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Hands around the world. PB 10/29/2019 (Tue) 19:56:28 No. 595
I hope this thread serves as a welcome to new /ref/ugees, and also for those who have been here a while to get to know each other.
Tell us something about your contry and about yourself.
Let's get all the flags we can in this thread!
Let’s start with OP. Tell us something about Burgerland that we don’t know.
(196.00 KB 1182x924 ALIENS.jpg)
Yeah, guess I should start.
Ant to correct you. I'm from Puerto Rico. We are not USA, just their colony, but we are our own culture with our own flag.
Did you know that it is believed, in the event of extra terrestrial contact, it will be here were they will arrive? In fact. Many people believe we already have had extra terrestrial contact and even visitors, but they can't survive outside a certain microclimate unique to places in our island, so they cannot go anywhere else on earth.

About me, I enjoy flags and vexillology, vexillography, geography and world cultures. I have a hope that with how connected we are nowadays, this brings people around the world to interact more with each other and eventually the lines of nation-states blur and all that is left to differentiate one place from another are it's people and the culture.
>the lines of nation-states blur and all that is left to differentiate one place from another are it's people and the culture
Aren't nation-states defined by the people inhabiting them and their culture?
Nation-states are state units created by the bourgeoisie, they aren’t based on anything other than capitalism.
(291.68 KB 400x411 Lenin head Los Angeles.png)
We're no longer /ref/ugees, we're /ref/olutionaries now.

>Tell us something about your country
California has the world's 5th largest economy, just above the UK and right below Germany. Also there's a giant chrome Lenin head just hanging out in Los Angeles, pic related.

>and about yourself.
Been here since the first /ref/ on IBM5100. I have really autistic positions on Californian secession and I make most of the flags on this chan that have that sort of beveled/shiny effect. Most of the flags with that effect on /GET/ and /leftypol/ (such as all the bisected anarchist flags, Khmer Rouge, Hoxhaism, International Brigades, pan-African, pirate, etc.) are my doing.
Ami go home
In Bavaria, we have the Weißwurst, it's a special kind of sausage. The best way to eat it is sucking it out of its skin after dipping one end into sweet mustard.
Tell us something about yourself.
(5.87 KB 22x13 BURGCOM.png)
(9.76 KB 20x13 EurekaFlagShine.png)
(319.00 B 20x13 Comrika.png)
various flags
>burger nazbol flag
>australian eureka flag
>that, but more communist
How do you do highlights and get the file size so smol. pls tell me i wanna get better
I can make a new thread for how I do it, if you'd like. Did something like that on old /ref/ too.
honestly, im pretty autistmo and i dont want you to waste the effort on lil'old me, but it would be nice to be directed to some youtube totorials that cover it.
I doubt there's a tutorial on how to do it, I just kind of figured it out myself. I don't mind making a thread about it.
That's a very badass image. Do you have more like that one?
(111.43 KB 576x794 bear flag sesquicentennial.jpg)
(122.68 KB 600x784 bear flagger.jpg)
(323.87 KB 1564x900 William B Ide.jpg)
Like more Bear Flag Revolt stuff? Because if so, yes.
(1.48 MB 3079x4000 huelga.jpg)
(117.69 KB 800x575 Cesar Chavez UFW.jpg)
(126.67 KB 1186x884 Cesar Chavez.jpg)
United Farm Workers stuff is also great.

inb4 NazBol
(940.49 KB 4724x4380 catalunya mapa.jpg)
(31.49 KB 247x317 Alghero.PNG)
>Tell us something about your country
What is considered the first mass porduced botteled drink was created in Catalonia.
And also, fun fact, Catalan is speaked also speaked in a in northwestern Sardinia in Italy, there is a small town called Alghero
>and about yourself.
I enjoy vexillology, learning about world cultures, history, cinema, and I recently started doing airsoft
Thanks! Those are some nice-looking images.
okay i give in, please help me
(373.41 KB 448x580 Huelga.png)
No problem, I'm considering making a /cali/ thread and I could dump more Californian art there, if you'd like.

