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Comrade 02/02/2020 (Sun) 13:15:41 No. 189
Any ideas for a roulette catgirl?
(315.57 KB 1060x912 1580678546939.png)
(236.17 KB 1097x881 1580678564779.png)
I got inspired by the first image, then I made her more cartoonised. Her name is Fenya, she is from Vietnam
(288.76 KB 1060x912 Fenya azn.png)
>>191 >from Vietnam
>>192 Big anime eyes
(304.78 KB 1060x912 Fenya big anime eyes.png)
>>193 Here ya go. Enjoy fap.
(325.70 KB 1027x941 1580686103472.png)
>>191 Changed the eyes
(313.55 KB 1027x941 1580686103472.png)
>>191 I like it anon.
>>191 We need more Fenya art
(2.59 MB 2732x2048 roulette board tan.png)
posted this in the /GET/ thread already. just my take. idk what to call her, tho Roulette is a pretty ok name already imo.
>>199 Damn, that's nice anon.
>>199 damn she thicc
I did this poll to see which of the two designs you prefer https://www.strawpoll.me/19341217
>>199 What if insted of numbers on her skirt it was boards? Like /teh/,/hist/, etc etc etc
>>205 what does /teh/ stand for?
>>206 A misspelled /tech/?
>>208 Lmao, this.
(1.89 MB 2732x2048 fenya roulette.png)
Fenya seems to be topping the polls rn >>203 so i decided to give my spin on her. I also thought it'd be fun to do a new drawing of her for every new board as they come so i did some for /tech/.
>>263 the rule 34 writes itself
>>264 A girl who fucks a different cock every month?
>>265 the 'cock carousel' you could say? :3
>>263 Reminds me of Nekomije.
>>265 This, LOL
>>263 This one is by far the nicest


no cookies?