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Local Cringe Anonymous Refugee 09/17/2019 (Tue) 13:25:33 No. 408
ITT: post cringy things from your country.
Try to give context.

pic 1: A pic from a right wing protest from last december.

pic 2 and 3: A pepe made by our flemish nationalist party.
gif 1: the mayor of Antwerps doing a dab.

pic 2: the sign says "Ghent the North-Korea of the west". They are protesting because a green was going to be the mayor of the city.
the sign also says "long live the red-green dictatorship" in red.
god I wish
Some Sri Lankan witch doctor claimed that in 2013 he used sorcery to help elect the previous president of Maldives (from conservative PPM party) and the opposition in Maldives (from the liberal MDP party) actually believed it. The main pro MDP TV channel even aired a documentary about it.
Then there is the time a coconut was arrested and investigated for black magic.
Isn't all this superstitious stuff against Islam
No, not really since black magic is accepted as a real thing in many Islamic texts although it is considered a great sin and prohibited.
(27.42 KB 800x450 Abbot1.jpg)
(126.28 KB 1280x714 543332122.jpg)
>Pic One
Our prime minister two PM's back eating an onion skin and all apparently literally didnt know how onions work
>Pic two
Our current PM acting like a fucking retard at a footy (Australian Footy) game
>Our prime minister two PM's back eating an onion skin and all apparently literally didnt know
(661.39 KB 220x220 tenor.gif)
(1.20 MB 269x202 source.gif)
(87.65 KB 1024x768 6463441489_7af42ca7b3_b.jpg)
Nothing makes me cringe more than this shit. They accidentally hung some toilet paper above our flag.
(16.62 KB 474x270 sabadell.jpg)
(28.72 KB 474x266 sabadell 2.jpg)
Same, luckly somebody fixed the mistake they made
>>411 Gebaseerd en geroodpilt mijn makker.
I think our whole nation is cringe at this point.
>>1124 same here tbh
This is from a time when german right wingers got mad over being called potatos, so they stood up to anti-german racism, proudly holding up a german potato. I remember there was quite the collection of photos like this one, but i can't find more than this one.
There's this thread with thousands of likes explaining why capitalism works and socialism doesn't (which is full of classic brainlet takes itself, such as "technological innovation only ever comes from the private industry" and "capitalism can adapt, unlike communism" and shitting on Chavez, etc.), as capitalism collapses. But some of the replies in particular are golden: https://mobile.twitter.com/EFVillalon/status/1252322963321430021 (note: "chairo" is a Mexican slur for radical lefties) https://mobile.twitter.com/eladolfo_jicler/status/1252338723187900422 (typical "yet you participate in capitalism" """argument""" directed at Zizek for selling his books) There are actual fascists online in Mexico that are well known, and I've been wanting to post some of that cringe to this thread but they haven't been active/controversial lately.
>>561 There's still a bigger mistake on the right tho
>>2628 Other than Doomentio and his friends and followers we don't really have many fascists, hell even the previously mentioned are just weeb LARPers. The days of sinarquismo are long gone in exchange of the new evangelical shit I've seen recently
(13.87 KB 300x168 coronacringe.jpg)
(90.90 KB 705x529 coronacringe2.jpg)
(775.95 KB 900x596 coronacringe3.png)
Pic 1, 2, and 3: Anti-Coronavirus Lockdown protest. Essentially people want to go back to work to die for capitalism, and apparently its being astroturfed by the Devos Family, a rich conservative family
>>2630 The majority of self described fascists here in Latin america are just that, weeb larpers who will just stay online forever because they know their retarded fantasies will never come into fruition in South American countries. Still I cringe everytime when I run into twitter accounts of these kind of people, thinking they can save their country from le ebil socialism, declaring themselves nationalists but then wanting to kill the majority of their country population, wishing their country was full of blonde people and jacking off to Nazi Germany.
>>408 >Analysis: OUR MEMES - How the Left wants to take away our memes Is this the true power of right wing political theory?
>>2634 You forgot the part where they get on their knees and suck the big juicy cocks of the US of A and its companies.
>>547 How good's Australia?!
>>2647 That is partially true. But in essence, they just want to be white, that's all there is to their ideology.
(9.57 KB 259x194 index.jpg)
70 year old cringe. I refuse to believe this level of naivety Record of the Conversation of J.V. Stalin and Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, April 5th, 1952 >Ambassador Radhakrishnan said that India was as much against capitalist exploitation as Russia and it had the same economic objective. <"But we wish to adopt peaceful parliamentary methods to achieve our aims, because our whole history has taught us that enduring progress should be of a peaceful character." >To this the Generalissimo said:"But the exploiters will never quit-they will very seriously object to quit." <The Ambassador said that, in any case, we would try our own methods very hard, and if we succeeded it would be a great lesson to other nations. UwU we will twy very hard to make pewace with cwapitalwists, baka stalin-san you don't understand! The entire conversation was so :| Source: https://www.revolutionarydemocracy.org/rdv12n1/3convers.htm Also pic related basically made my face suck inside like I had a eaten a radioactive GIGASOUR lemon. I don't understand why it made me cringe so much.
