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Fixing the Anchor Add On Comrade Root 01/12/2021 (Tue) 16:48:17 No. 6984 [Reply] [Last]
Hello Comrades, One big improvement for the site would be fixing the Anchor Add On to Lynxchan. When the add-on is activated, the site will temporarily crash whenever a thread is pinned. It caused repeated crashes the other week. The add on can be found here: https://pastebin.com/B8rRXtqr Whoever figures it out can elect to get the first payout of the patreon we're putting together for webdev if they're wiling to give their information or alternatively we can use bitcoin or something like that.
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>>6995 I'd prefer crypto to maintain my anonymity.
It would be nice if we could get at least an error message. This seems pretty hopeless without it.
>>6984 Tried setting line 59 to : postOps.setThreadsPage(thread.boardUri, function(error) { ?
>>6998 That could be what makes it crash and if it is, it exists upstream, independently from the autosage: https://gitgud.io/LynxChan/LynxChan/-/blob/master/src/be/engine/modOps/editOps.js#L146
>>6998 that's pretty stupid

(20.15 KB 240x345 cat.jpg)
is tor really worth it Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 03:57:00 No. 6958 [Reply] [Last]
tor is so fucking slow. like super slow. and sometimes it won't even load a site at all! how can I speed it up. is it even worth it if I'm not doing anything spicy online. also, does it even help at all if I'm visiting .com sites instead of .onion. Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? it's so slow it reminds me of 2002.
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>Do I need the VPN, tails, Tor, and .onion to be secure? Depends on your threat model. If you're a person of interest whose feds are after then yeah, that and more. https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Security#Define_your_adversary
>>6976 Didn't assange get his start by running a tor exit node and intercepting clear text from governments?
>>6960 Using tor with .com is generally as secure as .onion sites as your connection still goes through tor net. The thing that makes onion sites special is that they ONLY let people connect through tor.
>>6999 It isn't unless you assume the node before the website is necessarily trustworthy.
>>7002 That's only true if the connection to the website isn't encrypted, but most sites these days use HTTPS. The problem is more in the fact that cloudflare is becoming an omnipresent man-in-the-middle. But even so, you still benefit by not giving away your IP and severely limiting your browser fingerprint. If you don't give away your identity in your messages, then you're pretty safe since Tor takes care at least of the other side of the equation which is the metadata.

(52.48 KB 696x464 press-machine-696x464.jpg)
Printers Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 02:13:21 No. 6957 [Reply] [Last]
My printer is on the way out after having practically taken it apart to fix it in the past. Im tired of spending so much on ink and im tired of these scams with built in planned obsolescence like hidden cleaning sponges that you need to refill and inaccessible paper grippers that get hard and slippery. Does anyone have advice on what printer to buy and what works good for not getting screwed by ink scam?
>>6957 In general, it is probably best to research the things that you need for your use case. What do you plan to do with it? print pamphlets, print a one-off school report? There are ways, for instance, to replace the print head of cartridges with a continuous ink head, or to replace/reflash the sensor chips on toner cartridges to keep the cartridges usful and pour more toner into the feeders. >Im tired of spending so much on ink and im tired of these scams with built in planned obsolescence like hidden cleaning sponges that you need to refill and inaccessible paper grippers that get hard and slippery. In general, this means having to shell out for some high-quality models suited for mass production. See if you can't get a large photocopier/printer secondhand somewhere.

Image restoration Comrade 01/10/2021 (Sun) 12:19:36 No. 6966 [Reply] [Last]
Any 1337 hackers wanna help find and restore the missing images?
Here's a script to find the missing images: #!/bin/bash board=$1 thread=$2 curl -s "https://bunkerchan.xyz/${board}/res/${thread}.json" \ | jq '.posts[].files[].path' \ | tr -d '"' \ | sort -u \ | sed s_^_https://bunkerchan.xyz_ \ | xargs -n 1 -P 1 \ curl -s -I -o /dev/null -w "%{http_code} %{url_effective}\\n" \ >> "${board}_${thread}.log" 2>&1 When run as "./missing-images.sh anime 101" it will produce "anime_101.log" that contains the status code of each file in the thread. You can filter out the okay ones with grep.
>>6968 Getting a list of threads is as easy as: #!/bin/sh board=$1 curl -s "https://bunkerchan.xyz/${board}/catalog.json" \ | jq ".[].threadId" \ | sort -un You can combine the two: ./find-threads dead | xargs -n1 -P4 ./missing-files.sh dead
If you have reasonable suspicion that a certain other site that runs a variant of tinyboard has some of the files you are looking for, this will get you all the files in a thread with the md5sum: #!/bin/bash site="${1}" board="${2}" thread="${3}" # normal images normal='.posts[] | select(has("ext")) | (.tim + .ext + " " + .md5)' extra='.posts[] | select(has("extra_files")) | .extra_files[] | .tim + .ext + " " + .md5' json=$(curl -s "https://${site}/${board}/res/${thread}.json") normal_files=$(jq "${normal}" [orange][orange][orange]"${json}" | tr -d '"') extra_files=$(jq "${extra}" [orange][orange][orange]"${json}" | tr -d '"')

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>>6968 It seems to miss the extension in some cases?
>>6971 It seems that in this cases it is bunkerchan that is wrong, see >>>/dead/93 for example, both in the html and json the extensions are missing...

