(574.13 KB 1200x992 Syria2020.png)
/wg/ - War-zone General Anonymous 05/21/2020 (Thu) 01:00:35 No. 516651 [Reply] [Last]
>ITT - Arm chair military / political analysis - Posting about ongoing global / regional conflicts - Post ITT whenever something exciting of a military Nature occurs >Ongoing Conflicts of note - Libya (Active fighting and moving frontline) - Yemen (Near Stalemate) - Syria (Stalemate) - Ukraine (sporadic fighting / Near stalemate) - Afghanistan (Sporadic fighting / near stalemate) >Live update map https://liveuamap.com/ >Recent interesting events - Failure of a major LNA offensive in Libya has resulted in the GNA being on the frontfoot for first time in years with them forcing the LNA out of the city of Tripoli

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(11.80 MB Too Many Crows.webm)
Big developments in Libya recently: a concerted operation of Turkish airforce targetting various UAE/Russian Pantsir air defences was so succesful it seems to have pushed Russia into withdrawing its entire PMC contingent. Meanwhile US has repeated its support fir GNA as legitimate govenment. I don't see the LNA recovering from this, seeing as how it's much more dependent on foreign support, now diminished. Finally a small victory for the watermelon seller.
(1.55 MB 3264x2448 cockroaches.jpg)
>>533838 they strike again

(23.67 KB 973x819 china.png)
(936.83 KB 2000x1334 1552407442809.jpg)
/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925 [Reply] [Last]
A general thread for all China related discussion
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>>528801 >1:04 >Old lady wering a mask in the eyes instead of the mouth. >Holding a crux. Is she a Karen?
>>533534 Karen knows no national or cultural boundaries, truly she is an internationalist.
>>533501 >I say with full and 100% confidence that the United States of America is more of a proletarian state than China is. Before the pandemic I would've agreed with Vaush that the US barely wins out primarily because of the higher real wages and slightly better work culture on average. Now with over 36M Americans unemployed and the "essential workers" forced to work without PPE, hazard pay, etc. I think you can make the case that China at this moment, if they're not lying about their virus cases, has better conditions on average for its workers.

(52.23 KB 800x686 800.jpeg)
Why I am Racist Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 06:45:25 No. 533751 [Reply] [Last]
I realize now that systemic racism exists against black people on all levels of society and that that racism benefits me greatly. With this realization, I have come to realize that fascists and racists are not simply bigoted or stupid, they are actually correct. They are a hundred percent correct in fighting against minority rights to preserve their own. Any gain for minorities is a loss for whites. The fascists and the anti-racists can agree on that. I read Settlers and I have decided to side with my people. I won't be a useful idiot who goes against his own best interest. In studying anti-racism, I have realized that the divide created by colonialism and racism is too large and that the workers of all races to ever unite. If the black workers revolt, I will become a second class citizen or at the very least lose the first world life style I enjoy now. So instead I will fight for my position to be preserved and to further the supremacy of my race. It feels good to finally be winning.
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How many times will you nigga spout shit related to your shitty ass country? Every fucking thread here is always about American or british politics. For Christ's sake, neither of your countries can get any sort of communism. Both are the most reactionary countries in the world.
>>533807 Great post.
>>533823 go somewhere else if you dont want to be around amerifats or britbongs
>>533801 >shitty bait thread go back Do you really think leftypol's memory is so short? no I don't care fuck off.

(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091 [Reply] [Last]
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
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>>89721 Prisoner put in cell with nutcses
>>89722 Sounds like a boring movie. Still don't get the meme, maybe russian humour is too sofisticated for my taste
(13.71 KB 250x250 652.jpg)
>>89717 >It's a R34 of a Russian arthouse scat/gore film >scat >gore Yeah I'm probably better off not opening that picture.
>>89724 The pick is safe, no gore/weird shit sown
>>89725 >pick *pic wtf is wrong with my english today

(97.02 KB 1080x747 venezuela.jpg)
Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 02:15:28 No. 533429 [Reply] [Last]
What went wrong?
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>>533811 You're letting yourself get trolled by a guy who hardly writes a sentence. Some of us in Gringolandia are trying to counteract the propaganda where we can, although I don't think anybody outside of reddit and twitter glowies gives one flying fuck about Venezuela to be honest. Side note: Check out these terrible CIA B-roll actors.
>>533811 Extremely based for using Gringolandia Kkkkkkkkkkk
>>533446 It's actually way better than a lot of places in south america.
Why do you hate based things OP?
>>533821 on cue the white karen looking ass bitch with the savior complex over pronounces venezuela also >just let in UN aide bro come on bro try it we wont overthrow you promise just take our aid

Vaush vs Maupin Vol. 2 Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:27:34 No. 531954 [Reply] [Last]
Old thread got locked DEBATE TIME: 5 PM EST We will have it live streamed with a chat session here: https://cytu.be/r/MarxLGBTQPOCantifa 30 minutes from last edit PREVIOUS THREAD: >>531373
Edited last time by antious666 on 05/26/2020 (Tue) 20:32:17.
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>>533659 Money buys Commodities to sell for more Money
>>533813 >cope
>>533613 >guillotine memes aren't funny Take that back
Holy fucking shit. Try talking to any of the fuckwads in the comments on Vaush's video of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86j1xakYdZ8 I feel like I'm talking to a literal actual glowie trying to larp as a leftist.
>>532943 Yes? Source?

(227.15 KB 1200x800 to the left to the right.jpg)
Batshit insane bourgeois historiography and ongoing fabrications Anonymous 08/24/2019 (Sat) 02:05:43 No. 41063 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a thread on the bourgeois historical falsifications of 20th century socialist movements where their older and contemporary hot takes are demonstrated. Screencaps from Le Blackie Book of Gobudisms :DDD posted with counter-arguments/explanations on how they manipulate would be very much appreciated. I bet there are anarchists here who can show us ancap/conservative/francoist examples of falsifying the history of Catalonia as well. Past or present stories, urban legends, fabrications, etc. about your own country's socialist movement perpetuated today would be also of interest. I would absolutely love, for example, to hear from an Indian or Turkish comrade how the bourgeois press falsifies their ongoing struggles.
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>>529743 STALINIST APE SUPERSOLDIERS ARE COMING FOR YOU But seriously, do people even have to ask if this is shit is real?
>>529750 yeah, but this is one of those rare things that both communists and anti-communists want to be true
"Comrade Stalin, our chimp spies have successfully infiltrated Washington with several active agents inside the Pentagon. So far the capitalists don't suspect a thing. Awaiting orders. Over."
(82.49 KB 1024x724 EY_1hdgXgAA3wZV.jpeg)

J. Sakai Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 05:56:34 No. 527519 [Reply] [Last]
I just realized there's not even a single picture of this dude anywhere. There's like one audio interview from 2003, that's it. Is he even a real person or a glow in the dark persona fabricated to redirect the left from class struggle to race struggle for the benefit of global liberal capitalism?
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>>533699 Israel is a pretty easy example.
>>533081 This is dishonest. This is like when liberal feminists ask "do you think women should be treated with respect? then you're a feminist". I honestly disagree that white supremacy is the correct term, it misplaced the blame entirely, for one, on white people. It implies that white people need to be "lowered" in their supremacy so they are equal to everyone else (which would be based, but it's also impossible and vulgar accelerationist). It also diminishes actual real white supremacists, like the KKK and nazis, or many cops. I mean this is all semantics, and it is mainly important as a branding op since people don't read and get all their theory from slogans or memes. As leftists we need to understand the backlash of liberal feminism, like MRA. Black politics needs to be centered around class issues, and how those class issues affect black people more because of racism. >>527519 I was curious about this, I searched for scholarly articles written around that time that mention "white black proletariat" and was also searching for chicano nationalism articles around the time one of his interviews on the topic was made. I planned on cross referencing names to see if one stood out, but then I asked myself why I care and stopped. Foreigners have to understand that idpol topics are extremely important in the US. Every single thing has an idpol undertext. Your perceived race is always part of your identity. Also being LGBT is super important, even if you are among "allies" (which is also an identity). Liberals walk on egg shells all the time, and nobody can understand what the fuck is going on because they get their news from the television. I think people here really underestimate how absolutely insane the US is. It is a giant larp and it feels exactly how they describe the DPRK of being, as if everyone is scared of saying something bad, or if they're not scared, they are constantly virtue signaling saying the right words like "god bless 'merica". There are many normal people, but the insanity invariably seeps in to your inner circle, and you don't even notice since it's so prevalent. I once had the terrible experience of spending the night in the Dallas airport. There's a whole wing of the most gross dick sucking of veterans. It is so chock-full of dick-suckery it looks like those tacky restaurants with tacky trinkets and license plates on every inch of the walls. If that wasn't enough, they have 24/7 news on so many huge TVs you can probably see 5-6 from a single vantage point. I was lying there, on the disgusting paper thin carpeted floor, no blankets, no pillow, lights blaring in my face, no other person in sight, veteran trinkets everywhere, 5 TVs all on CNN just mildly de-synchronized constantly fear mongering of Muslim terror attacks or repeating the virtue of being american. There I was, drifting in and out of sleep, and in those moments of haze, the obvious insanity became apparent, an extremely surreal experience that I would have normalized had I not slept there.
>>533791 What nation do you live in where idpol topics aren't important?
>>533797 It's not that they are not important, it's mostly that they are not central. I've lived, traveled, and have friends in different countries. Every country/city has it's own problems, but no country feels as "uncanny" as the US. For example, racism exists in Mexico, but most people understand that their access to means is the biggest impediment in their lives, like being able to speak english, going to a good private high school or college, even stuff like having a car or your neighborhood's reputation has a large influence in your life and access to opportunities. There has been talk about classism and racism, which are trivially linked. But this rhetoric is primarily petit-bourg, and it is evident why, since it is pleading for equal superficial treatment of poorer people. The other big issue related to idpol in Mexico is feminism, but that is frankly very much deserved. Women are treated like shit and they are frequent targets of murders. Even one of the most important communist orgs, the PCM, has been actively harboring rapists. It's fucking disgusting. Basically, feminism in Mexico is fine, because it is desperately needed. There's a lot of petit shit tied to the feminist movement of course, but count your blessings I guess, a lot of women are very misogynist, so feminism is a progressive force which is supported by communists. This with slight modifications is true for other countries in LATAM. In Russia, idpol was basically non existent, except for the nazis who were met with resistance by anti-fascists and just random people who would beat them up. My impression of Germany was that racism was important, mainly because of immigration, but nobody gave a shit about someone being LGBT for example, even when there were pride flags and other LGBT symbols. There aren't a lot of gay-centric businesses compared to the US because everything is just mixed in the amorphous club culture and nobody really gives a fuck about your sexual preference. The leftist scene had talks about anti-fascism, imperialism, and neoliberalism, nothing particularly cringe. I could say the same thing about Spain. The US is just fucking nuts. Like if you're in NYC, you'll see people dressed up in hassidic jew clothing, orthodox priests walking around, crazy inbred nuns (I have no idea what that was to this day), people in suits with the tacky MAGA hats. People are just really really bizarre, self-righteous, and soooooo many of them are mentally unstable. One striking feature of the american psyche is the protagonism. It feels as if everyone thinks they are the main character of their own movie, and their lives have an elevated sense of importance for no reason. A lot of them victimize their existence in a tragic-heroic way because that is a way to cope for the bad shit going down in their lives. Of course not everyone, but jesus christ.
>>527519 This is the only interview I've ever been able to find with him and it's from 2003 https://youtu.be/t3p2xf8NdRg

