The expensive solution, scale vertically by buying bigger, buffer servers. - Configuration. The fact that the errors are 500 seems to indicate not a problem with nginx, but the app on the backend that its reverse proxying (lynxchan). Maybe its possible to increase performance and scalability by using Nginx caching/microcaching of images/pages. This would allow present servers to be able to scale to many hundreds of more users, if done correctly, there are guides to this online but it requires mucking around in the dirty details of nginx config. Cloudflare itself already does alot of caching so the perf improvement from this might not be as great as a non-cloudflare site. any other ideas? (not a member of the technical staff of bunker).
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(69.67 KB 866x768 1579818286058.jpg)
>>506 I don't have one
(72.83 KB 650x507 gore.jpg)
>>506 >>519 I mean I voted yes in the poll but lets speak frankly. This was supposed to be a temporary space, then 8ch was obliterated and it seems like the new site owner isn't overly concerned for the users wants. If the only problem that could have ever happened due to that trait was with the rogue mod, we should be assured of that. Space_ himself wasn't very apologetic about it and was last seen saying he'd rather delete the whole site rather than do what the users wanted. So it'd be nice if when he asked for server money said something to the effect of "yeah that was fucked up, i cannot foresee this ever being a problem in the future however you should trust me :-)" the minimum gesture would go a long way. And if space_ doesn't want to do it, then the mod team of leftypol is going to have to once again step up and take the responsibility for what they're asking us to do. When this all possibly goes to hell and the people who donated feel robbed they need someone who will accept the blame for it.
(103.35 KB 562x574 idktho.jpg)
>>520 >>490 So the poll should really be: should we pay for a better server or should we start making plans to move to another site. And my answer in that case would depend on the future, if the tech guy who is supposed to be on break in a few weeks(maybe sooner now with the 'chink flu' as trump calls it) can fix all the little user-side annoyances and inconveniences in lynxchan then we should stay here. If the software is never going to get any better then i think maybe it is worth losing some users who get lost in the move and seeing if we can move to leftypol.org. I'm sure comsopolitonmongrel will give you the domain if you ask, he's said as much in discord when i met him. or another domain if that doesn't work out. Cause we're currently hampered by bad software and an absence of leadership. And we can survive one but not both. just my opinion.
>>621 I get these as well from time to time

(541.34 KB 420x300 bunkerstarcraftgif.gif)
FLOSS imageboard software Comrade 01/29/2020 (Wed) 09:42:40 No. 283 [Reply] [Last]
https://github.com/8b2eef7c901269e8e9a6ec532d57b6b1/supremereality Cons - Terrible CSS - No use of redis/memcached or any caching - cuck BBcode formatting until the last version PROS - Written in a functional language (Clojure) - Way less lines of code than Vichan - No CAPTCHA, uses honeypot method of spam prevention - User created boards unlike Lynxchan Maybe the CSS can be modified to make it better?
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>>294 Twitter runs like absolute dogshit
>>605 >i know programming better than engineers at a top company in the world strong "i have over 300 confirmed kills" energy
jannies please bumplock this thread
>>606 Have you tried using it lol?
>>607 Why the fuck should they?

Cyrilic Encoding in the 1990s? Comrade 03/24/2020 (Tue) 12:40:38 No. 611 [Reply] [Last]
>>>/leftypol/391425 >There are some Russian posts but they have some weird encoding >>376661 >I was reading about usenet a couple of months ago and stumbled upon a website that has an archive of posts during the August coup from the 19th of August to the 22nd. It has some posts on the website but most of them must be downloaded. They are in the .tar format but they can be read with notepad or notepad++, or any other text editor. >collapse.su
Fug second link should be >>>/leftypol/376661
It's either KOI8-R or KOI8-U, there's not much difference. I uploaded the original files along with them converted into UTF-8 here: https://files.catbox.moe/twrgxo.7z I accept payment in the form of meganekko.

Comrade 02/17/2020 (Mon) 11:27:07 No. 40 [Reply] [Last]
Is protonmail a honeypot? >Trying to sign up on .onion links back to .com >Can't sign up with vpn >Only accepts crypto after you've signed up There's absolutely no reason for not allowing sign-ups with vpns/TOR and activating the accounts after the payment has gone through Do there exist any alternatives that aren't glowies?
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>>47 Go away NSA
>>48 >Anyone who criticize my lifestyle is a federal agent! The begginers' guide to anarcho-liberal political discourse.
>>49 Not today CIA
It was pretty much advertised in Mr.Robot, so most likely.
>>46 They only ratted out actual scammers tho.