(89.55 KB 650x650 yZedO5rB6n.jpg)
Cumpooter tech support filterme##hS2vLD 01/10/2021 (Sun) 07:26:29 No. 6961 [Reply] [Last]
Problem: no OS found bios. How? Computer stopped giving input to keyboard. Tried post (turn it off and on) then it got message CMOS battery reset time. Enter to reboot, I turn it off and on using power button. Now it says bios (no OS is found). What do?
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>>6973 Can't get to the settings. Only three options, memtest, hdd test, or retry.
>>6979 Nevermind, it doesn't seem to be on. It says it is only for windowsien 8 and I have linux.
Nevermind, I got secure boot off but it seems I didn't have any live media.
>>6973 I'm a idiot, but I'm not inexperienced.
Since cmos battery died uefi changed and can't read grub. Just had to reinstall grub. Would be easier if I had battery and bootable media. Problem solved.

(58.33 KB 1200x1200 hacktivism.png)
(307.87 KB rs1.pdf)
red swarm: leftist hacktivism Comrade 07/05/2020 (Sun) 04:29:45 No. 3109 [Reply] [Last]
pdf on left wing hacktivism
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>>6917 Since they are not Bunkerchan users, they can actually use their brains.
>>6917 OK this is absolutely AIDS, literally 9-10 posts gone because some jannie probably got butthurt when I mentioned possible repercussions concerning getting v&. Fuck this.
>>6953 They deleted every board, the posts are missing because the backup that got restored was two weeks old.
>>6954 Fair enough I guess, didn't expect getting a response this quickly. But, yeah, people have to be absolutely careful when dealing with this sort of shit because people get vanned really quick because of carelessness and grandstanding.
(4.33 MB 480x360 don't talk about it.mp4)

(77.26 KB 1000x1000 61T7vSMjrAL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)
Comrade 08/17/2020 (Mon) 05:06:04 No. 4168 [Reply] [Last]
What is the best e-reader? Is the Kindle paperwhite even worth mentioning?
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>>4168 >Is the Kindle paperwhite even worth mentioning? You're all retarded. You can jailbreak the Paperwhite and run your own software, including Koreader.
Anyone had any luck trying to remove the wifi chip from a kindle?
>>4175 Battery lasts super long. I barely charge mine. It's easily 24 hours of reading straight
I got a ReMarkable2 and the default setting of it makes it unusable for me: You MUST connect to the cloud to have hand-writing recognition. It's not pre-installed, it's not a download you do once through the cloud shit, your writing goes to a third party. Connecting the device to a computer only recharges the battery, you CANNOT transfer files that way! Here is how they want you to transfer files: You upload the files to the cloud and then copy them from the cloud to your device. The cloud service requires some app thingie not available on Linux. There are some interesting projects on github though and you can mod the thing. I'm worried about bricking the device (OTOH, its default state practically amounts to bricked state for me).

(43.86 KB 800x600 image.jpg)
Tech Co-ops Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 14:13:47 No. 6951 [Reply] [Last]
Would you want to work in one?
What is it , where do I find it, and Biz is it?

(16.47 KB 300x300 1545859105707.jpg)
Comrade 01/09/2021 (Sat) 07:31:23 No. 6950 [Reply] [Last]
Is there anything I should be wary of with bluetooth dongles? I might grab a random one off aliexpress unless you guys tell me not to.

Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread Thread Comrade 04/23/2020 (Thu) 10:12:47 No. 1337 [Reply] [Last]
Thread for questions that don't deserve their own thread. I wanna buy some headphones to go outside i don't want to spend more than 100€ on them. I want them to be mostly durable and secondly to have good sound quality, also i don't want to look like a jackass while wearing them, any suggestions?
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>>6934 Ignoring the second part of your post I've found Gentoo and Void to be pretty light.
>>6939 Isn’t gentoo super complicated and you have to do a bunch of compiling and shit? Hell I don’t even know what compiling means and I don’t want to do it.
>>6934 Xubuntu >Preferably something which makes the windows to Linux transition easier. You can make it look like Windows Win95 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DotusGHoeyI WinXP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNI6uqcEiFU Lubuntu's good too, and uses a little less ram at startup compared to Xubuntu (~350mb vs ~450mb) but configuring stuff like appearance is slightly less user-friendly for a beginner to Linux. Puppy is not beginner-friendly and meant for even older systems.
>>6947 So with Linux you can download shit from the internet aswell as the software manager right (which I’ve read is a GUI for apt which you can also use from the command line)? If you’re downloading shit from the command line, how can you know if the repository you’re connected to has what you’re looking for?
>>6948 it'd just say package was not found. xubuntu comes with "Software" (the name of the default software manager) and you can also install synaptic package manager (type in terminal: sudo apt install synaptic) which some people prefer and try both


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