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It must be nice to have a low sexdrive, almost like being a child.
>I'm not in incel in the sense I hate women. I sometimes pretend so for shitposting purposes.
I can't help myself. Shitposting makes me smile.
get banned, dickhead
No, U.

/e-celeb/ internet personality general Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 04:15:30 No. 63110 [Reply]
The old thread hit its bump-limit. This is the new voluntary containment thread for internet personalities unless it's to be made more by the moderators. Archive of the previous thread:

Discuss anything pertaining to breadtubers and other internet personalities, this includes but is not limited to Contrapoints, ChapoTrapHouse, Destiny, Vaush, and Non-Compete.
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It doesn't work because feminism is about female supremacy, the counter part would be mra which is about female vs male too but incels are sexhavers vs incels. Why would incels like chad, except to show how the biggest misogynists are liked by women?
Honestly I think that lonely men would benefit more from feminism than they do from obsessing about incel shit.

More extreme radfems sometimes remind me of incels though. They have pretty much the same pathological inability to relate to the other gender.
Sexual liberalism which is what feminism is at its core is what created incels in the first place. So you solution is to just fuck themselves over more, maybe higher taxes on them for all those abortions and children they will never have.
>Sexual liberalism which is what feminism is at its core is what created incels in the first place.
lol get a load of this fucking idiot
>more people are having sex and that is why I can't have sex

(99.73 KB 900x675 money_flower.jpg)
Uncle Xi does it again! Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:25:44 No. 63847 [Reply]

China will launch the world's first central bank-issued cryptocurrency! The workers' State will keep track of every single unit of money! Maximally optmized resource allocation soon, fellow stalker! All peoples of the world salute Comrade Xi on putting China back on the road to socialism!
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They wouldn't do it for the same reason soviets didn't.
That they're retarded bureaucrats?
(78.70 KB 1000x1499 Anastasia Knight2.jpg)
Anastasia Knight
yes, comrade, so hyped
smart contracts is the way, financial markets with chinese characteristics
communism by 2050
>back on the road to socialism

"Communism is for us not a state of affairs which is to be established, an ideal to which reality [will] have to adjust itself. We call communism the real movement which abolishes the present state of things establishes a centralized cryptocurrency in a partly state-owned market economy."

-- Qiǎ-ěr Mǎ-kè-sī

(230.45 KB 2400x3000 noreg.jpeg)
Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 13:53:27 No. 64482 [Reply]
Reminder that religion is incompatible with Scientific Socialism.
Does every element of society have to be compatible with the governing ideology of revolution? How do you determine compatibility? How do you enforce compatibility? How do you ensure that enforcement is consistent and fair?
religion is inherently reactionary. there's no defending it, sophist
What about a scientific religion?
Yes, but what does that entail for a socialist political programme?
(44.08 KB 1400x1050 '・ω・).png)
I'm a Christian, a Marxist, and I work and publish in a hard science. Stay mad OP.

(36.36 KB 369x336 animes.jpg)
/leftytrash/ Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:36:48 No. 1091 [Reply]
Movies, anime, music, feels e-celebs, internet drama, fetishes, shitposting
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>Now I MIGHT just be inspired enough about this CYOA to write a story about it. We'll see.
please do
(511.40 KB 624x624 OMEGA_STALIN.png)
Do it
does anyone here play nationstates?
i've tried getting into it in the past but always give up because i don't know what group to join and how not to eat shit from the start because the devs are huge libs and make it so you get a shitty economy if you pick socialist. i've seen very good ones though, so maybe i just gotta ease into it? i don't wanna mess up and be stuck with some socdem shit though.
i also gotta find a way to make my own flag and emblems since i wanna go full larp and have some cool lore shit going on.
pic unrelated
you should make an Arma 3 Life server instead and create the socialist republic of altis and stratis or the peoples republic of tanoa
(79.39 KB 500x903 flareon.jpg)
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ WE GON PARTY LIKE ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ
ᕦ( ´ ▽ ` )ᕡ IT'S MY barfday (٩ ´ ▽ ` )و
holy fuck it's been a shitton of time since i saw that vaporeon
if i didn't wipe it all out years ago i would be posting some caps and shit, i barely remember anything other than starting shit on genwar threads, gen 6 leaks and assorted furbaiting

(24.27 KB 2000x1441 345345.png)
Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 15:54:49 No. 62495 [Reply]
any good books on the international brigades? also what does a 3 pointed star on their flag represent?
2 posts omitted.
I haven't read any books specifically about the IB, but Richard Baxell's book "Unlikely Warriors" has good reviews.

Also, the three-pointed star comes from the symbol used by the left-leaning Popular Front coalition that won the 1936 elections in Spain. I'm not sure exactly why the PF chose that symbol.

This site also has a lot of resources on the IB but most of it is in Spanish:
Orwell fought with the POUM, not the International Brigades, and from what I recall he doesn't really talk about the IB.

A standard history of the IB is "Legions of Babel" by Verle Johnston.

"The Abraham Lincoln Brigade" by Arthur H. Landis is an "official" account of the Brigade's American section by a participant.

There's a Soviet book that describes the activities of some of the International Brigades' sections:
On the tri-pointed star, it is not actually known what it stands for 100%. Obviously the Red Star is for socialism but the three points? There is no secure theory. Here are a few of them:
The Republican Ideals of Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood.
The three ideological elements of the Popular Front: Liberals/Republicans, Socialists, and Anarchists, or Socialism, Anarchism, and Communism, or Marxists, Anarchists, and Liberal Democrats, or Marxists, Anarchists, and Trade Unionists
The three creeds of Republicanism, Secularism, and Anti-fascism.
They picked it because it looked nice.
They picked it because they wanted a Red Star but not the Red Star of Socialism because they were a popular front.
Because it was a symbol not already in use.

Also I have read it comes from the Basel section of the first internationale, but I have only found that sourced in one place.
Is there any way the Republic could have reasonably won?
With French areal support, yeah. Tbh a lot of people like to blame the CNT and Communists fighting but honestly that happened long after shit was done: what really swung the civil war was Italian and German areal support.

(13.22 KB 410x230 drones .jpg)
oil refinery attack celebration thread Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 08:40:45 No. 64348 [Reply]
real a human being (being, being, being)
And a real hero (hero, hero, hero)
flights against the oil of sauds

With the strength of a will and a cause
Your pursuits are called outstanding
You're attacks are complex
Against the grain of dystopic claims
Not the thoughts your actions entertain
And you, have proved, to be
A real human being, and a real hero
Real human being, and a real hero
Real human being, and a real hero
Real human being, and a real hero
Real human being (being, being, being)
A pilot flying an Iranian drone
50% of their oil is burned

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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kaczynsky can fly drones from federal prison using the power of telekinesis
the 5% is just lost production not oil that went up in flames, unfortunately
(311.46 KB 2732x2049 smoke.jpg)
(31.87 KB 720x405 fires.jpg)
this is pretty funny tbh famrades

(30.07 KB 452x251 patco.jpg)
Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:45:18 No. 64235 [Reply]
Why did labour unions in the United States lose all clout over politicians and political parties? How did the working class lose class consciousness when their prosperity came from their collective struggle for better working conditions? In decades prior there had been even more vehement anti-union sentiment in government and moneyed interests, but the unions stood firm against worker disenfranchisement. Even with the spectre of the Cold War and the Red Scare, it's disturbing how they steadily lost relevance with the masses and had their backs broken with the onset of neoliberalism to little fanfare.
2 posts and 1 image omitted.
That was one of the puzzling things, didn't the political parties for some time depend on the vote of the workers to get elected? While Reagan got in and began being a massive asshole was there ever a strong concentration of worker sympathy in Congress or was it only ever bourgie lip-service? And if it was only lip-service, why did they not go on to form their own political action group instead of shuffling between the Republicans and Democrats and being played by a bunch of conmen?
>Why did labour unions in the United States lose all clout over politicians and political parties?
Initially? The mix of mass-oppression of leftist movements throughout the 20's-50's depressed the left's ability to organize and work on behalf of the proletariat, and FDR's policies of reformism meant that he Democrats sorta captured the worker's by appealing to some level of pro-worker attitudes along with vasts amounts of racism. Not all of them of course, but since the left didn't really unite into a cohesive unit (partly by the orgs - Syndies and MLs and others all didn't really buy into the whole "left unity" thing) and partly it was active infiltration (the Fed used the Sino-Soviet split to rip apart the CPUSA from the inside). This led to a slow decline of the wider left movement, but minority pockets that weren't appealed to by the message of workerism + racism like the African Americans kept on left organizing into groups like the Black Panthers. Of course these movements - along with the wider civil rights movement - was heavily repressed and propagandized against, so whenever there was finally a large-scale acceptance of the idea of ending segregation and the like with the dems, they slowly went into decline as well as they could start getting the benefits of the fuax-socdem policies.