Enjoy: >>645
Mexican here.
We like tacos and pozole, and we had a revolution in 1910 which instead of organizing and letting the proletariat rule the country, still maintained the status quo, but with different rulers.
Most of our socialist/ syndicalist movements got massacrated, or hunted, or just ignored.
Right now we are living, thanks to the politics of the Mexican state, and the US influence, in the Neolibertarian Nightmare, but instead of people realizing the reforms are shite, they become more and more reactonary; at least in the state I am.

I, myself, hope the Zapatistas sooner or later bring the revolution to Mexico, to all of it; but well, considering how things are right now it seems quite far from it. I like history a lot, and I have some books of the proletarian movements in Mexico in the XX century.
Could the Yankee imperialists take the bases and missiles and leave?
I like tacos and pozole too. Does that make me honorary mexican?
What region are you from?
t.salty imperialized euro
t. imperialist
(225.62 KB 900x740 america_usa_murica.jpg)
america wont take their bases out for you, your going to need to take them out yourself. if a successful revolution happen here you bet your asses we will keep those bases going to spread culural marxism in your countries
Hungary is a depressing place with no hope or future. I think about killing myself every day.
>>595 About me: I'm from Belgium (Flanders). I'm a student and active in a marxist org. Also enjoy running and playing theatre. I'm a bit of a chaotic person, often struggling to combine my activism with my free time. About my country: A strange place but I like it. Especially the people, the towns and the beer. Politically speaking, our government (or governments more precisely) is becoming more and more right-wing and that is concerning. But at the same time the 'far left' (PVDA) is growing faster than basically anywhere in Europe. This is because they are tactically very strong, using concrete problems and struggles encountered by workers, thinking on a European level, etc. So there is hope.
>>694 But don’t you guys have good food?
The only war we lost was against emus
>>1097 hey fellow vlaaming, which org do you mean? PVDA or something else?
>>684 If burgerland flipped red you would probably have to abandon every overseas military base except for GITMO. You can bet your ass that those bases would be sieged out, and either you retreat, or they are overrun and all your weapons are stolen. It’s not a matter of preference but practicality. Europe hosts US military bases because those bases benefit the established regimes of Europe. Change this relationship and you change the situation.
>>595 >Tell us something about your contry People in my country are loathsome >Tell us something about yourself I can't tolerate my countrymen and countrywomen much. They irritate me so much with their BS.
>>1622 >People in my country are loathsome How? All the Indians I have meat were nice people.
>>1622 >People in my country are loathsome There's at least one exception: you.
>>1626 >all indians i have meat DON'T EAT MY PEOPLE AS MEAT PLEASE, PETE i don't like them but dude come on >>1627 y-you too handsome
too much religious zealotry, pretty shit people
>Tell us something about your country Well, Machu Picchu,ceviche, inkas and llamas obviously. We had the most brutal guerrilla in latam and a good portion of state terrorism as well. And we are one of the top producers of precious metals of the world. We united with the bolivians for 3 years and had an invasion from spain in the 1850's. >Tell us something about yourself Well, I like history, geography and a united latin america.
>>1630 >caring about spelling this is how I know that you learnd English when your wer 50, English as an language was ment to hav spelng errors and peopl would just figure out what someon is saying using context clues
>>595 10% of the population lives in very comfy 1st world looking neighborhoods and city pockets, affordable healthcare compared to the gringo wasteland, fruits are plentiful and cheap as fuck, the other 90% lives in abject poverty the likes you could never imagine, 70+ years of civil war and counting, biggest internal displacement crisis in the world, social leaders or anyone who tries to organise anything is killed every single day, our number of missing people is larger than Chile and Argentina's dictatorships combined >about me 30 year old quasi-NEET about to finish a masters, desperate enough to consider going to the US to scrub dishes as every latino who is there legally keeps telling me it's the land of opportunities despite everyone else saying it's not. I wanted to believe in socialism until the wave of Venezuelan refugees hit.