(524.59 KB 1500x1029 kLq3yTr.jpg)
United States Politics - /USApol/ Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 19:10:57 No. 531727 [Reply] [Last]
100,000 deaths edition https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ What's Next: Democratic National Convention - August 17th Republican National Convention - August 24th Ongoing - Democratic veepstakes Now with livestreams! CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE Last thread >>373171
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https://twitter.com/CarlosGphoto/status/1265455823700070401 >The scene at the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct.
(457.79 KB 1008x717 EY_NTE5XsAAigEB.jpg orig.jpg)
>>533799 a white supremacist spotted!
(396.68 KB 680x510 BidenYES.png)
>>533734 >Goddammit, I know have to move past this but when I survey the desolate future we are facing I get deeply angry at Sanders for not meeting his very serious responsibility to *play to win*. Sanders loss represents the final defeat of the millennial Left. There are ways we can rebuild but first you have to accept that this is actually a massive defeat. Sanders is a person that never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity. I wouldn't actually be surprised if the popularity of socialism tanks when people find out what AOC and Sanders did to put their tax money in the pockets of the super-rich.
(220.65 KB 1783x965 dayortwo.jpg)
>>533806 Third one was covered everywhere. That's not even the funniest part of that saga. A reporter asked if he was going to still take it despite the health risk, and he said: >Well I think the regimen is finishing in a day or two So he didn't stop taking it because everyone was chastizing him. The regimen was just coincidentally ending in "a day or two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDDLAY3QKM0 He lies like he's 6 years old or something.

(53.33 KB 700x470 1_hBxkNSZRzs7JIX_Fk5VT5w.jpeg)
(208.89 KB 640x438 hxdslz9ql0w41.png)
Star Trek and Rejection of the Last Man Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 00:38:04 No. 512432 [Reply] [Last]
Some of you might be inclined to accuse me of letting consumerism blend into my ideology, but I think it's important to understand the sheer importance of fiction as a means of ideology. Like a lot of kids from the late 90s- early 2000's I used to watch Star Trek: Next Generation's old re-runs on the syndicated channels that would run it throughout the night. I used to spend every other week at my more comfortable grandparent's home out in the country because my mother couldn't afford to feed me 2 weeks in a row (I'm not saying this for any measure of sympathy, but for context on how NextGen helped create a system of values that appealed to my situation). I could go on for a while about what was special about NextGen, but to save time i'll just say it's one of the reasons I became interested in Marx, it was useful. Obviously after the mental deterioration of actual-communist Gene Roddenberry and the network coup under Rick Berman, the franchise declined back into precisely what it was a critique of: Last Man visions of the future. Nowhere is this more evident than modern trek: a thinly disguised action-series that falls for every trope, implies the existence of money in a post-scarcity earth, and the use of an underclass of slave androids that were proved sentient back in NextGen. It's the vision of a future that only progresses insofar that it achieves a flasher setting, but human society and culture remains as barbaric and retarded as before. Clearly Trek is lost to the ghoulish shitheads that don't give a single shit about a vision for human achievement, because they don't get any schmeckels. The point is, that shows like Star Trek are important to help people envision a future that isn't just a flashier, spacier, capitalism, but rather to face that history moves in stages, and that by no means should this be our final vision for the collective project we all share. Regardless of how actually productive it is; Fiction has demonstrated that it's one of the best vehicles for ideological conversion, so what fictional narratives are like OldTrek and have the potential to inspire on the same level? How do we create narratives that are popular enough to shatter the Last Man vision of the future?
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What is your personal take on the prime directive from a leftist stance?
>>523946 Don't rag on the GDR poster. He might be a filthy dengists, but he is also one of the better effort posters on this board. Don't drive good posters away with sectarian bullshit.
>>523935 I don't hate fun, which is why I suggest going to the active Star Trek thread which has near 200 posts and lots of it being effort posting. The Vols being lax is stupid TBH
>>513028 I only liked TOS. I didn't think of the federation as communists in TOS, they seemed more like a version of the US and they were even at odds with Klingons (a bloodthirsty warrior race of imperialists that often conquered like the USSR) and Romulans (who were basically the Roman empire.) It was in TNG when the Federation started sounding like Communists, except even then they were fighting the Borg (collectivists.) The one socialist thing that Star Trek always had was free healthcare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoSxYkH0F_A
>>533770 >they seemed more like a version of the US and they were even at odds with Klingon Interestingly the final TOS movie, where the Klingons ally with the Federation, Kirk's refusal to accept this was an interesting comparison to the jaded NATO soldiers when the USSR fell and Russia "opened".

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply] [Last]
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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>>533454 *Detached corrector joins the party.
>>533454 >Yeah, they are more reattached from reality. That's why you should own non-printable funny money. Love it when boomer lolberts get baiting into outting themselves
Currency devaluation has been an economic issue since literally the roman republic and even before
>>533291 How much money were you investing in the first place?
https://twitter.com/JimPethokoukis/status/1265400534246346754 Remember when they said it would all have been past us by Q3? Well... The fire rises

(466.81 KB 1540x719 GLR-MEET-5.png)
PSL Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 07:39:37 No. 530269 [Reply] [Last]
(reposted to the right board) I applied but haven't talked with them on the phone yet I know some info about them but does anyone have direct experience from within the group? Is the group a good fit for a 19 year old student?
43 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>533715 i mean yeah theres alot of bad parties but reading theory and volunteering at a soup kitchen are not only not mutually exclusive with participating in an org but even bad groups do atleast some volunteering
>>533752 If you volunteer with a bad group you might end up promoting it, which is counter-productive.
>>533781 idk maybe id feel like promoting marxism in any way even through a bad group would be doing more good to spread the ideology and class conscience than the bad being done by perpetuating a bad group
>>533653 As far as I know Chicago, LA, Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle, Portland, SF, NYC, possibly more I'm not positive but we have been growing really fast lately and they would help you start a chapter too if noone else in the area was active
>>533804 atlanta or nashville? what do dues look like?

(189.82 KB 1200x859 radlibtube.jpg)
/IG/ - Internet General 7.0 - IRONY edition Anonymous 12/22/2019 (Sun) 06:49:19 No. 184649 [Reply] [Last]
Discuss e-celebs, lefty youtube, twitter, twitch, etc. Last one hit bump limit. What does /leftypol/ think of people saying things ironically? Inspired by >>184629 but by all means let's talk about irony in general too. How does irony function in online politics? Is it just a smokescreen? Is it sometimes not? Can we even tell the difference?
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>>532655 the entire goddamn online left is getting exposed at this point. i thought fuckers like mopin could stand against someone like vaush, but he's just as dumb as sargon. i dont know what to fuck think anymore. anybody with any common sense like zizek gets called lib now, everyone is a goddamn lib.
>>533074 Yeah people forget that the anime industry was essentially built by people who participated in the Anti-Anpo movement.
(9.44 MB 5625x4769 map of old edo before fire.jpg)
>>533767 I haven't heard about this. I know Hayao Miyazaki was an anti-war socialist, and most of the early anime seemed to condemn the senselessness of war. Later anime seem to be more willing to shed that, with anime that even praise neoliberalism/greed, or that are really nationalistic like Mahouka. But anime generally still tend to blame both sides in a conflict as being flawed a lot more than in Western stuff where there's usually a cartoonishy good and a bad side, Lord of the Rings style. I guess even many centuries ago Japanese poets and intellectuals often thought war was stupid because of all the dumb civil wars between the Samurai clans which burned down Kyoto; I'm not convinced that strain of thought was widespread in the west.
>>533050 >>533054 Being unattractive is cringe. But saying the former is bad social skills.

Marxist analysis of the GTA franchise? Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 20:03:04 No. 528842 [Reply] [Last]
Wanna see if the Top Minds in Leftypol can analyze the bourgeois ideology present in GTA; what do you make of the series? Does each game represent a different philosophy/meaning?
5 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>528842 >the bourgeois ideology present in GTA Have you done an analysis to say this is the case?
what's the point of >>>/games/ if we have vidya threads here?
this kind of reminds me of my analysis on lego ninjago >>>/hobby/7426
>>528842 Its critical and mocks capitalism while the company that made it is notorious for union busting, overworking developers, low pay, cheating voice actors out from fair pay, etc.
>>528842 Honestly I never liked single player or had the patience for it. Grand Theft Auto Online doesn't have much commentary, but iis a lot more fun with the total anarchy, hackers creating chaos. and sociopaths running around. It's a lawless capitalist paradise really.

What to make of a show like Shark Tank?? Anonymous 05/16/2020 (Sat) 00:31:45 No. 505727 [Reply] [Last]
Just chilling on my bed when this shit came on, my God this is some of the most blackpilled shit I've ever seen; just a bunch of porkies who sit on their thrones like medieval nobles and watch as porklets walk into the throne room and beg, and plead, and grovel for an investment and some of dat porky monies so they can make it big, meanwhile the big porkies insult them and insult on these retards who just gotta keep smiling so they can hopefully earn the privilege of porkies making money off their retarded business schemes. Fuck, just watched these porklet ducks thank a dude for telling them their product is shit and their parents will be demanding to know when they'll get a real job. Why the fuck would society create this shit? This would be like a reality show in 1200 AD where small nobles beg the aristocracy for some extra lands; why would porky make a show where he just lords it over weaker smaller porkies who beg for his favor?
44 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>512224 No he's throwing shade at sedentary amerilards.
>>506601 Ngl I deadass thought by the title he was gonna show them a button that says "Sullivan" and nothing else.
>>512238 How's the low hanging fruit?
>>506613 I think everybody has a version of this show with a name like that. England has Dragon Den, We have Shark Tank, and I guess you have Lion's Den. Interesting how the metaphor of going into a dangerous predator's den is universal when it comes to the task of dealing with these absolute pricks.
>>508226 In the past I wouldn't have taken this shit seriously when I hear young morons say they'd vote for a reality show host. But when I was majoring in Business there was a moron who said he'd vote for Donald Trump if he ever ran for office, while the professor laughed and said "Trump went through 5 bankruptcies and left his investors holding an empty fishbowl," as though that settled it. And then years later Trump became fucking president. Now when morons say they'd vote for rich morons, I can't just dismiss them. They don't understand just how bad it is to vote for rich people in general (a few exceptions would be FDR or George Orwell if he'd ran.)

