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Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 13:36:56 No. 8
What Internet browser does /tech/ use? personally, I just use firefox
Firefox and chrome. I'm a filthy tabwhore so I need several browsers.
Pale Moon Mozilla is complete cancer now but Webkit is even worse.
I use firefox but I harden that shit way way beyond vanilla settings. >No cookies >No trackers >No telemetry >Spoof tor headers >Spoof all headers >etc etc etc https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2018/09/firefox-hardening-guide/ I also use privoxy for all my traffic. If you don't know what privoxy is look it up and if you aren't using linux you are doing it wrong.
Pale Moon, complete with a suite of old firefox extensions I try to keep jury rigging into working. All-in-all it runs faster than chrome (what I used to use) while also giving me a lot more control over how I want it to look. Decent amount of labor went into making it work for me though.
Maxton 5
>>8 Same. Firefox works fine for me.
>>25 >>24 >>18 What do you guys think of icecat? Worth the switch from firefox?
>>29 I use IceCat as my daily browser on GNU + linux and it works quite well except for a few extensions (but µMatrix and µBlock work fine so I don't care that much) and videos on twitter have a really distorted sound. Would recommend if privacy really matters to you if not just keep using Firefox. It's like a ready to use hardened Firefox (see >>16).
Why Chrome, of course. The most trusted browser in the world made by the most trusted infotech giant in the world!
>>39 I audibly kek'd.
(120.58 KB 1911x1080 2020-01-27_17-34-12.png)
Pale Moon with good communist night mode
>>37 Would you say it's more secure than a hardened Firefox like >>16? I wish I could just use the tor browser as my default but I can't get privozy working with it right.
>>55 I'm not an expert but I think they're pretty much equivalent. At the end of the day, it's a question of trust, would you rather put your trust on Mozilla (Firefox) or The Free Software Foundation (IceCat)? The other thing to consider is that IceCat is based on the ESR version of Firefox so if you want a more up to date Browser with the latest features you might want to stick with a "hardened" Firefox.
>>9 >Chrome ew
>>59 Brrtty sure he was joking comrade.
Tor Browser -> Icecat -> Firefox -> ... -> ... -> ... -> Pale Moon I.E. and the *oogle browser obviously shouldn't be installed software to anyone with a tinge of reason.
>>55 You shouldn't add change settings in Tor Browser except for the adjustment of the Security Levels, as part of Tor Browser's purpose is it's locked down design, in order to maximize your anonymity (unique browser = you fucking up). If you have installed additional addons to your TB I would suggest you re-install the browser anew. Do what you did with TB previously in another, non-anonymous browser, like Icecat or a hardened FF (going through your always-on VPN, ofc). Tor network for out-of-the-box Tor Browser, unless you really know what you're doing / is studying compsci / comp engineering / read the manual (you clearly didn't this time). https://tb-manual.torproject.org/plugins/ >[T]he only add-ons that have been tested for use with Tor Browser are those included by default. Installing any other browser add-ons may break functionality in Tor Browser or cause more serious problems that affect your privacy and security. It is strongly discouraged to install additional add-ons, and the Tor Project will not offer support for these configurations.
My recommendation would be Firefox if you want something that just werkz out of the box. IceCat if you don't like Mozilla telemetry, but it generally doesn't get new features very often. Pale Moon if you want to customize the fuck out of everything, but most extensions are old and you will likely have to find/create your own alternatives. I try to avoid Chrome, but Iridium Browser or UnGoogled Chromium are passable. You don't have to use all of these extensions, but here are some I use on Firefox: >uBlock Origin Gets rid of 99% of porky ads on the net. Highly dependent on filter lists, but the defaults work well. >ClearURLs Not really needed if you don't care about tracking, but it basically removes all the referral codes and other junk from hyperlinks. >Multi Account Containers If you use containers in Firefox, this adds a toolbar button for easily managing containers and lets you always open sites in a specific container you choose. I like to have a "SFW" and "NSFW" container for sites I login with and temporary containers for the rest, this will vary on the amount of identities you want to use/keep separate. >Cookie Auto Delete Lets you whitelist sites to keep cookies and delete the rest (for persistent logins). Configure the settings to enable auto-clean and containers support, if you use that. Localstorage removal for containers is already covered by Temp. Containers (below), so you don't need to enable that here, unless you don't use containers. IF YOU USE THIS DON'T CLEAR COOKIES ON BROWSER EXIT, let the extension do it for you. >uMatrix (for advanced users) Good for blocking third party javascript bloat slowing down your browser. Unfortunately you have to manually allow sites that break, which takes time as you browse (there is an import/export function, though). Disable the extension when you are doing work/school so it doesn't error out important transactions or page loads. >Temporary Containers (for advanced users) Kind of like incognito mode but per-tab. Just like regular containers, the cookies saved in these don't touch other containers. In addition to that, the temp containers (and all the site storage) automatically delete after you are done with them. You can choose when/how to purge the temp containers, per-domain isolation, and if every new tab should automatically become a temporary one by default. Also check out ghacks user.js if you want some Firefox config hardening, like the anti-fingerprinting settings TOR browser uses. Keep in mind the more privacy extensions and prefs you add, the more sites will break and you will get a LOT of Google captchas and Cloudflare challenges. Finally, nothing you do on the internet is private, so don't do retarded glowy shit thinking you are some leet hacker god.