Of course in the end it turned out that all those policies were only really there for the benefit of eroding left support, so whenever the USSR as a political entity was considered "dealt with" you had Raygun come along and pull a neoliberlaism. Now since the welfare state is eroding to nothingness to the point where Americans are frankly only barely able to survive in the existing market structure and there is only one man who advocates for a semi-socdem kind of affair and literally everyone in politics is trying to gun him down, America more broadly is taking it's first baby steps back into leftism.

If there is a takeaway from this - don't fall into sectarianism. We've already got enough weaknesses for the Feds to exploit as is before putting the work in to divide ourselves further and make us weaker.
So the patriotism spook divided them against themselves? Surely there must have been more elements, unless every attempt at mass organization was neutralized by the FBI with the excuse of being a communist threat. Did employers intentionally sow discord using group identity to disrupt cooperation as well?
Well, you see, Americans are dumb. Really really dumb. You can blame that state of affairs on the propaganda machine, consunerism, poor educational system, etc. but the fact remains that they are a nation of morons.

As idiots, it is very easy to fool them and make them vote or act against their own interest.
Inadequate literacy rates didn't stop the Russian peasantry or the labourers in Europe from organizing though.

(5.26 KB 243x208 images.jpeg)
Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 12:59:30 No. 64450 [Reply]
>I'm a socialist but I'm not a communist
5 posts omitted.
That is basically it.
Fuck off Glownigger. You followed us here from 8chan. We always had leftcoms , ancoms, etc. But they did not autistically shit on MLs at any and every opportunity.
At the time "socialists" were reformists that wanted to reorganize society to deal with the negative repercussions of capitalism without actually doing anything to deal with capitalism, which is why they distinguished themselves with the term "Communists." Now it's taken as an intermediary step between capitalism and communism.
t. newfag
MLs and tankies were relentlessly shit on pre-2016, before Body Odour started relentlessly banning everyone who didn't treat the stalinoid revisionist psychosis as gospel.
same reason one would be an anarchist probably.
now that's some military-grade revisionism

(47.52 KB 550x300 228356-1498845788.png)
Poverty Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 05:25:21 No. 64266 [Reply]
Do all of us here live in poverty? I hate living in poverty so much.
3 posts omitted.
I live in a third world country with about US$200 a month.
I'm a middleclass 60k+ USD/yr, doing pretty good even though its a job i hate
i wouldnt say im in poverty just because i know many people much worse off but if i lost my job or wasnt able to work i would be completely fucked, and i live in a small pcramped and crowded house so make of that what you will. on one hand my living conditions are uncomfortable and alienating and i work a hard labor job that is bad for my health, on the other im a burger who makes decent money at this job and has access to a lot of shit
Same situation as this anon, though I might be changing my line of work and start getting up to 300$ a month.
i make less than 9k a year. shit fucking sucks

(301.57 KB 1200x508 SHUTTHEFUCKUPLIBERAL.jpg)
TimeGhost History and the Holodmor Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 06:59:13 No. 64311 [Reply]

So these guys released a video talking about the first five year plan and the Holodmor. Anyone got some good debunking material for this?
The kulaks killed their livestock themselves rather than allowing their herds to be collectivized. They also destroyed crops in protest.

Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 14:38:27 No. 63325 [Reply]
Show me ur commie waifus
66 posts and 54 images omitted.
(135.63 KB 1280x719 miku.jpg)
>blue helmet
You call it smug
But what if you look like a amerimutt.
(65.56 KB 337x500 441503351_a3f806d5fc.jpg)
She's my liberal wife. I'm working on radicallizing her. I love how tsuntsun she gets all the old right wing men
Then there's one thing you can do comrade, BECOME the qt tankie gf

ngl, but I find it weird to see 2 white guys speaking Koren natively and wearing DPRK uniforms

Question about a labour voucher system Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 09:30:27 No. 64376 [Reply]
I'm kinda confused about how skilled labour is going to be funded in a society based on labour vouchers.

As I understand it, in capitalism skilled labour is getting you higher pay in order to pay back your education - via taxes in Yurop and via debt in in the Anglosphere. Basically you have either a tax-funded or credit-funded education system that then taxes or debt-collects the higher wage paid by the capitalist to the skilled worker back into the education system, if the capitalist wouldn't pay this much he wouldn't be able to have access to skilled labourers which have a higher reproduction cost of their labour-power than an unskilled worker for this very reason (although the tax system seems to be more stable than the debt system, just look at the student debt bubble).

Fast forward to socialism, I guess many economic theorists about labour vouchers like Cockshott have admitted to a degree there needs to be unequal renumeration of a) hard labour and b) skilled labour. The former isn't a problem, socialist states had and even some SocDem states have subsidies for professions like nocturnal road work or cleaning the gutters to incentivise people to do these jobs. But the latter kinda is a hard nut to crack for me. Obviously you can't pay someone who presses the same button at an assembly line all day as much as a neurosurgeon. But with the surplus allocated to free education through a tax on labour - as Marx suggested in the CotGP - wouldn't it basically put all the stress of financing a technocratic class onto the rest of society?

In the USSR you already had this problem somewhat. In the end this technocratic skilled middle class succumbed to bourgeois ideology. Is there something I'm missing?
20 posts and 2 images omitted.
Yes, but in the meantime there's still shitty work to be done. And somebody's gotta do it.
>utopianism intensifies
>Bourgioes ideology.
>if you are getting a labour voucher and refer to it as "pay" it's not socialism
Ultrababies being the kings of semantics again
>socialism means no more tedium, danger, nor scarcity
Socialism is an economic system, i.e., a system for rationally managing the above material limits. The utopia you're imagining wouldn't have an economy, making socialism just as irrelevant as capitalism.

(51.00 KB 300x370 malema.jpg)
Julius Malema and EFF in South Africa Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 08:14:12 No. 64338 [Reply]
What does /leftypol/ think of Julius Malema and the EFF in South Africa?
2 posts omitted.
Pretty shit tbh. It's just idpol'ed black nationalism pretending to be progressive. If he had any socialist credentials he'd challenge the mine owners instead of trying to give land to the oversized tribal territories.
This tbh
It's not the black nationalism that bothers me as much as the clear opportunism and corruption. Populism can be a tool but he seems to be populist through and through. Shame they call themselves Sankarist-Fanonist because that sounds like a based and redpilled Afrosocialist ideology.
Ironically Sankara's position on Boer farmlands would not be to redistribute them based on race, but to increase their productivity to provide for the nation without foreign interference. Yeah he'd support land reform but far more likely towards "if you work it you own it".
Of course. Though it's hard to say what a South African Sankara would look like as the Upper Volta was a backwater that was still mostly tribal and clan-based, even by indigenous African standards there was very little development, besides the small colonial administration. It's such a different situation to South Africa with first world class infrastructure, huge production contributions to the world market, and massive urban slums, can barely really compare them. Not that I don't think Sankara's general method is incompatible but I'll give it to Malema that looking at something like Dengism as appropriate for South Africa purely from a pragmatic standpoint does make a lot of sense. Even tho it's not socialism and is shit for proles and the poor