(4.06 KB 286x176 solarpunkflag.png)
Fixing Solarpunk Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 14:22:49 No. 528081 [Reply] [Last]
Many dislike solarpunk cos it's not really realistic and it shows a world that is basically just a continuation of modern neoliberalism. I still think this idea can be salvaged. What will/could a post-capitalist or post-climate change world look like? Will we actually be able to build something like Star Trek or will mankind have to go back to the stone age?
20 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>531047 this read rafiq
(4.72 MB 806x334 dnid.gif)
Solarpunk would've been cool if its advocates just admitted that we're doomed to climate catastrophe. They've consistently had the opportunity to invoke "no future" since at least 2016, when carbon emissions permanently reached past the 400 ppm threshold, but as far as I know they just haven't. The "canny optimism" that characterizes Solarpunk is so overstated as to render it useless; it's nothing short of cope. Under no pretense can these people say their environmentalism is "progressive" at this point—the time for that is literally over. Our bodies are being filled with microplastics as we slowly adapt to an ever-expanding, rainbow-colored trash heap. No amount of degrowth is going to stop that from happening; all we really can do is salvage the remains of civilization.
>>528081 >>533747 Salvagepunk has technically been thing for much longer, and is far more interesting: https://lareviewofbooks.org/article/living-in-the-wreckage Also if anyone would be willing to share pdfs of https://salvage.zone/ then that would great.
(43.37 KB 102x143 chrome_2018-11-30_20-59-51.png)
>>531047 Rafiqists should all be fucking shot
Solarpunk is fucked because of the limited effectiveness of the technologies on the one hand and the geolocations of populations on the other. https://youtu.be/jT6HFCAFDgU (25:50) Good for camping though.

(38.06 KB 451x767 nFjw40k_d.jpg)
Communist anime girls thread Anonymous 01/04/2020 (Sat) 15:33:48 No. 197398 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for communist anime girls VOTE Should this thread be moved to >>>/hobby/? https://strawpoll.com/7gxyhwd2
Edited last time by antious666 on 05/20/2020 (Wed) 23:43:54.
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>>533489 If you can get her, sure.
>>533132 Wouldn't recommend watching it but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLNRZ_1WyzM
>>533649 >Jaden Smith Oh no
>>533649 >>533689 Neo Yokio is a masterpiece of post-critique. The writer is the lead singer-songwriter of Vampire Weekend. He grew up around the elite New York scene. In fact, one of the covers of the album is a chandelier of a very exclusive club. Some of his lyrics are a critique of the culture, not from a leftist perspective, but from a purely bourgeois perspective, in a very Oscar Wilde "I must escape the woes of brunch engagements" way. Neo Yokio is this, but turned up to the max, and I'm not exaggerating. Neo Yokio is the reflection of a writer who has always been pampered and has always been on the lime light. It is filled to the brim of protagonism, someone who does not know what it means not to be catered to. After the first two terrible episodes, the series elucidates, and it becomes clear what this masterpiece actually is. In it, we see the author trying to critique his society, and it's clear degeneracy, but in doing so, reveals his own degeneracy that he can't escape. The un-relatable protagonism being one of the most notable, but less noticeable is his utter incapacity to understand that liking the same comic books and knowing what "hikimori" means does not make him "the same" as the savage prole. I watched it a long time ago, I would definitely recommend it. Smoke a little to make it bearable. I found it to be SO outrageous that it was hilarious, but also a glaring unintentional self-critique hidden in an intentional critique.
>>533745 Don't waste his time anon. I gave it a chance when it came out and watched the first season and it was trash. Jaden Smith created a really sub-par and confused anime, which was utterly vapid. It wouldn't have been approved if not for his connections, and it wasn't funny, the characters made no sense and the action was all phoned in. It's just irredeemable garbage.

(151.52 KB 696x740 imperialism.jpg)
Was the American revolution progressive in any way? Anonymous 05/25/2020 (Mon) 17:59:22 No. 528606 [Reply] [Last]
Its often called the first bourgeois revolution or similar. But a closer look shows that not much changed after it and it was mostly intended to preserve slavery after the British abolished it themselves. Was the American revolution a mistake?
110 posts and 8 images omitted.
Cope harder, Europoors. All I'm seeing are excuses for your own failed movements. How many of your shithole countries have established communism? Oh, none of them? Lol. But yeah it's the fault of Americans that you all failed. Excuses, excuses.
>>531455 About half of Europe was communist at one point. What the fuck are you talking about, burger?
>>529594 we're not raiding your echochamber atm, leave ours alone
>>529654 never met a bulletproof bodybuilder

(446.44 KB 556x648 Pig.png)
Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 07:01:55 No. 533768 [Reply] [Last]
it would be a fucking shame if someone with malicious intent went to this address :(
>>533768 someone already did this thread go away

(20.68 KB 300x225 quV9a1Z.jpg)
Anonymous 05/20/2020 (Wed) 01:54:23 No. 514843 [Reply] [Last]
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(101.96 KB 200x264 CCCP_Khrushchev.png)
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Nikita Khrushchev. The corn is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of Post-Keynesianism most of the socialism will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Khrushchev's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from the RDS-220, for instance. The cadres understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of the corn, to realise that they're not just a convenient fodder crop - they say something deep about AGRICULTURE. As a consequence people who dislike Nikita Khrushchev truly ARE factionalists - of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Khrushchev's boastful catchphrase "We will bury you!" which itself is a cryptic reference to Howard Pyle's Book of Pirates. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Khrushchev's genius wit unfolds itself on their KVN-49 television sets. What fools.. how I pity them. And yes, by the way, i DO have a Nikita Khrushchev tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It's for the Babushka's eyes only- and even then she has to demonstrate that she's lives within 10 blocks of my Khrushchyovka (preferably closer) beforehand. Nothin personnel, tovarisch :>
>>514843 I want to like him but was the denunciation thing really necessary? It gave porkies and liberals infinite ammo to criticize socialism. Also is the whole thing about him setting up the stage for the collapse by loosening up real? Or am I just a brainlet btw I'm not a Stalinfag just curious
>>533719 I think it gave anti-communists a lot of ammunition; its assertions were very "over-the-top" and, iirc, suggested that the Stalin-era repressions had no legitimate grounds and were a consequence of Stalin's one-man leadership enabling his paranoia. I also heard that many parties split and had internal conflicts after the speech, but I don't know whether that is true and/or it happened to the extent which "anti-revisionists" have suggested. The only claim which I think is incorrect is the claim that Khrushchev's speech set-up the collapse of the USSR. I think it only helped the collapse in that it gave faggots like Yakolev, Yeltsin, and Gorbachev the ammunition with which they could assault "the soviet system". One dude at sovietempire wrote an essay about Glasnost and how it impacted public opinion towards socialism: http://www.soviet-empire.com/ussr/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=52073 Another thing that should be noted is that Brezhnev (Khrushchev's successor) underwent a light "re-stalinization" or rather a "de-de-stalinization". I would guess that helped somewhat to restore Stalin's legacy. Lastly, the "Secret Speech" was not the official CPSU resolution - a document far less extreme and more objective.
(20.20 KB 220x299 Frantz_Fanon.jpg)
>”And when Mr. Khrushchev brandishes his shoe at the United Nations and hammers the table with it, no colonized individual, no representative of the underdeveloped countries laughs. For what Mr. Khrushchev is showing the colonized countries who are watching, is that he, the missile-wielding muzhik is treating these wretched capitalists the way they deserve." -Franzt Fanon If Khrushchev isn't based then no one is
>>533719 >was the denunciation thing really necessary? a critical re-assessment of stalin would have happened at some point, whether it be in the 50s (malenkov and definitely beria would have done so) or later. the main issue was that some of the claims made were overblown, such as his "bad" decisions during wartime. there is also the fact that his secret speech served to deligitimise his opponents and solidify his own position in the CPSU. at no point, however, did khrushchev ever denounce stalin's character, deeming him a counter-revolutionary, nor did he denounce the past as some "bureaucratic command economy" like gorbachev and other anti-communists did; he certainly never "brought to light" supposed crimes like the holodomor or the secret protocols. and more importantly, the things he did crticise stalin for where not framed as malicious in intent. on the contrary, he was quite open in his opinion (which is the correct one) that stalin's mistakes—and, at times, his crimes—were done in the percieved interests of the revolution. here is what he said in the 20th congress: >We must affirm that the Party fought a serious fight against the Trotskyites, rightists and bourgeois nationalists, and that it disarmed ideologically all the enemies of Leninism. This ideological fight was carried on successfully, as a result of which the Party became strengthened and tempered. Here Stalin played a positive role. . . . >This question is complicated by the fact that all this which we have just discussed [i.e. the mass repressions] was done during Stalin’s life under his leadership and with his concurrence; here Stalin was convinced that this was necessary for the defense of the interests of the working classes against the plotting of enemies and against the attack of the imperialist camp. >He saw this from the position of the interest of the working class, of the interest of the laboring people, of the interest of the victory of socialism and communism. We cannot say that these were the deeds of a giddy despot. He considered that this should be done in the interest of the Party, of the working masses, in the name of the defense of the revolution’s gains. In this lies the whole tragedy! it's also worth mentioning that the secret speech was never officially published until 1989, being replaced by a more punctual document titled "on overcoming the cult of the individual and Its consequences" which served as the CPSU's official assessment of the stalin-era. >Also is the whole thing about him setting up the stage for the collapse by loosening up real? no. nothing he did had any indirect, let alone direct impact on the events which unfolded in 1986-1991. the USSR continued to grow massively under khrushchev.