>>1690 >going to the US to scrub dishes If you move to the US, don’t do that, instead tutor Porky’s kids on how to pass Spanish class. Some tutors make like 50 bucks an hour.
>>1689 I was created in the 50s to terrorize burgers to sop tem fom eaing ther wods
>>1691 That sounds very nice but how would I get healthcare over there
>>1702 I wish I knew, burger healthcare is incredibly retared, most people get insurance from their job, but whenever your in a real health problem the insurance company finds some loophole to avoid paying for what you need. So people often pay over the counter for stuff, which is incredibly expensive
Canada has pretty decent living standards (from imperialism and colonialism of course), and a generally incompetent and cowardly political apparatus (but which nine times of ten is still just a bit better than the US, and Canadians are smug about that) I guess, like, Rush is a good band? Poutine is a fun snack if you aren't squeamish? other than that, it's a boring country for boring people and I hate it here.
>>1711 >for boring people I’m sure your just around the wrong people
>>1712 I am mostly around my family and my dog nowadays because I am quarred. but yes I am around some very boring people. (I have only been to Montreal once but apparently it's less shit than Toronto.)
Something about Finland? Well, I'm sure everyone here already knows that we're not Scandinavian or Slavic but Uralic, that we're arguably the most Americanised country in Europe and that we always claim to have the best educational system in the world but in reality it's pretty shit. So, what can I say about Finland that everyone doesn't already know? One thing might be that many Finns are dribbling racists who even turn on other Finns if they don't have blue eyes and blond hair, but also worship a dude with brown hair. Hmm, why does this sound familiar...?🤔 ...and something about me? I'm some kind of socialist, but neither communist nor anarchist in large part due to my concerns about the ease at which fascists could infiltrate and take over. I'm pretty paranoid, I guess. I'll admit I'm also kind of a nationalist, in the pan-nationalist sense; ultimately I'd wish for a Turanic union, albeit with left-wing aspirations rather than the right-wing ones typically associated with Turanism. All politics and no fun makes anon a sad boy, so I'll also add that one of my hobbies is conlanging. You can now go ahead and tell me to kill myself, it's what everyone does.
>>1721 how can your first language be Finnish, and you still have the impulse to go like "this world needs more conlangs" like mate your whole language is a conlang, you Finns stole it from Tolkien's elves
>>1722 Well, conlanging is fun. That's about it. >your whole language is a conlang You say that as a joke, but Standard Finnish could legit be argued to be an auxlang. I guess it's true of all standard languages to some degree, but with Finnish... >you Finns stole it from Tolkien's elves Funnily enough, the concept of elves in Finnish folklore is nothing like the elves in Norse mythology, which Tolkien drew inspiration from... thankfully, because Finnish elves are lame as fuck.
>>1725 word. I did used to try it out a few years back but didn't get far lmao
>>1726 Conlanging? Yeah, I also abandon my conlangs after like a month in most cases... there was one I worked on recently for longer that I was really proud of and everything, but there still comes a point when churning out vocabulary and working out the fine details of the grammar just stops being fun.
(768.55 KB 1770x2289 91BzaPaBINL.jpg)
How do you flag collect? That seems to be something closely connected to /ref/, but I never understood how you do it
>>1743 you get a blank map, and you go filling it with every flag you come across in a post.
>>1743 https://unitedchans.fandom.com/wiki//ref/#Flag_collecting It's an essentially dead art at this point.