(240.24 KB 1024x500 Marx_Engels_Lenin_Stalin_1933.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 16:00:48 No. 63395 [Reply]
Why is the internationale so popular? I know it sounds nice, but it's the corniest leftist song I've ever heard.
21 posts and 3 images omitted.
>Every single English version
(32.51 KB 615x630 156850500892.jpg)
Nice try FBI
>Never heard the Anglican-style hymnal internationale
Forgot flag

/burg/ - Anglo-America General Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 02:45:10 No. 61012 [Reply]
The old thread hit its bump-limit, with the new thread I've modified the domain based on popular demand. This is a voluntary containment thread for Anglo-American politics, unless it is to be made more by the moderators. Archive of the previous thread:

Discuss anything pertaining to domestic or international politics of any of the fourteen english speaking nations of the Americas, or the nine dependencies.
47 posts and 13 images omitted.
How does everyone feel about the fact that Warren is going to be pushed as the dem nominee, and win or lose will neuter all rising leftism in the US?
The cia helped installed pol pot and the vietnames commies helped get him out of power. Thats something thats always ignored
the sooner DSA either is hijacked by radicals or falls apart/splits from its own lukewarm socdemism, the better

(176.21 KB 291x350 Prohkor_Zakharvo_(SMAC).jpg)
(190.81 KB 1649x240 cybertranscom.png)
Genetic engineering of humans under communism Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 04:23:44 No. 61079 [Reply]

In fact what I'm thinking is in the future gender dysphoria will not even exist, because genetic screening and engineering will allow the parents of a child to alternatively either change those genes so they won't have dysphoria, or to change the sex of the baby before conception or as a zygote. "Trans" women will simply never have had dysphoria because they will LITERALLY and PHYSICALLY have always been a biological woman.

The possibilities are endless. Anon, take the left-transhumanist pill
147 posts and 33 images omitted.
Ok retard
this but unironically
you're not a libertarian, you're a neoliberal
you keep posting a neoliberal symbol and you call others authoritarian
You're actually a borg

(610.40 KB 1030x687 image.aspx.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 14:04:55 No. 63314 [Reply]
How do European Communist parties plan to address the situation of their Roma population?
10 posts omitted.
They were not much better of in the Eastern Bloc, despite the claimed full employment.
the only aspect of gypsies that stands out is that they are nomadic.

I bet you can find some type of work to benefits from this.
This is literally idealism and frankly undialectical
Send them back to India.

that wouldn't go well, a lot of normal people interact with ciganos in my town, we would have an uprising if such thing was implemented

(288.71 KB 1020x768 Future.gif)
Worldbuilding Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 15:29:14 No. 38726 [Reply]
Alright Comrades, I had this Sci fi story idea that i don't think that I'll finish alone, so basically our main protagonist is the Planetary Union Of Socialist Republics, existing over 700 years since 2081, since then multiple revolutions across the galaxy has happened and all are allegedly started by the PUSR, Anyways, an alliance between the Socialist Stellar nations were formed, called the Interstellar Union Pact (Feel free to change that.) It kinda mirrors the Warsaw Pact in this world.

So in the present times, the IUP is currently engaged in a cold war with two other alliances, one was capitalist and one was Fascists whic I haven't named yet.

Our story revolves around the Commissars who assist in the revolutions across the Universe, preferably there are 9 commissars.

And that's what I built in the story so far, and now I pass it onto you comrades, contribute to this worldbuilding and hey this could become Leftypol's project but who knows.
140 posts and 35 images omitted.
>what's the military gonna do?
Some Pol Pot/iron guard tier shit, like make women "reproduce" more in Japan or genocide entire cities in Africa because of overpopulation or esteralise people based on genetics and social standards (autists and sociopaths)
So in short the The EarthGov only returns to neoliberal capitalism after a period of imperialist hyperfascism to prolong the fall of the rate of profit and fix the climate crisis? Maybe the downtrodden US empire and the Sino expansion banded together by 2050s to completely take over to directly control the world resources and began space exploration with huge O’Neil cylinders and orbital rings then establishing a moon mining operations for fusion fuels. This basically stopped the world from warming further but many tropical areas are still flooded even at the time of the Fall.
The hyperfascist period only stopped when many “peaceful protests” broke out where the first spark of the return of ML ideology forms. By this time the EarthGov dealt with this by assassinating more radical members of the protests while buying out more reform-oriented people to form the first Terran Congress which is just another face of the mega corporations the hyperfascist era created (similar to how Japan and SK corps formed).
Most of the survivors of the Cyber-ML movement got forced to work camps in the Belt in the Cylinder-93 which is the first foundation of Belter mining industry.
>UN Fed
Since only coups and “police actions” failed to create full globalization of the free market. The imperialists will just force the world into removing borders through even more imperialism and war. Merging trans-national capitalist and national capitalist into true into the global monopoly of the EarthGov.
"Back in the 1960s the Soviet people were excited for a future that never arrived, but now in the 22nd century, the spectre returns and this time they cannot exorcise it..."

Badass quote fpr the story lol
I was thinking that the name would be United Earth colonies but since the regions are autonomous, I guess the UN name would work.

(69.37 KB 613x1024 pFto7Yo.jpg)
/Leftybritpol/ - Chumbawamba edition Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:19:09 No. 8909 [Reply]
495 posts and 81 images omitted.
I think other anon was asking about devolution
Westminster basically is an English parliament, the Scottish have a bit of an outsized say but England gets what England wants, this crap with the DUP at the moment is the first time in 100 years anyone from NI has had any realy stake in the running of the country
Tbf there is no real stakes in doing so recently
Some strategy from Zero Books for youse mates

(2.13 MB 3543x2362 20161122-pamplona-11.jpg)
Comrade 09/15/2019 (Sun) 22:50:15 No. 698 [Reply]

you dindn't know that Richard Stallman was ALMOST communist??
Oh wow, communists don't believe in universal political programs.
We want the age of consent to be 5 in one country and 18 in another. You got it from this free and rational talk show host right here folx.
Muh god has to be the basis of any moral or ethical standard otherwise it's not a universal standard.

What a joke.
Also, james bond GET

(87.90 KB 749x763 ED6xjWDWwAADz5p.jpg)
ITT: Cultural Degeneration Comrade 09/08/2019 (Sun) 23:32:09 No. 303 [Reply]
Culture is degenerating, but not because of duh Jooze or something. It's because capitalism is sanding the edges off everything and making it as marketable as possible. ITT post the shittiest examples of libs, normies, boomers, and so on being uncultured swine.
>thinks its possible for culture to "degenerate"
>thinks that some unsourced twitter take demonstrates this
I think any quick look at social media like twitter, youtube etc. will provide enough proof that capital aims to create the dumbest creatures possible living solely for dopamine fixes rather than higher values such as culture, virtue etc.
We could be experiencing a second enlightenment but instead our generation's most potentially prominent are spending their days fapping to mongolian cartoons and watching 1000 degree knife vids.

Also the chick in your screenshot is right, the movie version of Deckard is a prick and the androids are presented as quasi-human. In the novel he's much more empathic and the androids are soulless automatons incapable of empathy or basic survival instincts.
*most potentially prominent thinkers

(3.20 MB 4075x5988 map of korea.jpg)
/dprk/ -- DPR Korea General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 14:04:23 No. 9051 [Reply]
Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.
Archive of first ~500 posts on original thread:
Subsequent archives:
Related archives:
297 posts and 103 images omitted.
>A North Korean woman who fled to South Korea was found dead along with her young son late last month and authorities suspect the pair may have starved to death at home while living in extreme poverty in Seoul.
(393.41 KB 1000x940 Veq3ROR.png)
>Article 28: The State shall industrialize and modernize agriculture through the rural technical revolution and improve the role of the county and its guidance and assistance to rural areas in order to eliminate the difference between town and countryside and the class distinction between workers and peasants.
(103.11 KB 541x716 cubadprksovietembassy.png)
(59.58 KB 554x437 cubadprkhungarianembassy.png)
>"I know Koreans who worked in Mauritius. One said it was a paradise because they had cheap fruit and meat and lovely weather, but the worst thing about it was that cabbages cost so much there. It was all they spent their money on.
>But 'don't eat the cabbages' is an inconceivable thing to say to a North Korean."
This how you will make friend with North Korean.