(14.93 KB 404x125 download.jpg)
Bullshit Jobs Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 13:02:05 No. 530675 [Reply] [Last]
What is leftypol's thoughts on bullshit jobs? David Graeber contends that over half of societal work is pointless, which becomes psychologically destructive when paired with a work ethic that associates work with self-worth. Graeber describes five types of meaningless jobs, in which workers pretend their role is not as pointless or harmful as they know it to be: flunkies, goons, duct tapers, box tickers, and taskmasters. -flunkies, who serve to make their superiors feel important, e.g., receptionists, administrative assistants, door attendants -goons, who oppose other goons hired by other companies, e.g., lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers, public relations specialists -duct tapers, who temporarily fix problems that could be fixed permanently, e.g., programmers repairing shoddy code, airline desk staff who calm passengers whose bags don't arrive -box tickers, who use paperwork or gestures as a proxy for action, e.g., performance managers, in-house magazine journalists, leisure coordinators -taskmasters, who manage—or create extra work for—those who don't need it, e.g., middle management, leadership professionals
25 posts and 7 images omitted.
what jobs do you guys have? i'm unemployed but wonder what would be praxis if let's say the offer me a management position and me refusing it? would you people take up jobs that you consider to be bullshit or exploitative if it meant your material conditions would improve?
I work in a call centre, and it's bullshit as fuck
>>531992 Agreed, but they are a byproduct of capital inefficiency. You have things like the entire banking industry, insurance, marketing, sales (including all the scammers). All useless. Then you have shit like corporate bloat in middle management, most of which is unnecessary. Everyone is aware of meeting hell. Then there's "consulting" which is a bunch of bullshit. A huge portion of lawyering is to deal with copyrights, patents, and business deals. Then you have financiers who's purpose is to dodge taxes. All of these people might be making the company money, but they aren't providing real value to society. I guess bellboys and doormen are part of the "humans as accesories" jobs, which include the models that pose around products, the ice cream cone suit entertainers, the greeters at wallmart, etc. If you go to the third world, you also have huge employment of various police units. Gotta keep society orderly. Then you zoom out and you see entire industries producing crap, the toy industry is a great example. But really just turn on a tv and watch the advertising. These are products people wouldn't buy unless reminded constantly to do so. And finally, the incessant search for profit creates a whole bunch of medical problems which in turn create unnecessary medical jobs. Same with car dealerships and maintenance shops. It's a wonder who the fuck is actually working on stuff people do really want (and don't have to be tricked into wanting). Seems like a tiny portion of society does. Restaurants seem to be a huge area of employment too. But I won't go in into why I see them as a good thing that could be massively improved.
>>530725 Having a big reserve army of labor is much more important.
>>530675 Graeber sucks; I wish marxists talked more about the growing surplus population, though.

(360.06 KB 715x989 commiemartin.jpg)
Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 06:31:50 No. 533726 [Reply] [Last]
I copped this recently for my gf to get her started with communist literature since she's expressed a bit of interest in my commie theory shit, I figured a comic book adaptation would be more engaging for her since she likes to draw. What other entry level stuff do you recommend giving to absolute political normies since I have a couple other irl friends who I think could be R E D pilled? Preference for shit that's as babby tier as possible but I'll take anything. Thanks /leftypol/

(404.69 KB 2318x2897 red scare 2.jpg)
Red scare podcast red brown? Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 04:03:37 No. 530095 [Reply] [Last]
anybody listen to this because ive heard weird shit in the past about one of them talking in support of red brown alliance shit and apparently they also interviewed Steve Bannon so i've always been wondering what their fucking deal is
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(147.14 KB 1200x800 34908230948393.jpg)
(1.14 MB 5100x2549 5349085390484.jpg)
>>533661 Saw the other day that New York Times writer Bari Weiss -- ultra-Zionist / neoconservative "IDW" promoter and author of an article calling out the Chapos as angry dudebros -- is a Red Scare fan and has them as part of her regular listening. I think it's an interesting phenomenon... like these girls in a sense fill the role of where public intellectuals might've filled in a different timeline, like Paglia, who these girls are apparently big admirers of. The fact they talk about sex and parade around in their undies itself isn't new. It's utterly unremarkable -- intellectuals have been plenty vapid and have been doing that for a long time. But I think owing to exigent historical and material conditions there are a whole lot less jobs for upper-middle and upper-class humanities graduates, and from a ruling class perspective it's probably a bad thing for the role of the public intellectual to die out completely, as intellectual production is a key component of ruling-class reproduction, they don't want to be proletarianized anymore than the next gal (or guy), so it's necessary to construct new forms of it and new appendages. Podcasts will do. And they're vaguely "left" and "outsiderey," like oh we can't help but be bad because neoliberalism made us do it, it let us down, we're socialists ha ha, and while they may have some disagreements with the larger constellation of the elite New York media, opinion and fashion industry, what they're saying only seems dangerous or provocative from within that industry. Like you said there is no actually radical content here. It is play-acting as intellectuals by children. And as far as their vapidity, they were raised in environments riddled with venality and the ethic of accumulation, and they were inculcated with very high expectations for their own lives and careers. No wonder they're monetizing the undying crap out of their disaffection! It's how they were raised! They were bred to make money and claw their way up poles greasier than any of us could imagine! And none of this is hidden!
>>532047 i cant help but detect a hint of fiction in your story
>>533735 About what? It's a true story. Also the auto worker dude in the story (I think he worked on end-of-the-line quality control / inspection stuff) was originally from California but had been moved here by the company in a restructuring and fucking hated it when people were like "I dunno if I want to be in the union" because where he was from everybody was in the union.
Also he preferred the French Vanilla blend of 7/11 coffee (7/11 being the only 24-hour place in the area where we could get coffee).

(121.22 KB 770x515 sovietdenim_feat.jpg)
Soviet jeans Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 08:03:16 No. 530291 [Reply] [Last]
What do you think of the common liberal saying:" the soviet union was so poor that its own people toppled it for blue jeans and bubble gum" This saying is very common amongst slavic anti-communists, but not american ones. ALso is it really true that the USSR never produced jeans?
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>>532798 Nothing. The proletariat must be always completely nude, completely hairless, and oiled up so they can easily wriggle out of the capitalists' grasp.
(81.40 KB 354x450 _vyr_14162042702622_81-120.png)
(208.71 KB 819x960 5.jpg)
>>532798 We call them "monterky" in ČSSR. Back in the day tho they werent that sturdy.
>>531985 depends on the era. in the 70s-80s clothing restrictions become more relaxed for schools (e.g. you could get away with higher length skirts) and jeans became more common. in the DDR pioneers had a lax dress code and were allowed to wear jeans and other random shit, so long as they kept the blue shirt pretty much.
>>533629 brehs
(84.21 KB 1024x720 2347293.jpg)
(92.51 KB 643x358 423749823793.jpg)
Yeah the FDJ got wild with it. Here are some pics of later Komsomol (Soviet youth org).

(300.25 KB 1400x906 snitch.jpeg)
(14.48 KB 320x247 fbi.jpeg)
informants Anonymous 05/24/2020 (Sun) 05:14:42 No. 524516 [Reply] [Last]
In all organizations there is a need to recruit new members, but in this there is also a danger that you admit a glow in the dark into your organization. How can this be prevented? this there any good literature or advice on how not to admit an informant/agent to your org, and also what happens if one of your members gets arrested and "turns evidence for the prosecution" i.e. turns to a RAT? In addition how do you deal with glow in the dark tactics on causing internal fractures?
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>>530270 >NYPD Hip Hop task What?
(143.94 KB 1000x667 230482309843.gif)
>>532244 https://youtu.be/CGOt8dZRsHk >The unit, called the Enterprise Operations Unit, is tasked with creating weekly reports of cultural activity in the New York metropolitan area. These reports identify entertainers and rap music concerts at clubs, then assigns a value of low, medium or high risk in relation to the potential for violence or other crimes that can be committed by concert attendees. That information is then shared with local police commanders and cops to profile a large demographic who have committed no crime. This is so the police can link any crimes in the area as possibly being influenced by the concerts. The NY Post uses as an example the case of troubled female rapper Remy Ma, government name Reminisce Mackie, and a concert she headlined back in March 2018. >At the sold-out show a host of other rappers, among them Lil Kim, gave a surprise performance that delighted the crowd. Also in the crowd was an undercover officer and an increased police presence outside of the club and the surrounding area. It turns out that Remy Ma has been a surveillance target since she was released from prison after serving a six-year sentence for a shooting that occurred in 2007. Not only was Remy Ma targeted but also Jahmeek “Jah” Elliot, a member of her entourage at the time. Police suspected Elliott, a reputed gang leader of the “Dub City” gang based out of the Bronx was still engaged in criminal activity. Members of that gang were tied to a brutal turf war that resulted in 15 shootings and murder. Elliot served a prison sentence for felony drug possession before being paroled in November 2016. https://rollingout.com/2019/05/31/hip-hop-police-at-nypd-targets-rappers-and-fans/
>>532383 What an autistic waste of police resources
>>524679 >People who are informants are usually[ In debt] So don't let former students into your org.
(41.79 KB 680x508 Df03KGnX0AEHVog.jpg)
>>532650 You have a good point