>>595 I'm not the first Mexican in this thread, but I just wanted to share something about Mexico and myself. Did you know that our current president asked Spain (and the Vatican too, apparently) to apologize for the colonization of the Americas? There's also dozens of indigenous languages that are co-official with Spanish in Mexico. As for me, I like linguistics, history and art. My socialist dad got me into politics and one of his brothers used to participate in demonstrations in like the 70s or 80s.
>>2107 Do you speak any of those indigenous languages? I had a teacher that knew how to speak yucateco. It was very interesting.
>>2110 No, at least not yet. I want to learn Nahuatl sometime in the future, but first, I'm going to learn my state's native tongue, which is one of the many Mayan languages: Yokot'an, AKA Chontal. Luckily, my university offers Yokot'an classes. If I'm not mistaken, Yucatecan is the most widely spoken Mayan language by far, isn't it? Almost a million people, cool.
>>2114 Yeah I think. She was Guatemalan. What state are you at? Also it's pretty neat that so many of the native languages are taught and are still alive. Do they teach them in primary school? I wish Taino language was still alive. Or that at least there was a massive effort to reconstruct it.
>>2123 >What state are you at? I'm in Tabasco; there's another indigenous language, Ayapaneco, whose last two speakers, a couple of old men, were said to hate each other so much that they wouldn't talk to each other. While that's not true, its remaining 12-15 speakers are all old. There's a couple of projects to preserve the language. >Do they teach them in primary school? There do seem to be bilingual primary schools in the capital (Villahermosa), but they're more common in other parts of the state; there's even some kindergartens. I imagine they're mainly Yokot'an, but there are also Chol and Zoque schools. Unfortunately, children still face discrimination if they speak those languages outside of the classroom. There seems to be interest among university students with indigenous relatives (who only taught them some vocabulary) to learn those languages, though. >I wish Taino language was still alive Damn anon, you're gonna make me get depressed. Well, at least there are some efforts to bring it back (I found a book at least). Do you think Puerto Ricans would like to learn and use it, if such an effort is ever made?
Our highest point is 2 meters above sea level
My old intro was shit so I’m going to start over. Not many interesting things about Pakistan, but our national poet (Allama Iqbal) was a socialist and a lot of popular Pakistani poets and authors were socialists (Manto, Faiz Ahmad Faiz, Jaun Elia, etc). As for me, I’m a fan of drawing birds and am learning programming again as I used to code in C++ when I was 12-13 but then stopped. Learning golang so that I can contribute to gochan and because I don’t want to use python.
>>2209 are you a bird watcher too?
>>2245 Kinda? I just watch birds on my roof since they don’t fly away easily and are in close proximity to analyze/draw
>>2246 care to share a drawing
>>2247 I shared one on /leftytrash/ My other birds look shit cause I'm still a beginner
>>2209 Ahh, so you don't out into the woods with binocular to identify and maybe photograph brids. My dad used to be one. He liked berds too.
>>2274 Well, I do like to watch birds, there are many pretty ones around here. I was thinking of getting some binoculars and become a serious bird watcher. Man, ever since this pandemic started, I've forgotten even the fact that I love those little modern dinosaurs.
>>2296 What’s your favorite bird? Mine has to be the brown kite. They mind their own business here. I see a lot of them gliding around on my roof. Pretty calming to watch
>>2296 Since the pandemic started I spent a lot of time staring out of my window, watching the birds. It's calming.
>>2302 My favorite bird is probably the great kiskadee. It's noisy, but cute. And speaking of kites, sometimes there's a snail kite around here. I think it dumps its empty snail shells on my and my neighbors' roofs. >>2303 That's nice, it seems that these days more people are appreciating the nature around them and it's easier to do now that there's less traffic.
>>2296 Are there many varieties of berds over there?
>>2325 In the United Nations?
>>2334 yes!
>>2325 I live in a tropical region, so yes. I've seen at least 30 different species that I can identify, and that's just in the city. I don't travel much.
>>2379 Here it’s just never ending sparrows. It sucks living in the city.
>>2379 awesome. I was watching birds this morning. Saw a lot of parrots.


no cookies?