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おたく 05/10/2020 (Sun) 13:44:37 No. 1488
Is Madoka truly the AOTD of the 2010s?
(135.20 KB 609x927 migi.jpg)
It's pretty good, but I prefer Parasyte. Watamote had an excellent adaptation that ended at the perfect time before the comic strip went to shit as well.
>>1489 >before the comic strip went to shit as well. I've never seen or read Watamote but the "change" made me want to pick up the manga.
>>1492 What was the change?
>>1493 I'm not really sure what to call it. The yuri shipping? I haven't read the manga but i did read a bunch of Watamote doujins on Dynasty and it got me interested.
>>1493 Originally it was about a ugly otaku girl with severe social anxiety but she has a harem of girls now.
(2.62 MB 1579382150343.webm)
Did any of you guys watch magia record? It wasn't kino like the OG series and rebellion but i still liked it.
>>1496 Why is there no sound?
(6.67 KB 195x154 1580805174715.jpg)
>>1497 saved it from 4chan, sorry.
>>1493 Basically they gave her a ton of friends she didn't earn and all the humor dried up.
>>1493 The author got sent dick pics from 4chan
>>1492 Eh, I quit reading it before that because it went on so long. Can't fault the author for trying to change the formula though to keep it fresh after all those years.
Yes. It may not have the best storytelling but it is the most efficient one. So much emotions and plot squeezed into 13 episodes. >>1496 >magia record? Nah I didn't. Just waiting for a sequel to Rebellion.


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