Can we have a shitty book thread? Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 14:01:58 No. 530762 [Reply] [Last]
I see a lot of people here requesting more intellectual literature to help understand theory. Can we do the opposite and just find dumbass political nonsense to laugh at?
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>>530792 After you’re done reading it or whatever post a vid of you burning it.
>>533655 I second this.
>>530843 Yep. >>530928 The shitty paintbucket job is ridiculously infuriating. Mortal Instrument book covers look like airport novels. Good job nonetheless. I found chomsky's book "On Anarchism" to be very unsubstantial. I was an anarchist at the time and really wanted to get into theory, so I read the most prominent anarchist I knew at the time. Truly disappointing.
You want shit? Well here's a chapter from this massive fucking putrid dump of a book. Karl Marx was the son of a wealthy lawyer in Germany. But Marx, like many a kid, was a misfit with zero social competence who got his sense of identity via complaint. On a trip through England, Marx caught a glimpse of the “brickies”—child and teenage laborers who toiled in pits, digging out clay and turning it into the Mesopotamian mud invention—bricks. These kids were dirty as could be. Marx, on the other hand, was a child of the promotional campaign of the soap industry. Without realizing it, he had come to equate cleanliness with dignity. And without realizing it, Marx was imposing his middle-class views on everyone around him. That included the unwashed workers in the brickyards and the mills of Birmingham. Marx thought these laborers were being degraded. Would he have felt that way two generations earlier when he, like most others, would have seldom washed his face? Marx took Adam Smith's term, “capital,” and distorted it. Adam Smith said “capital” was all the extra stuff you and I make and store so we can trade it with each other someday.1 Marx said capital was something far more specialized. It consisted of a single ingredient—stored labor. There was only one ingredient worth paying for in soap, in a cotton shirt, in a wagon, in a barge, in a canal, or in a monumental building like the British Library, where Marx did most of his research and his writing. That was the hard labor that the proletarians, the muscle workers, put in. Would Marx have said that only the printers, binders, and papermakers contribute to the value of a book?2 And that authors and thinkers like Marx contribute nothing? If Marx stuck with his labor theory of value, the answer would almost certainly have been yes.3 Here's the closest Marx comes to a definitive statement on the economic value of brainwork: “Skilled labour counts only as simple labour intensified…for simplicity's sake, we shall henceforth account every kind of labour to be unskilled, simple labour.”4 So much for labor's nature as stored vision and stored persistence. To Marx, stored vision and stored persistence literally had no “value.” More important, Marx's theory said unequivocally that greed would always drive capitalists to suck the blood from the working class. Capitalists could only prosper, said Marx, if they kept wages so low that the weekly trickle of cash barely covered the cost of food, clothing, and housing. Others said there was a serious flaw in Marx's theory that only sweat labor, only muscular labor, makes a product valuable. But the real disproof came not from a critic but from reality. From Marx's day until 2008, the pay a low-wage London laborer received in a year went from the equivalent of $5,112.12 in 2007 dollars to $38,750.84.5 And that wage covered far more than just food, clothes, and shelter. It bought cars, TVs, cell phones, and designer jeans. It bought the gifts of the identity business. And if you were lucky, it bought the products of the health industry. But this mushrooming of the average paycheck wouldn't happen until after Marx had been long gone. Meanwhile, Marx stuck to his labor theory of value until his death. Karl Marx deceived us. He left out the meat and fed us artificial sweets. Capital is stored vision, stored courage, stored persistence, and stored persuasion. Capital is stored imagination, stored daring, stored promotion, stored advertising, and stored social organization. Capital is stored fantasy. Capital is even, brace yourself, stored ego. Without those elements Karl Marx would not have had the soap that gave him the privilege of a bourgeois status symbol—a clean face. Without the vigorous promotion of soap, Marx might never have struggled for the dignity of those with dirty hands and dirty foreheads, chins, and cheeks. With his self-published pamphlets, Marx was a small-time entrepreneur. With his visions, with his freelance work for the New York Herald, and with his cantankerous self-promotion, Karl Marx was the ultimate bourgeois, the ultimate middle-class kid, the fearless small-scale capitalist. Marx left us a hideous legacy. He left us new ideas and new ways of perceiving things. All that is positive. But he promoted the notion that capitalists are vampires driven by greed. Meanwhile, no one produced a countercreed. No one—not even Adam Smith—told capitalists the obligations of their state—to uplift, console, empower, and delight. To give identity and validate. To elevate their fellow human beings. No one told capitalists that profits come from prophetic leadership. No one told them that their task is messianic. Marx's notion that capitalism equals greed and its update in the iconic 1987 movie Wall Street as a simple slogan—“greed is good”6—went hog wild in the CEO culture of the early twenty-first century. The average CEO of a Standard and Poor's Five Hundred company gave himself a compensation package worth a hefty $14.2 million a year in 2007.7 That's not much if you're buying Rolls Royces. It will get you only 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms. But it's enough to buy 645 Toyota Priuses. And that's just the average top five hundred CEOs. Angelo Mozilo, chairman and CEO of Countrywide Financial Corp., gave himself a hefty $48 million a year.8 For what? For running a company widely blamed for the great mortgage crisis of 2008. More specifically, for running that company, Countrywide Financial, into the ground. Other masters of greed also gave themselves monstrous salaries for deep-sixing their companies. James E. Cayne, the chairman and CEO at the helm of Bear Stearns when it sank, gave himself $40,004,315.9 Kerry Killinger, the chief executive officer of Washington Mutual, was far more modest. He gave himself a mere $14,364,883 for collapsing his company.10 Then there was John J. Mack, CEO and chairman of Morgan Stanley, a company that miraculously stayed afloat. But in 2007, Morgan Stanley experienced its first loss in seventy-two years under Mack's reign. What did Mack pay himself for what appeared to be some whopping errors in judgment? $41,790,854.11 Some in the capitalist system have been encouraged to believe that bleeding a company to build personal wealth is a part of the capitalist creed. It's not. It's the very opposite of the capitalist imperative. You get paid for what you build. You get paid by those you save.
>>533729 .cont Marx used words, research, and reason to justify an extreme of emotion—a need to distance himself from his lawyer father. A need to get attention and identity by battling against the others in his niche, the middle class. A need to kick loose from the normal path to success. A need to rebel against those who find a human yearning and fill it. A need to kick in the teeth of the ambitious, achieving, and contributing bourgeoisie. A need to stretch into the emptiness of possibility and to set himself apart. A need kindled by an evolutionary search strategy, the fission-fusion strategy—stretch out, explore, then consolidate, digest. But what began as Marx's noble attempt to reform society ended as a social sickness, a cultural pathology. In the long run, Marx and his followers' promotional skills would kill forty million people in the Soviet Union1 and another forty million in Mao Zedong's China.2 In the long run, Marx's idealistic words and fantasies would kill almost as many as soap and cotton saved. What made Marx's misleading doctrines so magnetic? Here's a guess. Marx felt his audience in his chest—a capitalist necessity. He resonated to the frequency of a brand-new generation—a cadre of kids given their freedoms by the cotton revolution, the soap invasion, magazines, newspapers, and steam-driven mass production. A cadre of kids whose brains were subtly shaped by technologies no human had previously seen. Marx gave meaning and identity to middle-class kids from Asia, Europe, and the Americas, kids who needed to establish their identity and to get attention by rebelling. Kids who needed rebellion, differentiation, and validation as much as Marx did. By leading with his passions, Marx struck a responsive chord in generation after generation. He liberated those driven by a need they can't explain, driven to battle the “establishment” of their day, driven to topple the culture of their parents' generation. The Marxist experiments of the twenty-first century should have ended Marxism. To repeat, they killed over eighty million citizens. They tormented the poor, they did not uplift them. But Marx's message sells and sells. Marxist rebels are fighting today in Colombia, Mexico, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.3 In Nepal the Maoist Marxist party put down its weapons, swept the country's elections in 2008, and dropped the Maoist label in 2009.4 And in Cyprus, the Marxist “Akel” party won the island's presidential election in February 2008.5 Meanwhile, London has an active Stalin Society.6 Sweden has a communist party—the Kommunistika Partiet—that runs candidates in elections and occasionally wins. And in Russia many an intellectual wants Stalin to return from the dead. Marx is, alas, alive and kicking in the twenty-first century. Marx was one of the most successful self-promoters, idea sellers, and identity merchandisers the Industrial Revolution has ever produced. His vision was stupendous. His persistence was amazing. He stuck with the promotion of his concepts for over forty years. And his message had that essential of all good services and products—a powerfully passionate core. What was Marx's secret? Going with his feelings. Selling his emotions. And being tuned—not to the masses—but to the kids of the middle class. Marxism has been discredited by the atrocities of Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao. So why does it still continue to sell? Because it's a status symbol, a badge of identity, a source of warmth, a source of group belonging, and a source of camaraderie. Marxism fits the bioplan of human needs. It fits the taxonomy of desire. Marxism says to kids who feel alienated, who fear that they can't make it in their parents' competitive world, that they are high above all others. They are the leaders of the poor. They are the saviors of the workers. They are the vanguard—the elite commanders—of a people they actually dislike. We all need to be saviors. But Marxism is a murderous invention. It represents the worst that marketing can achieve. It is an irony of ironies. Marxism is based on tuned empathy—empathy tuned to an audience of the well-to-do. But Marxism is manipulative…it claims it's tuned to the problems of the poor. It's not! Marxism is based on mass promotion, mass media, and the tools of the capitalist system. Marxism feeds in the niche of the protest industry. Marxism provides identity, a feeling of solidarity, a feeling of community, and a deep sense of meaning. It also provides a means of self-deception. Marxism is the ultimate commercial product of the capitalism of passion. But not all capitalism is messianic. Some of it is criminal, even when it's well intentioned. Some capitalism robs, steals, cheats, intimidates, and even murders. Marxism is ironically what it claims to hate the most. Marxism is criminal capitalism in disguise. Marxism has proven that it has the power to crush hundreds of millions of human lives.

(20.86 KB 610x610 communityIcon_coyy4deiufb31.jpg)
Thoughts on the 'pro-male collective' ideology's take on gender equality? Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 09:12:01 No. 530345 [Reply] [Last]
These are guys who are on an 'Eastern Front' kind of fight right now against TERFs, 'Femcels' or RadFems on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ProMaleCollective/ They have no relation to the right wing 'MRAs', 'incels', the manosphere or 'MGTOW'. If anything they clean closer to a position people would call 'brocialist' but not exactly. Their take on gender inequality against males and how systems like capitalism came into existence possibly is that women play a large role in enforcing them. Men conquer lands, accumulate capital, dominate others and etc in order to oppress women due to exploitation in their gender roles. These women who benefit from female social privilege also benefit from capitalist exploitation of males in all countries and support keeping men in their gender roles. Once male gender roles imposed by women on men have been abolished, all forms of competition. They are economically left leaning in the sense of taking on positions similar to Belfort Bax. Welfare is pro-male because it protects men from being forced into slavery if they lack a job, lose theirs or worse.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>532879 >I have never seen anybody with either a white nor a black skin. Just shades of brown and beige Well I have.
>>533707 >The point is that at the epistemological level, there is no biologically absolute category deferred as 'race'; Okay, but racism doesn't require this. Do you think it's simply by chance that blacks are oppressed far more than other workers? You'd have to ignore the totality of the past several centuries to think that. And it's anti materialist, chattel slavery and Jim Crow were only begrudgingly ended. Society wears the deep scaring of that into today. Again the US still has legal slavery enshrined in the consitution.
>>533707 >the construction of racial categories and racialized perception has tangible impacts on real life and its consequences for the groups that we self-divide LMAO so you think blacks, who are oppressed by racism, are as culpable for it as whites. Sorry, but it's whites that seize the opportunism that racism gives them. It's not a all sides are equally culpable thing.
>>533707 >the construction of racial categories and racialized perception has tangible impacts on real life and its consequences for the groups that we self-divide LMAO so you think blacks, who are oppressed by racism, are as culpable for it as whites. Sorry, but it's whites that seize the opportunism that racism gives them. It's not a all sides are equally culpable thing.
>>533713 >Sorry, but it's whites that seize the opportunism that racism gives them. It's not a all sides are equally culpable thing. Not him, but you do realise that POC are just as capable of selling out revolutionaries and comrades as much as white people right? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blaise_Compaor%C3%A9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Hilaire_Aubame

