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Anonymous Refugee 10/16/2019 (Wed) 16:26:05 No. 539
Is Kaban popular with the /ref/ugees?
(51.66 KB 400x400 bpgod.jpg)
>Starting a backpack thread on /ref/
You don't know the kind of chaos you've just brought to this board.
Of course!
It's like they copied Tania a bit. It's nice.
Pic related and Hachikuji are essential /ref/ girls.
>this pic exists already
Havin PTSD right now. imma bout to lose it right now.
She'd be so hot when grown up.
Is anything after the first season any good? I took a step away from it after the whole Tatsuki drama.
the old charme is kind of gone and it feels detached, it's a very different story
don't know if i'd call it bad but maybe forgettable and bland
there was some intruige but not enough to keep me watching past half way through
(43.46 KB 512x341 unnamed_bp.jpg)
>>4447 who is this?
new backpack waifu
(55.38 KB 643x1024 23a.jpg)
>>4474 she's cute. What does she do in game?
(162.83 KB 854x1200 940.jpg)
>>4511 Apparently, she is a merchant in the game
That's a big backpack.
(113.84 KB 1100x1000 f4bc4da1e4c05ba46775c9111619b220.jpg)
>>4520 the bigger the backpack, the cuter the girl
>>4527 Counterexample.
>>4529 you're making some solid points there also why is niko mad????
(475.91 KB 701x599 Th135_Nitori.png)
is this a game about backpacks? I actually own a lot of expensive backpacks for different outdoors purposes.
(52.52 KB 200x225 200px-Th145Nitori.png)
>>4779 Collect backpack girls. The more you have, the more points you get. Bigger backpack = More Points & The Cuter the Girl = Even More Points. Extra points for style and pockets.
>>539 What's Kaban?
>>5321 kek I thought my backpack enthusiasm was autistic
(7.51 KB 180x159 Backpackgirl.jpg)
>>5325 Nah, it has something to do with this girl right here also what kinds of backpacks
BPGoD is sacred. Do not post her image so nilly willy!
>>5322 The girl in the OP. She has a backpack.
(129.81 KB 750x1000 burger load.jpg)
>>5327 right now I've settled for a maxpedition falcon II, hazard 4 patrol pack and RP80 recon from varusteleka.
>>5327 sorry m8 >>5374 Wait, do you where all of it at the same time??
>>5377 wear*
>>5377 lol no they're sized for day use, 3-day, and expeditionary use.
>>5381 Alright thats good. They look like solid packs
>>5381 Do you use them frequently or are they just for once in a blue moon or tacticool prep stuff? >>5377 >>5385 Who this?
(582.94 KB 1000x800 1577893604597.png)
>>5398 Backpacker (lmao) from Pokemon
>>5428 Pokemon what
>>5459 oh sorry. Gen V and VII


no cookies?