>>65 I know right? It's like, why would you chose the fork with added proprietary shit? Never got why people chose the dusty-ass looking Pale Moon.
(162.15 KB 339x361 158009661260.png)
>>66 Changing the proxy settings have nothing to do with the actual browser settings themselves. The only reason people use privoxy through the tor browser is so they can use other hidden services like i2p and zeronet in a secure browser, as well. But changing the proxy settings through privoxy don't actually change the internet settings of the browser itself.
>>76 Didn't Whonix recently develop an actual browser (finally) to I2P?
>>86 Having to literally boot up a whole different operating system in order to securely use one hidden service is way, way, inconvenient. I understand the whole Convenience =/= Privacy dichotomy, but, come on. I should be able to use tor and i2p and Freenet/zeronet with out switching to dedicated browsers/operating systems.
(9.09 KB 247x93 i2p.png)
>>92 >Having to literally boot up a whole different operating system That's not what I meant to imply, sorry for the confusion. I meant to convey that I was pretty sure Whonix were helping with developing a solid I2P Browser. >I should be able to use [two different darknets] with out switching to dedicated browsers[...]. I totally disagree. <[researching, catching up on last 6 months of I2P's development] I'm pleasantly surprised! They seem to have made major design improvements, the project no longer gives the impression of 2003 malware, which is great. On a more serious note they seem to have (with the help of Whonix developers) integrated what was previously the "I2P Router" with the new I2P Browser https://geti2p.net/en/browser/releasenotes#r20b5 >2.0 Beta 5 (Sep 12 2019) >The browser now ships with the router on Linux >The browser now ships with the router on Windows >The browser now ships with the router on Mac OS X This is what I was referring to. For anyone interested in what the fuck it is we're arguing about, here's an intro page: https://geti2p.net/en/browser/intro But to reiterate something I think is important that you understand (and don't confuse others with) see, just quickly skimming their website I encounter passages like this: https://geti2p.net/en/browser/roadmap >Besides enabling I2P features, there is also the on-going work of backporting and enabling enhancements from TBB, which sometimes require alteration to work with I2P. This highlights that shit like this actually requires a team of programmers dediced to bugfix browsers with access to unique darknets - I'm just trying to advocate responsibility in this public forum of people I care about when we're talking security, privacy, anonymity and filesharing networks where people break the law and shit. I don't want people to get half-assed advice when there are robust projects already active, which is also easier to use btw. So there are multiple reasons actually. No hard feelings, comrade.
>>72 Because the add-ons actually fucking work on Pale Moon. I'll switch to Icecat as soon as they reject all the fucking bullshit Mozilla added over the years to kill the very extensions that made their browser unique and appealing in the first place.
>>96 I wasn't trying to be rude, anon. I hope I Didn't come off that way; >I totally disagree. I do want to go off on a tangent about this, though: Why do you disagree with this? If I can use the tor browser for all of my privacy needs why should I have to use a different browser for i2p? Isn't that just more development to keep up with and more load on the user all together? It seems unnecessary. > the project no longer gives the impression of 2003 malware Audible kek.
>>8 Firefox with duckduckgo
I've been using Tor Browser for literally everything for years now, don't have any other browser on my system. But my Internet surfing is very modest and adapted to that, can't remember the last time I logged into a user account for example. Not gonna lie, sometimes it can be frustrating when Tor is blocked or you end up with a slow circuit, but at this point connecting over clearnet feels like going naked outside of my house.


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