>>2686 India and Pakistan both are fundamentally rooted in national bourgeois collaboration with the British empire. Lord Mountbatten's charm was "irresistible" to Gandhi, Jinnah, Nehru and Patel. The partition was a way for the bourgeois of India to keep their status. The Radcliffe Award and Partition itself led to communal, racial and religious violence which tore apart a region of centuries-old communal harmony! The Naval Strikes of 1946 and the set-up of barrages after the Bombay strike of the same year all proved that it was not religious or communal conflict that led to Partition - it was the struggle of the bourgeois in India to preserve their ranks that led to it. Laal Khan in his book "Partition - can it be undone" said this about the nature of the Freedom movement in India: "The educated Indian elite was either from the ruling dynasties, which had betrayed the masses, or from the middle and ruling classes, which were sponsored and pampered by the British civil service to perpetuate their rule. This new generation of the elite was educated and trained in Britain in order to implement the British political setup in the Indian political arena. In reality, two British universities, Cambridge and Oxford, trained and indoctrinated the Indian elite into the British political system, culture, customs and lifestyle Even in their revolts and independence stunts, leaders like Nehru, Gandhi and Jinnah were hostages to the British parliamentary setup and its economics and to capitalism on which it was founded. The independence movement was mainly in control of this emerging bourgeoisie, influenced and propped up by the Raj." It is an historic irony that not only were the leaders of pre-Partition India from these institutions but that the present day rulers of the independent states also are products of those two universities and Lincoln’s Inn.
>>2687 That is exactly what I found out while googling about USSR and British India relations and ended up on the article posted above. >Joseph Stalin saw India's independence as a sham and its leaders like Gandhi and Nehru as counter-revolutionary forces >The leaders of the bourgeoisie hope to create a blood bath in these countries, rely on the police bayonets, and appeal to the help of people like Gandhi,” wrote Stalin on June 27, 1930 >The Kremlin was convinced that in August 1947 the changes in India affected only the upper echelons of power and led to the replacement of the administration of the viceroy by the bourgeois government of Jawaharlal Nehru, and that Viceroy Lord Mountbatten had simply occupied the seat of General Governor in one of the new dominions. I dunno which of the marxists sites I was reading but it told me about nehru and his daughters involvement with the CIA in tibet or kashmir. How their interests lie with the yankees foremost and they are on the same side. Next time people talk about the whole partition mess and religion, I will try to divert them into this REDpill. I really need to start fully reading and make use of this lockdown.
>>2688 Was it In Defence of Marxism?
>>2631 even know someone here personally who thinks he's being oppressed somehow. pretty fucking moronic
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R73eSf7WLAA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bD3LVi0HeY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNfL7wU4Ahc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ef005z7KETM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRGP5da5Vvo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SK6zCaqaPI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PmD9fiaNOo Campaign ads from 2012 for the least popular of the 4 presidential candidates that year. Each character is supposed to represent a candidate. Of course, the other 3 are portrayed as ignorant and shallow assholes and he's the only handsome and intelligent one lmao
Has any non-burger papis seen any QAnon related stuff in their country? Like apparently they say its spread out from the US to places like UK and Germany, but I haven't heard any stories of people spotting it. Also pic is of a woman who won her primary to become a representative in Congress and she's apparently a QAnon nut
>>4413 The associated nutty theories have their own lives, but the people carrying them still tend to play among themselves. I've mostly heard stuff about bill gates doing corona and autistic vaccins, but there's all kinds of interpretations of spooky shit going around, all for making a cybertotalitarianism or some shit.
(70.78 KB 1136x734 1136_maxnewsworldfive086777.jpg)
>>4413 We have anti-5G retards here (coming from elected leftists) and during quarantine there was a huge debate around HCQ because of Didier Raoult, a doctor who conducted his own (poor) research and got the people on his side. National conspiracy theories are enough.
(55.65 KB 785x757 1597340193646.png)
>>4416 >anti-5G retards here (coming from elected leftists) >coming from elected leftists what???
(447.62 KB 1080x1427 Screenshot_20200817_000203.jpg)
>>4421 For context they are part of the municipal council. >5G, we don't want it! The reasons are environmental and social, they claim it's only for monopolies' profit that turn Asian and African kids into slaves for working in cobalt mines. I mean they are not wrong
(18.10 KB 259x195 images-3.jpeg)
>>4422 Jesus you scared me a little. I thought it was going to be something like pic. I mean, I'll just say their reasoning is a lot more sane than others
>>547 Fuck Scomo's bland. So unnoteworthy in every respect, its impossible to even caricature the droll cunt dont forget shitting himself at Engadine maccas.
>>561 based
>>4413 A close friend of the Australian PM, whose wife works with his office in some non executive secretarial role, had his twitter banned the other day for spreading the gobshite.


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