(76.41 KB 687x1031 PRC.jpg)
Anonymous 05/24/2020 (Sun) 22:31:13 No. 526771 [Reply] [Last]
Mandatory Pro-Socialist China Thread -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hMQOjZ1qt8 1. Chinese wages have nearly tripled in the last 2 decades. 2. China has executed little over a dozen billionaires in the last decade 3. all higher education staff and all party members are urged to study socialist theory 4. the social credit system is basically a very, very, very Lite-Cultural Revolution but minus all the pulling off of nails 5. the highest law making body only has a tiny fraction of capitalists in its ranks. if you suggest the chinese state has been usurped by capitalists and thus the state is no longer socialist, you're basically saying that the leaf is making the tree shake.
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>>533435 >Dude learn basic logic <basically fascist dude learn how to read >What is the point of this retardation is the point, just in case that whooshed over you
>>533405 bear with me here but let me respond with a question: do you view any of those places as socialist tho?
>>529911 Based
Bad Empanada comparing Chinese camps and American type stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c55sxuC9K30
>>533693 literally whomst

(111.61 KB 663x1200 anarcho-hoxhacatII.jpg)
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>>533356 You need to decouple your fee-fees from your rational understanding. I think this is the bare minimum entry-point of being taken seriously in communist circles. OldBO literally said previously that he was a theorylet when he started 8ch/leftypol/. I don't see how we shouldn't take his word for it! >he read a book or two I prefer sticking to facts. All we know is that he started reading after "being bullied into theory" (his words), we don't actually know HOW much he read or WHAT he read. These are the facts, mind you. >decided he was qualified to ban everyone First, this literally didn't happen, and you know it yourself. He didn't ban "everyone". He started banning by a pattern. We can argue back and forth whether this was justified or what-not, but that's a secondary thing to accepting the fucking facts. >the atrocities As I """prophetically""" said right after when we moved here: I believe that CurrentBO will have a similar point. He would either ban the "lefties" who start dominating the board (in favor for actual communists >>533325) or we'll become literal /r/chapo. This is just speculation, but it is not baseless. >he destroyed the board God createth, God destroyeth. ech-th
>>533420 >all whites are white supremacists your ban is justified, albeit for the wrong reason
>>533428 this is not just bad bait but annoying bait. take an L when you're given one, buddy
>>533239 ctrl+f >imageboard 0 results >anonymous online communities 0 results >autist wreckers 0 results >muh posts 0 results >jannies/janitors/moderators/imageboard volunteers/unwaged janitorial service 0 results get a better book.

(617.94 KB 896x658 sad.PNG)
Russia in the 90's Anonymous 01/22/2020 (Wed) 09:28:57 No. 225088 [Reply] [Last]
I don't know much about it, so how bad did things get in Russia (and the rest of the Soviet states) after the fall of the USSR in 1992?
229 posts and 64 images omitted.
how is this thread still alive?
(3.24 MB 364x288 boris.gif)
>>533666 Because the restoration of capitalism in the USSR was the worst tragedy of 20th century and everyone should know about it Why is there no Victims of Privatization foundation?
>>533677 let's make one, lol
>>533684 This but unironically
>>526738 >instead of being playful and developing the imagination. Блять ты что бредиш? >Stoopid people must be controlled and directed Не паясничяй умник

(8.91 KB 250x250 a06.jpg)
Lets debunk neoliberals Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 19:05:07 No. 509723 [Reply] [Last]
Lets focus less on debunking altright low hanging fruit that nobody other than internet retards take seriously and instead debunk neoliberal propaganda that is considered truthful by the majority? Stuff like this: This video claims that chile is such a prosperous country compared to bolivia because it lets "foreign investors" take its resources. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GmkUEmeLko&t=616s This video claims how tsars and evil commies in the USSR made their subjects too drunk to rebel against them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK7l55ZOVIc This video praises the pre-chavez neoliberal government of venezuela https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_txD5RvDMU
26 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>518905 Damn thanks anon
>Kraut,Brains4Brakfast, VisualPolitik (the trio of the neolib flower shirt, and the english beard, mercenary of Yt) >The trinity of Yt recomendations Fuck me, I followed VisualPolitik to know how the liberal mind worked. It fucking sicked me. Even my little cousin talked to me if I watched one of their videos (I'm hoping that it didn't braindamaged him)
>>518905 I severely doubt that portugal and spain were much richer than the USSR(due to rampant inequality, wage stagnation, poor infrastructure, etc) yet these GDP graphs always put them as having 3 times the income of the USSR. Tsarist apologists always say that the russian empire was richer than the iberian countries but the USSR became poorer.
>>518911 There was a video of him praising the georgian neoliberal US puppet saakashvili, branding him as some liberal miracle worker, quietly omitting that his own country wants to arrest him.

(1.14 MB 1200x800 ak.jpg)
Anonymous 05/12/2020 (Tue) 02:52:51 No. 498503 [Reply] [Last]
From Wikipedia >The December decree of the CPC of 1918, "On the surrender of weapons", ordered people to surrender any firearms, swords, bayonets and bombs, regardless of the degree of serviceability. The penalty for not doing so was ten years' imprisonment. >On December 12, 1924 the Central Executive Committee of the USSR promulgated its degree "On the procedure of production, trade, storage, use, keeping and carrying firearms, firearm ammunition, explosive projectiles and explosives", all weapons were classified and divided into categories. Now the weapons permitted for personal possession by ordinary citizens could only be smoothbore hunting shotguns. So are Tankies OK with disarming the proletariat? This clearly goes against Marx and common sense
58 posts and 9 images omitted.
>the proletariat will never have to defend itself against a state that claims to be socialist Morons actually believe this
>>533522 >red fascist way to out yourself out radlib >>533528 >strawmanning an argument bout gun control to be "we can nevur trust de guvment" You're idiots who haven't read Marx or Lenin or Castro or Stalin or Engels.
>>519162 Well in that case, yeah I'd hesitate to call it socialist if it disarms its proles, but that doesn't outright dismiss Marxist Leninism.
>>533559 >call it socialist if it disarms its proles Well its not disarmament in the traditional sense, but in the collective sense. In the USSR most people didn't own a lot of guns past maybe a pistol or hunting rifle/shotgun. HOWEVER every student got a year of Basic Military Training and Males served 2 years in the army. Thus everyone knew basic gun safety and tactics. Moreover weapons of more potent type could be loaned out easily, and sniping competitions were encouraged. Weapons availability is irrelevant in latter half of the 20th century but training matters. As Donetsk and the IRA demonstrate, lack of legal guns does little to hinder genuine people's resistance to abusive government.
>>533301 He's not wrong tho. The right to bear arms was a part of the liberal revolution of 1688 in Britain. You guys are just parroting lib revisionism with your "muh slave patrols" shit there was more than just slavery at work there.

(412.09 KB 1284x1280 81JmXQbf2oL.jpg)
Justicalismo Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 03:44:36 No. 533587 [Reply] [Last]
is it just soft fash? how did it get to the point where its in the sao palo forum and kind of based, isnt the opposite supposed to happen where liberals go fash and fash go even harder fash?
Peron was the product of a genuine working class movement and the dissatisfaction of the rich having their interests align. Peron was cl for his first term and implemented "peronist" policies but then sided with the rich during his second term.
>>533587 I've heard some fascists claim this but tbh I don't really see it. I don't know that much about how the Argentinian economy functioned during Peron but it didn't seem class collaborationist in the sense fascists describe corporatism, more just like economically nationalist, with protectionism, a large welfare state, and some nationalization. That being said though Peron was obviously very anti-communist, and chauvinistically nationalist, and also very lenient on the Argie bourgeoisie. One final thing, I wouldn't say it's even a little based, hell I'd say it's more debatable that Peronismo was slightly more "based" back in the day when it was rabidly anti-communist. Now it's considered more leftwing cause they have more or less abandonded most of the more rightwing elements of Peronismo but that doesn't mean economically it's any different from your typical socdem neoliberal South American party. The other big issue is the rampant corruption and lies that have been displayed by post-Peron justicialist governments, like Kirchner literally stealing millions of pesos from the Argentinian economy. It's not based, it's just neoliberalism with a larger welfare state than your typical Latinamerican country with more corruption.
>>533597 kircherism is kind of based, it's socdem but definitely not neolib

(77.07 KB 1000x662 Bonobos.jpg)
Is human nature intrinsically broken? Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 03:59:29 No. 533599 [Reply] [Last]
I was researching bonobos, a species of primate and read that they have evolved behavior features that encourage peace, empathy and cooperation. On the other hand there are their cousins, chimps who are violent, hierarchical and often cruel. Are humans more like chimps in this regard? Are the porkies right that socialism is against human nature? Are we doomed?
5 posts omitted.
>>533608 We act greedy if we perceive it to be necessary for our own. Nobody normal actually likes being greedy, but the way the world presents itself leads us to believe we have to to get by.
>>533600 What I'm asking is that since chimps, even when raised in the plentiful and secure environments that bonobos are from, are still quite aggressive. We are very close to these animals and I'm having doubts about the whole "It's just nurture, we can change it" attitudes that i see a lot of people here subscribing to.
>>533599 It's due to material conditions. Bonobos live in full communism. Chimps live in madmax post apocalypse. Also the peaceful thing is over hyped, both bonobos and chimps are 100x more prone to violence than humans.
>>533599 No. Humans are the least violent of all the large mammals, and if you disagree, you're a fucking urbanite who has never killed their own food.
>>533622 Adding to this, as sapient beings with metacognition, we can deal with angry and even violent impulses by finding more complex solutions which aren't available to primates

>>532100 Now that coronavirus is a worldwide issue and antibodies to it aren't effective indefinitely? Yes
>>531915 based >>531952 >b-but fascists are the real oppressed group!!!!
>>533274 <Now that coronavirus is a worldwide issue and antibodies to it aren't effective indefinitely? Yes .t Karen

a new economic program (dump unorthodox ideas here) Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 02:34:05 No. 533471 [Reply] [Last]
>1: The country where a company outsources all their jobs to is the country that the board of directors and upper management will be sent to (assuming they are not gulaged) - if a company outsources jobs to bangladesh, the board of directors will be forced to live there, stripped of all their possessions and property. >2: Any private company which cannot stay afloat without bailouts will be allowed to fail. After failure, they will be nationalized. This plan can easily assist with a transition to a socialist economy. If a company does not fail, but gets sold, priority sale will be given to the employees of the company. >3: Any house bought in excess of one by someone intending to rent it out to people to parasitize the country will be redistributed immediately. All redistributed housing will be prioritized for those without a home, or with inadequate housing. >4: It will be illegal to not keep at least one firearm in a house. If the government is redistributing housing, a firearm will be included within a safe with a key given to the new owner, to keep the gun safe from burglars or children of the homeowners. >5: Currency will be immediately changed after the exchange of power from a capitalist party to a socialist or communist party. This is to make foreign-held cash owned by hoarders who hold their money overseas worthless. Any rich person attempting to flee will be forced to move away with nothing but the clothes on their back and forty dollars - if they truly are worthy of being rich, they can go from "rags to riches" in the foreign country they hope to flee to. Every attempt should be made to prevent wealth from flowing out of the country in the event of a takeover by a socialist or communist party, effective immediately, to prevent the destruction of the real economy and to de-incentivize moving abroad where hoarded capital can be used to dismantle the country from the outside. I'd be interested to hear other ideas like these which don't belong in any other thread.
This is probably said but something about Computers forming a type of de-centralized form of planning think like that Chilean Project but unlike that project Computers are far more powerful and far more widespread.
>>533612 Cybersyn wasn't decentralized though, it was very much centralized. But if you mean cybernetic planning in general, this should be the goal of all communists, hopefully it becomes more mainstream in the near future.
>Create an AI capable of rapid calculation of supply and demand and relay that information to the computers calculating what needs to be produced in a potential cybernetic planned economy; this will vastly help by completely eliminating any kind of bureaucracy necessary to fulfill this tasks

