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Anonymous Refugee 12/03/2019 (Tue) 21:42:10 No. 744
You may not like the idea of a Balkan union but it truly is peak performance
>Hey guys let's create random cultural unions out of dozen different nationalities that only really share some lingual similarities
>US flag
try fixing balkan borders without just doing this
protip: you can't
We’re the best at making thing shity, now how about a baltic union?
no, that's soviet land
everything should be soviet land
>>744 Byzatine Empire 2.0 has been initiated
I guess you're going to bomb us untill we agree to it anyway
(928.57 KB 849x688 EU4LARP.png)
>>744 lol that's kind of what my europa campaign ended up being.
>>744 if by "peak performance" you mean war caos and destruction then yes
>>744 It wouldn't work
>>745 1. Romania, Greece and Albania do not share similar linguistic styles with each other or the slavs. 2. The Balkan Union was literally Lenin's idea of like an "Anti-Imperialist Axis of Resistance" which would be allied with the USSR. 3. You could simply do what the USSR did and have a YugoSlav republic (or just split it up into the constituents if they kept fighting) a romanian republic a greek republic and an albanian republic all in federal union (with the potential of autonomous regions for hungarians in the north)


no cookies?