(15.24 KB 394x383 1538636227290.gif)
Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 22:14:39 No. 307 [Reply]
Can anyone give me a good GPU/CPU review site that doesn't do sponsored content? Like 75% of all articles about RTX i have found have been sponsored by Nvidia and it sucks.
5 posts omitted.
This is true actually, I took the Anti-AMT/vPro/PSP blackpill to hard I think.
thanks for the straightforward answer
Also, the stock BIOS in some AMD mobos allow you to shut off PSP:
Meanwhile some newer Intel CPUs can be hacked to delete or disable ME:
Literally every x86_64 CPU after ~2010 is insecurable and every x86_64 after ~2008 is insecure. There are several GPUs native for arm and x86 which have quality opensource drivers, as well as AMD's GPUs. Nvidia's opensource drivers are notoriously awful. Depending on what you wanted to do I'd either look into a coreboot compatible dual socket server motherboard from before 2010, or I'd look for a Thinkpad from 2010 (probably a X220)
are there any PCs that use an ARM chip?

Anti IdPol leftist groups Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 03:07:55 No. 62073 [Reply]
Are there any leftist groups that don't fuck around with this retarded identity politics shit? I just watched a DSA meeting where everyone went around giving out their pronouns before saying a word and wanted to blow my brains out. I'm all for solidarity between marginalized groups, but it seems that American Leftism has been tainted by neoliberal genderfaggotry and word policing.
28 posts and 14 images omitted.
Why don't we just ban them from groups focused on organizing? They're such a small group anyway that overall numbers won't be affected much, but unity will be greatly improved
You guys are trying too hard to be "the cool leftist anti-SJW"
Abolishing things like progressive stack would go a long way. No need to ban anyone, just don't focus on tranny issues what so ever.
(156.66 KB 1290x1959 Bespoke SJWs.png)
This. Banning certain groups except MLs & crit studies majors ;-) isn't necessary, basically what's needed is to eject anyone who isn't committed to the org's stated cause.
>You guys are trying too hard to be "the cool leftist anti-SJW"
the reason why we are so obsessed with anti idpol stuff is that idpol alienates people from the leftism and pushes them more to the right.

Radlibs pushing idpol are the reason why all those "cultural marxist" conspiracy theories are still alive

Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 08:56:52 No. 64359 [Reply]
Anybody live in Victoria?

Are there non-Trot, non-Anarkiddie, non-Green lefty groups to get involved with? It looks like Socialist Alternative is the only game in town, which sucks, because they're tedious and smell funny.
(2.83 MB 1564489503533.webm)
No. There isn't a single socialist group in the whole of Australia. There is no possibility of socialism in Australia. Australia is a sinful land and the only hope left is for the whole continent to be nuked out of existence. Only then will our suffering end.

(224.35 KB 750x967 1567402562330.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 17:32:32 No. 63510 [Reply]

He's objectively right on this.
18 posts and 3 images omitted.
>hell, the transition from Roman slavery to feudalism could arguably be called a regression
That is measuring the history of all of human civilization relative to Europe, the Middle East was undergoing a Golden Age at the time.
>bronze age collapse
Meanwhile China was doing pretty well.

The trend is generally that humanity somewhere is progressing, and the more inter-related humans have become, the greater our capacity for universal advancement.
>a trans woman.
*Mentally ill
He's not, as much as you wish it was true and as much as California deserves to fall.
Or universal regression.
You very much can, the wheel of history is a myth. Just wait until Jeff Bezos announces himself as the immortal god king of north america
While I (and basically all historical anthropology) agree with you, the transition from the antiquity to the middle ages mostly raised the level of peace and prosperity for the population. The Middle Ages It's mostly seen as the "Dark Ages" since Renaissance and Enlightenment thinkers viewed this period as one of intellectual regression, due to christian repression and censorship of independent thought.

(62.28 KB 775x514 DOWn.jpg)
/crisis/ General Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 07:43:55 No. 8552 [Reply]
DOW/Market Watch Thread
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
495 posts and 175 images omitted.
Biggest single oil price increase in history. Markets don't just react to the drone attacks, it seems they expect a war with Iran.
(81.91 KB 500x500 3ao9cj.jpg)
The immortal science of Yemeni Islam has proven itself to be the most effective manner, on fighting climate change! Comrades... time to read the Koran!
Hello fellow Finbol poster, get off that r word server and join ulp gang
based. I was trying to read this article earlier but it was behind a paywall. thx anon.

(5.21 MB 2048x1536 prestes.png)
/brg/ - Brazil General Comrade 08/09/2019 (Fri) 01:03:24 No. 18835 [Reply]
495 posts and 271 images omitted.
Por que ninguém está falando sobre a reforma tributária?
Porque com toda essa acontecendo isso é o mínimo dos nossos temores.

(90.60 KB 461x437 porkyhumannature.png)
Capitalist violence Anonymous 09/03/2019 (Tue) 03:04:17 No. 52076 [Reply]

Capitalist violence is seen as normal in our society, while the violence of other systems, like socialism is seen as a failure of that system.

>I’d like to introduce you to two twin concepts, which ought to be far more widespread than they are.
<One is the notion of human cost and excess deaths. These days, neoliberalism has popularized the ridiculous idea that politics should be apolitical and be just “good administrators”. There’s a very fallacious assumption here: it hides the human costs of policies and laws. And many policies and laws can have a human cost, even if we don’t see it.
>Picture Trump’s defunding of the affordable care act. It’s an undeniable fact that this will increase the number of fatalities. It’s not a simple matter of congress jabber and presidential signature: that policy will have a human cost in the form of deaths that would not happen if funding stayed the same.
>But this is a rather clear-cut case. Let’s look at America’s massive prison complex (whose average prison population rate, by the way, is already higher than Stalin’s) built by numerous laws and policies that create the “school to prison” pipeline, the private prisons that have a direct profit motive to incarcerate innocents, or the fact that prison labor is mandatory according to the US Bureau of Prisons.
>All of these clearly have human costs, though they’re very difficult to to frame in numbers as clear excess deaths – that’s one of the way such horrid practices are hidden. And one can’t even defend them on the basis that they will decrease crime; if anything, the social inequality they foster probably increases crime and creates more hardened criminals.
<Again, all of it has human costs, yet for some reason only the far left seems to blame the system or the politicians. Everyone else sees them as anomalies to be corrected, implicitly accepting the system as immutable or even natural. Gulag deaths, on the other hands, are quickly attributed to both Stalin and Communism. And no one sees the double standard here.
For anyone who's interested in the phenomena of violence in contemporary capitalism becoming 'invisible', I recommend reading this anthropological take linking it to bureaucracy

>This essay is not, however, primarily about bureaucracy—or even about the reasons for its neglect in anthropology and related disciplines. It is really about violence. What I would like to argue is that situations created by violence—particularly structural violence, by which I mean forms of pervasive social inequality that are ultimately backed up by the threat of physical harm—invariably tend to create the kinds of willful blindness we normally associate with bureaucratic procedures. To put it crudely: it is not so much that bureaucratic procedures are inherently stupid, or even that they tend to produce behavior that they themselves define as stupid, but rather, that they are invariably ways of managing social situations that are already stupid because they are founded on structural violence.
(141.83 KB 1300x988 5rduziu.jpeg)

Well maybe it's time we framed everything then went went wrong in socialist countries as human nature, maybe that stupid argument will eventually wear out.

Alternatively we might get somewhere with satire, and use human nature as verb for killing or hurting people. You know use it in a really crass circumstances, like for example "in the recent school shootings eleven kids got human natured" You know like mocking the humanitarian war-campaigns.
Expanding on this post:
Violence in contemporary capitalism is seen as normal because it's cloaked in the language of bureaucracy. So for example, if you try riding a train without a ticket, get caught and thrown out by guards, it's seen simply as the natural result of not having a valid ticket, instead of what it actually is; a simple act of coercive force.