(102.90 KB 220x284 elliot abrams.png)
Scumbags Thread Sage#+GbZOp 05/19/2020 (Tue) 01:54:59 No. 512530 [Reply] [Last]
Who are the biggest scumbags? Hard mode: Living I chose Eliot Abrams. Convicted of war crimes in Nicaragua and involved in the Iran-Contra Affair, for the last little while has been special envoy to Venezuela, presiding over all the recent fuckery. High on the list of enemies of the revolution in Latin America. This fucking slime bag accuses Maduro of "unfair elections" and being "undemocratic" and a "dictator". A man who has literally been charged in connection with trying to topple a democratic government using a cocaine fuelled death squad, which also funnelled weapons to Iran, which was illegal at the time because your government was also funding Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war. Scumbag. Who are your most hated living scumbags? Add a picture and some context to their crimes.
Edited last time by Nox on 05/19/2020 (Tue) 14:15:02.
40 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>512532 t. Adam Curtis fan
>>514467 That state of that hipster smug sun
anne applebaum neo-con russophobe whose publications are all attacks on the USSR and anti-communist atrocity propaganda. in a wapo article she said that alt-right people are the new bolsheviks or something
>>513788 he cant he was born in south africa
Could America pull half of the shit it does without Fox News and it's viewers? sure there would still be right wing talk radio, but that would forever be considered "fringe." Fox News is right wing talk radio but broadcast to every Gym and airport in America. Not to mention how he straight up runs the UK: >The past five prime ministers have courted Murdoch assiduously in gaining and holding onto office — none more so than Labour's Tony Blair. In plotting his path to 10 Downing St. in the mid-1990s, Blair once flew to an island off the coast of Murdoch's native Australia to address an annual meeting of News Corp. That impressed Murdoch, who threw his support behind Blair's New Labour movement. And of course in Australia as well.

(41.97 KB 600x631 bots.jpg)
How am I exploited? Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 18:17:39 No. 531547 [Reply] [Last]
I work 40 hours a week, sometimes a few more. I get a decent wage out of it and I can buy a commodities with it. Say one cheap chromebook for about 120 dollars. That chromebook contains far, far, more than 40 hours. It contains probably hundreds of ours digging up rare minerals and making plastic, printing silicon chips, all that, it all takes much, much more than the 40 hours I put in. How is this exploitation? Is my wage not worth more hours than my own labor?
14 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>531547 you're being exploited whether you feel like it or not, its just that the contrast between 1st world comfort and 3rd world hell has made it feel like youre not exploited bc you feel relatively lucky, which i guess you are but remember that even house slaves had privilges and probably didnt feel exploited when they compared themselves to how bad the field negroes got it, but reality was that they were still slaves
>>531605 >Battle of Jabiim Not canon anymore smh
>>533553 Blazar take: Imperialism is overrated. Yes, some workers in the first world benefit from imperialism, but capital flows from the developing world to the imperial core do not fully explain the income disparity between the two. Nor does it account for the difference in labor productivity between regions. First world workers, like workers everywhere, are still exploited. And generally only those in parasitic sectors like finance, insurance, real estate, etc. aren't. (i.e. pmcs/labor aristocrats/petit bouj)
>>531547 >chromebook Yes, you are exploited. And you fully deserve it. Case closed.

Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 22:04:13 No. 532373 [Reply] [Last]
Why did glowsama attack the US again? And what is the dancing Israeli meme? Do you think the mossadd/cia glowies could have been aware it was going to happen and was monitoring the event
6 posts omitted.
>>532373 >glowsama attack the US again? Stop spreading glowie lies. They can't even prove the alleged "mastermind" of the whole thing that they've been holding in Guantanamo without trial for two decades, was actually involved. Osama didn't have anything to do with 9/11
It’s a basically confirmed that Saudi Arabia funded and arranged the 9/11 (like documents literally have shit like “the attacks were funded by SD* AB*A written on them) and Israel likely knew the attack was about to happen but just choose not to warn anyone about it “The dancing Israelis” is an uncertified /pol/ thing that a group of Jewish men were seen getting “a good view” on top of the parking garage and then started laughing and joking as the planes hit the tower Implying they were like the Mossad agents who planned it all or whatever And this all links back to something in the Torah A.K.A “Seething hatred about Muh Christian heretic goys” where it’s like “If a Christian’s house falls over point and laugh and celebrate”
poltards obsess over the dancing israelis because it's the only jews did 9/11 proof that does not involve an insane amount of conjecture. https://archive.org/details/DancingIsraelisFBIReport here's the link to the FOIA'd report. it's pretty much impossible to draw a conclusion one way or another with how much shit is redacted. i believe that the FBI eventually concluded that those 5 men didn't have any foreknowledge. if the mossad really did have a hand in 9/11, why would they inform some random grunts about it?
(58.52 KB 634x423 Hitler.jpg)
Hitler did 9/11 Literally
>implying it wasn't an inside job Look at the collapse. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK_iBYSqEsc Tell me that ain't controlled!

Liziqi Ideology Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 03:49:56 No. 533589 [Reply] [Last]
https://youtu.be/kj1d0lbq9Nc https://youtu.be/2AlMq-uds84 Feel free to ignore the rest and just post and discuss your favorite videos of this type. I have some conflicting feelings about the new trend coming out of china with LiZiQi and her derivatives. At three different levels First is the most fundamental marxist one. What is taking place within this context to make this possible. The presentation with all the music and mood setting whatever, is to present her as a kind of one-with-nature. Very harmonious, this already "triggers" me. As in, is this possible? She seems to own many acres of territory, she can't maintain all that land on her own, she has to have possibly in the hundreds of exploited workers. Here in the west they would be mexican, but there just some other chinese low paid workers to do the lets say 90% of the work in the field and so on. Meanwhile she films the 10% she does and gives off this idea that she does "it"(meaning all the labor to sustain the lifestyle depicted). On the second more ideological level its the allegations that these videos are CCP internal propaganda that has leaked to the outside world by accident. Xi jiping sponsors these videos to alleviate the alienated masses within china(which is how these channel originally got millions of subscribers overnight) and they unexpectedly resonated with the west. And on the third and highest philosophical level. Is this even real? This relates to the first two but is an unalienated relation to the world even possible today? As someone with little to no friends, no family, a real alienated subject who just goes to work and feels too tired to do anything outside of reproduce my own labor, this vision presented in these types of videos is very enticing and attractive. I like to imagine myself at one with nature. At the same time I know that this is actually the first step towards fascism. A "natural balance" is only an ideological dream. Reality is always uncomfortable, antagonistic, and imbalanced. The task is not to think backwards, to return to some unalienated precapitalist mode of being, Rather to assume the alienation fully and reveal it in nature itself(the dictatorship of the proletariat). As someone that comes home most days after wage laboring and just eats canned fish before browsing leftypol and falling asleep, the vision presented in these videos seems nice and idyllic. Like a vision of heaven as you die. It strikes me as kind of a siren song. I don't like it but I also enjoy watching it. I wonder if i'm alone in this.
(11.62 KB 103x132 1582453246149.gif)
sorry if the writings kind of confused. I have a problem where I can't write down the thoughts in my head unless I'm drunk, but once I drink enough to get there my writing gets sloppy. Hopefully I got across the main ideas of what is so simultaneously attractive and repellent about this new type of video becoming popular today. And why I'd like to hear how other comrades think and deal with these contradictions

(30.86 KB 660x574 1585924849310.jpg)
Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 02:34:35 No. 533472 [Reply] [Last]
I write patents for a living, make enough money to be comfortable with 0 debt right now, and am set to inherit land. Why should I be a revolutionary?
7 posts omitted.
>>533535 The way we are dealing with climate change right now is from a liberal standpoint. It's clearly not working
We dont need an incel
>>533472 there's no reason for you to be revolutionary yet, but youre here so you probably have some feelings that the exploitation of billions is not good
>>533514 Word. >>533535 It will come at great expense and not be very potent, expect a lot of symptom-solving rather actual reduction to CO2 emissions.
>>533535 there is no way. you cannot even begin to grasp how hopeless the situation is. obama did next to nothing, same with trump, we are so so so fucked hahahahaha. the rich are currently building luxury bunkers

(5.87 KB 197x255 autism.jpeg)
Weird Fascist Stuff Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 02:38:58 No. 529923 [Reply] [Last]
Why does no one talk about the complete rightoid autism of the nazis. Esoteric rituals, castles, "aryan history", expeditions to Tibet, ect? When people talk about the SS they usually mention the camps and military branch. Either way the SS is an interesting/terrifying example of a state within a state. Thank Stalin the Soviets put these people against the wall.
59 posts and 22 images omitted.
the hilarious thing is how obsessed with "degeneracy" they are, when Goring was a morphine addict and hitler jacked it to turds.
(692.04 KB 499x623 stalin laughing at hitler.png)
Pic related is a good nutshell for modern nazi hypocrisy. Funny thing is, is that a lot of the Western elite also engage in basic satanism and other pagan shit.
>>533336 Based lol
>>531803 BASED
>>531803 Top Kek reminds me of the Soviet and American Indian relations overtures during WW-2

(12.42 KB 400x400 0fXRv6C5_400x400.jpg)
Thoughts on Distributism? Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 17:50:33 No. 531431 [Reply] [Last]
Is it allowed in the Left?
8 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>531431 it really doesn't seem that different from nazbols, strasserists or ba'athists, which are typically welcome in leftists circles.
>>533546 theyre really not unless theyre not openly those things
(953.84 KB 2388x2048 weirdo.png)
>>531431 I think the real question relating to distributionism isn't if it's permitted in the left as much as does it want to be left. Most distributionists tend to say they hate socialism but then proceed to do socialism. It's very odd really.
>>533554 I guess it depends on the scenario. If they shut up about "Muh tradishun" and focus on class unity they mostly fit in. They're like the cultural opposite of idpol lefties who want gay space communism or whatever.

