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there's a huge age gap in /a/ おたく 05/18/2020 (Mon) 20:56:13 No. 1646
before you read this, can we all agree toonami was what made anime mainstream in america? ok? So like the subject says there is a clear age gap in the anime/manga community. It's split into two of the most soy filled baby generations y and z. For people around my age(late 90sfetuses) We grew up in the tail end of toonami. Basically the era of Naruto and One Piece, this explains why Naruto and One Piece is more consumed by zoomers while the previous gen grew up with dbz and pokemon and maybe sailor moon. Folks around my age mainly grew up with NAruto on CN one piece had a pretty shitty first impression and it didn't last that long on CN anyways so this is why Naruto is more liked with zoomers. Anyways there's this new gen of anime fags that don't know nothing about Naruto and one piece. There are literally fetuses lurking the internet who where babies when attack on titan came out. I propose we should name this generation of /a/ fags gen 3
You are all children. Don't talk to me about anime until you have seen over 1000 series.
>>1649 This. In socialism, gatekeeping will be a well paid state job to keep internet communities free of newfags.
>>1653 Based. We can finally rid ourselves of eternal September.
>gen 3 Are you the same dumbass who came up with the name Gen Z? Try to come up with something better than fucking gen 3
>>1656 xXx_gen3_xXx
Are we starting pointless generational fights again? Sailor Moon is trash.
>>1659 I agree, but the 90s anime wasn't actually that bad. The manga and the new anime are complete trash and I don't know why that series became so popular. Garbage tier magical girl tbh.
>baby show I watched as a baby is better than baby shows babies watch today Makes you feel really good about yourself, huh? This isn't even about shows you chose to watch yourself, just a bunch of shit people happened to watch because it aired on TV. If I was gatekeeping I wouldn't let the TVfags in in the first place.
>>1664 Lmao, I was downloading anime with xdcc before you were born. Death is the only solution for newfags.
boring thread 1v1 me in GNT4 to see what gen is better
>>1662 I always thought Card Captor Sakura was a hell of a lot more interesting than Sailor Moon. The Cloud Cards were pretty interesting, and you got a good glimpse of life in Japan, and a lot more yuri undertones. There were other great 90's magical girl series but I didn't get exposed to them, and now they're pretty much unwatchable when there's stuff with better animation today.
>ameriga >Narooto Dont care shut the fuck up Nobody gives a fuck about your shounen trash. Fuck naruto fuck one piece, fuck attack on titan and fuck boku no hero academia, go watch some actual good shows.
>>1654 Call it "eternal October"
>>1646 Bro, I'm a late 90s baby and I remember watching all of those shows and other shit like Inyuasha, Yugioh, Hamtaro, etc. The line isn't as clear cut as you think. They're all booty ass cheeks tho so who cares
>>1674 exactly start watching family guy instead.


no cookies?