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Anonymous Refugee 12/15/2019 (Sun) 19:13:26 No. 780
anyone here live in mexico and can tell me what it's like? if i don't get my US citizenship by 2023 when my permanent residency expires im fucked, i don't even speak spanish anymore
Mexico isn't real
Just dodge ICE lmao
>permanent residency expires
this doesn't make sense to me. How can it be permanent if it expires.
permanent residency is different from full citizenship, it's a 10 year thing

i thought about doing that by moving to alaska, i can become anprim and they'll never find me
That's why it makes no sense. If it was not Permanent then it shouldn't be called permanent. Also iirc the only way you lose a green card is if you commit a crime or leave the country and don't come back.

Also why can't you get citizenship?
that's what i'm trying to do it's just a long and expensive process and with trump as president potentially fucking up immigration law i'm worried i won't be able to finish by the time my permanent residency expires
Ahh, I see.

In any case, mexico aint that bad.
it's hot, people are poor and catholic as fuck.
t. mexican
Marry a friend and then divorce. Easiest way to get citizenship. Especially now that same sex marriage is legal.
>and catholic as fuck.
Is this good or bad?
t prot
will you marry me anon
bad if you want any good job.
most ceos and big time bosses are absolute boomers who either ask you what religion do you follow when hiring you or force you to assist to catholic masses.
t minor
Also curious as an American with Mexican citizenship. I hate it here sometimes. I romanticize a lot going back and teaching reading/writing at a town but that also probably isn't as good as I'm imagining it to be. Really, I just want a simple life teaching, reading, and raising my family, but I don't know how feasible that is in the U.S.
>>795 How pretty are Mexican women?
>>1112 Pretty damn gorgeous, if Chicanas are anything to go by.
>>797 I grew up in the US, but my parents were from a south american country and I moved back there as soon as high school was over and now I live a pretty comfy life with my family. It took some getting use to for the first month, but then I was fine. Our situations are different, but hopefully you find something you like. Also you speak English and are multilingual (probably) that's a big deal
>>795 why not just lie


no cookies?