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(128.20 KB 1242x1242 EVU517MXQAIQVhw.jpg)
ANTI-🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪PERUANO🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 MEME THREAD Anonymous Refugee 04/28/2020 (Tue) 22:59:17 No. 2763
ITT we post anti-🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪peruano🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪 memes. Also please filter ((( and ))) for 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪
(89.32 KB 1241x856 IMG_20200429_010500.jpg)
(128.88 KB 2047x975 IMG_20200429_010438.jpg)
(202.41 KB 2048x1350 IMG_20200429_010313.jpg)
Somos libres seámoslo siempre, seámoslo siempre y antes niegue sus luces sus luces, ¡sus luces el Sol! Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevó, Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevó. Que faltemos al voto solemne que la patria al Eterno elevó.
(34.26 KB 760x400 Cuy-chactao-guinea-pig.jpg)
Una delicia peruana
(14.11 KB 474x474 peruano promedio.jpg)
(309.15 KB 600x755 ref peru.png)
(74.28 KB 600x600 peruanos.jpeg)
(52.68 KB 764x480 sad gonzalo.jpg)
(69.03 KB 684x445 angry gonzalo.jpg)
(57.98 KB 950x475 smug gonzalo.jpg)
>>2777 That's my Jefe
(277.12 KB 1800x1235 000105528W.jpg)
(266.51 KB 986x616 imagen-1.jpg)
>The feeling when you will never see the museum of the DIRCOTE.
(37.79 KB 417x509 a happy chairman.jpg)
(117.81 KB 935x387 happy chairman followers.jpg)
>>2777 This was 3 years ago
>>2782 Just make a copy of the museum in your own bedroom lmao
>>2763 >Also please filter ((( and ))) for 🇵🇪🇵🇪 did they do this?
>>2764 >Hitles >27% Belgium First there was the cuckold porn and now this. Why are my fellow countrymen always like this?
(553.82 KB 1233x831 IMG_6087.jpeg)
>>2817 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Congo_Free_State You can't deny, the line between Belgian and Nazi is rather faint if it even exists at all.
>>2820 wait, what does this mean for our great anti-peruan thesis?
>>2826 The true peruano was the friends we made along the way
>>2828 I don't friend peruanos
>>2820 >10% Iranian This program is being manipulated by Zionists
>The Ethnocacerist movement (Spanish: Movimiento etnocacerista, also sometimes referred to as the Movimiento Nacionalista Peruano or "Peruvian Nationalist Movement") is a Peruvian ethnic nationalist movement seeking the establishment of a proletarian dictatorship led by the country's indigenous communities and their descendants. It combines far-left economic views with far-right views on racial, social, and military issues.
(57.98 KB 720x765 IMG-20200301-WA0013.jpg)
>>2834 Yeah, I've read some parts of their propaganda. Truly shows how much the venecos fleeing their country has altered the population. They entered were elected in the emergency election alongside the sectarian FREPAP (A meme situation went wrong).
>>2836 >Peneruvian kek this is even better than peruANO
>>2834 ...Nazbol gang?!
>>2866 Nazbol gang indeed.
(267.28 KB 720x710 peruANO.jpg)
Found some more cringe for you lads. M*rio V*rgas Llosa (more like Loosah amirite?) was a mistake.
>>2870 The peruanos are trying to infect the rest of the world!
>>2870 He is not peruvian. He was born in Arequipa. Lanf of Wicked man. Home of that fucking backstabbing liberal, the Personality Cult Guzman and the Spy Chief Montesinos. The trio of Evil.
(100.39 KB 805x1055 5ea083bc2c002.jpeg)
(88.65 KB 792x881 peru.jpg)
(92.37 KB 432x960 perumoment.jpg)
>>2953 >¡es hora de cambio politico al ritmo de Tusa! Díos mio...
>>2953 ¿Que un boomers fujis?
>>2956 >>2952 Kek, the peru republic is truly how half the towns in the coast are. >>2955 She wasn't elected. PPC is a dead party. >>2956 She's playing the wild true center ideology card. The opposite of a milleanial is a boomer, as the opposite of a "Progre" is a Fuji/Fujimorista (Conservatives at this moment, the mass appeal of fujimorism can be described roughly as Rightwingpopulism/ cronism/ cleptocracy).
>>2953 Should've posted pic 2 in the cringe thread
>>2872 >home of Personality Cult Guzman Wtf I love Ar*quipa now?
(22.69 KB 552x330 kek.jpg)
>>2966 kek
>>2987 Se siente rarisimo ver el pasto de esa plaza de color verde
What would have happened if he won the war and established the People's Republic of Peru?
>>2988 Hopefully the quarantines end soon and Piñera and the neoliberal constitucion falls too. >>2994 We can only speculate. Maybe we get invaded, maybe Peru becamed the new global base for revolution (and gets invaded kek). Or maybe, seen the disarray in some party members, we end up with some Pol Pot tier shit. Since gonzaloites were so sectarian, I can only think of the third. It would need a soviet spy getting a change in command to get the PCP-SP an alliance (or submission) from the rest and avoid a civil war. But that leaves the high echelons of the peruvian army, I don't think they would give up so easily.
>>3001 >we'd end up with Pol Pot tier shit I doubt that would have happened, bro
>>2987 >Mueren 11 personas y un peruano Jajaja >>3009 Yikes. I guess CaliforniANO doesn’t actually recognize California’s Independence
>>3010 You're right, I support Aztlán.
>>3011 Aztlán is a meme
>>3014 Independent California is just as much of a meme. I would support any of the two if they should ever emerge as independent socialist republics, but I see Aztlán as a better option since it: incorporates more strategic territory, has a wider national contingent to recruit cadres from (Chicano and quite a few Native American nations as opposed to Californian), opens the possibility of another Rainbow Coalition to endanger threat the old US State's hold on any remaining land they still administer, and, yes, has a more interesting aesthetic.
(1.87 MB 948x810 tania_peruano.png)


no cookies?