(4.16 MB 3508x2480 kaiserreichuobsoldiers.png)
/leftybritpol/ Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 01:04:40 No. 533237 [Reply] [Last]
Syndie Edition Last thread: >>521578
3 posts and 1 image omitted.
(83.71 KB 846x504 maximist.png)
>>533246 >flag of wales
>>533250 thats why scotland should leave the UK
Fuck tories, Fuck Labour. Simple as.

Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 18:56:35 No. 531670 [Reply] [Last]
Friendly reminder that any ideology you may subscribe to, any experience you make, any emotion you feel, any thought you have, aswell as this very statement has already been commodified.
18 posts omitted.
Ok and?
(65.81 KB 1280x720 richhobo.jpg)
>>531887 So which instance are you talking about people who dig in the garbage at big box stores? Or just people who make money off of documenting and writing about dumpster diving? If the former, I guess you could just describe it as a one person recycling enterprise. I guess this would apply to homeless who dig for cans as well. If you're talking about people who get money of of documenting and writing about dumpster diving: If I make a youtube channel out of eating my boogers. We can consider "digging for nose gold" to be commodified for everyone who eats their boogers? >>531887 >I'm obviously not talking about actual hobos. So you're saying hoboing isn't commodified yet? I thought everything was commodified.
>>531919 >If I make a youtube channel out of eating my boogers. We can consider "digging for nose gold" to be commodified for everyone who eats their boogers? Yes
(6.17 KB 177x177 commiesocks.jpeg)
>>531670 just found these commie socks for sale. red capitalism somehow manages to be even worse than pink capitalism. we're completely fucked, aren't we?
>>531670 Ok? And? That doesn't mean Socialism has been BTFO. Rather it displays one of the greater evils of capitalism.

(75.11 KB 628x900 EY-gV4JWkAAGU7M.jpeg)
Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 00:22:02 No. 533114 [Reply] [Last]
39 posts and 20 images omitted.
>>533387 so leave. get out of the thread. nobody asked you to join the army fag
>>533444 this is a start
>>533323 Americans can use whonix/tails and fuck around with him that way too probably
>>533342 Out of everything on this board for all its faults, nothing gets me as mad as that cringy ass video (and the one with the glowy coming out of the forest) I'm sorry but just stop trying to shill it find something else to go along with "glowy"

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply] [Last]
495 posts and 125 images omitted.
>>532882 Of course not, Rui Costa Pimenta might be wacky but he doesn't actually say this kind of stuff nor does he thinks PT or Lula are revolutionary socialists. He does think that many of their critics on the left are wrong and are petit bourgeois in nature, which I tend to agree with him.
>>532882 >>532907 Also, here's the source: https://twitter.com/BotTVCausa They post once in never, but usually it's something funny.
>>530772 Oh I know about them, but to the point of keeping Portugal afloat? >>531227 De quando que é esse tweet amaldiçoado? Sobre as notícias, eu tinha mencionado que, quanto mais a velha corja demorar pra remover a nova, maiores os riscos desta última conseguir costurar alguma filha-da-putice das grandes. Se pelo menos o Rodrigo Maia parasse de fingir que é cego e postasse no /leftypol/... >>531227 Sobre o blecaute da esquerda, digo que o objetivo vai dar certo sim. Na pós-pós-modernidade, só existe o que aparece na tela da tevê, o resto é ficção. O grande porém é que isso pode causar um revés inesperado, já que o processo anti-PT acabou por apresentar Bolsonaro como a última escolha, então só Deus sabe que criatura horrenda pode emergir do abismo pra se apresentar como novo salvador da pátria. Ou seja, a Globo não aprendeu nada e está fazendo a exata mesma merda que nos levou a este ponto. Não sei se isso faz dela melhor ou pior que as outras emissoras, que meramente venderam-se para a atual situação. Se bem que a Glob tentou participar mas foi rechaçada, né... Aliás, isso toca no revangelismo. Como eu disse, é a única escolha. Se não falarmos em carne e osso pro povo que essa mixórdia em curso não é normal, eles vão continuar achando que presidente mandando eles cagarem dia sim e dia não é algo normal. A velha corja tem a velha mídia, a nova tem a nova, e nós, pobres coitados, temos a verdade, mas ninguém para escutá-la.
>>533422 Afloat as in not dying like it should, meaning this relationship that we have is very unsustainable
>>533438 I thought Portugal was getting its shit together?

(1.95 MB 1000x1450 4bqvju0t29n41.png)
News 5/26/20 News Anon 3.0 05/26/2020 (Tue) 22:04:20 No. 532377 [Reply] [Last]
Ecuador: Protests Against New Neoliberal Measures Amid Lockdown Unions, students, teachers, workers, and social organizations took to the streets in Quito as others followed from home in several cities Monday with a pot-banging protest. https://www.telesurenglish.net/news/Ecuador-Rallies-Against-Economic-Measures-20200525-0016.html Russia's 'Doomsday Drone' Prepares for Testing The drone, shaped like a giant torpedo, is built to carry a nuclear warhead weighing up to two megatons and is described by weapons analysts as a “doomsday nuke.” Powered by a small nuclear reactor, the Poseidon has a believed range of 10,000 kilometers across the world’s oceans. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2020/05/26/russias-doomsday-drone-prepares-for-testing-a70386 Romanian harvest workers in Germany strike for promised wages About 180 harvest workers at an asparagus farm near Bonn went on strike last Friday to demand the wages promised to them. Their protests and a demonstration on May 18 shed further light on the unspeakable working conditions facing eastern European seasonal workers. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2020/05/26/roma-m26.html Citing Dual Threat of Covid-19 and Duterte, Coalition Calls on Congress to Block US Arms Sale to Philippines At issue are two possible sales of U.S. military hardware adding up to nearly $2 billion. The larger of the two, at an estimated $1.5 billion, is for six AH-64E Apache attack helicopters. The other possible sale is for six AH-1Z attack helicopters and related equipment totaling roughly $450 million. https://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/26/citing-dual-threat-covid-19-and-duterte-coalition-calls-congress-block-us-arms-sale Pandemic probe: Brazil police raid Rio governor’s residence

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The Colombian camps poised to destroy socialism in Venezuela NEWS of the recent attempted incursions into Venezuela are a timely reminder of the ever-present threat of US bases in Colombia. On May 3 Venezuelan armed forces picked up a band of mercenaries attempting to enter Venezuela from Colombia in speedboats carrying weapons and other military equipment.Another incursion was attempted the following day and more mercenaries were captured. Those captured included two former US Green Berets.Responsibility for the plot was claimed by Florida-based special forces veteran Jordan Goudreau with his private security firm Silvercorp, along with retired Venezuelan Major General Cliver Alcala.Goudreau, who has previously worked as US President Donald Trump’s security, is known to have planned to smuggle weapons into Colombia, while Alcala has previously confessed to plotting military incursions into Venezuela from Colombia with the aim of overthrowing President Nicolas Maduro.For some time, the Venezuelan authorities have been aware of three mercenary training camps in Riohacha, Colombia, each one led by a soldier or former soldier from the US. Their existence has been denounced several times by the Venezuelan government, and representations made to the Duque government in Colombia.The camps’ co-ordinates, confirmed by the captured insurgents, have even been announced publicly on TV, but all complaints have been ignored or dismissed by the Colombian authorities.Colombia’s President Duque and Trump both deny any knowledge of this terrorist incursion, but their protestations have little credibility.Both the US and Colombian governments are committed to regime change in Venezuela, by any means necessary. For decades the US has used NGOs and private organisations to carry out its regime-change operations against countries whose politics it dislikes. https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article/f/we-need-look-role-us-bases-colombia-when-it-comes-regime-change-efforts-venezuela-writes 422 - Can We Beat 9? (Chpo trap house) We take a look at the myriad goofs and spoofs Joe Biden produced on his Breakfast Club interview last Friday. We then consider the relative “manly” appeal of Trump to his male base through Tom Nichols’ Atlantic piece “Donald Trump, the Most Unmanly President” https://soundcloud.com/chapo-trap-house/422-can-we-beat-9-52520 This Week In Fascism #61: Nazi Teachers, QAnon Politicians & Far-Right Murder Plots This week, we’ve got Jeff Sessions sending a fundraising email from Groyper fan Michelle Malkin, an incel mass shooting in Arizona, a QAnon follower winning the GOP Senate primary in Oregon, a far-Right conspiracy theorist planning to steal a helicopter to attack a hospital, plus doxxes of a neo-Nazi biker running the Reopen protests in Massachusetts, a “Boogaloo Boy” in New Jersey, a high school teacher moonlighting in a “Right Wing Death Squad” Facebook group in Florida, plus how you can help deplatform a neo-Nazi podcast network.Without further ado, let’s begin! https://itsgoingdown.org/this-week-in-fascism-61-nazi-teachers-qanon-politicians-far-right-murder-plots/
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>The drone, shaped like a giant torpedo, is built to carry a nuclear warhead weighing up to two megatons wow 200 million tons that's really heavy, it must be enormous
>>533111 >here is also happening some mobilization mostly by anarchists, at least here in my area, they are giving mask, helping old people. I saw that antifa were doing some stuff in Porto Alegre. based, solidarity
(34.46 KB 577x394 soros.PNG)
https://itsgoingdown.org/this-week-in-fascism-61-nazi-teachers-qanon-politicians-far-right-murder-plots/ Looks like they're trying to cancel Max Blumenthal for saying the Hong Kong protest have connections to George Soros. From how they worded it they make it sound like you can't criticize Soros without being an antisemite.

conspiracy theories? Anonymous 05/24/2020 (Sun) 19:25:53 No. 526335 [Reply] [Last]
Give me some of the bullshit that you believe in Jeffrey Epstein ofc
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Vaush is an intelligence asset.
>>533284 these is a documentary you can watch which talks about how it was Kubrick who faked the moon landing
>>533295 He's just retarded
>>533278 >>526927 He used to be shit but less shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7f1x_Yz8gjQ There's also footage of him calling the klan feds
>>533375 This, which in this case it means he essentially does the intelligence asset job for free

(48.44 KB 2880x1440 2880px-Flag_of_Cuba.svg.png)
You are now aware of the fact that Cuba is the only country with a working and functioning health system Anonymous 03/12/2020 (Thu) 20:57:41 No. 351709 [Reply] [Last]
Unlike in the Western countries where it was neoliberally economised to the ground, Cuba's is working. It's probably the only country in the whole world, where it does. Also thanks to the embargo, they get zero repercussions from the stockening, so another plus. They play it right, they might become the next superpower.
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>>526698 Holy shit. Imagine claiming Cuba supported Pinoshit because of an out of context pic
>>526749 no country has ever been communist
>>526939 No shit
>>452564 Don't be so jealous


no cookies?