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(159.92 KB 2000x1500 Fifth International.png)
Comrade Admin 01/21/2020 (Tue) 17:19:13 No. 1 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /roulette/, Bunkerchan's roulette board! This board will be used for testing out new board ideas, based on the example of 7chan's /777/ board. The guidelines are as follows: -The countdown will begin as soon as the board is added to the top bar and will last for one month. -After a month, if the board has garnered enough posts on that month's topic, it will be made into a new board (barring any legitimate objections by the moderation team) and the threads will be moved there. Off-topic and spam posts will not count. Board ideas that do not meet this requirement will be shelved, with the possibility of being revisited later. -New board ideas can be suggested in the /gulag/ thread for /roulette/. This month's board topic is: /tech/ - Technology
Edited last time by comraderat on 01/27/2020 (Mon) 12:53:41.
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>>258 I would bring them too /gulag/ itself or to the mod sticky.
>>1 Can somebody explain to me why the fuck is everyting announced only on /gulag/? Isn't /leftypol/ the board with the more traction? Also: You just killed HA! /dead/ and /tech/... why do you want new boards again? And how many posts are considered to be viable for the new board to form? What if the new board will siphon off a huge amount of people from another board (e.g.: Now we have /tech/ here but if it wins it's freedom nobody - who wants to post there - would check on /hobby/ )? How many boards do you want to create in total?
>>276 Not everything is announced only in gulag. Roulette was announced in the mod thread dawg. The thread is just so fast; leftypol only has more traction because users refuse to give otherboards traction.
>>255 >Pretty sure his is up next. Thank you!
>>276 >nobody - who wants to post there - would check on /hobby/ tech stuff is a job for a lot of people comrade

(503.48 KB 934x1000 daily_programming.png)
Daily Programming Thread Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 18:13:02 No. 38 [Reply] [Last]
What are you working on, /roulette/?
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I think I want to write an xmpp client library. In C so that it'd be easily usable from most other languages.
r8 my poor's man xxd $ shuf -n 1 /usr/share/dict/words | shuf -re {0..9} {a..f} --random-source /dev/stdin 2>/dev/null | tr -d $ '\n' | fold -w 2 | rev | xxd -p -r
(128.59 KB 457x645 thumbs_up.png)
>>410 Nice hack!
>>342 Why anon? The whole point of Lisp is to have lists as a free data structure. If you want to do linear algebra, take advantage of this feature. (defun matrix-calc (g1-list g2-list a1 a2) (let* ((g1 (reduce #'+ g1-list)) (g2 (reduce #'+ g2-list)) (i11 (* (car a1) g1)) (i12 (* (cadr a1) g2)) (i21 (* (car a2) g1)) (i22 (* (cadr a2) g2))) (list (cons i11 i12) (cons i21 i22)))) (matrix-calc '(1 2 3) '(4 5 6) '(10 5) '(20 55))

(80.21 KB 500x628 1442554333164.jpg)
/tech/ was always slow Comrade 02/13/2020 (Thu) 20:11:02 No. 328 [Reply] [Last]
https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22318707 >People miss the quality of discussions on Usenet, but don't ever think about why the discussions were better. >Biggest factor I think that made the discussions better is that folks were not connected all the time so discussions would span days or weeks. You had time think between posts. Folks would log on once or twice a day. Obviously there were exceptions. Today a reddit thread has about a 24 hour shelf life because of its global nature, and then it dies. Furthermore the most intense discussions will happen in bursts and then flame out. People aren't engaging in discussion they are shouting their opinion into the ether and moving on. Back at the old place, /tech/ had low pph even when unique ips were high This is what made it good Slow boards aren't a bad thing
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>>378 >how DO you build a reliable public-edited encyclopedia You don't. Encyclopædiæ should be written by first-party specialists, but subject to ideological review, like the Soviet one.
I hate when people complain about a board being "slow." It shouldn't matter how many posts there are, but whether or not they're interesting.
>>414 Well, it doesn't help when there is literally zero posts per day.
>>415 That's when you have a thought, come back, and make a post.

(5.75 KB 256x256 t56756756.jpeg)
Let's talk VPNs Comrade 01/27/2020 (Mon) 15:36:01 No. 17 [Reply] [Last]
I was using riseup.net as a VPN, but, now cloudflair (The upstream provider for the site) is blocking it. Furthermore, it's come to my attention that riseup boofed their canary after the FBI requested server logs. They are glowin the darks, for real, and confirmed. What VPN would you suggest anon? What VPN, if any, do you use. I was thinking of routing all my traffic over tor, but, currently the site still blocks tor traffic. Help me out guys, I feel naked, thanks.
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>>104 Mullvad has an opensource linux client.
I just leave this here https://thatoneprivacysite.org
>>356 >privacy website >can't even maintain its SSL certificate
>>377 >He falled for the CA meme
>>356 I don't think anybody realistically uses that chart for VPNs. I prefer this page instead: https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/