(275.43 KB 2508x2043 nntpchan.png)
Seizing the Means of Anonymous Discussion Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 21:45:19 No. 575 [Reply] [Last]
Recent events have once again highlighted the necessity of a truly communal, self-governed anonymous discussion forum. This thread is for the development of new forms of decentralized anonymous image boards. The problem in need of a solution is this: How can we develop a forum that genuinely empowers its community and allows them to resist censorship? One recent attempt is NNTPChan/Overchan. NNTPChan is a decentralized imageboard that uses the NNTP protocol (network-news transfer protocol) to synchronize content between many different servers. It utilizes cryptographically-signed posts to perform optional/opt-in decentralized moderation. I'm still rather confused on how moderation works there myself. This seems like a great idea, by distributing a forum across a collection of servers one can resist the disruption of any single server. When 8ch was shutdown by its DDoS provider, however, its community didn't find the motivation to learn from this and migrate to a censorship-resistance platform. Instead its subcommunities were scattered to the winds, the ones that survived coalescing back on a number of individual websites using the classical top-down server-owner structure, with all the authority and alienation from its userbase that it necessarily contains. What lessons can be learned from this? Is there more that can be done?
it's not user friendly and nobody likes to pay server hosting fees
>>576 Okay, so what are some solutions to that?
(148.26 KB 1139x503 webring.png)
Another recent attempt was used by a number of 8ch diaspora communities (sadly not including bunkerchan). They all put together a "Web Ring" where they would include each others' boards from the board catalog. This is much like the old link chains of web 1.0 before search engines became really adept at crawling the web. This can provide "options" in a libertarian sense, allowing people to move to another part of the web ring when there is discontent with how one community is ruled. But we know from the experience of board ownership on 8ch, and even the history of most 4chan alternatives, that these usually aren't real options. Unless a substantial fraction of a community moves in unison to a new space they often don't have enough to sustain themselves. Much like the illusion of choice under wage labor in capitalism, you can choose to post somewhere subjected to the fickles of one owner or another owner, but you can't choose to post somewhere without owners who can exercise power over your discussion. Furthermore, at the end of the day the communities still have to answer to higher powers: the person who owns the website, the person who provides DDoS service, etc.
>>578 maybe make cryptocurrency donations to owners of "nodes" like a core feature, should be no more than a 2-step process, you can see plenty of idiots are willing to throw their money around like it's nothing on twitch, youtube live chats, live sex cams, patreon, gofuckme, etc., it should be the same way here but with cryptocurrency not credit cards/paypal
>>576 It is user friendly. Server cost is only an issue if you don't value the community that much. >Theoretical architecture I think the primary thing is identifying the common denominator between socialists on here - in terms of what it is we equally/generally talk about. The answer may be anti-capitalist topics, news, history, /trash/, etc. This could be hosted on "one" (redundant) main server. Then surrounding this you could make three-four different communities for the ideological differentiation, i.e. ML, leftcom, ancom, socdem, each with their own (redundant) servers. This would help develop theoretical understanding in the comrades, by letting threads on theory really allocate more high quality discussion, free from incessant shitflinging (which is the case on leftist unity chans thus-far). I think something like this would take the community to another level. But it would require a common code-base / a wiki for making setup easier. Onion services would of course come with the territory, in line with the history of the protocol/community. Servers (???): · Anti-capitalist (critique, news, etc.) + .onion · Strategic (political ideology) + .onion · Formal (gitlab/wiki/booru/archive) + .onion

Comrade 03/22/2020 (Sun) 03:25:51 No. 560 [Reply] [Last]
I've just recently started to learn how to code, can google my way through basic shit in python, javascript, java How can I contribute to the world while locked up?
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(37.40 KB 583x436 anal.png)
You fucks whining is more annoying than the milk-n-toast """coom""" SFW bikini girls you keep derailing threads over. If this doesn't stop I'm going to start replying to you vermin with gaping orifices, seminal fluids and fetishistic deviancy that would cause concern for most. So, in regard to your question OP, I would suggest helping out riot-web, i2p-browser and/or building a lynxchan-NNTPchan crossover with onions, garlics and a wiki and booru in the same "system" of services. Maybe FreedomBox would help out with this, I'm not an expert (more of a hobbyist). Big up learn Rust, it'd be easy for you (and many important projects are migrating to it for some sort of lang-based security improvements over the others).
>>566 thanks for the actually helpful response!! I'll look into all of that.
>can google my way through basic shit in python, *can search the web through basic shit in python Please avoid using G*gle to refer to web searching
(147.31 KB 1280x720 hold_sicp.jpg)
Read SICP!!
>>560 If you want to contribute then you'll have to learn how to read code as well as write it.

(166.40 KB 1164x960 C_kk-kjW0AAJU5m.jpg)
Capitalism Ruins Everything Comrade 03/08/2020 (Sun) 08:59:52 No. 412 [Reply] [Last]
Thought this story was worth sharing. A bit of an interesting case example as capitalism ruining everything in the end no matter how benign it starts out and a good cautionary tech security tip/tale. https://krebsonsecurity.com/2020/03/the-case-for-limiting-your-browser-extensions/ The Case for Limiting Your Browser Extensions >Last week, KrebsOnSecurity reported to health insurance provider Blue Shield of California that its Web site was flagged by multiple security products as serving malicious content. Blue Shield quickly removed the unauthorized code. An investigation determined it was injected by a browser extension installed on the computer of a Blue Shield employee who’d edited the Web site in the past month. >The incident is a reminder that browser extensions — however useful or fun they may seem when you install them — typically have a great deal of power and can effectively read and/or write all data in your browsing sessions. And as we’ll see, it’s not uncommon for extension makers to sell or lease their user base to shady advertising firms, or in some cases abandon them to outright cybercriminals. >The health insurance site was compromised after an employee at the company edited content on the site while using a Web browser equipped with a once-benign but now-compromised extension which quietly injected code into the page. >The extension in question was Page Ruler, a Chrome addition with some 400,000 downloads. Page Ruler lets users measure the inch/pixel width of images and other objects on a Web page. But the extension was sold by the original developer a few years back, and for some reason it’s still available from the Google Chrome store despite multiple recent reports from people blaming it for spreading malicious code. You can click through for the rest but long story short the malware adds ads to the page(how late stage capitalism is that? Everything's about the ads.)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>437 If they are proprietary then yes it is, lol
>>437 dumb post. it's always fine until it isn't
(376.07 KB 1514x1308 inbox.png)
>>437 Even if you vet your addons (I always read the source code), there is a real risk from automatic updates and acquisitions. I'm the developer of a moderately popular open-source extension (< 100k users), and I constantly get spammed with this shit.
>>492 holy fuck porky really is hard for your extension
>>492 How do you monetize it if it's open-source?


no cookies?