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What is the Celtic League? 06/30/2020 (Tue) 11:46:15 No. 3937
Hi, I'm absolutely clueless about it and I was wondering what kind of people want independance for ex-celtic regions. Do young people of celtic origins larp as hard as /pol/yps? Are young people even interested in celtic culture revival? I recently saw a campaign for Welsh independance and it seemed very popular. Btw you can turn it into a celt general but I was just wondering about celtic activists for a story I'm writing.
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>no galicia :(
>>3939 Hombre might come from the Celt in Spanish
>>3937 CymRag here who came from rural area of Wales, didn't learn English until he went to school. Whole family speaks Welsh. Go to shop, speak Welsh. See friends, speak Welsh. Fast Forward 7 years later, move to more Urban area. Nobody speaks mothertongue, everything anglicised. Governments push for "diversity" means more and more English and Foreigners coming here and not bothering to learn the language or care about our culture. Basically home office is trying to finish the Job they started in the 18th century. Hurrah for ethnic cleansing.
(165.29 KB 1024x768 Y Ddraig Goch.png)
>>5497 Are you for Plaid? I heard they put forward an outline towards Welsh independence recently. As a burger plastic paddy, I think your language is super cool, way cooler than Irish even (and somehow still more widely spoken I believe in terms of both proportion and raw numbers).
>Hi, I'm absolutely clueless about it and I was wondering what kind of people want independance for ex-celtic regions. <Ireland The UK held a referendum and Irish Republicans won taking them out of the UK. UK took all the regions in the north of Ireland which had a very large amount of residents who were of Anglo-Scottish Ancestry (and had even invented their own dialect) and made a loophole that let Northern Ireland immediately "Declare independence" then Annex themselves to the UK and threaten to reinvade Ireland if they tried to retake it by force so Terrorism began to emrge in N.I >Scotland. Plenty of people from lots of different political perspectives support Scot independence and a lot of evidence shows if they were to hold another referendum at this point it would probably actually pass. The SNP is a "big tent" which will probably split in half and both become part of the Scottish Labour Party and Scottish Conservatives and LibDems if Scotland ever became independent. >Wales. Not nearly as an imminent issue as Scotland or Ireland but a growing concept. Plaid Cymru has been favoured very well in the welsh elections. >Brettony >Cornwall Absolutely dead lmao.
>>3937 irish here and most young people in my city (dublin) support taking back northern ireland from the britfags who are disliked by most. also, the Irish language is mandatory in all schools but no one bothers to learn it well.


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