Same way if you try entering a locked room on a university campus without your keycard, the threat of campus security wrestling you out of there is always real.

Or take the instances of families being arrested by armed officers and forcefully deported, under bureaucracy it suddenly seems like the natural process of simply not possessing the correct paperwork to legally stay in the country.

(118.94 KB 1280x720 stasis.jpg)
too many generals is killing this board Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 11:14:08 No. 58802 [Reply]

EDIT: After having carefully listened to the vox populi, we have decided to transform this thread into an "anti-general" general

All of the containment threads, generals, etc. is really killing this board
in the other thread, >>58554 said:
>Honestly, containment threads hurt the board traffic and don't even help the level of discussion much, if anything they even hurt it a bit. One of the good things about chans is that a thread is not necessarily relegated to its original topic or the OP's intention, it can go off in another direction. How many great threads start with fapbait and a lazy provocation but then lead to two or three autists sperging out effortposts and eventually start a productive conversation? That's the way discussion happens on chans. I'm not saying that really lazy idpol and id/pol/ bait should be tolerated but it should basically amount to spam before it's banned and we should not have containment threads, at least not for stuff like e-celebs and idpol. Especially idpol discussion, as tiresome as it can be, that ongoing friction and defining and catharsis about the absolute state of the internet left is a huge part of /leftypol/'s vitality.

I tend to agree. Shitting on IDPOL is the bread and butter of /leftypol/ and shouldn't be put in a containment thread since its what essentially separates us from every other left wing online space cept maybe stupidpol. The ideas of generals/containment threads on a political board is not something I agree with, unless its shitposting, or things like /leftytrash/ or the OC thread. Containment threads hide new developments and exciting new posts from lurkers and decrease the overall activity. The browser has to click on the general and move to the bottom to see if there are new posts that are relevant, which is alot more effort than just firing up the catalog or front page.

Look at how many cyclicals we have: IDPOL, China, Ecelebs, Crisis, Brazil, British, Korea, Hong Kong, OC, Venezuela, /NEW/ etc. New threads promote and prompt new discussion because people looking at the same thread in the catalog tend to think subconciously "i've seen this before and said everything I want to say about it". Wheras new posts stimulate way more discussion.

Edited last time by antious666 on 09/11/2019 (Wed) 16:24:02.
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(176.03 KB 600x400 techcrew4.jpg)
this tbh
(53.04 KB 882x543 1474406848632.jpeg)
Holy autism batman! Y'know, the thing this thread was complaining about was just "mods close down threads outside designated generals", not "generals EXIST AT ALL"

The point of responsive, light moderation is to let the userbase do things ourselves organically, not to bludgeon them in the direction they say they want.
So are we decycling eceleb thread or what
So are we degeneralizing or what?
(24.05 KB 334x500 419qm-94qQL.jpg)
i misspoke they decycled the eceleb thread but not sure about the progress on others

(7.77 KB 270x187 ladda ned.jpeg)
Anonymous 08/31/2019 (Sat) 09:39:27 No. 49857 [Reply]
What are some good films about workers struggle and/or other leftist topics?

Non trots only
82 posts and 29 images omitted.
Green Room is /leftypol/ vs /pol/: The movie
how so ?
(209.66 KB 1024x838 pol pot deng.jpeg)
Pol Pot only called himself a Maoist to get support from China
Tbh I think it portrays imperialism better than class conflict: portraying the Skeksis as an outside imperial force, the Maudras as the local bourgeoisie, and the rest of the Gelfling as the peasantry. and I guess you could read Mogra as something like the nation as an embodied entity.
But yeah, I am glad I am not the only one thinking this.
The Expanse was originally SyFy Channel, and considering it is an adaptation it makes sense.
Also it portrays the geopolitics of the 21st century: Earth is the West (decadent, rich, but post-industrial, highly technologically advanced but relies on the rest of the world to keep its standard of living high), Mars is Russia/China (Militaristic, a rising power, spends too much on the military compared to domestic development, harsh political system that is implied to be highly authoritarian), and The Belt is the Third World (poor, gets most of the resources to the West & Russia/China, is the imperial subject of them both, has frequent strike movements put down by the two powers, has a liberationist movement that is torn between reformism, terrorism, and a protracted people's war). It is pretty dank tbh.

(143.65 KB 512x512 IMG_20190909_111151.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 11:07:19 No. 63258 [Reply]
>Western powers fuck over brown peoples lands for resources and land
>Brown people defect to the imperialist nations

Why are nazi spergs like this?
78 posts and 16 images omitted.
(10.09 KB 242x300 s-l300 (1).jpg)
they'll just cope saying its 9999 dimensional chess by the jews
(50.08 KB 600x340 1502715995768.jpg)
>I love jews.
Me too
Tony Blair proclaimed himself a "democratic socialist" too. In fact when the Socialist International was formed in 1951 to unite social-democratic parties across the globe (the SPD in West Germany, Socalist Party in France, Labour in Britain, NDP in Canada, etc.), the ideology it proclaimed was none other than "democratic socialism."

So unless you think the "far-left" include those who gladly helped establish NATO and whose leaders very largely pledged to commit themselves to the "free world" in the struggle against "Soviet totalitarianism" (not to mention their domestic policies which did not challenge capitalism), then... I mean if you think that then you're not far off from arguing the likes of Obama and the Clintons are crypto-Marxists.
To add onto what I wrote, even among the ranks of "democratic socialists" (i.e. social-democrats), Olof Palme and Tony Benn were clearly to the left of the "democratic socialism" of Sanders and AOC.

And even the likes of Palme and Benn had those to the left within social-democratic ranks, e.g. Benn's left included D.N. Pritt and Konni Zilliacus.

Why China Doesn't Stagnate like the USSR Anonymous 09/14/2019 (Sat) 00:05:14 No. 61962 [Reply]
New Essay about why liberals were wrong about China's inevitable stagnation.
20 posts and 2 images omitted.
Try not to deny historical facts anon
>believing Gorby's lies
gorbachev did coin the term "era of stagnation" and played up how badly the USSR was in need of """reform""" and a """return to lenin""", but economic stagnation was indeed happening since the mid-late 70s.
(44.62 KB 819x538 26-4.png)
(9.18 MB 480x360 vitas.gif)
>but economic stagnation was indeed happening since the mid-late 70s
I am not a Dengist reason #3455
Why do you compare the USSR to China, you might as well compare China to a stone since they also have nothing in common.

(56.07 KB 604x800 Mao Zedong.jpg)
Anonymous 09/15/2019 (Sun) 16:58:05 No. 63458 [Reply]
He did NOTHING wrong.
16 posts and 4 images omitted.
Tankies need to be killed to save lives.
You sound like a lunatic m8
>Power will come peacefully to the Chinese because Dengism bought it with money
>Now we will have to see the next step of the Chinese Communist party, and watch closely to ensure that Maoism makes a return at a critical time in the world's history.
>mao dindu nuthin
actually even by the most generous assumption he failed to build a system that could prevent Xi and revisionism backsliding the revolution
>Khmer Rouge against Vietnam
He was dead at that point but he did support pro US anticommunists in other countries to own the Soviets since he unironically believed that the USSR had become equivalent to Nazi Germany.
>The Soviet Union is today a dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, a dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie, a dictatorship of the German fascist type, a dictatorship of the Hitler type.
-Mao Zedong, 1962

(106.70 KB 600x383 nln5tnde16131.png)
Anti-vaxx Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:20:52 No. 64214 [Reply]
What's the Left's take on the anti vaccination movement?
Is it just paranoid science-illiterate American moms or is it something that deserves to be looked into? After all, pharmaceutical companies are known for they're shady dealings.
15 posts and 5 images omitted.
that's kind of based. if everyone thought like that we could get the anti-anglo gang back together
Franklin had problems but he's just describing skin tones here.
(269.91 KB 590x291 what robin.png)
>swedes swarthy
>swarthy means dark
What the fuck did I miss something?

