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(203.56 KB 1920x936 tutorial1.png)
(219.37 KB 1920x936 tutorial2.png)
(200.13 KB 1920x936 tutorial3.png)
How to Make /int/-Style Flags Like a Pro Anonymous Refugee 11/03/2019 (Sun) 23:06:14 No. 645
Made this thread on old /ref/, but that's gone now, so I figured it was time to go for it again on here. I've made most of the flags on this chan that use the /int/-style beveled/shiny effect, be it on /leftypol/, /GET/, or /ref/ and I'd like to share how I do it. Maybe there's simpler ways to do it, but I prefer this method as they end up more authentic to the original flags than other methods I've seen.

You will need the following:
-The flag you want to convert
-Base coloured flags (will post them ITT)
-An image editing software that isn't Microsoft Paint (I personally use Paint.NET and will be using it for this tutorial)

So to start off, we have solid-coloured flags that I put together from parts of other /int/ flags (except for the green one, which is simply the former flag of Libya). There's black, white, red, yellow, and green variants, which should be more than enough. For this tutorial I will be remaking the United Nations flag that's already on here. Don't know if it will be the same colours as the one I made before, but it should be close enough.

Pic 1 - First what you want to do is grab the image of the flag you want off the internet. Wikipedia usually works best for this as you can get the images in high resolution and usually based on the standard design. Once you have your flag, put it into your image editing software.

Pic 2 - Resize your image to 1600x1100. These /int/-style flags are 16x11, so you're going to want a clean multiple of that to work with. Theoretically 160x110 could also work, but this is what I use.

Pic 3 - Crop and edit if needed. Flags almost never resize perfectly if you keep the dimensions the same. You'll end up with a little more on one side, so crop off any excess. Plain tricolours and some other flags usually don't need to be cropped as resizing them without keeping the dimensions the same will give you the same result. But in this case, we're cropping off some negligible pixels from the side. Editing isn't needed in this flag, though you may want to make certain parts of some flags larger so they actually appear on the finished project when scaled down. Some things may need to be simplified, such as cutting down on a large number of stars.
(204.35 KB 1920x936 tutorial4.png)
(142.60 KB 1920x936 tutorial5.png)
(173.62 KB 1920x936 tutorial6.png)
Pic 4 - Add one of the base coloured flags that I will provide in a new layer.

Pic 5 - It doesn't matter if it's the same colour or not, because that will be taken care of in the next step.

Pic 6 - Change the hue, saturation, and/or brightness if necessary. This blue will work fine with what we're doing since these flags are usually a brighter colour than their IRL counterparts.
(203.11 KB 1920x936 tutorial7.png)
(229.83 KB 1920x936 tutorial8.png)
(141.18 KB 1920x936 tutorial9.png)
Pic 7 - Move the coloured flag a layer down and select the colour it will be replacing.

Pic 8 - Erase it.

Pic 9 - Add your next colour.
(226.75 KB 1920x936 tutorial10.png)
(179.60 KB 1920x936 tutorial11.png)
(213.34 KB 1920x936 tutorial12.png)
Pic 10 - Repeat previous steps until all your desired colours have been cut out of the coloured flags.

Pic 11 - Delete all unneeded templates from the original flag if necessary.

Pic 12 - Resize your image to 16 x 11.
(134.99 KB 1920x936 tutorial13.png)
(137.48 KB 1920x936 tutorial14.png)
(132.10 KB 1920x936 tutorial15.png)
Pic 13 - Decide whether your flag is finished or not. Would recommend zooming out to see what it would look like at its actual size.

Pic 14 - If your flag needs to be tweaked a little, do it here. I duplicated the white part to make it stand out more.

Pic 15 - Flatten all layers and you're done! Save it as a PNG and it should be ready to go.

Feel free to ask me anything if you have questions related to this or if you need advice for specific flags. I will be posting the coloured flags that you can use for flag making in the following posts.
(28.06 KB 1600x1100 black flag BIG.png)
(26.18 KB 1600x1100 white flag BIG.png)
(32.93 KB 1600x1100 red flag BIG.png)
Here's the black, white, and red solid-coloured flags in 1600x1100 specifically for flag making. These are the main three you really need, though there are more I will upload in the next post.
(68.09 KB 1600x1100 green flag BIG.png)
(34.36 KB 1600x1100 yellow flag BIG.png)
(126.06 KB 1600x1100 dark blue flag BIG.png)
Here's the green (flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya) that can be used for darker-coloured flags when the hue is changed, yellow which is basically another option for the red, and a bonus dark blue that works well for the kind of blue you would find on the British blue ensign used for countries like Australia and New Zealand.

I hope this tutorial was of help to anyone looking to make these /int/-style flags!
Thank you so much, this will help me a lot
we need an indian to make a video for this
thanks for the tutorial, will try
Thanks king
>>651 >>650 any alternatives to these templates? a lighting effect looks good but i think this one comes off too strong sometimes and I don't know how to make my own.
>>1704 These are either pieced together from actual /int/ flags with no modifications or actually are flags included in the base /int/ set in the case of the white and green ones. They're as close to the actual ones as you'll get. You can try making edits to get them how you want them, but this thread is for making authentic /int/-style flags, which do have that level of shine.


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