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I'm a burger who wants to understand non-burgers better Anonymous 09/18/2020 (Fri) 18:05:36 No. 5339
I am An American on the internet I talk to non Americans the most A lot of people arent Americans here Everything I know about other countries is mostly stereotypes and memes, French are baguette people, British are the funny hat fish and chips people, Spaniards are European Latinos, Greeks are also European latinos basically, Italians are like Jimmy Latoya from down the block except they only speak Italians, Chinese people are like how Russians used to be when they were still a socialist country, Japanese people are depressed, Australians say "Crikey" and Germans are blonde etc, etc I know this all sounds retarded and Like Americans are dumb, but you gotta understand, Europeans can easily visit another country on any afternoon, with Americans just visiting another state is as close as most of us get to going to another country America is a third of a continent So I am making this thread so I can get to understand different nation and peoples better, I was gonna say I'm happy when I meet immigrants cuz it's like meeting a baby or someone from a whole other world, but that sounds cringey and 19th Century British colonists tier
>>5339 COACH you have the entire city in that one room ?
>>5339 >I'm happy when I meet immigrants cuz it's like meeting a baby wuuuuuut
>>5340 I grew up in NYC I don’t have a whole city in my room I have the whole world in my city
What do you want to know?
>>5342 >have the whole world Not quite. I don't think you can ever truly understand say, Irish culture, from an Irish American or South Eastern culture from South East diaspora. "If you're diaspora your opinion is basura (trash)" as they say in my country. It's all about exposure to the right types of people. Reading the news from other countries also helps you understand, and foreign media is always a plus.
>>5343 Idk just other people’s lived experiences The modern global society should have worldly people that befriend peoples of other nations
>>5345 My lived experience is horrible, I think about ending it daily.
Tell me what your perception of Puerto Rico is and I'll set it straight.
>>5346 Consider that you're living in Orban's shitshow, it's understandable. >>5339 What do you want to know? Rice and shit?
>>5359 really warm - people are a lot like Brazillians? total guess
(379.04 KB 800x450 youre-going-to-553721c359.png)
>>5339 >Europeans can easily visit another country on any afternoon I'm Mexican, poor and the farthest I've been from home is Mexico City. Not being able to travel is no excuse for being ignorant about the rest of the world anymore. But I appreciate your efforts. I also get very excited when I see foreigners, which is admittedly one of the reasons I look forward to visiting the capital every year. >America is a third of a continent America is a continent
>>5373 Warm, but really mean. So not really. BRs are a million times nicer.
finn here. warm morning. ama
>>5403 same, AMA
>>5403 >>5404 What’s the most offensive expression in your country?
>>5396 Yeah, I've had experiences with Puertoricans before. They were kind of serious. One of them got a bit offended when someone said they speak Spanish (apparently this person didn't).
>>5406 >They were kind of serious. It's not serious it's just a general bitchy attitude. I've been to a lot of places and I've never encountered a people as generally bitchy as here.
>>5405 Probably either catalufo or xarnego
(270.92 KB 1046x1910 cqu4digfmzy51-web.jpg)
How accurate is this?
>>6157 Golly, I wish I were Fr*nch
>>6159 you can say "snail licka". but you cannot use the hard R.
>>6157 Holy shit send me to France right now.
>>6157 >english not including a old sport, chap, or select english nickname not very
(161.00 KB 640x784 img_0857.jpg)
>>6157 Depending on the regions, it's one to four kisses on the cheeks.
>>6171 This is also the case in Spain btw, 2 kisses.
>>6171 If the French do it it's a French kiss.
(5.87 KB 186x232 1406406989077.jpg)
>>5339 >Chinese people are like how Russians used to be when they were still a socialist country,
>>6157 otaku tier


no cookies?