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/diaspora/ Anonymous Refugee 03/21/2020 (Sat) 12:39:52 No. 1651
Thread for children of immigrants or otherwise displaced peoples >Parent's original country or region >Country they moved to >Do you ever feel like going back? I'm from South America, born in the USA, and yes I do plan on returning soon.
(679.41 KB 2100x1500 pardnerhowdy.png)
I was born in the USA No I don't plan on moving over there anytime soon, but I do feel an urge to visit my family in Mexico again
>>1656 Also both parents born in Mexico*
(359.16 KB 2000x1718 Dos naciones - una lucha.png)
Boricua by blood, Californian by birth. Que se repita el Grito de Lares y la RebeliĆ³n de la Bandera del Oso.
Polish parents that left for germany in the 90's. It's a shithole that i will never go back to.
>from Ukraine SSR and Moldova SSR >to Canada maybe I would visit but a very short visit lol, it would probably just depress me that Stalin is gone.
I was born in Australia , I do not belong here my parents came from London. I don't belong in a stolen country.
>>3023 >my parents came from London. https://www.gov.uk/apply-citizenship-british-parent Fuck off then cunt we're full
>>3023 >implying the UK's industrial progress wasn't from stealing the resources and labor of its old colonies >implying that the history of the UK isn't as contentious as Australia
Laotian parents who moved to the United States around the Laotian Civil War or Secret War. It'd be weird since I was born in the states, but I never really learned their language or culture, so no.


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