(105.35 KB 800x1200 s-l1600.jpg)
its retarded hippie moms who don't know science

(23.15 KB 305x499
Do planned economies actually work? Anonymous 08/25/2019 (Sun) 04:24:43 No. 42490 [Reply]
Is there any evidence that centrally planned economies actually work and are better than market economies? It seems like most planned economies (USSR, Cuba,DPKR) have either collapsed or are in poverty. I know China has some planning but it also only started to develop economically after Deng decrease economic planning and introduced more free market measures.
29 posts and 7 images omitted.
I thought most of the Soviet countries had revolutions?

Thanks for the source but is there anything more recent?
(1.44 MB cockshottcrew.mp4)
chode explode crew checkin in i see
>he doesn't know about the referendum
(73.48 KB 1280x720 2qefegrteh.jpeg)
(1.91 MB 47159597.pdf)
Bumping for a good cause.

As asked in >>43738, while looking for data on the electrification of the USSR (one of the feats of early planning), I found a study which aims to compare the comparative benefits of planned and market economies. It's a very complex task, so this particular study focuses on the development of electrical grids.

It reinforces what a first-sight observation of history hints: planned economies work better for undeveloped economies, but become significantly inferior once the country is industrialized.

One big honking caveat here is that a cybernetworked planned economy, which has been mentioned ITT, has never been attempted. The conscious decision to forego this approach might have crippled the socialist economies is a very real way, as it might be considered a natural step of computing technology. Mechanical calculators, electronic computers, cybernetwork. It's undisputed fact that prescinding of the first two technologies would have been an error of Homeric proportions, so I'd say it's a safe bet that cybernetworking could have, if not make the economy more productive than a similar capitalist one, at least improve it markedly. Really, not making use of a helpful technology which presents no inherent drawbacks is always a bad idea. When the Soviet bureaucrats decided to nix this initiative, supposedly out of petty concern for their loss of power, they might have sealed the fate of the USSR.

(And possibly the fate of all life on Earth, considering how capitalism is clearly opting to keep chugging along despite the prospect of environmental collapse while investing heavily in what amounts to space lifeboats for the megaporkies.)

At any rate, check the Cockshott and cybernetics threads.

A second caveat is that both comparing the effects of planned and market economies and the use of cybernetics in economy are extremely rarified fields. It's typically relegated to academic journals, as even books are unlikely to find an audience for these topics. Cybernetics, specially, have a treasure trove of material still available solely in Russian, with preciously little pieces translated here and there, sadly.

At any rate, I might as well namedrop this magnificent site which everyone here should bookmark. You can even find the text of the first few Sovnarkom decrees there, it's amazing.

(1.08 MB 919x1300 asking your mentor for help.jpg)
/leftypol/ Mentorship Program Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 17:05:13 No. 33571 [Reply]
Since we have so many knowledgeable anons here and at least as many thirsting for more knowledge, I though it would be nice to pair them up and help each other study leftist theory or anything else!

If you are interested, post here:
1. A nickname (could be anything)
2. A way to contact you (e-mail, matrix, fedi, etc.)
3. Things that you are willing to mentor (e.g.: basics of Marxism, history, warfare, programming, whatever) (it's okay to leave this empty)
4. Things that you would be interested in being mentored in (it's okay to leave this empty)
5. How much time you can dedicate to studying/mentoring

Please remember that a mentor is supposed to give you guidance in your studies but studying is still your own responsibility! Be kind to each other and be grateful for the opportunity!
19 posts and 3 images omitted.
Honestly, i'd be more interested if there was a /soc/ type thing where people in different countries get contact info, and from there they choose to mentor eachother or date eachother. It would make leftism a bit more popular for people who want to socialize but can't.
Fuck off this is not a social club. Just leave and go to /soc/
It already exists >>>/ref/
If you managed to make someone this mad this quick it's probably worth trying
Interested in learning about Anarchist and Marxist Theory and History
3-4 hours a week

(53.80 KB 1000x700 gender.jpg)
The role of gender and race Comrade 08/07/2019 (Wed) 16:13:52 No. 15551 [Reply]
Notice: This thread serves as the offical /idpol/ gulag. Direct all threads that are pure idpol here.

Original OP:
I want this thread to be about a couple of things:

- Sharing arguments for a more rigorous understanding of how gender and race act upon people today.
- Using this understanding to form strategies to more effectively organize the working class.
- Building strategies to use this understanding to effectively criticize false or inept strategies of organizing the working class.

I wasn't a part of the discussion in the mod thread about having a general on gender, but I wanted to make a new one anyways because I think it is important to have a thread about both gender and race. Ideally this will not descend into screeds about idpol, though it is inevitable some reactionaries will be drawn to the thread. I want to see quality discussions that make good faith attempts to convince others of positions on identity.

It is not virtue signalling to say this is an important topic of theory for the modern leftist movement. It is clear that identity has had a large role in left-adjacent and liberal politics for the past couple of decades, reaching a peak within probably the last decade. As much as many would wish that they could just erase this and go back to a raw working class politics of trade unionism, it is at this moment a historical fact that the role of identity has come to take a dominant role in much leftist discourse and it can't just be wished away by ridiculing or denying it. The social categories of race and gender are understood now in very particular ways, often very confused ways, by large swathes of the working class. So it seems to me that the goal should be to form convincing and coherent understandings of these social roles in capitalism, to analyze how they are currently being used by both the working class itself and its enemies to achieve/maintain political power, and strategies for directing this in the most fruitful way.

Of course feel free to share books and articles about the subject here too, or to use current events to explore how gender and race effect the working class today.
Edited last time by pask on 08/10/2019 (Sat) 15:55:57.
491 posts and 42 images omitted.
Maybe the first but the one with c people is a non sequitur.
The fact that I can't even get someone like that to fuck makes it even more hopeless because I would definitely want to, even if just once.
Are you hideously ugly?
Yeah women are about as shallow as men are. I myself don't look great, but it be what it be I guess.
The biggest two things people can do is not be fat, which is simple, don't drink calories, cut soda, drink tea.

Ditch bread, pasta, even rice if you need large portions, or cut portions.

If you really need to snack due to shit habits, carrots and carrot sticks are great, hommus is a great healthy dip for them, celery if carrots aren't your thing.

no.1 thing dudes fuck up is skincare, it's very basic:
drink lots of water, if your pee isn't clear every time, you're not drinking enough
Get some basic sorbolene/vitamin E cream and throw that on your face after you've had a shower and before you go outside (the wind will dry the fuck out of your skin).
Lipbalm also is nice, but if you drink enough water your lips should naturally look decent if you don't lick them a bunch.

Meme diets are just that, memes, don't fall for them and just eat balanced, drink a shittone of water, you can go from 2.5 to 5 with just this if you're lucky, else, it won't hurt and you'll feel less unhealthy.

I unironically recommend a kick scooter for excercise if you live in a flat area, it's 3x faster than walking and you can skip most busses that aren't needed for long trips, fold the thing under the seat while you're not using it.
Be sure to have one with ~200mm wheels so you don't end up on your face if you hit a bump and you go at a decent speed.
lower deck to the ground = better, less sore leg muscles from kicking and bending.
fair enough statue poster, this is at least half true

(23.67 KB 973x819 china.png)
(936.83 KB 2000x1334 1552407442809.jpg)
/prc/ - People's Republic of China general Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 12:39:50 No. 8925 [Reply]
A general thread for all China related discussion
495 posts and 141 images omitted.
Imagine prosecuting the murder of a british capitalist, truly china has fallen
yeah there is, it is proven that they are CIA goons
false reminders are the worst
This but unironically
Imagine thinking this is all there is to the story. Leftypol was never good, but this is a new low. Here is a good account of the events that transpired if any of you actually want to educate yourselves.

Nazbol President Anonymous 09/16/2019 (Mon) 04:47:54 No. 64237 [Reply]
If I was President, i'd nuke Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. Then i'd nuke the European Central Bank, drop MOAB's on the EU Parliament and EU Commission, IMF and World Bank. Bomb the French Treasury. Bomb a part of China and ride out the global shitshow the rest of my term. And declare myself the Nazbol President.