(11.63 KB 265x314 Tux.png)
Linux Comrade 01/21/2020 (Tue) 16:28:10 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Why aren't you using Linux? If you are, good job. If not, you better start soon. >Open source vs. Free Software https://www.gnu.org/philosophy/open-source-misses-the-point.en.html >List of free as in freedom distros approved by the FSF https://www.gnu.org/distros/free-distros.en.html >A really good linux distro that doesn't have systemd, but a fast and simple init/service management system called runit https://voidlinux.org/ - Image credit: By [email protected] Larry Ewing and The GIMP, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=80930
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>>273 The answer was to have licensed everything as AGPL3 from the beginning. Corporations make a profit off of free software because they use it to host all their proprietary webservices. Of course, the only way to fix it now is to go back into the past, which is impossible. Now the BSDs are around and a rich legacy of GNU software under an attractive license exists, any extreme licensing change would prompt an enormous backlash from all the companies who make most of the contributions (in the case of the linux kernel, a license change would be literally impossible). They would immediately fork any project that attempted to change the license and you would be left in the dust lacking most of your former developer power.
>>284 >Now, where is your "free" hardware? Nowhere to be seen, because guess what, actual proles, working on the assembly line, are not hippies, who like to pretend to work for free. Do you actually believe the "free" in "free software" is referring to "zero cost"?
>>290 >>294 I hope you get V& by the government because you insisted on using Windows to lord it over the "lifestylist" linux users.
>>402 "Foundation" means funded by porkies, retard.
(216.39 KB suckers.webm)
They're born every minute.

(39.90 KB 600x375 PC-Troubleshooting.png)
Hardware Issues Comrade 02/04/2020 (Tue) 10:43:17 No. 220 [Reply] [Last]
More just cause I don't wanna go to some place like r/techsupport ew So anyways I built a computer recently, it works perfectly fine except for one issue: it has difficulty starting up. It takes about 5 minutes after pressing the power button for it to turn on, nothing will speed it up. I found out that the issue with it is that the Motherboard came with a dead CROM battery, I replaced that and voila it starts up fine. And it has been fine for the past week, however the startup issue has returned, and just to be sure I replaced the CROM battery AGAIN but this time it didn't work. I know for a fact that it was just the dead battery that was the issue so why is it persisting?
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And now the computer won't turn on at all after turning on while in sleep mode last night and MSI is being a fucking bitch about a replacement, they fucking sent me a broken motherboard, the least they could fucking do is own up to it.
>>249 Walk in the door and punch them in the face.
Welp nobody wanted an update but here it is: NEVER FUCKING TRUST MSI. What a shit company holy shit, I've spent 3 weeks trying to pin them down for the warranty but they've shrugged me off each damn time. I'm just going for the damn refund at this point and just order a new one, I'm still gonna be down a good 50 pounds but holy shit I'm not giving MSI another damn penny even if the repair would cost only 5 P.
>>396 Thanks for the update comrade, keep us informed

F-14 Comrade 02/22/2020 (Sat) 01:42:38 No. 373 [Reply] [Last]
Why does Iran use half century old US plains instead of just buying new plains from Russia?
>just buy more money lmao
Ukraine has more fertile plains tho.
>>395 Talking of which, why does the ukraine still use half century old russian tabks instead of buying american ones?

(87.81 KB 979x1020 CrOXtK4.jpg)
Comrade 02/21/2020 (Fri) 12:17:52 No. 363 [Reply] [Last]
They are getting rid of the old youtube. I don't want to use the new mobile flat crap.
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>>372 Can you give soms RSS client recommendations and instructions on how to use it with YouTube and YouTube downloader.
>>363 Try this site, it's a good frontend that can use a different player to download videos in full like old YT rather than streaming it piece-by-piece: https://www.invidio.us
By the way, does anyone know a good way of uploading videos to YT without making a Google account? You can use a dummy email + phone number to make a throaway account, I guess.
>>392 For the last couple months I've been trying to figure out how to make a Google account without a phone number and it's been utterly hopeless. Those fuckers really want you to catalog you in their mass surveillance network.
>>393 It's just to filter spam, they really don't need your number, since they already own your phone.

Comrade 02/17/2020 (Mon) 11:27:07 No. 347 [Reply] [Last]
Is protonmail a honeypot? >Trying to sign up on .onion links back to .com >Can't sign up with vpn >Only accepts crypto after you've signed up There's absolutely no reason for not allowing sign-ups with vpns/TOR and activating the accounts after the payment has gone through Do there exist any alternatives that aren't glowies?
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>>353 Riseup has rules that suggest they're reading your emails (the only way they could enforce them).
>>359 Enjoy your hobo hangout.
>>362 Go away NSA
>>374 >Anyone who criticize my lifestyle is a federal agent! The begginers' guide to anarcho-liberal political discourse.
>>375 Not today CIA

(914.25 KB new_socialism.pdf)
Kickstarter workers unionize Comrade 02/19/2020 (Wed) 01:00:29 No. 352 [Reply] [Last]
https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22356972 https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/3a8pp5/kickstarter-employees-win-historic-union-election >The decision to unionize at Kickstarter follows a series of victories for union campaigns led by blue collar tech workers. Last year, 80 Google contractors in Pittsburgh, 2,300 cafeteria workers at Google in Silicon Valley, and roughly 40 Spin e-scooter workers in San Francisco voted to form the first unions in the tech industry. In early February, 15 employees at the delivery app Instacart in Chicago successfully unionized, following a fierce anti-union campaign run by management.


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