Anything else you want me to do Leftypol?
Free Latin America of USA’s influence

(511.25 KB 563x719 pilled.png)
(59.40 KB 320x240 rDAHDRUMPF.png)
Laugh at /pol/ thread Comrade 08/05/2019 (Mon) 23:09:49 No. 10638 [Reply]
8Chan is Gone Edition

Given that the old thread from 8chan is now gone, I thought I would recreate the thread here.

Post /pol/ack autism from 4chan/reddit/etc.
196 posts and 98 images omitted.
>When your interests align with the President, the most powerful political party in the country, and the "opposition party" besides a few idpol issues yet you're somehow a redpilled rebel
The video's funny tbh, although not intentionally
>Soccer mom
I thought soccer balls were produced in Malaysian sweatshops.
Whiteness as a concept legit is a Social-Construct because what does and what does not classify one as being white changes and ebbs and flows depending on whoever’s ranting’s position in that moment
Yeah. Watch lards on /pol/ integrating spics into white category within next 10 years.

News 9/14/19 News Anon 3.0 09/14/2019 (Sat) 20:47:26 No. 62742 [Reply]
German military investigates elite unit over far-right ties
German military intelligence is probing its KSK elite unit over concerns of widespread far-right extremism. The level of extremist sympathy in the 1,100-person unit is feared to be "extraordinarily high."

US, Israel talk about mutual defense treaty – Trump
The US and Israel are discussing a mutual defense treaty that would further cement the already “tremendous” alliance between the two countries, President Donald Trump has revealed.

Labour Party revokes Electronic Intifada journalist’s press pass in bid to suppress left-wing criticism
Without any explanation, last month the Labour Party revoked Electronic Intifada journalist and deputy editor Asa Winstanley’s press pass to cover Labour’s annual conference in Brighton to be held September 21-25. It gave no explanation, despite having previously approved it on July 22.

Britain's move to join U.S. Gulf mission frustrates European plans
Britain’s decision to join a U.S.-led naval mission in the Gulf has delayed European efforts to set up a maritime force to ensure safe shipping in the Strait of Hormuz separate from American patrols, EU diplomats say.

Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

33 posts and 5 images omitted.
RT is state-owned, though it does also have some private funding. A comparable entity would be the USA's PBS, NPR, or VoA.
I think these are stupid like the "machnies will control us" in general because these are just tools used by humans to dominate other humans.
I can't live if I don't know what's happening around me, edgy kid.
There Good for anything not related to Russia.
(1.30 MB 500x333 fart sniffing.gif)
Where do you get your news then, oh enlightened one?

Anonymous 08/30/2019 (Fri) 12:54:31 No. 48926 [Reply]
Guys, what are your opinions on the school system? Is it good? or is it bad??
72 posts and 15 images omitted.
Abolishing schools under the current system would just lead to declining literacy rates and shit. Porky's kids would be fine though.
It's the cornerstone of the present ruling ideology, without it the system would collapse within a couple of generations.

I'm not an advocate of just destroying schools but rather reducing the school week dramatically and ending compulsory education at the rough equivalent of 8th grade outside of cases requiring special attention. I would also abolish all the programs that give special programs to the advanced students, and instead the advanced simply spend less time in school and spend more time with recreational and socializing activities (which would be provided by the community as a public resource). They don't need to be fed a bunch of bullshit about how they are the elect and everyone exists to kiss their ass, which is what those "gifted and talented" programs are basically.
We would need to engage in a massive program of re-education for adults to adjust to a new system, which would be streamlined for most (most adults are capable enough in the knowledge and would be able to take a test to not have to enter re-education), but is absolutely necessary because for several generations the schools absolutely refused to teach even basic skills, and there is today a substantial part of the population that is left to rot for ideological and political reasons, and a small minority consigned to the death chambers once fascism really gets going (most likely they are doomed, because any reform will only happen after fascism has run its course, and the fascists will and have been exterminating this group).
>after fascism has run its course
You mean neo-fascism getting pulverised by neo-Stalinism ?
>the fascists will and have been exterminating this group
The last time fascists attempted to exterminate a group, it ended with members of that group hunting them down like prey.

Anyway in order not derail the thread I'll better say something about education

> democratic schools

Well it would be nice to have some scientific explanations why
this environment is better at education, maybe from a cognitive angle.
The main argument of this video seems to be that this particular environment causes children to seek knowledge and retain it.
Somehow I don't see the masses of people on disability rising up in revolt and having any sort of support, unlike the Jews. This time, the new fascism made sure that such things will not happen again. It has taken a few generations to degrade the public to such a point where it not only won't resist fascist excess, but where a significant part of the population will welcome it and demand ever-more extreme actions.
I don't know if neo-fascism will be stopped this time, or if it will be crushed. All I can hope for is that enough residual decency exists among the people to end the backslide into fascism we've been seeing for the past 50 years, without the fash going full retard.
Anyway my point was that in all likelihood there will only be a few stragglers left of my class, who managed to hide from the fascist purge with sympathetic family or by entering full revolt and waging a very long campaign just to survive. It is unlikely that any reform to schooling would happen peacefully, because the system itself is the lynchpin keeping the ruling order coherent in any way. Not even the lolbert-est Republican will really abolish the education system, unless they're going to resort to heavy force to disallow the public any independent education whatsoever (which is part of what the schooling system does, wear children and parents out from struggling with the system when it has already decided that 80-90% of the population are useless eaters). They'll privatize the shit out of schooling and give kids shitty vouchers, but they'll never remove the compulsory aspect nor alter the function of the schooling system at a basic level. It's too self-perpetuating at this point to allow for any peaceful transition.

As for "democratic schools", schooling by its nature is anti-democratic, and kids (at least young ones) don't really have a sense of what democracy means that is innate. Building democracy isn't easy, and kids wouldn't know what to do with a vote if it were just handed to them, while they remain in a fundamentally anti-democratic institutions. Learning is not a democracy, you either learn or you don't.
This shouldn't be construed as saying kids need to be bossed around, but that there are places where young people could have actually meaningful voices (and first would be to simply reduce the threshold for adulthood to 14 rather than the incredibly delayed age of 18). The only reason schools even bother with the farce of high school (after a kid's place was basically decided by age 10-11) is to keep the kids warm for a potential draft, so there's not an extended period where the potential soldier remembers anything but a total institution when they enter the military. 14 year olds are not peak for fighting or breeding, that's literally the only reason they even "allow" them a high school education. I don't believe a total institution like a school can ever be a place where democracy can exist, but if children have an existence beyond the school institution it would go a long way. Many of us don't get the option of having friends or going to parties, or any meaningful participation in society beyond the humiliations school inflicts on us. We just need less school, period, and more efforts to integrate young people into society and places where they can actually grow and enjoy being young. Right now, a lot of young people just retreat into isolation and solitary activities because social life has become completely unbearable and nightmarish.
The class character of Fascism is the open dictatorship of the imperial finance bourgeoisie.
They are on the back-foot now, they have painted them self's into a triple corner. The combo of finance and mercenary forces is not viable to begin with, because it's a mafia structure that can only exist as parasitic element to a much larger society, and in addition the material reality of the bios-sphere of the planet doesn't actually allow their system to continue. They already have lost, they have a chance to leave the historic stage gracefully, if they start murdering people at the bottom, they choose their own fate.
As for your stuff about schools before we can argue about the politics of changing the school system. I asked for a scientifically framed answer, in the sense of a precise description about the environmental inputs that are supposed to induce children to seek out education on their own, and then also retain what they learned. What is the change on the cognitive level.

Space_##KRLn94 08/19/2017 (Sat) 12:52:39 No. 648 [Reply]

Leftypol video archive. Main point of the project is to archive leftypol videos incase of a pol falseflagging attack on youtube, like we've seen happen to Batko.

Mastodon is a GNU Social compatible twitter clone. Designed to be a leftypol node and point of contact if my Twitter account gets taken down.
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Hey boo
What's happening with spacechan? I know it's gone to shit in the past couple weeks but I don't wanna see it get shut down. The b on the .net was gone when I woke up and only those trip/avatarfags seem to be posting. I'm very surprised at the bo deleting /b/ he seems pretty dramatic. Anyway sorry for asking about spacechan here, just thought there'd be a higher chance of you responding..
Are these coming back at some time? The links seem to be down.

(93.69 KB 1280x720 5262250-6130239429-51426.jpg)
Killing Ideology: A Defense of Postmodernism Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 20:43:39 No. 59207 [Reply]

>More troubling is the critique of postmodernism from the left, where leftists may associate this grand theory with neoliberalism’s ethos of immorality and individualism. In short, the left is getting postmodernism completely backward when one thinks of it this way. Postmodernism is actually a way to build on Marxism, rather than replace it or distract from it. Any other conclusion would be buying the false divide between intersectional forms of liberation.

>What postmodernity claims is that there is no truth precisely because the individual subject has a cultural/historical context—which seems directly in line with Marx’s radical humanism that treated human beings as actors and victims of a system, rather than competitive and unworthy figures.

>To claim that subjectivity is nothing would be not dissimilar to Mr. Trump’s claim that all news is fake. Critics of postmodernity see it as the other way around. They assume that denying the existence of objective truth is denying truth altogether. Even Michel Foucalt, perhaps the most famous quote on quote postmodernist rejected the label because he wanted to be seen as someone who questioned the system. Mr. Foucalt should have embraced the label because the claim that there is no objectivity not only naturally favors the unheard (class and otherwise), we see that it fundamentally rejects the authoritarianism of even its own voice.

>Even the best of critics of the corporate distribution of information and art in today’s neoliberal global economy find themselves in a position of totalitarianism. This is because they undergo the following process, which is the same as Mr. Trump’s analysis, even if far more accurate in its attempt at objectivity. Step 1 is to take what is accepted as the objective truth (accepted mainstream history, news, art, etc.) and point to its corruption (primarily financial but also could be ethnic or any other type of supposed imperfection, or a linkage, such as Jewish owned media smears). Once the objective truth of the “ruling class” is accepted by the consumer as merely subjective propaganda, we find the next step is to insert one’s own subjective interpretation of reality as objective truth, rather than, as a normal person might do, offering up your ideas as subjective alternatives. Now we find that there is new authority in the rogue subject and truth comes to gain meaning not through proof, but through the authority of the actor involved.

>So, when postmodern folks claim subjectivity it is not that they are saying nothing, it is that they are acknowledging both their own flaws and the need for constant interrogation of the facts laid out before us. The idea that one must come to a conclusion in order to find truth is actually the definition of fascism. If a dictionary must appear in its final form, who says the human race must not also? And how would such a society deal with change—specifically that of cultural migration and economic unease.

I thought you guys said that postmodernism was bad. I didn't realize you guys were literally fascists (oh fuck does calling you guys fascists make me a fascist for imposing by subjectivity onto you oh god)
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Postmodernism thinks of Marx etc. as modernist thinkers of industrial revolution era and it denounces concept of class etc. for being "modernist totalitarian" concepts. According to postmodernists we live in a era where there is no class society or anything Marx thought doesn't exist. PoMo's are neoliberal reactionaries.

Also, postmodernism isn't only anti Marxist neoliberal bullshit but it doesn't have any scientific credibility and it is just nonsense. There is a website called postmodern generator where you can click on the generate button and get a postmodern article which is created by an algorithm. Some people even sent those articles to postmodern article contests and won the 1st prize.
>postmodern generator
here it is:

just refresh the page if you want a new article
Science doesn't really apply to philosophical or metaphysical concepts. It's a method for understanding the physical world and causality, not a religion.

Pomo is pure filth but it's not because it's "un-science-y" (although pomo does take a big dump on the philosophical underpinnings of the scientific method). Pomo implicitly is a class-domination system where reality is determined by power, which can only be political and real power. Part of the domination is to tell the rubes that class is arbitrary, even though only one class can truly dictate reality and others are just illusory and what power they have evaporates. It can only abide two classes: the rulers, and the ruled. It can, of course, subdivide the ruled into various gradients, but only one group is allowed to be the priests of information, and dissent from consensual reality is treated like a disease.
Pomo, in short, IS a totalitarian ideology in the truest sense of the word.
Nice spooks nerd.
Agreed with the rest of your post, but...
>but it's not because it's "un-science-y" (although pomo does take a big dump on the philosophical underpinnings of the scientific method)
The problem is, unlike the "non-overlapping magisteria" of some other non-scientific pursuits, PoMos have pretensions of grandeur extending far beyond their area of competence.

(206.92 KB 720x1112 1568352301572.jpg)
Saudi princess ordered bodyguard to beat labourer, made him kiss her feet Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 07:02:39 No. 61140 [Reply]
Reminder that monarchy is the enemy of worker, and deserve to be guillotined.
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Get a calculator out and try and get the remainder comrade
Kinda sounds like an insurrection of rebel accountants fighting their way out of a cube farm in Riyadh
This cannot possibly be halal

OP's image isn't even the same woman, probably pulled off of Facebook of some woman with the same name.
Considering stories I heard years ago about saudi oil princes buying tf2 hats, yes.

Anonymous 08/22/2019 (Thu) 22:46:59 No. 39404 [Reply]
Redpill me on Materialism. The world is a complex place and there seem to be many different ways of interpreting the world. However all the Marxist theory I read insist on the materialist perspective because the various scientific theories that have developed over the last few centuries. As I understand it though these theories do not explain everything (yet) so materialism remains merely a theoretical interpretation. Am I wrong?
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Niggers, ghosts are real, they are product of electromagnetic interference in our brain
(95.63 KB 1080x663 5eruzi.jpeg)
So you are saying that race-based thinking is caused by RF signals ?
parent is using niggers as a collective pronoun (ie guys). although explicit racism today is definitely a mental disease.
I once took a dive into paranormal phenomena and also found something like parent is saying. that places where there's a lot of high tension cables and shit, cause people to see ghosts.
I live right beside some high tension cables, sometimes I see bugs in my periphery that don't actually exist. anecdotal, just saying.
You could expand that graph to include the zero events of 'things demonstrated to exist that do not adhere to a materialist worldview'
Yeah this is BS, residential or commercial electricity supply certainly isn't messing with your brain, there's people working near sources of RF-noise with orders magnitude higher amplitude, without any such symptoms.

If you can see bugs that aren't there, you are having a hallucination.

It could be environmental for example if you are using an open flame for heating you might have carbon monoxide levels that are high enough to cause symptoms. Get a detector. There might be some company in your area that is emitting chemicals, ask other people in your neighbourhood if they got similar symptoms. Or you might have brain-damage, and you might want to find a neurologist.

(35.05 KB 854x530 gendo.jpg)
How do we improve /leftypol/? Anonymous 09/13/2019 (Fri) 02:26:27 No. 60970 [Reply]
and bunkerchan in general
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this is an insane idea for a chan
these are good ideas together. /v/ board with no political topics but political discussion allowed, with virulent idpol of the right and left variety being dealt with by mods

I disagree, if anything applying a consumer cooperative model to a chan would be very synergistic, the community by virtue of owning and entrusted with regulating the same communal space, will disincentivise shitposting and other malicious behaviour whilst increasing user retention by users not wishing to abandon their investment.
It's fucking retarded because someone, at least if he has money, can just buy multiple stakes retard. are you going to make them show their passport?
shut it down

(239.68 KB 1920x2136 1549034733557.jpg)
Anonymous 09/07/2019 (Sat) 11:52:50 No. 56533 [Reply]
Why is Cuba more economically successful than North Korea? Both in GDP and Per Capita they surpass NK despite having half of their population.
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production capacity and natural resources are the only thing thats real
Any reports on how it is today?
Ports, environment, easy trade, tropical climate.
>tropical climate.
Don't underestimate this, it translates to backyard gardens being able to feed a family
Well that and it brings tourists in more

no cookies?